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  1. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Overlay on body with margin
  2. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Viewport margin
  3. [CLOSED] [4.0.2 / 4.1 PP] GRID Selectiom Model CELLMODEL multiselect
  4. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] incorrect panel height in tabpanel on window
  5. [CLOSED] Tab Scroller example broken in 4.1-PR1
  6. [FIXED] Direct transactions not cleaned up
  7. [CLOSED] Documentation Defect inconsistency for timeout
  8. [FIXED] [4.1.0PR] LoadMask listeners not removed when component is destroyed
  9. [FIXED] [4.0.7 - 4.1B2] TreeStore crud broken
  10. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Grid with hidden headers and a locked column shows headers
  11. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Field editors for grid shunted left when RowEditing and CheckboxModel present
  12. [FIXED] Falsy Ext.data.Operation "id" property lost during Ext.data.Request creation.
  13. [CLOSED] Missing 'controllers'-option on Controllers
  14. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.*] Internet Explorer 9: Browser mode mysteries >_<
  15. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Grid property headerPosition not work
  16. [CLOSED] ExtJS performance drops significantly when a flash page is open (Firefox)
  17. [4.0.7] Multi-line text sprite misaligned in SVG
  18. ItemSelector move multiple rows down with "down" button
  19. [Ext JS 4.1 pr1] Ext.form.Basic load after don't apply radio value.
  20. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Chaining CompositeElement calls doesn't work as in Ext 3
  21. [FIXED] Can't override singleton
  22. [CLOSED] combo cascading can't select value
  23. [INFOREQ] CellEditing grid plugin and beforedit event : can not modify value to be edited
  24. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Showing and hiding of the tabs of a tab panel does not work
  25. Chrome search (Ctrl+f) messes up accordion layout.
  26. [CLOSED] Line series turns grey on marker mouseover - bad interface behavior
  27. [CLOSED] Slider Tip can't be positioned or customized/assigned properly
  28. Extjs 4 slider and chart tipText conflict on Chrome
  29. Styling behavior not correct if $include-default is false in theme scss
  30. [OPEN] Ext.Date.parse() incorrect during the Fall Daylight Saving transition
  31. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.0.7: Pie Chart with value 0
  32. [4.0.7] Grid load mask ghost
  33. Scroller
  34. [CLOSED] Ext.supports.MouseWheel wrong value on FireFox
  35. Column headers not scrolling on tab key press using RowEditor for Grid
  36. [FIXED] [EXTJSIV-4654][4.0.7] maximizing window when window.setTitle before window.show()
  37. [FIXED] Gauge Chart Label Click issue
  38. [FIXED] "groupexpand" event isn't fired in Grouping feature
  39. Tabs animate Scroll
  40. DateFilter on grid column movement is lost
  41. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Ext.grid.RowEditor does not honor errorSummary correctly
  42. [FIXED] Setting a chart time axis to have a grid can cause errors with certain step/start val
  43. [CLOSED] hideEmptyLabel not applied (4.1.prev, 4.0.7)
  44. [4.0.7] Ext.data.Store load event missing operation parameter
  45. [FIXED] [4.0.7] window clobbered if dynamic loading fails
  46. [CLOSED] Misalignment of rows on a locked column grid!
  47. [OPEN] State providers not restoring state
  48. [FIXED] Multiple Grid Instances with dockedItems
  49. [FIXED] Multiple Tab Panel Instances with dockedItems
  50. [FIXED] BUG: Ext.Function.pass is corrupted
  51. [CLOSED] ComboBox Trigger Needs Clicking Twice
  52. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Exception inside the error handling of JSON reader
  53. [FIXED] pagingscoller does not work with small page size
  54. [CLOSED] ExtJs 4.0.7 GPL cannot add items dynamically to Viewport/Container region
  55. [INFOREQ] Element.getLeft(true) broken - assumes CSS left property always set in px
  56. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Ext.chart.Chart.restoreZoom() has no effect
  57. [FIXED] [4.0.7] not possible to hide a column series in a chart with the hideAll()-method
  58. [CLOSED] Horizontal scrolling in grid causes cell editor bug
  59. [CLOSED] Panel vertical resizing issue
  60. [CLOSED] grid grouping with remoteSort:true
  61. extend: "Ext.grid.column.Column" and width property
  62. Can drop on empty tree panel.
  63. [CLOSED] Ext Toolbar problem listerners in overflow menu
  64. [INFOREQ] Render "error" on cells with very large text
  65. Can't use a radiogroup when model field is type boolean
  66. [FIXED] Using rownumberer and locking in grid creating issue
  67. [FIXED] Cell Editors created outside grid code are not activated when selecting cell
  68. [CLOSED] Combobox Store Load and loadMask
  69. Docs hang when breakpoint active in other Firefox tab
  70. [CLOSED] Ext.JSON.encodeDate does not preserve TimeZone....
  71. [NOREPRO] tabpanel calls activate on non-active tabs during instantiation
  72. [CLOSED] tdAttrs set width does not work
  73. [CLOSED] bar chart loaded with ajax store, loaded in inactive card item (firefox only)
  74. [CLOSED] [4.1-pr1] Model causes 'stores is undefined' error.
  75. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Bar Chart does not render correctly when all yField data points are equal
  76. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] TreeGrid console warning when using dynamic loading of Ext
  77. [OPEN] Chart-Series event handling in controller
  78. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Case error using Ext.isIE
  79. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] xhr.getAllResponseHeaders() is null
  80. [CLOSED] grid grouping with remoteSort: - bugged selection/view
  81. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] [IE9] "events" is null or not an object
  82. [CLOSED] grid layout bug - with forceFit:true AND rownumberer maxWidth < 40
  83. [FIXED] Initially disabled toolbar cannot be re-enabled
  84. [CLOSED] Card Layout Incorrectly Changes Active Item
  85. [INFOREQ] Combobox change event is fired when using setRawValue() method
  86. Proxy.js has Uses where it needs Requires
  87. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Localization of DateField
  88. [FIXED] SplitButton not passing the event object on click
  89. [INFOREQ] Line chart not created correct hen use Ajax request to get Json data
  90. [INFOREQ] Area chart Y-Axis auto re-calibrate + chart auto re-scale on some legend item hide
  91. [OPEN] boundlist-item-over is missing a color statement
  92. [CLOSED] grid layout bug - with forceFit:true AND rownumberer maxWidth < 40
  93. [CLOSED] Limitation of the Ext.extend functionality ?
  94. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Grid error message when misconfiguring
  95. [FIXED] store.removeAll and datachanged event
  96. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Wired Button Font Style at Windows/Firefox
  97. [INFOREQ] Sprite zIndex no working properly
  98. You are using a ServerProxy but have not supplied it with a url.
  99. [FIXED] Row Editor breaking in 4.1 with a grouped header, and a store not initially populated
  100. [FIXED] Slider Tip can't be positioned or customized/assigned properly
  101. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.0.7 Tree checkchange event not work
  102. [INFOREQ] Width of stateful grid's columns not restored if less than headerCt.defaultWidth
  103. [CLOSED] Ext.Function.createBuffered ignoring arguments
  104. Sliders thumbs not positioned properly in hidden tabs
  105. Property grid save in store problem.
  106. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] item added into a collapsed panel is not rendered
  107. [FIXED] Impossible to determine exact bar that was clicked with stacked bar chart
  108. [CLOSED] Bug in Tree.onNodeIdChanged in 4.1-pr1
  109. [CLOSED] Infinite Scroll + Locked Column Row Alignment Issue
  110. Cannot always scroll back to first few items in Infinite Scrolling data grid
  111. [FIXED] Ext 4.0.7 - displayfield does not override isDirty
  112. [CLOSED] Ext 4.0.7 -Margin is not work for panel which parent tabpanel
  113. [CLOSED] The character "<" in a grid cell value breaks the HTML code
  114. [OPEN] Default styles with .x-nlg break customizations
  115. [CLOSED] Chart remove all data
  116. [FIXED] Gauge axes displays incorrect with a negative minium value
  117. [INFOREQ] Model Save Failure operation is incorrect Ext4.0.7
  118. [4.0.7] inconsistent beforeload handler calling in store
  119. [FIXED] 4.0.7 - Vml Draw/Sprite images not using X/Y offset in Vml
  120. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Tree reorder demo doesn't work when using XML
  121. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Modal window mask does not display when using scoped reset CSS
  122. [OPEN] Column Locking Breaks Tabbing through Editable Cells
  123. [FIXED] RemoveAll method and bodyBorder
  124. [CLOSED] Consecutive expand and collapse on a panel causes a script error.
  125. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] treeviewdragdrop + IE8 = out of memory
  126. [4.1-pr1] Kitchen Sink breaks in IE7
  127. [CLOSED] Use of requires config object in application crashes application silently
  128. [CLOSED] Ext.toolbar.Separator is not shown when in Ext.container.ButtonGroup
  129. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] fireEvent returns undefined
  130. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Combobox selectOnTab does not work in Webkit Browsers
  131. [INFOREQ] Css bug in sandbox version (combo, slider)
  132. [OPEN] timefield resets after editing
  133. [NOREPRO] Treeviewconfig
  134. [OPEN] Forms with hasFileUpload() == true destroys scandinavian chars if charset=utf-8
  135. [CLOSED] Focus on the field to open the window stopped working
  136. [INFOREQ] Grid in inactive tab has no scroll bars
  137. Load mask on panel in tab panel
  138. [CLOSED] EXT 4.1 Beta - While Extending (Ext.define) Listeners no more respond to events
  139. [CLOSED] 4.1 beta - Grid's cellclick event removed in 4.1 beta
  140. [FIXED] [4.1b1] LoadMask on Recreated Elements
  141. [FIXED] TreePanel Requires TreeStore
  142. [FIXED] [4.1 B1] Error with Ext.util.Animate
  143. [FIXED] 15px Panel Icons
  144. [FIXED] [4.1 B1] Errors with add method in CheckboxGroup
  145. [FIXED] 4.1 beta - Locking grid do not respond to cellclick event
  146. [INFOREQ] [4.1b1] DOM changes in ComboBox not optimal
  147. [FIXED] 4.1 Beta - Error with Ext.flash.Component
  148. [OPEN] Problem with grid using gridviewdragdrop and checkboxmodel
  149. [FIXED] Horizontal Scrollbar with hideHeaders
  150. [CLOSED] Incorrect size of Viewport (sandboxed)
  151. [INFOREQ] TreeStore doesnt mark records inserted from other TreeStore as new
  152. [FIXED] [4.1B1] Unused variable
  153. [FIXED] [4.1 B1] Button broken when handleMouseEvents is false
  154. [FIXED] Ext.Date and Ext.Number undefined on code passed to functionFactory() (sandbox)
  155. [FIXED] Resizers on TextFields do not work in 4.1 Beta
  156. [DUP] locales lack of Ext4.grid.View.prototype.loadingText
  157. [INFOREQ] Warning code is missing from StoreManager.lookup
  158. [4.1 B1 /4.1 Pr] CheckBoxGroup can't work when use loader
  159. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.1-Beta1] Anchoring layout within forms very broken (even in the examples/ dir)
  160. [CLOSED] [EXT 4.1 Beta] EXT Themes Viewer example not working
  161. [FIXED] Toolbar overflow scroller not working on a defined component
  162. [FIXED] CompositeSprite incomplete destroy?
  163. [FIXED] setSize should cancel panel collapse animation
  164. [CLOSED] default value in config object not getting set
  165. [FIXED] If paramsAsHash is true, but an Ext.direct load function takes no arguments, fail
  166. [INFOREQ] Windows over applets lose corners in Firefox
  167. TreePanel drag&drop events
  168. [CLOSED] I18N bug for MessageBox
  169. [OPEN] Dot in XML tag
  170. [FIXED] bulleted lists wrap around floating icon in Ext 4.0.6 MessageBox
  171. [CLOSED] Bug in Loader code?
  172. [CLOSED] Ext.require('*') wildcard not working
  173. [CLOSED] unable to search grid
  174. [FIXED] Ext.Date.parseDate fails for ISO dates
  175. [FIXED] Ext.util.Renderable.finishRender can't get container of Ext.form.field (sandbox)
  176. [FIXED] Is there a quick way to fasten tooltip on the top of floating window
  177. [FIXED] [4.1 beta 1]Ext.Error bug
  178. [CLOSED] VBox Layout doesn't do redesign when dynamically adding content
  179. [FIXED] 4.1: Form/Field isDirty() shows false if field has no original value
  180. [CLOSED] [4.1 B1]Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor submit value bug
  181. [CLOSED] [4.1 B1]When Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor override buttonTips,tip has problem
  182. how to remove focus from combobox on select
  183. [CLOSED] Blur event interferes with click event in Firefox
  184. [FIXED] Store Grouping Not Cleared Properly
  185. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Grid viewready event doesn't work
  186. [FIXED] [Ext 4.1 Beta 1] Checkboxgroups W/ More Columns Than Checkboxes Throws JS Error
  187. [FIXED] [Ext 4.1 Beta 1] Creating A Checkbox Group /w Hidden Field Throws JS Error
  188. [CLOSED] 4.0.7 Using Area Chart Time axis creates unresponsive script error
  189. [NOREPRO] [4.1-(b(1|2|3)|rc1)] Sass >= 3.1.8 Deprecation Warnings
  190. [FIXED] Inconsistent signature for the Store 'datachanged' event
  191. [FIXED] [4.1.0-beta-1] Inconsistent line endings
  192. [FIXED] [4.1 B1] Accordion layout - bad inline example
  193. [CLOSED] [4.1 B1] Tree horizontal scroll (node wider than owning container)
  194. [FIXED] [4.1 Beta 1] setVisibilityMode(Ext.Element.DISPLAY) hidden / none
  195. [FIXED] Ext.data.treeStore.removeAll is an unsafe method
  196. [FIXED] [4.1 B1] CSS.createStyleSheet() error
  197. [FIXED] Bar chart axis and bars length not in sync
  198. [CLOSED] Grid Action Column pulling iconCls from wrong cfg
  199. [CLOSED] Ext.Window.preventHeader & animateTarget dont work together.
  200. [CLOSED] Drag & drop or resize of windows rendered in container is wrong
  201. [CLOSED] [4.1 B1] Modal Window rendered inside a Window
  202. [INFOREQ] Not recognizing record
  203. [CLOSED] Ext.form.field.ComboBox.bindStore() is not dicumented
  204. [FIXED] Component isVisible does not work if the component is not rendered.
  205. [CLOSED] Model class required by Store not loaded
  206. [FIXED] Issue with GridPanel if few columns of the grid are editable.
  207. [CLOSED] [4.1-beta] Modal window loses mask when tooltip is displayed.
  208. Cell Editing events firing out of sequence in IE.
  209. [CLOSED] [4.x] Image Component layout anomaly on first render
  210. [CLOSED] Tree appendChild() with children does not sync children.
  211. [FIXED] [4.1.0 B1] Locked Grid Columns + Cell Editor + Tab = JS Error
  212. [CLOSED] [4.1.0 B1] Ext.grid.column.Action- iconCls has no effect
  213. [FIXED] DOM Id containing colon and DomeQuery.jsSelect with CSS escape notation
  214. Store sync will not create added record
  215. HTMLEditor PossibleBug with handling Error Object from JSON Response.
  216. [CLOSED] Grid panel loadmask is not removed when Remoting exception occurs
  217. [FIXED] Fields within Field Container don't resize properly
  218. [FIXED] Chart: Pie slices does not show when values are small
  219. [FIXED] [4.1.0 B1] MessageBox does not show OL/UL in msg
  220. [FIXED] suspendEvents did not affect to Ext.app.Controller.control
  221. [CLOSED] [4.1.0 B1] Ext.override doesn't work correctly for Ext.tree.Column
  222. [OPEN] Treegrid not working properly
  223. [FIXED] ComboBox forceSelection:true and allowBlank:true
  224. [CLOSED] Comobox with width, render problem
  225. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Submenu on right does not position properly first time
  226. [CLOSED] trAtts.set is not a valid function - table layout
  227. [INFOREQ] [4.1 B1] Including Child Items in a form throws error
  228. [CLOSED] Forms appear to be completely broken in 4.1 beta
  229. [OPEN] Consider supporting a 'stepline' chart - 9 lines code change on existing line chart
  230. Time Axis too many ticks with large time duration
  231. Premature Closing of Bugs
  232. [FIXED] Window width issue when contained form elements are set to 'grow'
  233. [FIXED] [4.1] Opened windows disappear when switching between tab panels
  234. [OPEN] [4.0.7] pageSize in Combo not used in store
  235. scopeResetCSS does not work
  236. [FIXED] [4.1] Store.rejectChanges fails to remove all new records
  237. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] Grid Scrollbar not displayed in FireFox
  238. Scroll bar of treepanel cannot control the treeview sometimes
  239. [CLOSED] disable button tooltip not working with firefox
  240. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.column.Column.headerclick event never fired
  241. [CLOSED] Ext.menu.Menu with custom ui - not rendered correctly i IE
  242. [INFOREQ] Ext.container.AbstractContainer destroy with items as empty array
  243. [OPEN] Support rgba() color values for element animation
  244. [OPEN] Allow animation with "zero duration" parameter to unify application code.
  245. [FIXED] How change the store of a tree panel??
  246. [OPEN] selectionchange is not firing when selection is reduced using keyboard
  247. [FIXED] Typo in src/data/Store.js
  248. [CLOSED] [4.1-beta] Tab title off-center when minTabWidth specified.
  249. [FIXED] Ext.grid.feature.Grouping docs need to be clearer
  250. [FIXED] [4.1b1] padding config does not work on fields