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  1. [CLOSED] 4.0.6-4.0.7 TreeStore change
  2. [INFOREQ] null value in textfield is converted to empty string when using roweditor
  3. [4.0.7] Scrollbar on tree panel
  4. Pie Chart Labels not hidden correctly
  5. Modal config doesn't work for window component in sandbox version
  6. Virtualized Grid scrolling broken
  7. Rendering problems in the second opening of a window
  8. Merge conflict in ext-4.0.x branch
  9. [FIXED] building from SVN fails
  10. [INFOREQ] Chart not well displayed with a filtered store
  11. Selection lost from GridPanel on each Create/Update action with autoSync: true
  12. [FIXED] Picker "Loading..." mask stuck on
  13. [CLOSED] Use a field other than 'id' for server calls?
  14. [4.0.7] addTool method fails when the window has no panel tools defined
  15. [EXT 4.0.7] TreeStore loading twice if autoload to false
  16. 4.0.7 localisation issues as a result of repackaging
  17. [CLOSED] Getting infinity height / width in vertical / horizontal bar series in chart
  18. TreeStore looses changes after nodes movement in the tree
  19. [OPEN] Ext.data.Batch should obey synchronous setting for an Ext.data.Operation
  20. [FIXED] [4.0.7] / [4.1] MessageBox with large messages
  21. [INFOREQ] Portal Drag Drop
  22. [FIXED] SYNTAX_ERR: DOM Exception 12
  23. [FIXED] $tab-spacing should be !default;
  24. [INFOREQ] Configure a ComboBox to not query
  25. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Ext.form.field.Number setMaxValue() and setMinValue() bug
  26. [CLOSED] Resize panel with IFrame become very lag
  27. [CLOSED] Locking a column in grid using header menu is breaking the last record
  28. [FIXED] Buffered scrolling is not working properly when using mouse wheel.
  29. [CLOSED] Ext 4 loadMask not visible in scrolled tabs
  30. TreePanel / TreeStore sync method after drag/drop operation.
  31. [4.0.7]Roweditor with checkbox column displays incorrectly
  32. [CLOSED] Grid Column Renderer RowIndex
  33. [FIXED] App freezes when an incorrect query is passed to Ext.app.Controller.control()
  34. [FIXED] Strange Ext.panel.Panel modal behaviour
  35. [NOREPRO] Checkbox uncheckedValue doesn't work
  36. [FIXED] 4.1: Element Loader this.get is not a function
  37. Problem in the dateFormat c mixing time and greenwich offset...
  38. [FIXED] [4.0] Bug in the Ext.data.Store constructor
  39. [OPEN] Firefox grid bug
  40. [CLOSED] Duplicate records when calling sync() on a autoSync store
  41. [CLOSED] Using mouse wheel scroll reverts changed grid cell value
  42. [4.0.7] No vertical scrollbar in Grid. viewready event being called prematurely
  43. Accordion - zooming broken in ExtJS4?
  44. [FIXED] Series, radar graph, tips not passing argument
  45. [4.1.0PR] Tooltip is not auto-sizing for large messages
  46. [4.0.7] handling childEls in applyRenderSelectors when rendering to detached element
  47. [CLOSED] JsonP bug in destroy function
  48. [4.0.7 gpl] cannot add gridpanel to container region
  49. [OPEN] Ext.draw.Sprite - make type optional - default to "path"
  50. [FIXED] [4.1PR] - layout fails: lastComponentSize is undefined
  51. [INFOREQ] accordion activeItem
  52. [FIXED] [4.1PR][IE7,IE9] Space between Grid View and scrollbars are off.
  53. [FIXED] [4.1PR][ALL BROWSERS] Grid View Update problems when moving & resizing columns
  54. [FIXED] bug in path conversion: Ext.draw.Draw.path2curve() (as of 4.0.7)
  55. [FIXED] Wrong method selected when saving a record with id = null.
  56. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] JS error with collapsible panel in border layout IE
  57. [FIXED] Accordion with single item throws JS error in onComponentCollapse
  58. [FIXED] Problem with panel initially collapsed in a border layout
  59. [CLOSED] Combo Box Store Loading
  60. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Pie chart with two data items, where the first is zero draws oddly
  61. [FIXED] panel.hide(true) with panel.preventHeader=true
  62. Locked column in a grid with cell editing
  63. [CLOSED] RowExpander expand/collapse does not cause scrollers to be updated
  64. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Tab font variable never honoured
  65. [CLOSED] enableOverFlow in Toolbar doesn't work propertly
  66. [CLOSED] DIsabled field label style issue in IE
  67. [CLOSED] ComboBox Store Filter doesn't apply on first expand/show/click
  68. [DUP] Problem with draggable form field in viewport
  69. [INFOREQ] getAssociatedData() loop prevention not quite right
  70. [FIXED] Ext.app.EventBus does not require Ext.Component
  71. [FIXED] [ext-4.1-pr1] Some coding isues.
  72. Reader looks for 'children' root when updating TreeStore Model and receiving response
  73. [FIXED] URL validation do not accept localhost
  74. [CLOSED] [4.1 pr1]Ext.form.field.Picker change event not fire when use setRawValue
  75. [CLOSED] Scrollbar in extjs tree panel does not work
  76. [FIXED] Infinite scrolling with JsonP proxy causes enormous memory consumption
  77. [FIXED] x-tab-top-over never inserted into any element
  78. [FIXED] Initial LoadMask on GridPanel not shown
  79. [CLOSED] Cannot override buildUrl in a proxy
  80. [FIXED] Calling reconfigure on a grid with CheckBox model causes additional checkbox columns
  81. [FIXED] Problem with column header grouping at level 3. Columns can not be hidden.
  82. Null poiner exeptions
  83. [DEFER] Grid Drag and Drop does not work with summary row feature
  84. Strange Bug with constrained Window to panel/tabpanel ?
  85. [OPEN] [4.0.7] TreePanel; Error when reloading the treeStore
  86. [FIXED] Ext.view.Table.collectData with rowexpander
  87. [4.0.6/7] Proxy reader uses wrong model to read response
  88. Bug in getter for belongsTo association
  89. [FIXED] setEditor cannot work in rowEditing
  90. [INFOREQ] setValue() method doesn't work in rowEditing's beforeedit event
  91. [CLOSED] Traagrid example generates warning "Store defined with no model..."
  92. [CLOSED] how to make tooltip work on tabs?
  93. [FIXED] Ext.Function.createBuffered() ignores the caller's arguments
  94. [FIXED] Ext.grid.property.Property sortableColumns Ignored
  95. [CLOSED] getLastSelected not working
  96. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Pie chart series draws incorrectly
  97. [OPEN] In a Ext.grid.Panel using feature.rowbody + selection.checkboxmodel
  98. [DUP] Validation error for disabled Checkboxgroups
  99. [NOREPRO] TabBar positioning and Panel border CSS problems in 4.0.7
  100. [CLOSED] Checkbox selection and editable fields in grid cause error when used together
  101. [CLOSED] ComboBox picklist rendering (4.0.7)
  102. [4.1.0PR] PagingToolbar overflow image
  103. [4.1.0PR] Paging toolbar with combobox in overflow menu
  104. [FIXED] Too much recursion in Ext.data.JsonP.abort
  105. [4.1.0PR] Error when resizing window with toolbar overflow: bodyContext is undefined
  106. [FIXED] [4.1.0PR] Error with collapsed region in border layout: "me.placeholder is undefined"
  107. Multiple problems with locking columns in a 4.0.7 grid
  108. [CLOSED] Editable Grid permits script injection
  109. [CLOSED] Window Maximizable
  110. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] Components style in tbar
  111. [FIXED] [4.0.7] RadioGroup. Active value
  112. [FIXED] Tabpanel beforeremove returning false doesn't cancel tab removal
  113. [OPEN] Ext.data.BelongsToAssociation should not attempt to load if foreignKey is null
  114. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Unable to stopEvent for keyboard shortcut in IE8
  115. Tabbing navigation does not work properly in cellEdit grid
  116. [FIXED] Ext.util.Format.currency decimals ignored when set to 0
  117. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Load Mask under combo dropdown list bug
  118. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Ext.util.Format.number() has inconsistent behavior
  119. [CLOSED] Combobox dependency: loading mask remains showed.
  120. [CLOSED] grid filtering example from download 404
  121. WebStorage proxy ignores persist property of fields
  122. [FIXED] [4.0.7] the column, line chart is empty.
  123. [OPEN] Localiaztion(dynamic) example is not working in online API docs
  124. [INFOREQ] 'table' layout causes IE to crash
  125. ext designer-A communication error has occurred
  126. Grid Grouping and itemclick
  127. [NOREPRO] [4.0.7] Bug Row Editor in Your "example"
  128. [FIXED] Column headerclick Event Not Working
  129. [FIXED] Img widget - add alt and title config
  130. [4.0.7] - FiltersFeature - default / config filters not applied & wrong column header
  131. [CLOSED] [4.1.0PR] Ext.data.Operation error: "serverRec is undefined"
  132. [FIXED] [4.1.0PR] RowWrap feature: error "Node was not found"
  133. [FIXED] [4.1.0PR] Editing with a row body: error "columnHeader is undefined"
  134. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] Spin in numberfield
  135. [INFOREQ] Bug of barchart
  136. [CLOSED] combo.setValue() fails , when store is loading
  137. [CLOSED] Items are not displayed in CheckboxGroup
  138. [4.0.7] Ext.Ajax.abort and Ext.Ajax.onComplete
  139. [CLOSED] grid to grid drag and drop copy error
  140. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Ext.form.field.Date accepts invalid input as valid
  141. Collapsible panels disappear when collapsed
  142. [CLOSED] Grid Grouping + Editing: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of undefined
  143. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Expand event not firing in border layout when clicking panel title
  144. [CLOSED] Ext.view.Table onUpdate
  145. [NOREPRO] [4.0.7] foucs on field jumps away
  146. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] Phantom traces of "points" are drawn.
  147. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Ext.highlight() runs not in front of all dom elements
  148. [CLOSED] [ExtJs 4.07]Ext.ux.form.ItemSelector - Change event does't fire correctly
  149. [CLOSED] [4.1.0PR] Combobox number of displayed items does not adjust
  150. [INFOREQ] Grid Column overCls Does Nothing
  151. [OPEN] HTMLEditor Control Example toolbar icons not rendering correctly in IE 8
  152. [INFOREQ] Selecting/deselecting rows in checkbox sel model when combined with cell editing
  153. [FIXED] Duplicate state events added
  154. [4.0.7] Chart mask (for selection/zooming) malfunctioning
  155. Grid in cellEdit mode. Blur event not detected on tabbing out
  156. [CLOSED] Grid with Locked Column Load Mask Problem
  157. [NOREPRO] [4.0.7] flex error with dynamic loading, expected working behavior when using ext-all
  158. [CLOSED] Collapsed Border window does not expand correctly
  159. [FIXED] Child panels with padding in border layout do not minimise correctly
  160. [DUP] Ext.draw.Sprite draggable: true Bug?
  161. [INFOREQ] File upload
  162. Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'isOnLeftEdge' in Extjs 4.0.
  163. [FIXED] Chart with gradients turns black when displayed on more than one tab page.
  164. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Border around sprite image in IE8
  165. Ext.tree.Panel and the appropriate way to use a dynamic data
  166. [CLOSED] [4.0.6] ElementLoader - beforeload event fires too late
  167. Grid view size problem in FIT layout
  168. [CLOSED] Box layout issue when minWidth/minHeight is used on child items
  169. [FIXED] [4.x] Tooltip delegation bug
  170. [CLOSED] Border layout panels can't be resized in IE9
  171. [CLOSED] password field w/ emptyText hint renders as password 'dots' on FF, Chome renders text
  172. guaranteeRange not working after reconfigure
  173. Ext.tree.Panel bug
  174. [CLOSED] [4.1] Ext.LoadMask bug.
  175. [DUP] VType fields disable navigation keys in Opera
  176. [Ext 4.0.7] exceptions on startup example from help center
  177. [Ext 4.0.7] singleton inheritance
  178. [OPEN] [Ext 4.0.7] HtmlEditor#cleanHtml bug and fix
  179. horizontal scrollbar appearing in Firefox but not in IE8
  180. [FIXED] (new Date(year, month, 1)).getLastDateOfMonth is not a function in Ext.picker.Date
  181. [DEFER] JS error in GroupingSummary when new row added to grid that introduces a new group
  182. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.0.7] Checkbox focus/blur error
  183. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Ext.chart.series.Area definition duplicated in Area.js
  184. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Area chart will not render if first y value is undefined
  185. [FIXED] Localization - GroupingFeature
  186. [OPEN] [Ext JS 4.1 Alpha] Ext.form.Panel "api" config option not available
  187. [FIXED] [BUG] Combobox loses value once you reselect the same value, serious bug
  188. [FIXED] [BUG] Combobox picker height is not recalculated on refresh
  189. [FIXED] Loading the Finnish locale file will crash an application using Ext.util.Format.date
  190. [NOREPRO] [4.0.7] Path "" returned from Pie.js is not parsed correctly
  191. [INFOREQ] Ext.direct formHandler upload response format unclear
  192. [INFOREQ] "Getting started guide" does not work with xhtml document
  193. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] Button , overCls and pressedCls behaves different
  194. [CLOSED] Combo's matchFieldWidth causes an uncoplemete list to be shown.
  195. [OPEN] model reader cannot read local stored date (localStorageProxy, dateFormat)
  196. [DEFER] [4.0.7] double 'datachanged' events fired by Store
  197. [CLOSED] Chart series labels not hidden correctly when pressing legend
  198. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] ItemSelector disable/enable configuration seems to be broken
  199. [DUP] [4.0.7] ItemSelector does not support stores wich will load data later / in future
  200. [CLOSED] [Ext JS 4.1 pr1] The radio button background at the time of a focus does not change.
  201. [HOWTO] Build ExtJS 4 TRUNK
  202. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.1 PR1] Checkbox focus/blur error
  203. Error with the rowediting plug in ExtJs 4
  204. [FIXED] Lockable grid does not register features (with possible fix).
  205. [OPEN] Quoting in DomHelper
  206. [CLOSED] panel colapse direction right with header position left moves out of screen
  207. TreeStore not using nested children data in JSON response
  208. [CLOSED] [Extjs 4.0.7] Ext.data.proxy.Ajax doesn't construct a reader
  209. [FIXED] Row Editing throwing error when used with locked columns in grid
  210. [OPEN] selectionchange fires without change in grid multiselect
  211. [FIXED] Using paging grid within a form makes page input a form field
  212. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.0.7] Combobox`s store load bug
  213. [FIXED] CheckBoxGroup.resetOriginalValue throws an exception in Ext.Base.callParent
  214. 4.0.7 w/ gray-theme css: incorrect bg color for tab-panel on IE8 (only)
  215. Grid: vertical scrollbar lost
  216. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.0.7] Error when placing 2 Menus inside a Panel with Accordion layout
  217. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Error when making Ext.Img resizable
  218. [OPEN] [4.0.6] Ext.draw - inconsistent API (VML and SVG) when adding sprites dynamically
  219. [CLOSED] Ext 4.0.7: setLoading(true) in modal window causes modal mask to disappear
  220. [OPEN] tree design problem (overflow-x, word-wrap, etc ...)
  221. [CLOSED] Insufficient support for major bug fix
  222. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Cannot sort columns when using grouped headers
  223. recompiling portal example
  224. [FIXED] DD with overlaying targets
  225. [OPEN] Theme button with SASS & Compass
  226. form.updateRecord() destroys the proper format of CheckboxGroup field!
  227. [CLOSED] Bug in Button.toggle() when called before rendering
  228. [CLOSED] Semantics of Element.child() and Element.down() have switched?!
  229. [CLOSED] Issue with Ext.view.View moving from 4.0.2a to 4.0.7 [with a very poor fix]
  230. [FIXED] Ext 4.0.7 - Transform of combo does not use configured store
  231. [OPEN] [4.0.7] - singleton incorrectly constructed when createdFn provided
  232. Button menu and componentQuery
  233. [FIXED] [4.0.7] - singleton is created when singleton (false) is listed
  234. [FIXED] nullResultSet is not defined on the Ext.data.reader.Reader's prototype
  235. [CLOSED] rownumberer doesn't pass value to renderer
  236. multi selection with shift key
  237. [CLOSED] tdAttrs and trAttrs not working on Ext.layout.container.Table
  238. Ext JS 4 theming image cache busting
  239. [FIXED] Ext.data.Store.filter does not reset page number?
  240. [CLOSED] Timefield doesn't show actual value
  241. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7 (possible all)] Layouting issues w/ multiple elements (forms)
  242. [INFOREQ] 4.0.7 - illegal regular expression literal in DomQuery.js - tagTokenRe
  243. [OPEN] [4.0.7] RowExpander doesn't support real tpl objects
  244. [FIXED] Possible bug in TreeStore, ExtJs 4.0.7 (setRootNode, registerNode, includeChildren)
  245. [INFOREQ] End-point Does Not Appear on Line Graph When Data Exceeds Certain Units
  246. [NOREPRO] Collapsible panel not expanding after refresh
  247. [FIXED] [4.0.7] Syntax errors when compiling SASS themes
  248. [INFOREQ] [4.0.7] Grid scroll bug (store depends)
  249. [CLOSED] Ext.util.History.add() doesn't update the current token
  250. [FIXED] [EXTJSIV-4610]Accrodion Layout ignore Properties 'activeOnTop' and 'hideCollapseTool'