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  1. Motion Paths
  2. Multiple selection
  3. Support for SVG Images
  4. Using Sencha Animator with an existing HTML Documents
  5. Naming and Reuse of Animations
  6. Is it possible in future
  7. Extensions / Plugins
  8. Better support for mouse-events
  9. Support for WebFonts
  10. Naming the stage object
  11. Rotation Tool
  12. Few more suggestions
  13. Vector based animation & source for copying
  14. Project settings
  15. Benchmarking tool
  16. Easing Editor/General timeline editor idea
  17. feature request - audio and point of origin
  18. Hello Sencha, just want to say I love what I'm seeing so far
  19. Antialias text
  20. Copy & Paste
  21. Scripting/timeline commands
  22. Possibility to enlarge/shorten timeline durations for only one/selected layer(s)
  23. Start Up time...
  24. Programatic integration with Sencha Touch
  25. Transparent Background
  26. Animation Loop
  27. 10 Things I noticed
  28. Object Embeds... ex: YouTube Video Objects
  29. Integration with Unity in Ubuntu 11.04x
  30. Allow to use keyboard arrows
  31. Import support for image sequences & .eps/.ai format support
  32. -moz-keyframes support
  33. A few suggestions
  34. Coffeescript support
  35. Combining Animations from Different Projects into one new project
  36. goto time
  37. detachable pallets / windows
  38. 3D Transforms
  39. Preview with layers turned off?
  40. px to %
  42. Behaviors Library
  43. Appear Time feature when dragging time lines
  44. Feature Mask
  45. Duplicate short cut as [Ctrl]+[D]
  46. auto indent feature of html5
  47. OFF border option feature
  48. Object layer moving short cut
  49. remembering opening hierarchy feature
  50. text up/down offset features
  51. disappear feature
  52. symbol feature
  53. Scaling shortcut by Ctrl+wheelUp/Down
  54. Rename object short-cut
  55. mouse sclolling timeline view on timeline name
  56. removing all key frames
  57. Non-linked picture removing feature
  58. Time appear function when dragging timeline
  59. dragging(slipping?) lock/disable lock function
  60. Browser run feature
  61. browser support or not feature
  62. Dropbox upload feature
  63. Color picker from outer somehing feature
  64. inserting key frame
  65. Copy nearby object source featuretopmost
  66. Flic/Gesture action Feature
  67. CSS ID good naming feature
  68. Flipbook function
  69. slide presentation and Image fit to screen.
  70. Keyframing and TImeline suggestions
  71. Export without Mozila option
  72. HTML indent feature
  73. postMessage insted of setTimeout
  74. Layer coloring
  75. Mask Feature
  76. Beautiful sort ID feature
  77. Create class ID feature when same animation ID attached to element
  78. Font Embed
  79. Timeline Movement
  80. copy all parameters of current keyframe
  81. Tool for Drawning
  82. Can I integrate Physics simulation like Box2D in Animator?
  83. Better way to manage scenes
  84. Preloading of Images
  85. REQ: CSS modifications out of the box
  86. Event Tracking
  87. Audio in timeline
  88. About 3D Animation
  89. Make element react with mouseover?
  90. Scroll animations
  91. Export for MOBI (Kindle)?
  92. iBooks Widget Project Setup
  93. Add percentage based output for responsively sized animations
  94. Responsive HTML
  95. shape tool!
  96. "Head HTML" editor copy&paste
  97. Border radius and box shadow properties
  98. API extension, easy access to the symbol object in symbol actions
  99. calling up an instance of audio in timeline and an audio player