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  1. [FIXED] CSS animations rely on unspecified behavior
  2. [FIXED] Mac 0SX 10.6 Importing image problems
  3. [FIXED] Help does not work
  4. [CLOSED] Getting undefined symbol error
  5. [NOREPRO] Sencha Animator OS X 10.5.8 login failed
  6. [FIXED] About The ColorPicker
  7. Caching issue with images (not being updated when changed)
  8. Preview in browser command uses system default browser
  9. [CLOSED] Healthy Choice Example doesn't export right to Safari on Windows
  10. [CLOSED] Objects jump to next-to-last keyframe at the end of the animation
  11. [CLOSED] Viewing error in Sarari when export files from Windows Sencha.
  12. [FIXED] nothing working in chrome (13.0.782.107)
  13. [CLOSED] position z
  14. [FIXED] Objects positioned incorrectly when viewed on Safari on an iphone
  15. Submitting a bug
  16. Known major issues in Animator 1.2
  17. [FIXED] Export Project fails when background images are missing
  18. [INFOREQ] doesn't work android2.3
  19. [OPEN] Scene border editor not available
  20. [CLOSED] Strange "Diagonal Blanking" of animation in Safari
  21. [FIXED] Unable to communicate with Sencha Animator license server
  22. [DUP] Export broken when images with no url is used
  23. [CLOSED] Video Autoplay plays from start of scene
  24. [NOREPRO] Exporting with video elements can cause crash on Windows
  25. Remove Time at Playhead has bug
  26. overlapping CSS ID
  27. Non working "Play" button
  28. startAction
  29. ReferenceError: Can't find variable: AN
  30. Empty Time Line after saving to Network Folder
  31. IE Error
  32. Animation sopping error when user touch the screen
  33. Texts not appearing properly in Lion
  34. Animator Crashes When Dragging and Dropping On Object to Make Child
  35. playing animation without loading image files
  36. AN.Controller.startSceneById no longer recognized in version 1.3
  37. [FIXED] Bug with scene control in Firefox
  38. Chrome Issues
  39. [FIXED] Bug report: unintended scene deletion attempt
  40. [FIXED] Images not showing for projects saved on network share
  41. Animating video object doesn't play on iPad
  42. Sencha Animator does not run on Ubuntu 12.10
  43. [OPEN] svg assets in animator should be <embed> not <img>
  44. Animation not working properly on FF20 +
  45. Crashing when the file dialog is opened everytime
  46. TEMP folder over 400GB
  47. [OPEN] Animation with many elements jumps mid-animation to 100% on iOS when scrolling page
  48. [solved] Gtk theme messed up after installed Sencha animator
  49. Compatibility IE
  50. Animator files created in Windows crash on Mac when Exporting
  51. Crash on launch