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  1. Can't get past the login when running the app
  2. Walking Figure
  3. Install is 3.46Gb? Really?
  4. Image tool
  5. How to get html from project
  6. How does the application work?
  7. Animation Units
  8. Confusion re: Position of Objects
  9. looping animation
  10. easing
  11. Javascript / DOM hooks?
  12. How to run the program on linux ?
  13. How to control what non-webkit browsers "see"
  14. How can I set a centered (v/h) position for an object?
  15. Iteractivity
  16. Animated 3D Compass
  17. Is there a way to see the images I import on the screen
  18. I have a problem - I can't see the images I import
  19. Frames per second?
  20. Rotating an image in constant speed
  21. Price & Release time
  22. Masks & Movies with alpha channel support
  23. Ext JS and CSS not getting along
  24. Iphone Delete Icon Effect
  25. Will non Webkit Browser show CSS 3 Animation
  26. Showcase: The New Duck Swing
  27. export
  28. Transparent PNG
  29. License
  30. Vector/SVG shapes?
  31. roll over button
  32. Water Ripple Effect?
  33. program closes without warning to save
  34. Masking and animation
  35. stage background image
  36. i have a problem!!
  37. Adsense
  38. problem!!: Unable to communicate with Sencha Animator license server...
  39. License
  40. Can I move to a specific frema?
  41. Open URL at end of animation?
  42. Open URL at end of animation?
  43. How to write in the HTML CODE ?
  44. Custom CSS.
  45. Customise the CSS ID of the Stage and keyframe objects
  46. Animator example
  47. Maqetta
  48. Simple animation works everywhere...except Firefox
  49. Use Sencha for advertising
  50. Neither 32 nor 64 bit linux versions run
  51. How do I place a stop at the end of a Scene
  52. How do you place animations in your page?
  53. Firefox showing only the first frame
  54. Bright flash when page loads
  55. One Animation - Multiple Objects
  56. Messy output and other criticism.
  57. mozilla
  58. Hello, everyone. I used Sencha Animator to edit my website, but have something wrong.
  59. Blog post on Sencha Animator
  60. Problem: jump to a Scene
  61. Play animation on button press
  62. Problems to login Sencha animator
  63. Adding video to your animation
  64. Can't open the application Sencha Animator - OS X 10.6.8
  65. How to do flipbooks?
  66. Integrating Sencha Animator Result with Sencha Touch
  67. Export
  68. can't display the exported animation.
  69. Easing options
  70. Timeline/Layer order
  71. Orientation Problem
  72. sencha animator image click shows a patch image
  73. Preview in Browser
  74. Sencha Animator - newbee
  75. works great in chrome but not in explorer or firefox
  76. Animation zoomed out
  77. How to resize an image
  78. Sencha Animator 1.1
  79. [CLOSED] auto start on video does not start on iPad2
  80. Hover fonction on a mutilple images animation.
  81. stage size is not the same in smartphone
  82. How to control animation when mouse over
  83. Starting individual animation on click
  84. Animator demo don't work in Firefox 7
  85. How to use Special Characters in Sencha Animator
  86. Preview and export are not working in desktop browsers when using ORMMA
  87. Rotate Image
  88. Layer selection
  89. Music Library for Sencha Animator
  90. how do you create a "swipe" event for touch devices
  91. Pop up windows in the application have no text
  92. how do I import images and sound
  93. Sencha Animator Guide & Overview
  94. Actions and Auto Actions!
  95. End of Movie Transition
  96. Preloading bar for another project
  97. "'undefined' is not a function" error.
  98. ORMMA tester not working
  99. Scene ID?!
  100. Hover State!!
  101. Animation of opacity-Property doesn't work on Android phones
  102. Fit animation in Screen
  103. some Actions error
  104. Opacity transition between scenes
  105. Orientation Change?
  106. proxy - unable to communicate with Sencha animator license server
  107. Animation behaving differently on Android phones vs iPhone & Chrome
  108. Browser Compatibility
  109. Wrute our JS code
  110. How to create button?
  111. How to read text field value
  112. deep intro and uses of ormma, minified
  113. How to create roll over effect for a button
  114. Types of events
  115. Text input box
  116. How to create draw shapes at run time?
  117. Forms?
  118. How to call a controller method in custom JS file ?
  119. Is there any way to set a Dynamic Width to the canvas?
  120. Audio
  121. How to remove border from scene?
  122. Labels
  123. IE9 issue
  124. Embed Animation Within Sencha Touch App Without iFrame
  125. Images not showing in Animator
  126. Can't create Library
  127. Sprite Animations inside project possible?
  128. basics
  129. In a video tutorial I seen a tool for adding container and line , but its didn't seen
  130. lag in sencha animation embedded in iPad Magazine
  131. how to create rounded image using sencha animator?
  132. Shortening Total Duration of Animation
  133. Problem in iPhone and iPad
  134. Banner messed it up on Android and older iOS
  135. play and pause animation in sencha animator
  136. Animating separate properties
  137. id activation?
  138. Bezier motion path
  139. Start/stop animation onclick
  140. How to increase in speed?
  141. centered animation
  142. Trying out iBook Author & Sencha Animator: what about manipulating objects?
  143. UI question - multiple keyframe selection
  144. Why return other id's endAction??
  145. No More Export Prefix Utility?
  146. How to remove first scene without Sencha Animator?
  147. Wordpress integration?
  148. full screen iPad functionality
  149. Shortcuts
  150. vector vs. rasterized PNGS in sencha
  151. I want to change ".restart" CSS.
  152. Animator created app works in iPhone Simulator, how to get it on a real iPhone?
  153. jumping to a scene after h.264 movie stops / user clicks "back"
  154. replacing onClick events with a Hover?
  155. Simple question: multi-device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) and multi-orientation?
  156. How to find the time of animationCount?
  157. Major Problems With Animations on Android Phones
  158. webkitAnimationStart is not unreliable
  159. I released removing delay tool
  160. I can't use "webkit-mask-image" in Scene li tag.
  161. when I went back page on browser I can't touch button via iPhone
  162. image flickers when clicked in safari with 3d transforms
  163. Playing a sound in the middle of the scene
  164. Embedding or integration API and general buyer questions
  165. Can't activate Sencha Animator
  166. Animator on App Store
  167. Sencha Animator and iBooks Author (there MUST be an easier answer)
  168. sencha animator trial - cannot sign in with my sencha ID
  169. sencha 1.2 new features
  170. Jump to keyframe?
  171. replace an image on click
  172. launching scenes based on direction of touch (swipe)
  173. Sample Animator files / Animator + Javascript training
  174. I resolved non-onload problem when back via safari in iPhone
  175. widget popups in iauthor
  176. transforms origin Z
  177. iBook Author can't get full screen (Animator)
  178. How to Embed Interactive CSS3 Animations in an iBook - BLOG question
  179. Change the video from a menu
  180. How to deactivate?
  181. Newbie Question - How to display an animation at 100%
  182. Next scene on Firefox
  183. png "on click" hot spot
  184. Listing test
  185. Newbie - Need to create 5 linked html5 webpages questions
  186. adding an ios fonts
  187. different animation timings and curves for position and opacity
  188. Preview Scenes
  189. Restart GIF animation
  190. Newbie Questions!
  191. Animation problems in iOS
  192. supernova
  193. Webkit and iframes with transforms
  194. Adding my own link within Animator
  195. Open new URL in same window: going to a specific scene
  196. Can I open more than one project in Animator at the same time on my Mac?
  197. pause / goto time?
  198. Scene Issue
  199. Where's the logic in the dimensions vs transform?
  200. How to create a perfectly smooth animation from left side of the screen to the right?
  201. Project complete, used Sencha Animator
  202. Choppy sometimes in iPad
  203. Compatibility IE
  204. Audio Support
  205. Problems with the license agreement in linux
  206. Licensing
  207. Safari Background
  208. Interested buyer - Sencha Animator integration with Ext JS 4
  209. Actions to a layer
  210. Safari does not play video
  211. Position bottom:0 and not top:0?
  212. Actions: touchmove
  213. Masking Objects
  215. Pause scene 1 at end, start scene 2 with click?
  216. NEWBIE question : problem with keyframes
  217. How to include a group in another group in Sencha Animator ver1.3
  218. image scaling problem on android device
  219. executing javascript upon switching scene?
  220. How can I get the older versions of Sencha animator
  221. Problem with Mouse move actions V 1.3
  222. export to ibook widget
  223. Newbie link question
  224. skip scenes on Ipad
  225. Can Sencha animator acheive this...?
  226. Exporting in Sencha Animator Trial
  227. Can Sencha Animation for iBook appear full page size from the start?
  228. Fonts Pixelated on screen
  229. Kick Fu... and creating similar interactive experiences
  230. Export Sencha Animation for ePub
  231. Video
  232. Looping video
  233. Making my animation show up in ie???
  234. Click Tag on Ad
  235. Image rotating animation not displayed in browser
  236. onClick tracking event for internal slides?
  237. widget export thanks
  238. Animated object drag
  239. kick fu source where to get?
  240. keyframe on the javascript will question whether it can be applied.
  241. Internet Explorer Fallback
  242. Framerate
  243. Enlarging/reducing the view in navigator (ex. Safari)
  244. Image and video formats
  245. Audio "on click"
  246. Android 2.x css3 support
  247. Noob video question...
  248. Touch Gestures
  249. How to copy 2 or more objects from one scene to another?
  250. Skipping Scenes/touchStart Issue