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  1. There is a plan to support windows phone?
  2. Change cursor to "hand" when over a clickable element
  3. Repeat all animations from the beginning, infinitely
  4. how to make sound play when scene start?
  5. What are my publishing options with animator??once i have my work ready...
  6. How to control an embedded sencha animation from outside?
  7. Retina DIsplay
  8. How to draw something on canvas using sencha animator
  9. Are there examples, samples of projects ?
  10. Motion Blur.
  11. Newbie questions... how to create a iOS App
  12. masking objects
  13. Turning cursor to Pointer in chrome
  14. A video challenge
  15. animating secondary action
  16. ???????? ? ???????????? ? Firefox 18
  17. Animation don't run on Internet Explorer 9...
  18. Sencha Ad Issues when scrolling on mobile / desktop page
  19. hello!
  20. Unable to establish internet connection
  21. Extra White Space
  22. Video on iPad ad iPhone playback failure and strange graphic artifacts
  23. Overall file weight for ads? and more!
  24. Video pause and play again...
  25. Keyframe Properties: Transforms with incomplete options
  26. How call a Javascript function declared inside an iframed html document
  27. Sencha animation in iBooksAuthor - Slow
  28. Administrator privileges for install
  29. Animation runs great at first but then stutters and overlaps
  30. Objects not aligning center, left or right
  31. Touch Event Simulator in web browser
  32. Converting Animator Files into .Mov?
  33. Size stage is not the same in smartphone
  34. Exporting project files
  35. I released removing delay tool
  36. Newbie question: Issues in creating a replay button
  37. Transitions between scenes
  38. Import animations
  39. a few nobs questions about image deleting and video playing on specific keyframe
  40. still in development?
  41. Sencha Animator 1.5 is here!
  42. Working with JQuery
  43. Is there a way to revert back to Sencha Animator 1.3?
  44. can't restart scene! help~~~
  45. Lack of responsiveness
  46. Animator 1.5 Can't get responsiveness to work?
  47. How to redimension a full project which was made in high res, in lower resolution
  48. Renaming Symbols
  49. images are overlapping together
  50. How do animator projects integrate with ad servers such as Google DFP?
  51. Parallax scrolling?
  52. Action clicking an object on the scene - Other doubts.
  53. Integrating animation in Sencha Touch
  54. Problem with videos in various scenes
  55. Can I play the video when i want?
  56. Animator Becomes really slow
  57. loop counter
  58. Mouseout event fires after scene changed
  59. controller.restartTimeline(); serious lag
  60. Controlling initial timeline
  61. Adding Custom Javascript for cursor
  62. Increase Memory Usage
  63. how can i create a trapeze in Sencha?
  64. Error Message when Exporting File
  65. Change initial symbol timeline
  66. Scale multiple elements at once
  67. Copy Scenes from 1 project to another
  68. Is Javascript Necesarry for simple animations ?
  69. documentation download?
  70. CSS (webkit) Filters and Animations
  71. Unable to establish internet connection to Sencha activation servers
  72. Difference between Init and Start on scene
  73. Full screen video possible?
  74. Swipe Navigation for scenes
  75. change symbol timeline from another symbol
  76. Slowdown of Sencha Animator
  77. Video in Sencha Animator
  78. Sticky footer
  79. video and iPad/iPhone - status 2013 ?
  80. How to reference image translate3D values?
  81. Firefox Export SVG Issues and Animated GIF Support
  82. rotate text about the centre point
  83. open html after animation
  84. reveal content similar to masking
  85. Quick Load first scene without waiting
  86. Curve animation with Sencha Animator
  87. Access animation content from a database
  88. Syncing Audio with animation
  89. switch between scenes
  90. white rectangle while loading
  91. Import Editable Vectors from Illustrator?
  92. How to use a custom font?
  93. Native OS for Sencha
  94. Integrate Sencha Animator events on Architect events
  95. Adding Selection States (With Persistent Animations)
  96. Skew in Internet Explorer
  97. Using Scenes and Actions
  98. Stop a video when changing timelines
  99. Smooth move through keyframes (curved translation)?
  100. Sprites within symbol?
  101. Export to html and use in EPUB3 - how to include "preventDefault" for iBooks?
  102. svg or png as a button - transparent background not clickable
  103. Preventing Zoom on Chrome and Safari (Firefox seems to do a nice job)
  104. object ids in symbols
  105. ipad zooming crash
  106. Missing Images in IE, FF
  107. What does the JS that's included in the export actually do?
  108. How do you select and move multiple objects?
  109. How do I create a symbol from an existing animation?
  110. Animator Iframe - simple help request !
  111. Flickering in simple animation in Chrome
  112. Interactive images slider (with images download)
  113. Masking + Animation with SVG's
  114. Advanced Animator Examples
  115. Ship Example
  116. Text Alignment Issue?
  117. Sencha Animator wont start
  118. Animator 1.5 IDE becomes almost unusable with lots of symbols
  119. Active development?
  120. Html5 - Sencha Animator & IFrame - Iframe obsolete ?
  121. version applicable for sencha animator plugin in firefox browser
  122. Can I have some more of the trial :)?
  123. merge two different projects into one
  124. Iframe controls the scenes
  125. drag and drop javascript
  126. calling audio in timeline
  127. css display:none applied to animated objects not ok?
  128. Sencha Animator product end very disappointing
  129. Make Sencha Animator open-source when Sencha gave up on this product?
  130. how to get current time and duration of the animation in sencha animator?
  131. sencha animator 2015 don't work
  132. Not looping
  133. Sencha Animator 1.5 INSTALLER - Where to download?
  134. Sencha animator Login Server Error
  135. Window Collapse and toggle pin at bottom right corner.