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  1. Known Issues 0.92
  2. Android Specific Bugs
  3. iPhone Specific Bugs
  4. [OPEN] iPad Specific Bugs
  5. Animations Bugs
  6. Layout Bugs
  7. Bug: Ext.Panel margin, padding, border
  8. [.8 -- iPhone] Form example (Size and scroll)
  9. [.8 -- iPhone] Json example (Size and layout)
  10. [.8 -- iPhone] Carousel example -- layout is really bad
  11. [.8 -- iPhone] Draggable layout needs to be improved
  12. [.8 -- iPhone] Kitchen Sink example - All ssyptes of layout issues
  13. [FIXED-41] 0.82 Map example --- very jittery
  14. [.8 -- iPhone] Tabs2 example animation jittery
  15. The startup images are reversed in the video example
  16. Icon buttons lead to "Save Image"
  17. On/Off toggle coloring issue
  18. Slider and scrolling trouble
  19. Record change doesn't save with LocalStorageProxy
  20. Carousel on Android
  21. Toolbars on Android
  22. [FIXED-25] Model boolean fields don't have a default value (0.82)
  23. [FIXED-20] Carousel getActiveItem + previous not working
  24. [OPEN] [FIXED-19] Can't put a TabPanel inside a carousel
  25. [FIXED-22] doubletap event on Dataview isn't called (0.82)
  26. [CLOSED-24] 'swipe' event called on doubetap of element. (0.82)
  27. Store.sync() only seems to work from site > local storage, not local storage > site
  28. [FIXED-27] .child doesn't seem to work (0.82)
  29. [FIXED-28] {#} in templates resets to '1' when the record has been updated. (0.82)
  30. [FIXED-30] LocalStorage store seems to be loading twice (0.82)
  31. [FIXED-29] Can not gain focus in .82
  32. EXT-0.82 IPhone - 3.1.3 Software / Picker Example Alignment Selection Issue
  33. EXT-0.82 IPhone - 3.1.3 Software / Picker Example Vertical/Horizontal Issue
  34. EXT-0.82 IPhone - 3.1.3 Software / Form Example - Can't return to top
  35. [FIXED-40] 0.82 Ext.Carousel doesn't honor activeItem config
  36. 0.82 scrollend fires after touchend
  37. Card layout issue (0.82)
  38. [OPEN] [iphone] Form Example: Strange scroll issues when choosing from a dropdown.
  39. [FIXED-42] - Video example *crashes* Safari!
  40. Carousel panel content shows when it shouldn't (0.82)
  41. 0.82 Ext.setup() should check for meta tags before it adds them.
  42. [CLOSED-44] Unrendered dataview dies when updating a record (0.82)
  43. [CLOSED-45] New records in store not refreshing when modified in dataview (0.82)
  44. No update this week?
  45. [FIXED-81] (0.85) Ext.data.Connection.onComplete
  46. [FIXED-82](0.85) Ext.data.Connection.abort() & isLoading() : r.xhr is undefined
  47. 0.82 documentation Ext.platform
  48. [FIXED-83] online resource 'touchlicense' missing
  49. [OPEN-84] Button and Icon render-bug on Iphone
  50. [CLOSED-85][Android] Doubletap on YEAR on Picker widget opens the phone application
  51. [OPEN-86] 0.90 IPhone - 3.1.3 Software / Picker Example Screen Flicker Issue
  52. [FIXED-88] API Documentation Issues
  53. [FIXED-87] Tutorial Bug
  54. [FIXED-89] Documentation scroll both is missing
  55. [CLOSED] Ext.decode Error!
  56. Android Forms
  57. [OPEN-93] Documentation have wrong search index
  58. [CLOSED-188] Adding formpanel to panel ofter the panel has been created and rendered.
  59. [FIXED-94] Server Proxy doesn't apply sorters, limit, start to the request Parameters
  60. [CLOSED-103] Spinner go nutso on iPhone
  61. [FIXED-102] Map Panel problems
  62. [FIXED-99] Rotating iPhone breaks kitchen sink example.
  63. [CLOSED-101] Top and Bottom dock failing
  64. [FIXED] Vertical Scrolling Carousel
  65. [FIXED-104] Carousel.add/dolayout doesn't update scroller bounds
  66. Bottom tab bar
  67. [FIXED-105] Ext.Container setDraggable is incomplete
  68. [FIXED-109] modal/overlay option breaks touch events
  69. getting-started TUT forget google api js
  70. [FIXED-107] Adding Panel to TabPanel
  71. [FIXED-107] Ext.TabPanel doLayout()
  72. [FIXED] Why does Carousel have touchend and scrollend handlers for its scroller?
  73. [FIXED-108] Carousel with Ext.form.FormPanel and Ext.form.Select on 2+ page behaviour
  74. [FIXED-114] Creating new instance of Model results in "dirty" object
  75. [FIXED] Unable to set "idProperty" of Model
  76. [OPEN] [FIXED-110] Carousel indicator breaks down after changing carousel content.
  77. Impossible to navigate back after opening an external link in full screen mode
  78. [FIXED-111] Home button image incorrect in ext-touch.css
  79. [CLOSED] Ext.form.MonthField Error picking Feb month
  80. Ext.form.Select and Android
  81. [FIXED] Creating JsonStore/JsonReader keeps throwing "Cannot read property'"
  82. [FIXED] Component style property not being applied, documentation incorrect
  83. [CLOSED] Kiva example css request
  84. Change listener firing multiple times on select field
  85. getCard not available from tab activate listener
  86. [OPEN] [FIXED-117] Animated Toolbars | Component.show(animation) does not work as expected
  87. [CLOSED] data.Store sync() method returning error after 0.91
  88. [FIXED-137] Only 2 events on data Stores?
  89. [FIXED-118] Documentation method doLayout
  90. [OPEN-121] Tab Methods not working
  91. [FIXED-126] Issues using AjaxProxy / Store / XmlReader
  92. [FIXED] List on hidden panel is visible
  93. [CLOSED] Tab's setCard method missing 2nd parameter for animation
  94. [FIXED] showBy and list items
  95. [CLOSED]Animation missing from Element.set* methods
  96. [INFOREQ]Fullscreen Bug with Home-Favorit Link iOS 4
  97. [OPEN] [INFOREQ] Native on iOS 4 -> App works, than shows blank screen after 0,5 sec!
  98. [FIXED-189] Store 'datachanged' even firing twice
  99. [FIXED] Ext.List in Ext.Carousel exhibits erratic scrolling (0.91)
  100. [INFOREQ]CSS and missing tabicons
  101. [FIXED]Homescreen Icon on iOS4.0 doesn't seem to work
  102. [FIXED-134] Bug with Map if getLocation is not present or is false?
  103. [OPEN-138] API Documentation: Ext.Anim
  104. [CLOSED] Model instance get's parent Store as object after inserting
  105. [FIXED-133] Ext.Ajax doesn't appear in the docs
  106. [FIXED] List scroll issue
  107. [FIXED-129] Store sorting direction
  108. [FIXED-131] Android: Scrolling Issues
  109. [FIXED-132] dockedItems: undoc'ed feature?
  110. [FIXED-136] Windows Safari: cannot see radio button/checkbox, forward icon broken
  111. [CLOSED] Standard input field breaks ui
  112. [FIXED-143] Launching overlay with links cause the links to be clicked
  113. [FIXED-145] remove event listener from panel failed
  114. [FIXED-176] Incorrect rendering of Panel. Missing angle bracket in template.
  115. [FIXED-130] Remove issue of Ext.data.Store
  116. [CLOSED]panels disappear when fullscreen:false
  117. [FIXED-128] Slider not disabling
  118. [FIXED127] List/NestedList disabled/setDisabled not working
  119. [FIXED-139] DatePicker broken in v0.91 ?
  120. Posting to the bug forum
  121. [FIXED-141] Hyperlinks on activating card recieve click events from previous card
  122. [FIXED-142] Sortable config property constrain missing description of bool
  123. [OPEN-150] Scrollable sortable
  124. [OPEN-144] Scrolling a sortable breaks
  125. [DUPE-136] Forward /back button graphic seems broken
  126. [FIXED-146] Form field documentation, missing label config option
  127. [FIXED-147] Form field inputCls property replacing default class, not adding to it
  128. [INFOREQ] Buttons in an hbox panel cut off when in a form
  129. [FIXED-152] Setting inputCls to multiple classes causes input to become unclickable
  130. [FIXED-153] Iphone form scrolling behavior issue
  131. [CLOSED]Lazy loading hiddenfield causes js error
  132. [FIXED-154] stopEvent does not work
  133. [DUPE-93] SimpleStore and GroupingStore appearing in api documentation search
  134. [CLOSED-161] Scrollable tabs rounded corner cut off
  135. [FIXED-159] Tab badge text does not get cut off:
  136. [FIXED-160] badgeText not documented for Button
  137. [FIXED-162] Docked back button in tabpanel's tabbar not appearing correctly
  138. [DUPE-144] Scrolling a sortable tabbar breaks sort
  139. [FIXED-163] Component#isVisible implementation is wrong
  140. [CLOSED] activeItem isn't working with the splitButton..?
  141. [FIXED-190] Controlling background image as text scrolls
  142. [CLOSED-166] Overlay problems?
  143. [FIXED-170] SpinnerField change event doesn't fire
  144. [CLOSED-173] A button will stop being clickable -- unless i click another button
  145. [CLOSED-174] Panel problem when there is dockedItems in v0.92
  146. [FIXED-172] Scroller.destroy has typo that produces javascript error in 0.91 & 0.92
  147. [DUPE-177] List scrolling issue in 0.92
  148. [DUPE-163] Problems with isVisible?
  149. [CLOSED] Ext.util.JSON.decode() fails
  150. [FIXED-178] Ext.data.JsonStore fails
  151. [CLOSED-179] Grouped list throws error when scrolled up.
  152. [FIXED-180] Strange issue when scrolling through the forms example:
  153. [FIXED-182] TextArea is readOnly
  154. [FIXED] Angle bracket missing in List.js
  155. [OPEN] [CLOSED-184] Nestedlist breaking on back button click
  156. [FIXED-185] TabPanel with 'slide' animation should slide the other direction
  157. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Ext.Carousel crashes safari consistently with many items on the iPad
  158. [FIXED-186] Documentation events for Ext.util.TapRepeater
  159. [FIXED-187] The model data become undefined.
  160. [FIXED-192] Disabling drag does not allow pinch to function
  161. [FIXED-193] FormPanel.submit doesn't call handlers
  162. [FIXED-195] Cannot read property 'params' of undefined" when AjaxProxy is destroyed
  163. [FIXED-196] JsonStores broken in 0.9.3 (maybe 0.9.2 as well)
  164. [CLOSED] List group headers in 0.93 broken
  165. [FIXED-197] NumberField is broken on iPhone
  166. [DUPE-197] Numberfield not working as nestedList item in v0.93
  167. [CLOSED-199] NestedList Defaults not working
  168. [FIXED-202] Error in sench/examples/geocongress
  169. [INFOREQ] Search fields blend with background in 0.93 on Safari
  170. [OPEN-200] HTML Hyperlinks Not Working on Android
  171. [FIXED-201] Store.filter Broken
  172. [FIXED-203] Returning false in tab beforeactivate breaks tab selection
  173. [CLOSED-205] Dates coming as NaN on Safari only
  174. [CLOSED-204] modal overlay shading not covering full width of landscape mobile device
  175. [CLOSED-206] Clicking on an empty list fires itemtap
  176. [FIXED-207] Ext.Map: wrapped map unavailable in afterRender
  177. [FIXED-208] List documentation issue with disclose and itemswipe event
  178. [FIXED-209] SpinnerField documentation issue
  179. [FIXED-210] DataView pressedCls documentation
  180. [OPEN-211] Ext.Template documentation issues
  181. [FIXED-214] Store documentation issue
  182. [OPEN] [FIXED-212] List not reducing scroll position after reload
  183. [FIXED-213] List not refreshing snapshot when calling loadRecords
  184. [FIXED] Panel getDockedItems documentation says returns void, not array
  185. [CLOSED] getTabBar().removeAll() does not work
  186. [FIXED-215] Store add method broken
  187. [FIXED-220] Dynamically adding radio with numeric value to fieldset throwing error
  188. [CLOSED-221]Radio buttons checked if value is set
  189. [FIXED-222] nested list bugs
  190. [CLOSED] placeHolder vs. placeholder
  191. [OPEN-223] Multi-touch Drag & Drop on iPad
  192. [FIXED] Ajax example in kitchen sink demo's data card not working (correctly)?
  193. [FIXED-224] Hidden-Field doesn't work
  194. [CLOSED] Map markers are not drawn when not in the first position of a tabPanel
  195. [FIXED-408] textfields unresponsive to first taps on iOS devices
  196. [FIXED-231] NestedList add items problem
  197. [OPEN-235] Tablet Launch Screen when Web App Added To Home on iPAD
  198. [FIXED-223] Too many touchstart events on multi-touch platform
  199. [FIXED-234] Pack justify get broken between 0.91 an 0.93
  200. [CLOSED-236] Nested panel not scrolling corectly
  201. [FIXED-136] Back/Forward Button graphics broken on iPod/iPhone?
  202. [FIXED-237] Inserting tab at specified index doesn't work properly (0.92)
  203. [FIXED-238] removeListener broken (0.93)
  204. [CLOSED]Component.onShow and Component.onHide overwrite the animation.after function
  205. [FIXED-239] datachanged event not fired after store.add() / store.insert() - (0.92)
  206. [OPEN-240][0.93] Spinnerfield inside fieldset margin problem
  207. Card Panel Layout Issue
  208. [OPEN-241] floating overlay has trouble re-rendering scaled background image
  209. [CLOSED] Bad redirect in touchsolitaire demo when using mozilla firefox
  210. [FIXED] sorters config option for Ext.data.Store issue.
  211. [FIXED-242] Pinch gesture is interpreted as swipe
  212. [INFOREQ] setScrollable(false) error on Carousel
  213. [FIXED-247] Model date fields do not parse
  214. [FIXED-246] Data Store Filtering
  215. [DUPE-196] Fields are not copied from JSON metaData response to store
  216. [FIXED-254] JsonStore example broken in documentation
  217. [DUPE-239] Store.insert does not fire 'datachanged' event.
  218. [FIXED-248] pressedCls not documented
  219. [FIXED-249] selectedCls defaults not to 'x-item-selected' class
  220. [CLOSED-253] Store not mapping fields with ISO 8859-1 Characters in field name
  221. [OPEN-250] Two finger scrolling causes exceptions and wild behavior.
  222. [CLOSED-252] Placeholder not working for TextArea on iPad
  223. [FIXED-256] Store doesnt fire beforeload
  224. [OPEN-257] WebStorageProxy always removes first record
  225. [FIXED-258] Store class member storeId not registered in StoreMgr
  226. [INFOREQ] Can't edit text in input fields in Ext.List
  227. [FIXED] Files not present in the Kitchen sink demo
  228. [FIXED-271] Ext.Picker with slots value not working
  229. [FIXED-264] Ext.data.WebStorageProxy.getNextId() generating string ids
  230. [FIXED-265] Can not input in textarea
  231. [FIXED-266] Text is jagged in landscape view on iPad/iPhone
  232. [CLOSED-267] Sencha Touch API docs lacking some "Sencha Platform" content?
  233. [CLOSED-270] Container config options: animation type should be string/mixed
  234. [FIXED-272] Ext.data.Reader.extractData() broken in sencha-touch-beta-0.94?
  235. [FIXED-279]doComponentLayout and doLayout do nothing after removeDocked or setHeight
  236. [FIXED-283] Form breaks after data enter (0.94)
  237. [OPEN-295] Ext.Msg.show bug
  238. ArrayStore/ArrayReader broken in 0.94
  239. [FIXED-296] panel.getLayout() returns string, not object
  240. [OPEN-297] the default renderTpl for Components/Containers is missing (null)
  241. [FIXED]Typo with afterrender in ext-touch-debug.js 0.94
  242. [OPEN-305] KitchenSink Demo - invalid cache.manifest
  243. [OPEN-325] Layout Issue: 2 Sections in VBox, Make One Fill Available Space
  244. [OPEN-280] WebStorageProxy#getIds() returns an array of strings, not integers
  245. [FIXED]Missing Ext.data.TreeStore
  246. [OPEN-7] cardslide animation doesn't work: newIndex and previousIndex aren't set
  247. [INFOREQ] 0.94: hideAddressBar doesn't work on iOS (at least the iPhone simulator)
  248. [OPEN-308] Picker on Android
  249. [FIXED-302] Destroyed cmp is still isVisible()
  250. [OPEN-301] Extra style height:0px added to element