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  1. google Map does not redraw correctly
  2. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 1.1 Ext.Eelement.show
  3. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 1.1 Ext.'Element.setVisible
  4. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 1.1 Ext.Element.mask doesn't return Element
  5. [CLOSED] Can't type in prompt messageboxes on Chrome
  6. [CLOSED] datachanged event has wrong parameters or isn't always fired
  7. Overlay Bug
  8. [CLOSED] [1.1.0] ScriptTagProxy adds <script> two times to head on some android devices.
  9. Maps and markers
  10. [FIXED] Nested XML duplicate field issue
  11. Application not running good on firefox
  12. [CLOSED] 2 History DOM elements with same id
  13. JSONP requests failing after first call
  14. Tutorial building your first app bug
  15. Text fields with placeholders have weird dragging behavior in Chrome
  16. [CLOSED] Issue with Sencha Touch 1.x running on Android 2.1
  17. Stores are including global prototype methods in item data.
  18. [CLOSED] Ext.urlDecode does not decode "+" (plus sign) as space
  19. [OPEN] [ST1] FormPanel appears as "form" instead of "formpanel" to Ext.ComponentQuery
  20. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.Slider trackWidth
  21. [OPEN] TextArea loses cursor on FormPanel scrolling
  22. [Bug] Z-Index increment on TabPanel animations
  23. [INFOREQ] Text fields with placeholders is not aligning center in Iphone
  24. donut not visible in pie charts
  25. readRecords fails with empty json objects on iOS
  26. [NOREPRO] Soft keyboard keeps coming up on Android Jelly Bean
  27. [CLOSED] Ext.List with input field on iPhone using Previous/Next buttons
  28. [INFOREQ] App - Ext.is.iOS return false on iPad
  29. Incorrect sizing after orientation change
  30. Orientation issue in iphone and ipad using meta tag
  31. list scrolling issue after orientation change
  32. [1.1.1] + iOS6 - Msg Prompt not working.
  33. date picker problem in android 4.1.1
  34. Issue with SelectField drop-down
  35. Scroller issue with Sony Experia Z running Android 4.1.2
  36. iOS 7 issue with iPad in landscape mode
  37. [CLOSED] Keyboard on iOS7 iPad make wrong page scroll
  38. XTemplate not rendering in List on older android phones when first shown
  39. Uncaught ReferenceError: WebKitPoint is not defined
  40. Senchatouch 1 project not working in localhost