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  1. [FIXED-554] Android keyboard hides text field, does not scroll up like native
  2. [FIXED-566] Anchor <a> tags not working on Android (1.0)
  3. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Ext.Controller needs documentation.
  4. [CLOSED] Ext.Viewport needs documentation
  5. [FIXED] 1.0.0: Form-submit does not call success-function
  6. [FIXED-556] List component- Disclose event
  7. [OPEN] [FIXED-555] Field convert method doesn't function as documented when loading from URL
  8. [DUPE-471] 1.0 sencha-touch-debug.css Is Compressed
  9. [OPEN-570] 1.0 x-loading-spinner Issues/Suggestion
  10. [FIXED-557] Ext.List pinHeaders wrong documented
  11. [OPEN-558] Map canvas on 4th panel of a carousel is screwed up
  12. [CLOSED-559] 1.0 Form Field Deselect
  13. [OPEN-560] 1.0 Form Orientation Change incomplete redraw
  14. [OPEN-561] 1.0 Placeholder Text not removed on android when orientation changes
  15. [OPEN] [DUPE-562] 1.0 Screen does not reposition on Android when a field is selected
  16. [OPEN] [OPEN-563] 1.0 LabelAlign:top defaults to 30% width
  17. [FIXED][1.0] Ext.Element has documented cssTranform method that is not included!
  18. [OPEN] [CLOSED-564] Panel fullscreen false dies without any message in log
  19. [OPEN-565] Become UNsortable after upgraded to 1.0
  20. [OPEN-572] 1.0 NestedList Loading Text
  21. [FIXED-567] creation of modelInstance and id managment (1.0RC)
  22. [OPEN-568] Typo in panel.getComponent docs
  23. [OPEN-569] RC1 Lists: Unexpected Pause in Momentum Scrolling
  24. [FIXED-571] 1.0 - Ext.List.getNode(idx) broken?
  25. [OPEN-573] 1.0 FormPanel with name: 'action' overrides the panel's member 'action'
  26. [OPEN-575] 1.0 rotating Android while virtual keyboard is present causes problems
  27. [OPEN-574] Togglefield isn't properly resetted in Google Chrome
  28. [FIXED-577] Sheet hideOnMaskTap defaults to false but docs say default is true
  29. [OPEN-576] (1.0) Ext.Anim is marked as @Singleton
  30. [OPEN-578] Form options' Styling bug on iPhone/iPod Touch
  31. [CLOSED] DatePicker ignores yearFrom/yearTo
  32. [OPEN-579] 1.0 - inconsistent "cursor" behaviour in textareafield
  33. [OPEN] [FIXED-580] List multiSelect and allowDeselect (singleSelect) not working
  34. [CLOSED] Spinner field change event
  35. [FIXED-582] (1.0) Ext.data.AbstractStore remove Event Documentation Error
  36. [FIXED-585] (1.0) Ext.data.Store sort Method Documentation Error
  37. [OPEN-586] iPod Touch Ext.is.iPod
  38. [FIXED-587] Records loaded marked dirty
  39. [OPEN-588] BelongsTo association does not send primary key filter to server
  40. [CLOSED] API Search still points to ExtJS articles
  41. [CLOSED] Store API docs missing removeAll() method
  42. [FIXED-590] DataView.bindStore doesn't bind selection model
  43. [CLOSED-591] scrolled text jumps back
  44. [FIXED-592] Deleted record resent to be deleted
  45. [FIXED-597] Filters, group and sorters not encoded
  46. [FIXED-593] Record id is not updated after successful save
  47. [FIXED-594] Style is not set when using inputType: number on a form Panel in Toolbar
  48. [FIXED-595] Request to server when accessing parent record which is already loaded
  49. [OPEN-596] text input and text area do not work on android predictive keyboards
  50. [FIXED-598] Getting Started has ext-touch-debug.js instead of sencha-touch-debug.js
  51. [FIXED-599] Form Panel passwod can't show dots on Android
  52. [FIXED-600] draggable/isDraggable/setDraggble has some problems
  53. [CLOSED-601] Select field does not open in iPhone
  54. [OPEN-602] webkitTransitionEnd event does not always fire
  55. [OPEN-602] Audio playback autoPause
  56. [OPEN-604] Can't do vertical scroll on Android 2.0
  57. [INFOREQ] Can't check radio with related label tap
  58. [DUPE-565] sortable not working in demo
  59. [OPEN-605] Ext.Msg.prompt do not get focus.
  60. [OPEN-606] Select field's setValue() behaves incorrectly if value is 0.
  61. [OPEN-607] Ext.gesture.* (specifically the Pinch event info) is not documented
  62. [FIXED-608] Slider moves off the track
  63. [CLOSED]hboxes's containers's height not set properly - 1.0
  64. [FIXED-609] JSONP callback(null) problem
  65. [OPEN-610] 1.0 Ext.Button.setText with icon
  66. [CLOSED] Wrong parameter order in API for setValue at Class Ext.form.Slider
  67. [CLOSED-618] 1.0.1 broke bottom toolbar when scrolling
  68. [OPEN-611] 1.01 FormPanel renderTo Broken
  69. [OPEN-616] Flashing content on Android after upgrading to 1.0.1 from 0.98
  70. [OPEN-612] 1.0.1 NestedList cannot inject extraParams in store on itemtap
  71. [CLOSED-613] 1.0.1 - impossible to scroll on HTC Desire
  72. [FIXED-614] Kiva and Twitter examples not working in Chrome or Safari
  73. [FIXED-615] 1.0.1 Ext.data.ScriptTagProxy buildUrl Filters Issue
  74. [DUPE-617] unable to change radio button selection after initial selection
  75. [FIXED-630] CheckBoxFields not working in 1.0.1
  76. [OPEN-637] "Quick dragging" issue in the drag & drop demo
  77. [OPEN-620] (Sencha 1.0) setScrollable doesnt'work properly
  78. [FIXED-619] Root has no method 'querySelectorAll' on XMLReader [Sencha-Touch 1.0.1]
  79. [FIXED-622] 1.0.1 Ext.Viewport onOrientationChange Method
  80. [OPEN-646] Date with Ajax proxy and LocalWebstorageProxy
  81. [OPEN-621] 1.0.1 Ext.Component Orientation Issue
  82. [CLOSED] 1.0.1 Silly Version Issue
  83. [FIXED-623] 1.0.1 Documentation bug: Ext.Router
  84. [DUPE-624] Documention Index Bug
  85. [DUPE-594] Bug 594 Still not fixed as stated in 1.0.1 release notes
  86. [OPEN-629] Using &gt; in if operator in XTemplate renders additional characters.
  87. [OPEN-635] 1.0.1 dockedItem problems
  88. [FIXED] Documentation bug: Ext.data.Store findRecord missing argument
  89. [INFOREQ] Problem migrate to Sencha Touch 1.0.1
  90. [OPEN-625] Ext.List.itemTap() fired on Button-Click
  91. [OPEN-626] 1.0.1 Grouped Ext.List Issue When Adding Items When List Not Visible
  92. [FIXED-627] DatePicker date selecting bug
  93. [OPEN-666] 1.0.1 Filter issues
  94. [FIXED-628] "change" event is not fired in Ext.form.DatePicker
  95. [OPEN-631] Problem in Ext.lib.Container.Ext.extend.initItems
  96. [DUPE-632] google.maps.event.addListener is not working after moving 0.98 to 1.01
  97. [FIXED-633] RestProxy broken in 1.0.1
  98. [FIXED-634] 1.0.1 Ext.Controller have no reference to their Ext.Application
  99. [CLOSED-636] the BUG of Carousel with XML in 1.0.1
  100. [OPEN-638] "Fullscreen" list height doesn't compensate for toolbar
  101. [FIXED] [OPEN-639] ActionSheet mess orientation change redrawing
  102. [OPEN-640] 1.0.1 Ext.indexBar direction: 'horizontal' does not work
  103. [OPEN-642] map on 1.0.1 not responding to click events on iPhone, Android
  104. [DUPE-614] the examples/kiva/ could not load data!
  105. [CLOSED-641] Can't Slide/Zoom after Scrolling - this bug isn't fixed
  106. [CLOSED-643] is XML reader/wrong rss format/other bug? (hopefully not in my code)
  107. [OPEN-644] renderTo with absolute positioning is broken
  108. [OPEN-649] onItemDisclosure doesn't use scope
  109. [CLOSED]Error thrown in DataView when updating record in store
  110. [OPEN-650] checkbox checked state is set after firing the event
  111. [OPEN-651] Ext.Form.Select Height is not being set
  112. [OPEN-652] First click on tab panel error
  113. [DUPE-653] Touch 1.0.1 scrolls to end of page on simple touch.
  114. [CLOSED] Problem with sencha-touch app viewed on different android version
  115. [CLOSED] 1.0.1 Ext.data.JsonStore "limit" param issue
  116. [FIXED] JsonReader#extractData calls XmlReader.superclass not JsonReader.superclass
  117. [FIXED] Invalid id for records loaded from local storage
  118. [FIXED-647] 1.0.1 Ext.data.Store getTotalCount property?!
  119. [OPEN-654] Select Field does not appear to fire focuse event
  120. [OPEN-656] Google Chrome PDF render problem
  121. [OPEN] [TOUCH-428] Ext.data.Store loadData does not clear / remove snapshot
  122. [OPEN-658] Form submit is sent as GET method with standardSubmit: true in chrome
  123. [FIXED] [OPEN-659] Select Field Picker leaves empty space and makes page jump
  124. [OPEN-660] Android Password Field superfocus persistance
  125. [CLOSED-661] Touch 1.0.1 bugs with Radio and Checkboxes
  126. [OPEN-662] Touch 1.0.1 alignment bugs with TabPanel
  127. [OPEN-663] Very wide content does not scroll correctly.
  128. [OPEN-665] Bug with video component ?
  129. [OPEN-664] Number field Documentation
  130. [OPEN-667] 1.0.1a - list items overlapping at the beginning of a scroll action
  131. [FIXED-668] Draggable with delay
  132. [OPEN-669] wrong assignment x-item-selected class on list with itemSelector
  133. [OPEN-670] Problem with Ext.data.WebStorageProxy.getRecord() method
  134. [OPEN-671] 1.0.2 - cardswitch event no longer fired?
  135. [CLOSED] store.isFiltered is not being reset sometimes when you do a store.loadData
  136. [OPEN-338] NOT Fixed (textareas scroll on Android but not iOS)
  137. [OPEN-672] TabBar + field focus + swipe = Undocked TabBar.
  138. [OPEN-673]Store.loadRecords accesses length on undefined when proxy request has error
  139. [OPEN-674] functionality bugs in API Documentation
  140. [OPEN-675] Controller.render() documentation wrong
  141. [OPEN-676] Bug in Ext.DataView.getRecords
  142. [OPEN-677] Element.mask() doesn't return mask Element
  143. [OPEN-678] YESNOCANCEL Issues on iPhone 3G
  144. [OPEN-679] Incorrect TabBar rendering when changing active item in hidden TabPanel
  145. [OPEN-680] TreeStore load event not firing
  146. [OPEN-681] DomHelper Google Chrome DomException
  147. [OPEN-682] Adding Cards to TabPanel after creation results in incorrect tabbar layout
  148. [FIXED] [OPEN-687] Nested data in store is erased when attached to dataview
  149. [OPEN-686] numberfield is not working in Safari 5.0.3
  150. [OPEN-687] Problem with Fonts in Safari and IPad
  151. [OPEN-688] onTabTap bypasses Owner Container's setActivItem
  152. [OPEN-690] First tab click doesnt work
  153. [OPEN-689] Form focus and virtual keyboard issues on iPhone
  154. [OPEN-691] Flip animation wrong on Android
  155. [OPEN-692] Bugs with mask.
  156. [OPEN-698] Bug with Ext.XTemplate
  157. [OPEN-693] Passwordfield value appears as plain text in Android
  158. [OPEN-694] scroll:true messes up Ext.util.Draggable in Ext.DataView
  159. [OPEN-695] Default Ext.Map GeoLocation object is initialized with an invalid option
  160. [OPEN-696] Activating Map breaks navigation and map switching orientation on an iPad
  161. [OPEN-697] Scroll bug when switching between 2 sons panels
  162. [OPEN-699] LoadMask is hidden by confirm dialog closing.
  163. [OPEN-700] (1.0.1) DataView Multiselect issue.
  164. [OPEN-711] (1.0.2) Picker and useTitles bug
  165. [OPEN-701] TypeError: Result of expression 'options' [undefined] is not an
  166. [OPEN-702] Multiple popus cause error in Ext.gesture.Gesture.fire()
  167. [OPEN-703] In Android dragging fields moves the screen instead of the panel
  168. [CLOSED] Xtype:'audio' in an overlay panel
  169. [OPEN-704] Sencha.sh Generate script: Stream:"Could not open the stream"
  170. [OPEN-705] setDraggable only works the first time
  171. [OPEN-706] several doc links lead to the wrong source code
  172. [OPEN-707] Sencha UI does not render on Blueberry NetCat M01 (Android 2.1)
  173. [OPEN-708] BlackBerry WebWorks/PhoneGap issue: hyphens in file names
  174. [OPEN-709] docs say Ext.regModel returns Ext.data.Model, but it doesn't
  175. [OPEN-712] Error during ajax request when connectivity is patchy or fails.
  176. [OPEN-710] Android 2.2: Address bar Wont Hide. Pushes Application Off Screen
  177. [INFOREQ] TextAtrea issues in android
  178. [OPEN-714] ui: plain, iconMask: true, pictos and badgeText
  179. [CLOSED] bug in example grid
  180. Httpproxy - Methods
  181. [OPEN-715] NestedList Documentation - useToolbar
  182. [OPEN-718] NumberField bug
  183. [OPEN-717] x-mask-message
  184. [OPEN-716] autoPause does not work in Kitchen Sink Demo
  185. [OPEN] [TOUCH-428] Store.snapshot contains corrupt data.
  186. [OPEN-720] Toolbar - setting style differs on iPhone 4.0.2, and 4.1/4.2
  187. [DUPE-710] Android2.2 - a issue concerning Address Bar
  188. [OPEN-721] A issue concerning input control on the floating Form. (with Carousel)
  189. [OPEN] [OPEN-725] Keyboard has not appeared on focus a TextArea.
  190. [CLOSED-723] Store fails with JSON proxy after upgrading to 1.0.1a
  191. [OPEN-724] Problem with attribute mapping in XMLReader
  192. [OPEN] [OPEN-726] bad clear icon handling when Text field is in a toolbar
  193. [OPEN-727] wrong height set after repopulate selectfield
  194. [DUP] [OPEN-728] Docs incorrect on possible values for Button.ui
  195. [OPEN] [OPEN-729] Bug in sass styles.
  196. [OPEN-730] Flickering in Android based devices
  197. [OPEN-731] Docs refer to non-existant "useDetailCard" in NestedList
  198. [FIXED] DataView.beforeselect event is never actually fired
  199. [OPEN-733] Enhance ComboBox transform
  200. [OPEN-734] List onItemDisclosure Scope Trouble
  201. [OPEN-735] Number field renders bad in Mobile Safari
  202. [OPEN-736] sencha-touch-debug.css not correct in 1.0.2
  203. [OPEN-738] Overlay bottom anchor background
  204. [OPEN-737] Bug height init on iPhone
  205. [DUPE-740] JsonReader.extractData calls XmlReader.superclass.extractData
  206. [CLOSED] placeHolder color in TextField
  207. [OPEN-741] Ext.form.Toggle setValue()
  208. [OPEN-742] Modal applies to all floating planels instead of that in front
  209. [OPEN-743] Ext.Element.alignTo
  210. [OPEN-744] 1.0.2 Picker field not anchored properly
  211. [OPEN-746] 1.0.2 - Checkbox does not work via mouse click on Desktop Safari
  212. [OPEN-745] 1.0.2 Date Picker focus does not hide keyboard
  213. [OPEN-751] order of js Model include file Error in itemTpl hasMany relationships
  214. [OPEN-747] 1.0.2 Card animations for nested list not fully functional.
  215. [OPEN-748] Flickering when scrolling Ext.Carousel (with solution)
  216. [OPEN-749] Dataview scroll to top
  217. [OPEN-750] White Flash in PhoneGap
  218. [OPEN-755] Floating panel mask position out of sync when keyboard shifts layout
  219. [DUPE-659]Picker cause layout to act abnormal when change orientation after triggered
  220. [OPEN-753] Bug report: orientation does not update on iPad 3.2 with phonegap
  221. [OPEN-752] Sencha and Phonegap: Carousel in Panel works on iPad 4.2 but not on 3.2
  222. [OPEN-754] Pinch zoom does not work in Ext.Map with IOS 4.2.1 Safari
  223. [OPEN-757] List Component ignores prepareData when grouped
  224. [OPEN-758] prepareAssociatedData appears to collide on different models same id
  225. [OPEN-759] Ext.ComponentQuery.query() Epic Fail!
  226. [OPEN-760] IPhone 4 status bar hides top of app
  227. [OPEN-761] Ext.DatePicker bug
  228. [OPEN-762] Problems with Sencha Touch on Samsung Galaxy
  229. [OPEN-763] Documentation Error in Touch Sense documentaion
  230. [OPEN-764] Missing items in API docs for Touch
  231. [DUPE-461] FormPanel With SelectField in Floating Panel
  232. [OPEN-765] IndexBar sometimes missing touchend event
  233. [OPEN-766]Loading JSON and saving to LocalStorage does not persist Association Fields
  234. [OPEN-768]BelongsToAssociation Getter function does not do table lookup on cache miss
  235. [OPEN-769] toggleField form values not posted when standardSubmit: true
  236. [OPEN-770] setActiveItem failing on iPod Touch
  237. [OPEN-773] Google Map doesn't render anymore
  238. [OPEN-771] List groupTpl does not account for spaces in id
  239. [OPEN-772] Pinned header does not inherit style of the active header
  240. [OPEN-774] 1.0.1 Ext.util.Observable.hasListener Not Using .toLowerCase()
  241. [CLOSED] enableBubble cannot take a string as an argument
  242. [OPEN-775] Model's relation filter does not get updated when model is saved
  243. MVC broken in 1.0.1
  244. DataView's isSelected(index) doesn't work.
  245. Ext.data.Operation should have the 'records' property initialized as an empty array
  246. Map: Pinch to Zoom not working on Android Phones
  247. BUG: Associated models are not read using store.loadData or store.add methods
  248. Store Add/Sync problem - No uniqueness By ID
  249. Switching between Tabs on iPad
  250. Grouping a list crews up node/record linkage