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  1. Soon support Firefox ?
  2. Javascript proceeding before completing get
  3. Help needed: showing detail page from listview
  4. you should update the post title to "Sencha Touch Releases & Notes (0.98)"
  5. Loading Mask in .98 doesn't work?
  6. Scrolling issue with a list inside a container.
  7. .98 select in toolbar is really bad!
  8. Container height not updated after image loaded in 0.98
  9. <select> not aligning properly in Android (all versions include 0.98)
  10. How to make something scrollable that Sencha Touch didn't create?
  11. MessageBox.confirm in 0.98
  12. List to act like NestedList?
  13. yql nested content in template
  14. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
  15. Toggle component's setValue & toggle functions give an error
  16. Global exception hook
  17. Style a list / nested list as groups
  18. Expand/Collapse list item on itemtap?
  19. Question regarding .Net and iPad
  20. Toolbar
  21. Custom label width
  22. How to create a dynamic paged list
  23. Help with Pulse like scroller
  24. List Scroller Stuck in 0.98
  25. how to transform a php form to sencha ?
  26. Delete button at the end of a text box
  27. How to set id of a component?
  28. Need to know Javascript?
  29. NestedList/TreeStore with large static dataset timesout on iPad
  30. How to hide Panels/Cards from TabBar?
  31. Mapped onClick event
  32. Problem with scrolling in .98
  33. How can I change the Radio Button Style from the 'Tick' back to the old style.
  34. Sencha Touch List components not scrolling in PhoneGap
  35. Embed a PDF in Panel
  36. Example of custom IndexBar fields?
  37. Overlay Panel with scrolling content
  38. Carousel 'slide' logic
  39. Textfield input problems
  40. Keyboard GO button doesn't submit form.
  41. Messagebox Size Issue
  42. Nested items inside a carousel
  43. Toolbar scrolls inside of Tabpanel.
  44. Tabpanel background doesn't display in chrome.
  45. What is best way to show a tabpanel?
  46. Sbject used as store in DataView
  47. Can't fire native Magnifying Glass on textarea.
  48. JSON parsing fails if single quotes are used?
  49. Development Environment set up - Best Practices???
  50. Example Nested list doesn't working
  51. Undefined value passed to a helper function in an XTemplate
  52. [SOLVED] Playing audio while doing something else
  53. Screen Orientation Not Working
  54. Button In a Template
  55. Give advice
  56. Picker in popover
  57. List with docked 'details' panel
  58. findParentBy/findParentByType
  59. Carousel Cards
  60. Scrolling problem at iPad platform
  61. destroy is not recursive
  62. Slider Page Help
  63. Model / Store / XTemplate problem
  64. Nested List
  65. Two Column Layout
  66. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentNode' of undefined ext-touch-debug.js
  67. Overlay issue in version 0.98.
  68. Can not post RPC request in some cases
  69. Card layout without fullscreen?
  70. How to add a Data Array into a Store
  71. Hiding iPhone Safari address bar in .98 with the new application class
  72. Bad Sizing of Carousel when inside a Panel
  73. Zetakey: Webkit for Windows Mobile 7
  74. Blackberry
  75. Phonegap & Orientation Change - Only fires ounce
  76. Ext.Panel inside the card of an Ext.TabPanel
  77. Change Headers on a grouped List?
  78. How to Change the ui property of a button?
  79. Android/iPhone behavior difference with JSONP request
  80. [SOLVED] Will DataPanel be gone in RC1?
  81. Custom Layout
  82. The best way?
  83. How do you scroll to the top of a tabPanel
  84. Style is not set when using inputType: number on a form Panel in Toolbar
  85. assign pressed button before it is shown
  86. V: 0.98 AddItem to NestedList
  87. What even to listen for when TabPanel switches panels.
  88. Ajax in Phone Gap
  89. Form inside Carousel
  90. getSelectedIndexes() not working properly for List
  91. Nested list for navigation
  92. Reset a list when searchfield clear icon clicked
  93. Enable Disable a butto through Itemtap handler
  94. Where is scroller.parentSize?
  95. Sencha Touch on IIS?
  96. Using Model, Store and JSONP
  97. Loading xml in list, cant see my error
  98. Images not displayed after upgrade to .98
  99. SOLVED: Newbie question, loading panel on button press...
  100. JSONP and error 404
  101. Replace Container dynamically with onclick
  102. question on automatic sizing of floating element
  103. Spontaneously Combusting App
  104. add() a panel to a TabBar at a specific index.
  105. Orientation problem
  106. prevent deselect in List?
  107. Formpanel displays in FF/Chrome, but not on iPhone browser...
  108. Can't set cursor in middle of sentence in Text Box
  109. CardLayout challenges
  110. landscape mode problem (font broken)
  111. Using .net webservice as data service (json proxy)
  112. Flickering problem in a tabpanel (0.98 version)
  113. what browser to develop ?
  114. Select not firing change event
  115. Sencha 0.99, a lot of problems!
  116. Strange error with Carousel (Sencha Tocuh 0.99)
  117. Best practices: toolbar menu and sub-panels
  118. NestedList Cache Requests Probelm
  119. Ext.setup() vs Ext.regApplication()
  120. NestedList Cache Requests Probelm
  121. drop down text field
  122. drop down menu which is answer dependent
  123. Auto - Card Layout
  124. how can i "update" currentpanel with animation.
  125. Class hierarchy diagram
  126. Setting Panel to fullscreen on orientationchange
  127. Ext.util.GeoLocation and .99
  128. click event question (noobie)
  129. Forms in kitchen sink?
  130. Custom List Group Headers (Calendar Events ex)
  131. will SenchaTouch be hosted on Ext CacheFly?
  132. How do I add a picker into my form?
  133. Orientation error
  134. TabPanel in an aspx page ?
  135. Ext.form.Select value != text
  136. add(Component) does not work anymore with 0.99
  137. Unable to parse JSON returned by Server.
  138. How to show Jan instead of January in DatePicker?
  139. Published documentation
  140. ActionSheet animation from top instead of default bottom
  141. Carousel/CSS
  142. Sencha Touch Template for NestedList
  143. TabPanel add problem
  144. toolbar + list inside tabpanel
  145. A little problem on NestedList
  146. A little problem on NestedList
  147. What do you guys use to make demos of your apps
  148. Dynamic button handler
  149. Fieldset label length
  150. where to start ??
  151. Looking for a Sencha Touch Developer to create an awesome web app!
  152. Interrupting jsonp request
  153. How to know JS dependency and build a custom version of Sencha Touch
  154. feasibility study question
  155. Is there any way to wire up the 'Go' button of the iPhone to a custom event handler
  156. Updating Content
  157. Error Dragging an Element after doing a setOffset()
  158. can't set cursor in middle of text
  159. Cannot call .add on FieldSet in .99
  160. Can't add using .add method in .99
  161. Android scrolling broken in .99?
  162. Sencha Touch Pricing
  163. Textarea jump in .99
  164. application splitted in many js files ...
  165. Scrolling list with sencha 0.99 (loading??)
  166. 0.99 and backward compatibility / professional softaware
  167. login overlay...
  168. documentation...
  169. iPhone keyboard in web-apps
  170. How to put a List into a TabPanel-Card
  171. JSLint for Version 1.0 ?
  172. NestedList inside a TabPanel
  173. Maps and KML or PNG images
  174. form
  175. How to put a NestedListe into a Card of TabPanel
  176. Configure Ext.List based on store's data?
  177. Dataview and reloading store dom error
  178. Template If clause
  179. More on extending a store ...
  180. Touch advantages over other available options?
  181. Design an application
  182. Screen not refreshing after Popup keyboard disappears.
  183. Advice on a load more button?
  184. Video Component
  185. Request: something like a DataView that doesn't require a store
  186. Questions about Android 2.2
  187. List display broken with scroll=false in 0.99
  188. my Problems on carousel
  189. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'setValue' of undefined
  190. Debugging apps on an Android device
  191. Reader Example Error
  192. Android form (standardSubmit)
  193. DataView Template
  194. Rc1 is out?
  195. How reload video after changing url?
  196. AirPrint and Sencha Touch
  197. kitchensink navigation renders differently on safari with iphone user agent
  198. How to hide? (.hide() doesn't fit for my need)
  199. Sencha Touch theming guidelines ?
  200. Slider ... not slide :-(
  201. loadRecord() broken in RC1?
  202. Seeking german SenchaTouch freelancers
  203. Loading list with sencha 1.0
  204. Forcing a panel to preload all items.
  205. carousel with gallery best practice
  206. Textarea field causes focus to go to bottom of field
  207. Scrolling does not work
  208. How to create something like iPhone settings menu?
  209. App from hand held device to login to QwikiOffice (or Comet) desktop?
  210. RC1 checkbox now broken?
  211. Keyboard dismissal and submit form workaround broke in RC1?
  212. Checkbox problem in RC1
  213. Bug in RC1 with select. Confirmed with kitchen sink
  214. Monitoring position of list, to do pre-fetching of items
  215. Broken Tutorials
  216. Ajax request error
  217. empty cell in table layout
  218. Sencha Command: generate bugs
  219. Email form field broken in 1.00RC?
  220. DataBind checkbox/checkboxlist
  221. google api geolocation in a sencha tab
  222. carousel - something simple in a complicated way
  223. overlay catch all clicks
  224. TabPanel and customize "ui"
  225. How to build an app more complex
  226. Panel update without page refresh
  227. How do we disable transitions for the Android?
  228. Adding Search field on it's own
  229. Update list style on startup
  230. Broken in 1.0RC? Carousel with dynamic card content used to work until 1.0RC
  231. How do we close the iphone keyboard and submit form in RC1?
  232. 1.0RC Enter (keyCode == 13) isn't detected any more
  233. Best practise to call method on top element?
  234. HowTO /carousel2/ within /tabs2/
  235. Disable drag on toolbar
  236. Tap and Double Tap
  237. store.load
  238. My virtual keyboard communicating back to my app
  239. TabPanel and setActiveItem
  240. on() with Ext.form.Field broken in RC1?
  241. Please Help me! - regarding button ...
  242. Regular Expressions check does not work.
  243. itemTpl doesn't render background css in RC1
  244. can Ext.XTemplate directly use Ext.data.Model ?
  245. Calling More Detail - data.Store ?
  246. WebKit error with sencha
  247. Cannot get the NestedList list working
  248. Sencha Touch MVC framework and SCSS integration guides
  249. Sencha/HTML5 and PHP sessions
  250. Wrong number of cards in carousel