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  1. read XML
  2. Template Stopped Data Load
  3. Touchstyle download
  4. Using filters with stores
  5. NestedList Back button
  6. How to execute a javascript on ajax update ?
  7. Button Styling
  8. Ext.form.Select styling
  9. Ext.Map bug after scrolling (only chrome)
  10. Nested List with groupings on first list
  11. Data binding problem using Ajaxproxy as data store
  12. Sencha Touch - FormPanel - Form fields in Column layout
  13. MVC correct approach communicating with view
  14. List problem, don't give data
  15. Test a Sencha Touch Controller using Jasmine
  16. Tidying the code: LoadMask, is this a bad idea?
  17. Rendering Issues when nesting View
  18. Object [object Object] has no method 'setCard'
  19. Time Picker - Need help
  20. store loaded, but empty list, please help
  21. How to override Ext.plugins.PullRefreshPlugin for a different language?
  22. List detaield page showing not the list after returning
  23. On orientation change, change style sheet.
  24. Showing detailed page on link
  25. stop page load
  26. Render form on document
  27. Local Storage and json p sync
  28. Setting up initial data in Sencha / PhoneGap app
  29. Android Image performance suffers when wrapped
  30. json-p through store
  31. How to refresh a List after AJAX call was successful?
  32. List, can't do setActiveItem oO
  33. Moving code to Xcode 4 messes up the JSON reading in php
  34. list: items detailcard missed after come back
  35. NestedList Items won't show
  36. Closing a overlay
  37. Secha touch Mobile app design tool
  38. Apple Newsstand
  39. Nested List to Panel to another Nested List
  40. Adsense in Sencha Touch
  41. list falls under docked toolbar
  42. Nested List and JSON
  43. Problem Toolbar
  44. Geolocation problem function
  45. JSON String formated but impossible to send to list
  46. Need help with MVC offline app
  47. controller action call undefined after history.go(-1)
  48. tabPanel scrolling issue
  49. json-p request into local storage
  50. Dynamic scrollbar positioning/moving to an anchor
  51. Display map marker problem
  52. datepicker questions
  53. Nested List can't load Panel
  54. Very simple dataview example not working - please help!
  55. get variable from function
  56. Launching a Sencha app loaded by appMobi only shows a blackscreen.
  57. JSON won't load in Ext.data.TreeStore
  58. Setting location on Geolocation
  59. Problem with stores in a detail page (offline app)
  60. One List with dynamically loaded Stores
  61. ActionSheet as a child of another component?
  62. Ext.form.Select bug, "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'items' of undefined"
  63. Sencha Touch and CounchDB
  64. the width of tab bar not extend to screen width
  65. Dataview scroll not working (bug?)
  66. Can't call google api v3 function ?
  67. get html from panel
  68. dispatch from selectfield change
  69. Component Ids are Global ? and other issues...
  70. How can i check if localstorage is empty?
  71. how to display details of selected record in next page
  72. Form fields depends on selectfiled
  73. Using analytics within sencha
  74. Change CSS on Dates
  75. How to get direction for Carousel
  76. form submit using controller in Mvc
  77. Call an ASP.NET webservice with Sencha Touch
  78. phone number reocnition
  79. change encoding.
  80. Give variable from function to another.
  81. Slide first, load after using tabpanels
  82. Andorid virtual KeyBorad issues
  83. WebStorm + Sencha
  84. Carousel and Form
  85. Value of tapped item in nested list
  86. List and detailPanel Problem
  87. Select box won't load on iOS Simulator
  88. Mobile version of the site does not work on BlackBerry 9700 OS 6
  89. conflict with jqury ui
  90. Map with click points
  91. Design problem
  92. Remember Password For Sencha Touch Application
  93. Ext.dispatch if a user clicks a link
  94. Clear Select Field's Value on an event
  95. Scenario for getting JSON from a REST service into a Store/Model
  96. One XML multiple Model
  97. localstorage slow in iOS 5?
  98. How to retrive Ext.data.Store data in sencha
  99. Integration with jquery atmosphere
  100. Problem Toolbar's Button' Listeners after removeAll()
  101. How to modify the virtual keyboard of Sencha Touch?
  102. X and Y axis scrolling content - and a fixed left column - can anyone help please?
  103. Ext.Picker set value as varible
  104. How to activate a Panel ?
  105. NestedList hide the last element of the list in the bottom TabPanel
  106. Get leaf nodes information in Nested List
  107. JSON Being Returned from asmx web service ScriptMethod
  108. scrollend event on List not working
  109. How to configure sencha touch in Apache Software inspite of XAMP
  110. How to let load-mask in the center position?
  111. Some Sencha Touch Form Questions
  112. List paging from json
  113. render data in view from jsnop request
  114. Sencha Touch and a Streaming video
  115. Sum of Values in Xtemplate
  116. Venn Chart
  117. Combination of Sencha Touch and Wink toolkit
  118. Problem with TabPanel
  119. add json to store
  120. Problem with NestedList
  121. store.save() not updating data for existing record
  122. adding listeners to x template
  123. Gesture recognizer
  124. Overflow auto or scroll for divs inside Sencha Touch panel
  125. cmp.items.getAt().add cannot work
  126. Hardcoded List Data
  127. how to use Local Storage in sencha
  128. tpl.applyTemplate returns 'undefined' is not an object error
  129. data store in sencha
  130. Video problem
  131. substr() on itemTpl of LIST
  132. Open new window on form submit
  133. Focusing/Moving current view to an element on the page...
  134. Selectfield UI issue.
  135. Load grouped list with a specific group
  136. Disable swipe carousel functionality
  137. Slide animation Effect Issue
  138. I need help with paging PLEASE!
  139. Grid Alignment Issue
  140. LoadMask issue with PhoneGap and iOS 5
  141. Best way to load Form from Complex store
  142. composite charts
  143. Sencha 1.1 - Setting Opacity during Fade Out Ext.Anim
  144. German Strings for Next Done, Copy Paste....
  145. Code-Scrambler for Sencha Touch / Phonegap
  146. dynamic checkbox state change
  147. Removing records from a store using an AJAX proxy
  148. Is there any method to remove the 'previous/next/done' line from the virtual keyboard
  149. load record method in sencha
  150. Hw to set dynamic toolbar......????
  151. [1.1.1](phonegap 1.2) Rendering issue panel setActiveItem is called in iOS simulator
  152. SenchaTouch site in portrait works great but in landscape very sluggish.
  153. Javascript issue inside Ext.Xtemplate
  154. Cross-domain policy with sencha touch
  155. External scroll for Sencha Lists
  156. Back Button animation not working
  157. HTML Rendering Slow
  158. How to get values from active panel with several form fieldsets
  159. Problem updating a localstorage-backed store/model
  160. Ext.getCmp('someid').setValue() : styling setValue parameter
  161. Timing & Screen Blanking
  162. map shows mountain view, ca before loading my info
  163. Keeping reference to "this" in callback
  164. time based events for sench touch app
  165. How do you access a belongsTo associated model in a template?
  166. LocalStorageProxy persistent between app launches (using phonegap)?
  167. scripttag proxy not working!!
  168. Change list style only for the first item in the list
  169. TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
  170. Possible inconsistency with Store's filterBy and getById methods
  171. Usign the Video with Sencha and Phonegap : Bug on Android
  172. TabPanel show/hide item cards
  173. Scrolling to on scrollend
  174. How do you move complex store from one store to another or alternate options
  175. List item "sticking" down
  176. [sencha+phonegap] when does the OS decides to 'shutdown' an app
  177. local storage question
  178. setPosition beforerender
  179. render map with new data in store.
  180. Modifying DOM Elements
  181. loading data from json works but when accessing in the view the store object empty
  182. submit on formpanel view that has 2 textfield
  183. FormPanel with map: if it scrolls, map disappears
  184. Dynamic carousel weired behavior
  185. Making a cross domain http call which returns xml as response
  186. Problem with Pictos=Compile
  187. Ext.data.TreeStore with Ext.data.ScriptTagProxy
  188. carousel broken on data change
  189. Newbie question: What am I doing wrong with my app. Eager to learn :)
  190. toggle wierd behavior
  191. problem to hide and show a toolbar
  192. Detecting Multiple drop targets - Drag and Drop Question
  193. Sony Tablet S (Android) - Scaling issue
  194. Extending Sencha Touch with Native Java or Obj-C SDK's..??
  195. MessageBox border/margin size
  196. Phonegap : Camera view with background image
  197. button handler doesn't fire until second tap
  198. understanding rendering map the 2nd time
  199. Official MVC methodology/guidelines?
  200. Calling setActiveItem() from Ext.panel html property
  201. problem while implementing free text search in sencha search field.
  202. how to change the width of indexBar in sencha list?
  203. A Sencha Touch MVC application with PhoneGap - Where is Johnny Appleseed?
  204. Model, association and proxy
  205. How to change pictos background color?
  206. Several question about Sencha Touch.
  207. Audio button
  208. Overlay of sites on Android
  209. Sencha build app having issues on Android phone
  210. Selectfield
  211. looking for a selectfield example to select one specific option item
  212. Problem while scrolling the list vertically.
  213. Need help deciding which course to take for offline storage
  214. Phonegap facebook api session issue
  215. Removing an item then updating view on orientation change etc
  216. Dynamic URL in store - near a solution
  217. Ext.extend and calling overridden methods
  218. Round and Format itemTpl
  219. Ext.regModel vs init and local variable
  220. adding buttons to tpl created html
  221. Ext.Ajax.abort not working
  222. toggle for left to right?
  223. Dynamic back button in static title bar .....issue!!!!
  224. how call a form in the getDetailCard function
  225. Use PanTo for recenter a map
  226. Google app not working on android app build using sencha touch and phoneGap
  227. problem console backButton of the nestedList
  228. record.save() callback function
  229. How do you create one panel with multiple lists?
  230. Sencha Developer needed for small site/app
  231. toggle div content on click of hyper link in xtemplate.
  232. Why DataView only refresh the first field tag repeated?
  233. Drag and Drop with multiple destinations
  234. Test with Jasmine
  235. Problem instanciate list after nestedlist
  236. Linking different apps on iPad is starting new Safari window
  237. Localstorage proxy support in Android3.0
  238. Problem scrolling nestedList
  239. Adding/Removing Button(Delete) from List Item
  240. using getAt() on store to create a filtered store for tpl
  241. center a panel within a panel
  242. Store exception doesn't fire
  243. Sqllite and sencha
  244. List with many values
  245. give us some sencha con videos...
  246. I think I love u guys
  247. Conditional button text change
  248. Button in XTemplate is displayed only one time
  249. How to set values for the xtype selectfield with a store
  250. iWebInspector: Debugging apps live with iOS emulator