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  1. Add widget in list item and bottom of a list
  2. Best way to access fields of a form
  3. Best Way to Hide a TabBar when navigating away to a new Container/Panel set
  4. Nested Viewports? Possible?
  5. Sencha and Phonegap 0.9.5
  6. Access-Control-Allow-Origin
  7. PHP tags in Sencha HTML
  8. Multiple events
  9. Sencha vs jquery
  10. Form Showing on top with superclass.initComponent.call
  11. Dynamic form creation
  12. Nested List Toolbar Title Overlapping my "Back" Button
  13. Dropdown stops working after navigating back and forth a few times
  14. Increment NumberField by decimals eg, 0.1, 0.2 ...
  15. When is the next major release scheduled?
  16. Problem with XML
  17. Sencha Touch + Phonegap (Datastore loading)
  18. How to force a field to be only numbers
  19. Seeking talented Sencha touch themer
  20. For some reason can not add List inside Panel
  21. Sencha Touch 1.1 and HP Touchpad / WebOS 3.0 .. anyone tried this yet?
  22. Problems embedding form within tabbed panel
  23. Simple Layout Help
  24. Uncaught Error: INVALID_NODE_TYPE_ERR: DOM Range Exception 2?
  25. problem installing compass for sass
  26. Very very simple Sencha Touch
  27. Paging Plugin : Problem with Load more button (Help)
  28. WTB: Seeking Sencha Touch + Phonegap Developer - Hire - Job
  29. Maintain App State in Ipad
  30. constructors that check config when they should check "this"?
  31. {xtype:'...'} vs new ... Best practics?
  32. Ext.List Slow
  33. Ext.Application vs Ext.setup
  34. Carousel animation pb
  35. Model Proxy: How to send JSON object (not key=value pairs)?
  36. Ext.form.Select disappears temporarily in Safari for iPhone 3GS
  37. Entering text with an Android virtual keyboard causes screen to jump around
  38. PhoneGap and orientation issues with iOS
  39. rendering a div element in the app panel
  40. Orientation change redraw
  41. Youtube embed comes in as text
  42. Problem with TabBar when scrolling
  43. Help me , experts!
  44. text-align on buttons
  45. How do I pass the selected store's child node to a function
  46. Lazy loading list/dataview or something like it?
  47. Offline Storage and JSONP
  48. Newbie question: JSON and model/store
  49. Decoupling Controllers
  50. How to call a panel from a button?
  51. Form field validation Msg.alert problem
  52. carousel in a div
  53. formpanel updateRecord - always sets model.dirty to true
  54. How do I default spinnerfield to number?
  55. How to custom cls of the raido button
  56. NestedList multiple detail pages
  57. Treestore load event
  58. Textfield Bleeding Through on Modal Floating Panel Android 2.3.3
  59. Scripttag Proxy: Handinling Request Failure
  60. Sencha Touch TabPanel and Carousel not showing all text
  61. Android(Iphone?) Virtual Keybord shifts dockeditems outside visible area after scroll
  62. select change event
  63. Do I properly capture change event of spinnerfield?
  64. Linking from one Carousel to another / JSON
  65. Problems with slide to left
  66. How to store / change data?
  67. Add the sencha touch check box to the list
  68. Phone Calls
  69. How do I disable text selection?
  70. [FR] select/deselect variable for selectionchange
  71. Xml woes
  72. Absolute positioning for list panel and problems with scrolling panel.
  73. Seeking advice
  74. Problem submitting form using Sencha Touch MVC
  75. please help with script for scrollend event
  76. Can you access the camera and other native features with Sencha Touch?
  77. Simple user authentication using Sencha Touch MVC + PhoneGap
  78. Why can't I find Ext.Setup method in API ?
  79. JSBuilder 2/3 - Any tutorials/setup anywhere?
  80. Sort list by geolocation
  81. How to Center a HTML element in the CENTER of a Card Panel?
  82. Change orientation restart application
  83. Search field clear button
  84. Firefox (icewaesel) 5.0 and "hello world" not working ?
  85. "Uncaught DataView requires tpl, store and itemSelector configurations to be defined"
  86. Lists with JSON
  87. Problem with toolbar dont dock at bottom
  88. Sencha Touch API on iPad
  89. Display the list in multiple column
  90. Items of panel won't update visually when invoking json function
  91. Dynamically createing items
  92. Sencha Touch with Google Admob
  93. "Not enough arguments" error caused by Ext.History
  94. Calling Components instead of using Ext.getCmp?
  95. Combining Views, Controllers, Models and Store files
  96. Using only some parts of Sencha Touch
  97. No Viewport is created (phonegap)
  98. Scroll to bottom of dataview
  99. how do i add a list into a tab panel?
  100. Cannot make setActiveItem work
  101. Open link in same panel
  102. Http POST requests get sent as OPTIONS requests
  103. Proxies : AJAX and localstorage
  104. Card-switch-animations out of sync and far from native.
  105. DOM size optimization TabPanel
  106. Header
  107. How to create contentEditable div in sencha?
  108. Change list grouped:true to false?
  109. Radio Buttons fieldset with ipad of iphone
  110. TabBar dock button on the left side of tabs
  111. Google Charts on Sencha Touch?
  112. Panel Event definitions?
  113. How to make an panel appears in the top layer will not be covered
  114. Carousel freezes my Panel in PhoneGap when scrolling
  115. Combo box not showing options after reloading sucessfully
  116. EXTJS 4.0 How to build examples desktop
  117. XML basic repeated datas problem !
  118. How to read a js XMLHttpRequest using XmlReader?
  119. how to scroll/zoom an object tag (or iframe)
  120. Is it possible to have a TabPanel with an item that is not shown in the tabbar?
  121. Can I stick the app to be always horizontal?
  122. Can Not Get Header to Work
  123. how Override field.datepicker.getvalue
  124. Alert broken with $base_color
  125. Daisy chaining Stores?
  126. Loading an external Website with JS inside a Panel
  127. How to convert JS object to JSON using the Sencha API?
  128. Thoughts on the Data Package v.s. Ajax.request, et al.
  129. [FR] Add an Animation object to Ext.LoadMask, so that we can control the transitions
  130. Loading local json files with Sencha Touch not working in Phonegap
  131. Xoom phonegap file storage
  132. How do I make a panel that maintains its aspect ratio?
  133. Recognizing Phone Numbers and Addresses
  134. Updating Video SRC Does not Work on iPhone
  135. defaultTarget, defaultUrl VS Ext.dispatch to controller (MVC)
  136. How do I restore the state of a NestedList?
  137. Can't get SetVisible to work with Container
  138. List Issues :(
  139. Inline Styling FormPanel options text box
  140. Adding multiple list items in a carousel nopt working.
  141. setActiveItem in panel - maps
  142. First Click bug - Sencha - Phonegap - Android
  143. How do I resize panels when orientation changes?
  144. Include HTML-File and other things
  145. sencha IO problem (to James Pearce - blog comments continue)
  146. Collapsible Panel in Sencha Touch
  147. iPhone site with Sencha Touch element
  148. PhoneGap 0.9.6 (Blackberry) + Sencha Touch 1.1.0: deviceready does not fire
  149. needs a tap & hold event
  150. AJAX Request using IP Address
  151. Abort Ext.data.Ajax.abort not working
  152. Missing rounded corners when hiding textfield in fieldset
  153. How To Get Ext.data.RestProxy To Use Trailing Slashes
  154. "Load 20 More" as the last row in the list
  155. How to use setOrientation method?
  156. Need to set background image and background color of button dynamically
  157. Ext.AJAX.request empty responseText on iPhone but not on iPad, Desktop, etc...
  158. Why is a lowercase t showing in my Sencha Touch app?
  159. problem with sencha blog comment system?
  160. todays date
  161. Hi, maxLength is not working for number field in sencha forum.
  162. set internalId on localStorageProxy to id of model
  163. Reading and writing directly to data store.
  164. how to create list of hbox-items
  165. Newbie question regarding HTML link to new card.
  166. Simple Twitter ?
  167. Mobile app - desktop icon
  168. Ext.List: how to link entire row
  169. How to keep bottom tabbar in viewport while using setActiveItem from controller
  170. Help needed with collapsible menu in Sencha Touch App
  171. Not Able To Load Data From Asp.Net Webservice
  172. getDetailCard() - how?
  173. Suspended state > Active State> app "home page"
  174. How to Start Building an App - Beginner Questions
  175. [FR] Sencha Touch for HTML5 workers
  176. Analog clock inside each row
  177. Sencha Touch and Android
  178. Lists
  179. NavigationController behavior in Sencha Touch inside a TabPanel
  180. Video Browsing App
  181. How to link multiple MVC apps into one
  182. Global Variable across multiple files
  183. slide show example
  184. Ext.List
  185. How to reduce font-size of value(data we input) in text field
  186. Galaxy tablet
  187. LoadMask & NestedList
  188. Activate Event Firing Multiple Times
  189. image button
  190. Shadow on screen when clicking toolbar buttons
  191. Screen flickering when using slide animation
  192. Performance issue when using images for buttons
  193. Adding panels using button handler in Sencha Touch
  194. Auto height for floating panel
  195. How does Sench Touch disable browser scrolling
  196. Number Field validation
  197. Passing variables to view
  198. Loading data into proxy - MNT/xoom
  199. Driving me nuts .. please help.
  200. clearOnPageLoad: false, No effect?
  201. toolbar buttons overlap title text at low resolutions
  202. Android Event Listeners
  203. Sencha example: retrieving data via a local text file rather than a json url proxy.
  204. Error implementing Google CSE within app
  205. Newbie Question on submitting a form to a HttpServlet
  206. Sencha touch vs extjs
  207. Zooming web page
  208. Style component documentation
  209. (Performance) Question: create & destroy or keep ?
  210. Designer needed for mobile site
  211. tabPanels & fullscreen, it's just TO BIG!
  212. problem with tabbar button label text direction
  213. List and Ajax
  214. multiple lists from one xml feed?
  215. displaying Panel...
  216. badgeText doesn't change in panel
  217. Password field issue in android
  218. how to pass index-Id from list into XTemplate function
  219. Styling Issues on Tab Panel
  220. Formatting template with javascript
  221. Controller Part of the MVC???
  222. Offline App + Ajax Carousel
  223. Address bar hide problem iOS, viewport and app
  224. Possible to Embed OL and LI within a DIV on a Carousel Page/
  225. Hiding a tab
  226. NestedList: always AJAX call on item tap (no cache) - how?
  227. Hide fieldset items
  228. TextArea with scrolling enabled is not showing correct
  229. Trying to make a list similar to the oreilly example
  230. Hiding & Showing panels
  231. Display list by reading JSON response
  232. Sencha Touch for Google TV application
  233. how to create a form with a Label and 2 Texfields in a row?
  234. how to make store sorter ignore if first letter is small or capitalized
  235. Problem with panel border in Overlay : Suggestions Required
  236. Nested Models Help!
  237. [Nestedlist] How can we force rendering ?
  238. reapply filter after changing elements in a store/list
  239. list item swipe in carousel
  240. NestedList getDetailCard trouble
  241. Back and forward button graphics broken.
  242. How to nest a map inside a div tag?
  243. Overriding TabPanel Animation
  244. Caching application and performance issues!
  245. indexBar.refresh() does not display new array of letters.
  246. Stop map from auto centering after map render
  247. map inconsistencies when nested in panels
  248. Default item selection in list
  249. Dynamically Changing the Form label
  250. how to add title to tab bar