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  1. List performance consolidation thread
  2. Force change event to fire on textfield
  3. Store: Display an error message
  4. Using pictos with default theme
  5. Question about data loading
  6. Load array into store
  7. Support login link for touch 1.0.2 downloads is broken
  8. Radio Button Style
  9. Exceptionlistener store
  10. Floating Spinner for Google Maps
  11. iPad with iOS 4.2.1 - how to get apple-touch-startup-image to work in landscape mode.
  12. Using Special characters
  13. Can't load XML
  14. css stylining vs. custom theme
  15. Enter key causes error
  16. phonegap camera
  17. Masking behind selectfield messed up
  18. Addess search in ext.Map
  19. Unfilter results
  20. 2nd floating popup makes 1st go away
  21. Paths in jsb3 files
  22. Create and populate Card on List itemtap
  23. smartgwt and sencha
  24. detecting network connection in sencha
  25. Help with form
  26. How do I create a Ext JS grid with spanning columns and rows?
  27. Displaying html pages as panels
  28. Sencha Touch stopped working on iPad
  29. Ext.form.DatePicker enhancement to show label in Picker popup
  30. HTC Liberty scrolling list issues
  31. Flashing on IPhone
  32. MVC: adding components to viewport
  33. No controller.render callback?
  34. Kitchen Sink example and Palm pre 2
  35. Simple Button Navigation Problem
  36. Does Sencha support Mobile Windows 7
  37. Problem with viewport
  38. Reading an xml file and displaying in a list
  39. How to render a hasmany association with a template?
  40. Page is not open in iphone on his actual size
  41. Radio onClick hideshow elements
  42. Running Compass on Linux gives "no such file to load"
  43. iPad - move several elements simultaneously
  44. Panel not displaying on real phones
  45. How to get add/remove buttons next to field items but outside fieldset styling
  46. Problem with XML Reader
  47. Simple Form Help -- send via email (stores info if no internet connection)
  48. Ajax and data access layers
  49. anyone notice scrolling a form is messed up in 1.0.1?
  50. textarea scroll renders incorrectly on Kitchen Sink
  51. Binding a different Store to a List
  52. Sliding up a docked panel
  53. Retrieving an object and updating an object property in an object array
  54. NestedList Inside of TabPanel?
  55. Help with Nested List
  56. Virtual field in model (or multiple fields in Ext.form.Select)
  57. About Sencha/Ext JS Events fire & on
  58. Issue with Android geolocation...
  59. Need Help
  60. Go direct to proxy and avoid sync() batching
  61. Modify top area kitchen color
  62. "Half-screen" app on iPad?
  63. nestedList.doLayout()?!?!
  64. Delay between splash and rendered ui
  65. Best way to display a read only form?
  66. find, findBy, findById Component methods missing?
  67. How to use JSBuilder3?
  68. How to get list of fields from Model?
  69. Custom Event Help
  70. Selected records on list are incorrect
  71. DataView error
  72. Data Store Delete All/ Remove All Items
  73. Synchronize store with associations
  74. Android Phone Issue
  75. is there an event on a list when store changes?
  76. Posting Json Dato to WCF Service
  77. Store / Dataview : support request
  78. Merry...
  79. Touch, calling and including PHP.
  80. Look for ideas and help on implementing Test Ques. from XML source
  81. Panel in TabPanel, what's event while switching?
  82. Selective action on Rows Of Grid based on data
  83. Carousel vertical scroll
  84. SenchaTouch for non-touch phones like BlackBerry Curve
  85. Models, localstorage, store and remote JSON
  86. Design pattern for supporting iPhone and iPad layouts in the same app
  87. Application goes to freeze in Android Phone
  88. Ext.Panel add new templated item after initial update
  89. EXTJS code for removing . , - : from macaddress EG: 12345678-12345678
  90. window not displaying on button click
  91. Ok and Cancel button should follow the scroll
  92. [resolved] Ext Msg Confirm change button text
  93. Updating a stored item replicates index key - Sencha Touch 1.0
  94. put an html page in one page
  95. List inside Card Panel not scrolling all the way down
  96. Grouped list header titles seem very dark
  97. Ext.List LoadMask not centered when list is not visible when loading begins
  98. sencha example problem
  99. Add Single textfield into two column...
  100. Problem in reading xml file
  101. Design question
  102. Adding toolbar between NestedList title and list item collection
  103. No request sent while using ScriptTagProxy
  104. XTemplate + Touch form controls
  105. HTTP Headers support in Sencha Touch
  106. [SOLVED] HELP with default focus on text field
  107. problem with horizontal layout in DataView
  108. Issue with iPhone and android.
  109. LocalStorage for Application Settings, and remove
  110. Down arrow on select boxes, colour?
  111. a bit of help with jsonp
  112. TabPanel in a TabPanel
  113. Integrating Sencha with Ruby on Rails: Views... JSON, HTML?
  114. Help with Button and Custom Mask
  115. Problem when hidden toolbar
  116. FormPanel in Tabpanel very big
  117. best prectice for deploying extjs application
  118. Store.remove using LocalStorage proxy not working for me
  119. Nested Models?
  120. 'More' List
  121. Card layout when using Ext.Application.launch
  122. Need for better turorial for Sencha Touch - especially for those with EXT background
  123. Binding events to items within a template
  124. Integrating Sencha Touch with ASP.NET MVC 2
  125. is bodyStyle gone?
  126. can you make one item in a List draggable?
  127. UI Designer - What can he even change?
  128. Theme resources
  129. Updaing the badgeText property of a panel
  130. Problem with store.add()
  131. Requirments for Ext.util.JSONP request
  132. Requirments for Ext.util.JSONP request
  133. Requirments for Ext.util.JSONP request
  134. Is it possible to dynamically change the flex value of panels?
  135. Changing Disabled Field Style
  136. iOS style "More" tab
  137. Is there documentation on implementing a menu?
  138. masking body with Floating Panel
  139. SetBadge / TabPanel - badge text aligned right
  140. append instead of update
  141. Starting with Sencha Touch
  142. initial load for complex scrolling list (iPad 4.2)
  143. Hide and Show Animation is in documentation but missing from code!
  144. Adding an image to button with internet url
  145. How to create .exe file for my Web Application.
  146. XTemplate if statement not working
  147. filtering store issue
  148. Is it possible to change the UI of a button programmatically?
  149. Shall i use Json or AJax here ?
  150. using zip files
  151. NOOB ScriptTagProxy help
  152. indexBar is displayed on load and remains until it is used.
  153. copy data from one store to another
  154. When will 1.0.2 be released (to fix Radio bug)?
  155. Ext.layout.ColumnLayout - Is there documentation for this?
  156. HOWTO: Templated Ajax View
  157. Panel cut off in tabpanel
  158. Problem running compass to compile custom stylesheet
  159. HOWTO: Convert Sencha Touch Project to a Native App using QuickConnect
  160. navigation bar orientation problem
  161. Client Side form validations
  162. Setting animated gif as button icon
  163. Please help me urgent
  164. setActiveItem...
  165. Adding a Title Bar
  166. Multi Byte Character support in select field
  167. Refresh List component
  168. GroupingStore + JsonReader + GridPanel = two error
  169. GroupingStore + JsonReader + GridPanel = two error
  170. Console message with a tab in tabPanel
  171. Strategy Request: Overlay On List Item Tap
  172. Newbie: WebApp to display data from MySQL Database?
  173. Local Storage - store.remove() doesn't sync Local Store
  174. HBox Layout Problem
  175. [SOLVED] Setting value of a label of a form field?
  176. Manually 'tap' an item in a (nested)list?
  177. Overlay showing from left:::: please help
  178. GroupingStore + JsonReader + GridPanel = two error
  179. Device identity
  180. Scroll to New Panel on List Item Tap
  181. Problem adding form data to localstorage
  182. Form Expert?
  183. Sencha Custom Control
  184. move from image to video
  185. NestedList and TreeStore with ajax proxy
  186. About DockItems
  187. importing xml, calling cross domain.
  188. Problem with Map
  189. Does maxWidth/maxHeight/minWidth/minHeight actually DO anything?
  190. Has anyone implemented ReCaptcha with Sencha Touch?
  191. Library Refresh Timing?
  192. Updating data and views
  193. Showing/Hiding Fieldset in a Form
  194. What's the best way to show the flip side of a card?
  195. Help with carousel debugging
  196. Sencha Touch 1.0.1 toolbar of show
  197. Cross icon of search field is not displayed in iphone
  198. problem in dynamically generating NestedList
  199. problem in dynamic nestedlist
  200. Activate event fires twice - why?
  201. sencha touch code VS ext2
  202. Sencha touch and license
  203. Reading live XML / Json Feed
  204. index of Panel's Active item
  205. Getting phone platform details?
  206. Scroll panel to a first element of a list
  207. Onload GPS position for map example
  208. Values of textfields in a function
  209. Alignment Help
  210. Detail help creating a login form
  211. Tip: when changing a component to floating, be sure to hide it first
  212. Check for undefined array using the tpl 'if' operator
  213. Intercept key event on a mouse event
  214. store with memory vs. ajax proxy
  215. Carousel: How to prevent it from remembering which card it was on.
  216. Accessing Template Dom elements
  217. IFrame and Collapsed Panel : Weird things Happening : Event Getting Triggered again
  218. Change toolbar
  219. hideOnMaskTap and multiple overlay problems
  220. trying to "pop" a draggable object out of its container
  221. form dropdown breaking stacking layout
  222. Orientation change re arrange items in a panel
  223. multiselect / checkbox xtemplate
  224. Docked Items and Z-index inline style
  225. Render a Picker before showing it
  226. Link launching Google Map App not working on Android
  227. onSlide function help for carousel
  228. hbox layout and align strech
  229. How to reset the panel stack ?
  230. Is there a listener when all grid is rendered means also after the rows get rendered
  231. Educational Examples and a little bit of help please.
  232. dropdown list data/store height resize issue.
  233. RadioField is a CheckBox?
  234. flickering issue in animation (android)
  235. Sencha Touch Platform Compatibility?
  236. TabPanel and scrolling
  237. Grid reload with paging not working
  238. Error when connectivity is patchy or fails.
  239. Create Android apps with Sencha Touch, PhoneGap and Eclipse
  240. data being consumed/deleted on first doLayout in container
  241. ToolBar and scrolling, is it possible to hide the scroll bar?
  242. populate a list with the selected items from another list
  243. How can select current day date and future day date only ?
  244. [ajax request] response not memorized
  245. Make a Phone call ?
  246. Loading different files
  247. How can i get the directions of two locations in gmap ?
  248. targeting carousel items
  249. Reader and accept header
  250. Store CRUD operation