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  1. [FIXED-549] Bug in RC1 with select. Selecting the wrong items
  2. how to force list to scroll to top?
  3. Bug in NumberField and inputType ?
  4. [INFOREQ] (RC1) Reload a list after select an item
  5. Searchfield in list
  6. Pinch conflict
  7. What would cause my docked tool bar to move?
  8. Taping a regular link
  9. undefined string appear in container ?
  10. Android animations are doing a comeback in RC1?
  11. Access the scroll event/position in a list
  12. Using renderTpl in an Ext.List subclass
  13. Foundations for Developing in Sencha Touch?
  14. Draggable didn't work
  15. Dynamically load Map and/or iframe after Cardswitch Event has occurred
  16. Store.clearFilter deleting records?
  17. belongsTo association and XTemplate
  18. TouchStyle-type interface
  19. Arrow pointing right to show clicking on a list item does something
  20. Embedded images (Site logos etc) on a Retina display
  21. Button handler not being called?
  22. How to get Index of selected item in list
  23. How to have an empty date in a DatePicker ?
  24. Any Documentation tutorial on using the app framework?
  25. Please post a list of helpdocuments as Sticky
  26. Disable Caching in Data.Store
  27. Apply Style to a line in a List
  28. 1.0RC tpl Bugs
  29. Print PDF from panel in iframe
  30. SimpleStore - Ext.form.On- Checkbox render listeners
  31. list
  32. Dynamic Card Construction
  33. Could I create "Call" button that will cause Iphone to make a call?
  34. Need a little help with TabPanel
  35. There's no xtype for a link (anchor)?!?
  36. "Video" doesn't work
  37. Do you like the new Field class names?
  38. Impossible to put List in panel with box layout?
  39. Layout for Launching Pad
  40. Rounded Box Squared Off.
  41. Page Loading Animation...
  42. Icon property for Button class
  43. How do I display the path to a clicked node in my TreePanel ?
  44. Store load bug when loading from url
  45. List inserted into a card panel
  46. Very New - Need some guidance to start
  47. Event delegation in list
  48. Calling functions in Template
  49. How to change format of value in Store or Model or Fields?
  50. Sencha Touch + MVC?
  51. Ext.Application vs Ext.Setup
  52. Recommended Solution for IFrames?
  53. Phonegap and geolocation?
  54. How to use the panel and formpanel
  55. Mapping question
  56. How to style a List n 1.0RC?
  57. how to tell when a text field has been cleared
  58. Equivalent to Prototype bind() function?
  59. accelerometer
  60. list in tab Panel
  61. how do dynamically add a panel?
  62. Newbie needs help with checkbox :D
  63. cant get basic data store to work
  64. Lists with multiSelect and simpleSelect
  65. Enable list...
  66. Animation pause before momentum scrolling
  67. Still can't get the PICTOS to work, ANY HELP??
  68. adding a card without it showing up in the tab panel
  69. Is it possible to have Groupings in NestedList?
  70. Adding a button to a template
  71. how to retrieve a Component on active page ?
  72. Solution: Rounded list box corners
  73. switching proxy and checking if it is empty.
  74. Reach the end of a list
  75. Prevent loading of a list
  76. How do you load json data array into Store, and still get full Model conversion?
  77. event Tap on a Slider
  78. Customer Picker does not work
  79. Making an icon behave as button ie clickable to open a new window
  80. Model and json
  81. carousel 'cross card' tpl?
  82. Unusable on 2 out of 3 Android 2.2.1 phones.
  83. garbageCollect()
  84. How to scroll to bottom of list after 0.96?
  85. Unable to view Icons - Just blank squares
  86. Tab panel with pictures on tabs
  87. proxy and reader type documentation
  88. XMLReader -> Attribute Mapping -> Ext.DomQuery?
  89. How do i put a form on the left panel of the kitchen sink demo?
  90. adding events to HTML buttons
  91. Flex minHeight and maxHeight
  92. Compatibility between android phones
  93. dinamically changing css class in button
  94. list detail panel/view
  95. sencha touch/designer
  96. JSONP.request only works once
  97. how to retrieve a Component on active page ? (reprise)
  98. multiSelect not working in my list
  99. Update Panel content with HTML
  100. flip animating between two screens
  101. Cancel orientation while viewing videos
  102. store.getById() doesnt work
  103. Problem with scroller list
  104. Touch with Direct?
  105. Is Sencha Touch based on Ext JS??
  106. Slow onReady performance?
  107. 'System' scroll to the bottom of my list
  108. setActiveItem doesn't fire when inside Ext.Ajax.request
  109. Image buttons in Sencha Touch?
  110. Simple list from Json
  111. NestedList.getItemTextTpl
  112. embeding a button into a template...
  113. Two questions: More than one page and "getlocation"
  114. List after rotating to landscape only partly shown
  115. Need some urgent help with SASS please...
  116. "loading"-indicator doesnt show at the right place.
  117. Messagebox height
  118. Version 1.0, what next ?
  119. How do you make a button handler submit a form
  120. why are my posts not showing up...?
  121. How do you make a button handler submit a form?
  122. inserting a tabPanel into a tpl list
  123. Reset getCurrentPosition block on iPhone for domain
  124. Toolbar button alignment?
  125. Sencha Touch Browser History Management
  126. Load carousel cards dynamically
  127. [How to ?] Change Content on Orientation Change
  128. Setting location hash for application navigation and history support
  129. Help; how to enable iPad touch-events
  130. Ext.Map not returning coordinates
  131. help with a tabPanel, data and sliders
  132. styling list items
  133. Problem with JSON
  134. Combined datastore?
  135. Lock Carousel?
  136. TreeStore with other fieldnames
  137. Ext.Map not fully functional on Android
  138. Problem with FormPanel.submit() and success/failure options?
  139. picker useTitles doesn't seam to work
  140. containing a tabpanel/bar in another panel/list???
  141. Map, Help needed
  142. shake
  143. [best practice] sencha component vs plain js based code when using sencha
  144. How do you get the bottom toolbars to line up?
  145. Sencha touch framework
  146. How to prevent to hide address bar in 1.0
  147. Carousel Cards Rendering
  148. Load HTML into a Panel
  149. Galaxy Tab
  150. Element addListener and List
  151. Create Carousel with dynamic data
  152. How to call AJAX success function?
  153. How to refresh the layout after hidding a toolbar?
  154. IndexBar Problems
  155. Can't get list multiselect to work
  156. Sencha Touch Emo - why so dark?
  157. Performant code structuring & practices
  158. Tutorial Updates?
  159. What are Ext.form.VTypes?
  160. indexBar completely missing
  161. Whats the best way to hide then immediately show a component?
  162. problem of the href? or carousel?
  163. opening window in the center of the browser window
  164. Log In to Faceboook
  165. Cannot select the text when draggable is true
  166. NestedList examples broken?
  167. Chart axis labels
  168. Blur function only works on iPad
  169. graphical enviroment
  170. Ext.Panel autoLoad other solution?
  171. TabPanel docked bottom like button
  172. How do you add scroll to textarea.
  173. Two columns and DataView?
  174. Set Floating Element Visible in config?
  175. Cancel Carousel Scroll
  176. components in a container (manage by a cardview) expand beyond the bounds of that cnt
  177. Ext.form.Toggle - setValue issue
  178. App does not reposition after keyboard hides on iPhone 4.1, works on Android
  179. Newbie: communicating with GAE?
  180. Hidden Audio example not working in iPad/iPhone
  181. NestedList changing extraParams with selectionchange or itemtap Bug?
  182. Menu items from JSON
  183. Clear a store?
  184. Getting text of a select.
  185. Component events are not fired
  186. Pinch on android problem
  187. load the html + jscript into the panel
  188. Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
  189. Layout problem
  190. still trying...
  191. Adding images to the kitchen sink nav
  192. Newbie Question to start Sencha Touch
  193. Having problems linking to outside html page using iconCls
  194. Need help fading out an Ext.Element with this.hide()
  195. SplitButton is missing?
  196. Nested List -> show panel after clicking on leaf, like in kitchensink demo
  197. simple "if" statement?
  198. Signature in Sencha?
  199. Scrolling list without fixed height?
  200. Dots bottom Carousel
  201. doLayout missing in Ext.List from 0.99 onwards
  202. datepicker and dateformat
  203. fullscreen: why?
  204. How do I target a panel inside of a nested list to update with remote data?
  205. targetting a container that's in a wrapper container
  206. Ext.Application and Ext.TabPanel
  207. books for help
  208. Bottom docked tabPanel: doubletap = sliding sheet-type action?
  209. resize event not firing on fullscreen panel ?
  210. how to make panel truly modal
  211. iOS 4.2 and AirPrint
  212. Using sencha.sh - generator missing files
  213. Sencha Touch's MVC
  214. Disadvantage of Ext.util.JSONP vs. Ext.Ajax
  215. CalendarPane localitazion
  216. Multiple selects tap
  217. orientation handling helpers/best practices
  218. Ext.List: optimise itemTpl for speed?
  219. Documentation little bug and 'belongsTo' problem, list permformance
  220. [Datepicker] Change displayed date format
  221. From ST 0.96 to 1.0 problem
  222. Local Debug Question
  223. Forcing another JSONP request from the Twitter API
  224. GUI Enviroment
  225. Transition and Map (in Phonegap)
  226. custom components
  227. Add a number on the icons in TabBar?
  228. dispatch with parameters in MVS approach
  229. how to dial a phone number from a link
  230. New here, best way to accomplish this
  231. Nested List title bar
  232. Simple list/page-based app: missing something basic
  233. New MVC and Integration with Enterprise Applications / Configurable MVC?
  234. Noob: Change listener on Input element, how to get value?
  235. 1.0 NestedList ontap event handler
  236. Video & posterUrl
  237. xtype: selectfield seems to not work properly if values in the option are identical
  238. Loading Indicator issues
  239. Retrieve Zip Code?
  240. draggable + setPosition = bad?
  241. Prompt textbox slid over :)
  242. Change Store value in multiselect List
  243. floating:true only floats it over some components
  244. Why register xtypes?
  245. Help with (a href="tel:1-222-222-5555") not working
  246. startup screen
  247. Question about the license of the prodcut
  248. TabBar funk
  249. Problem when trying to call a WebService asmx
  250. Talk about two major issues on Android OS