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  1. [CLOSED] Ext Designer Crashes on Windows XP
  2. [FIXED-4] Error on line 7 in designer-complete.js
  3. [FIXED-2] Cannot mix incompatible Qt libraries
  4. [FIXED-21] Registration and Proxy Issues
  5. [FIXED-1] Problem with Backspace
  6. [FIXED-5] Ext Designer menu bug
  7. [FIXED-6] Some issues with grids
  8. [FIXED-7] Panels don't show default border selection
  9. [FIXED-9] Code generation does not escape ' (single quote)
  10. [FIXED-10] Cleared 'title' fields are re-filled with default value after loading
  11. Bug Status Meanings
  12. Posting to the Bug Forum
  13. [OPEN-15] icon nearly invisible on task bar
  14. [FIXED-14] Code and Stores are not properly destroyed on New Project...
  15. [FIXED-13] 'defaults' config option
  16. [FIXED-20] transform Grid Panel error
  17. [OPEN-19] Enter key (numeric area) in Component Config not working
  18. [FIXED-22] Prevent dropping of FormPanel in a FormPanel
  19. [FIXED-23] Ubuntu 9.04: GLIBC_2.10 not found
  20. [CLOSED-17] No autoscroll property visible for TabPanel
  21. [FIXED-24] Cannot add ListView Column Components
  22. [FIXED-25] Ext Designer doesn't start on Mac
  23. [FIXED-26] Context Menu Misalignment
  24. [FIXED-147] Anchor property restored on text field in absolute layout panel
  25. [FIXED-30] An Error has occurred on line 20 in ext-complete.js.
  26. [DUPE] Weird error
  27. [DUPE] Can not register Ext Designer for Mac (does not support http-proxy settings)
  28. [FIXED-53] Menu -> Component -> New Component Dialog is Not Accessible
  29. [FIXED-31] Menu->Edit -> Preferences -> Spaces To Indent (does not change indentation
  30. [FIXED-32] Ext Designer does not start on Window XP
  31. [FIXED-33] Tab Panel - Tab closable
  32. [FIXED-34] error during grid > auto column
  33. [OPEN-35] Designer doesn't work on closed/secure networks
  34. [FIXED-40] Can't Open Saved Project
  35. [FIXED-37] Fail Select Store in ComboBox
  36. [FIXED-42] Umlauts are broken after reopening project
  37. [FIXED] Menu Component -> New component is off screen in Code-view
  38. [FIXED-55] Project file.xds is not loaded into designer if double-clicked
  39. [FIXED-61] The 'plain' option is missing for TabPanel
  40. [FIXED-62] Store not loading on preview
  41. [FIXED-63] Missing Ext.form.TextArea value property
  42. [DUPE] accented characters
  43. [FIXED-64] Character Encoding and Non-US Character Input problem
  44. [FIXED-65] error while right clicking a store and select Load Data
  45. [FIXED-66] GridPanel without store works in preview, error in mockup
  46. [FIXED-67] Change in Prefs -> Spaces to Indent does not refresh Code view
  47. [FIXED-70] Recent update(xds- has broken the store
  48. [FIXED-71] Config href / hrefTarget for Menu Item not available
  49. [FIXED-73] GridPanel autoExpandColumn "error in line 32"
  50. [FIXED-74] Open project with Cyrillic content inside
  51. [FIXED-75] An Error has occured on line 20 in ext-complete.js
  52. [FIXED-76] Can't add formBind:true to a button in fbar of a FormPanel
  53. [FIXED] Paging Toolbar, can't add/edit displayInfo, displayMsg, emptyMsg, pagesSize
  54. [DUPE] GridPanel with store displays data in designer, not in Preview
  55. [FIXED-79] Paging Toolbar, Error.. line 13 when clearing displayMsg
  56. [FIXED-80] FormPanel field anchor Error .. line 20 .. p.anchor.split
  57. [INFOREQ] Bug Multi-language support.
  58. [DUPE-19] Compoment Config : ENTER in my digital keypad not work
  59. [FIXED-85] Crash sometime when we open other projects
  60. [FIXED-86] Box Component xtype wrong
  61. [FIXED-87] Unable to bind combo box to XML store
  62. [FIXED-88] Error while deleting the padding config element of a hbox layout
  63. [FIXED] Problem with encoding
  64. [DUPE] Chinese coding errors,The picture will show the truth???????
  65. [FIXED-89]No "You have unsaved changes" warning if Store was added
  66. [FIXED-111] error on auto column
  67. [FIXED-93] "Line 32" expression "this.el" ext-complete.js
  68. [INFOREQ] Renaming Root Nodes in Desginer Components Tree
  69. [DUPE] OpenSSL libs on Fedora 12
  70. [CLOSED] Segmentation fault (core dumped)
  71. [FIXED-94] Loading text as boolean.
  72. [FIXED-95] Combo Store
  73. [CLOSED] Empty Grid Panel - Error exporting proyect, Preview Screen
  74. [FIXED-97] Store export, comma too much
  75. [CLOSED] Ext.slider missing propertie values
  76. [FIXED-99] Preview closing
  77. [CLOSED] Ext designer - Windows 2000
  78. [FIXED-98] Mockup fails if grid without store is exported
  79. [CLOSED-100] Field 'autoref' should not be allowed with toolbars
  80. [FIXED-101] deletion of all columns in a Grid fails
  81. [FIXED] Drag+Drop Not Working
  82. [FIXED-102] Indent of store-fields wrong by one level
  83. [CLOSED-103] Card layout does not let you view subsequent cards, only the first one
  84. [FIXED-104]Radio button inputValu 0 is set, but later not visible in Component Config
  85. [FIXED-109] Combobox valueField, displayField, editable, triggerAction still missing
  86. [CLOSED-105] url prefix setting not working?
  87. [FIXED-108] emptyText in dataview
  88. [FIXED-110] An Error has occurred on line 7 in designer-complete.js.
  89. [CLOSED] Use a extension with Designer
  90. [CLOSED] Radio Group
  91. [FIXED-117] TabPanel property tabPosition missing
  92. [FIXED-113] open project character encoding problem
  93. [FIXED-112] Backspace problem in component config panel combobox
  94. [FIXED] the project with Chinese laungue is turning into gibberish
  95. [FIXED-118] Autoload config option in a tab
  96. [CLOSED] Designer won't even open
  97. [FIXED-119] Add properties
  98. [FIXED-120] Error duplicating a data store
  99. [CLOSED-122] w7 qt2010 env
  100. [FIXED-125] Can't double-click and open an xds file in the designer
  101. [CLOSED] CompositeField centering plus flex
  102. [CLOSED] Toolbar can't be put in the body of a container
  103. [CLOSED] TabPanel must contain panels in order to set titles of the tabs
  104. [CLOSED-126] Export Code to Disk not honoring export path in preferences
  105. [INFOREQ] error: b.replace is not a function; ext-base.js line 7
  106. [CLOSED] fieldLabel : Encoding issue
  107. [FIXED] Changing default item index with card layout
  108. [FIXED-131] Ext Direct Param Order
  109. [FIXED-132] FormPanel Ext.Direct api
  110. [FIXED-135] Editor Grid Panel - Cannot Set Property "clicksToEdit"
  111. [FIXED-138] JSONStore baseParams missing trailing comma in code
  112. [FIXED-139] Project settings: error message behind panel
  113. [CLOSED] Error after removing the fieldLabel of a composite field
  114. [DUPE] Generated js code for store contains error with empty object
  115. [CLOSED] Impossible to add a menu component
  116. [FIXED-143] Preview OK, Export generates layout errors
  117. [FIXED-142] DataView like in the examples
  118. [FIXED-140] Flex property keeps resetting to default
  119. [FIXED-141] HTML editor does not change height
  120. [DUPE] DataView config options missing
  121. [FIXED-146] Code View > Class Tab > Keyword/Value Coloring Malfunction
  122. [DUPE] After the save file, the Chinese character is wrong
  123. [FIXED-148] Config editor, text rendering problem
  124. [DUPE] When defining a Store, baseParam and paramName don't have trailing comma
  125. [FIXED-149] baseParams is not used for loading store
  126. [FIXED-150] minLength property isn't available for Text Fields
  127. [FIXED-151] Using custom template (tpl) on listview column causes error
  128. [FIXED-152] html property missing in container
  129. [FIXED-153] Danish characters fails after export
  130. [CLOSED] Incompatibility with ClearType, Windows 7 64-bit
  131. [FIXED-154] MenuSeparator
  132. [OPEN-157] OS X Open Dialog shows twice
  133. [SOLVED] Version 1.0.1 for Linux32 seems to be version
  134. Can't select Editor Grid Panel with Boolean Column in Design view
  135. [OPEN-158] ?????? ?? ??????
  136. Grid header not working when in a accordion layout panel at design time
  137. Couldn't startup Ext Designer
  138. How to crash the Ext.Designer
  139. Can't remove "tree Node"
  140. Button icon don't accept a constant
  141. [FIXED-160] unset autoExpandColumn from GridPanel
  142. [FIXED-161] 3 buggy situation while store deletion
  143. [FIXED-159] Opening a project file closes current project without save request
  144. quotation marks
  145. [FIXED-202] Cannot use "Auto Columns" feature after storeId has been changed
  146. Ext.PagingToolbar vs Ext Designer
  147. Keeps asking me to update designer
  148. [FIXED-163] Resizing Problem
  149. Export Project does nothing
  150. [FIXED-178] File -> Open recent does sometimes nothing
  151. Preview ignores style
  152. EXT DESIGNER & Mac OSX 10.6.3
  153. FormPanel designed in Designer and placed in Card Layout does not show up in IE 6
  154. Many questions
  155. When?
  156. Can not update to 1.0.2 version
  157. [FIXED-170] After update 1.0.2 - Lost fieldLabel and anchor
  158. [FIXED-164] xds- Corrupts CompositeFields
  159. [FIXED-166] xds- Erroniously warns of missing TimeField store
  160. [FIXED-169] xds- - form api bug
  161. [FIXED-168] New Designer Version Changes Layouts, Anchors etc by itself...
  162. [FIXED-165] Linked components appear at top of tree?
  163. [FIXED-167] Can't preview Window
  164. [FIXED] Components doesn't disappear when deleted
  165. Problem with comboBox FieldLabel
  166. [FIXED] store's field type input
  167. [FIXED] Java Script problem
  168. [FIXED] Component's stores are changing by itselfs
  169. [FIXED] BaseParam in Stores getting repeated after editing
  170. [FIXED] PagingToolbar dock issue in xds-
  171. [FIXED-171] Toolbar fbar button align question
  172. [FIXED-172] Promote To Class - Nested Will Not Open
  173. [FIXED-173] Designer 1.0.2 won't load my 1.0.1 project
  174. [FIXED-174] Designer hangs when putting a new FormPanel into a Panel
  175. [FIXED-175] Empty item in Transform context menu
  176. can't Preview Pictures in Projects & wraps " " around some elements in Components
  177. [OPEN] [FIXED-176] Anchor property is lost when loading a 1.0.1.x-project
  178. Designer slow to open and slow to load data
  179. [OPEN-177] xds- - jsClass Bug with Namespaces
  180. [CLOSED-184] Editable Grouping Grid
  181. [FIXED-179] Layout border region settings not reopening properly.
  182. [FIXED-180] DataStore ArrayStore data saving as string, not array
  183. Linked component gets unlinked
  184. [CLOSED] xds- Omission of the option "jsClass" in the Container widget?
  185. [FIXED-186] Not Including CheckboxSelectionModel In Column Model
  186. [FIXED-185] ToolBox filter bug
  187. [CLOSED] BaseParams
  188. [FIXED] Collapsible Promoted Classes
  189. [FIXED-188] trackLabels in FormLayout
  190. [CLOSED/DUPE] Enter-Key in Component Config
  191. [CLOSED] Should Designer generate formpanel xtypes?
  192. [FIXED-189] HTML property - rendering fails when <CR><LF> included
  193. [FIXED-190] Linked Class Arrows block Component navigation arrows
  194. [FIXED] Doublequotes in HTML property and missing values
  195. [FIXED] tpl proeprty missing in combobox
  196. [FIXED-192] Setting 'trackResetOnLoad' in FormPanel is not passed to BasicForm
  197. [CLOSED] DataStore ArrayStore single quote issue
  198. [CLOSED] Open and save dialogs show twice
  199. [FIXED-200] tabTip missing
  200. [FIXED] Ext.data.Field mapping doesnt accept "dots"
  201. [CLOSED] xtype: 'form' and nesting when using Designer
  202. [FIXED-201] Design time scrolling...
  203. [FIXED-197] FORM POST dont work if panel form isnt inside window
  204. [DUPE/FIXED] XDS produces incorrect code for FormPanel and BorderLayout regions.
  205. [FIXED-202] grid rendering wrong xtype in colModel (auto columns broken)
  206. [FIXED-198] Duplicating components with object defined configs
  207. [DEFER-199] Backspace problem in the Ext Designer Toolbox Panel "Filter" input field
  208. [FIXED] Export button not working
  209. Installing Issue: OS X 10.5.8 / Ext_Designer_1.0.2.dmg
  210. [FIXED] BUG in xds-
  211. [FIXED] Hi when i try to submit form i can not get on.click to work.
  212. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel does not appear in Preview
  213. grid column types still wrong as far as I can tell xds-
  214. [CLOSED] datestore bug
  215. complex form not rendering as expected
  216. [FIXED] Please fix the api between quotes =/
  217. [FIXED] storeId lost when duplicated
  218. [FIXED] Selection Model Binding Problem When Using Multiple Grids
  219. Project damaged on Save
  220. [FIXED] ComboBox minChars not working w/ subclass
  221. [FIXED] NumberColumn
  222. allowDepress not working in designer
  223. [CLOSED] Submenu with Designer
  224. [OPEN-210] Grid Panel loadMask as object
  225. Ext designer want open xds project
  226. [OPEN] CheckboxSelectionModel not showing up when using a PagingToolbar
  227. [FIXED] Cannot remove a Toolbar from a grid, says "Cannot Delete Grid Column..."
  228. [OPEN] Changing the type of a panel that contains other panels, resets the 'title's
  229. [CLOSED] GridPanel in Tab
  230. [CLOSED] Designer saving old autoexpandcolumn information in .xds file
  231. [FIXED] Back and forward keys destroy unsaved changes
  232. Tab Panel - Closable TAB does not hide and still appears
  233. [FIXED] Lockup when opening new project if viewing Data Store tab
  234. [INFOREQ] Compoenents aren't deleted if they host missing components.
  235. ExtDesigner for ever ?!?!
  236. [CLOSED] Ext Designer modifying unchanged files
  237. [FIXED] Transforming Panel-Family Components Generates an Extra TextField ...
  238. [OPEN] Listview Column Width
  239. [OPEN] Composite Field's Selection Allergy When Its Container is in a hbox or vbox
  240. [INFOREQ] Ext Designer uninstall fails on Win7
  241. [DUPE] Unable to preview the project but ok to design and export
  242. [OPEN] Issues with setting default Anchors.
  243. [FIXED] Export problem
  244. [FIXED] Ext Designer 1.0.3 doesn't fit in my window
  245. [DEFER] Transformations are not Undo-able.
  246. [FIXED] Ext Designer 1.0.3 Component Pane Broken
  247. [FIXED] Ext Designer 1.0.3 fails to start (Mac Leopard 10.5.8)
  248. [FIXED] "spacesToIndent" and "lineEnding" preferences arent saved correctly.
  249. [DUPE/FIXED] ExtDesigner 1.0.3 doesn't work in Ubuntu (Window Problem)
  250. [CLOSED] Ext Designer update issue on Windows 7 (including workaround)