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  1. [2.0 Trunk] cant compile
  2. [FIXED] [2.0 Trunk] Bug in DND Manager?
  3. [CLOSED] [2.0 M1] Radio listener
  4. [2.0 M1] Missing breaking changes and other doc issues
  5. [FIXED] [GWT 2.0m1] Attaching CheckBox to Container throws runtime exception
  6. [FIXED] [GXT 2.0m1] ColorMenu :: shows old selected fields
  7. [CLOSED] [GWT 2.0m1] Button.setIconStyle has no effect
  8. [2.0 M1] Gridrendering and Gridselection
  9. [2.0 Trunk] Bug in TreeStore when inserting a new item?
  10. [FIXED] [2.0 M1] Field value highlighting issue
  11. [CLOSED] com.extjs...widget.grid.GridView.getRenderedValue does not escape <
  12. [FIXED] [2.0-m1] Bug in CSS.addStyleSheet
  13. [CLOSED] [2.0-m1] HtmlEditor :: new line IE/Firefox
  14. [2.0 Trunk]: Index out of Bounds Exception in BaseTreeModel after calling add Method
  15. [FIXED] [2.0 Trunk] NullPointerException while record.set("property", null);
  16. [CLOSED] [2.0 M1]
  17. [CLOSED] Height/width conversions from percentages to pixels
  18. [CLOSED] Component.applyState() not overrideable?
  19. [FIXED] [2.0 M1] Bug in dragSource.disable()
  20. [2.0 M1] Toolbar / ButtonGroup behaviours
  21. [FIXED] ComboBox.setForceSelection(true) throw infinite loop
  22. [FIXED] [2.0 M1] ComboBox, wrong popup position in webkit
  23. [FIXED] [2.0-m1] MultiField.isValid() causes StackOverflowError
  24. [CLOSED] I am not sure ,and is this a bug?
  25. [CLOSED] [GXT 2.0-M1] Grid & CheckBoxSelectionModel
  26. TreeTable Reordering Bug
  27. [CLOSED] [2.0 M1] Filter field not filter DataList with DataListBinder
  28. [CLOSED] [2.0]feature FormBinding
  29. [CLOSED] setIntStyleAttribute on a TextField only affect the text box, not the label
  30. [CLOSED] Window shadow not readjusting when the size of the Window changes
  31. 2.0-m1 modifying label style on a combobox field messes up the empty field warning
  32. [CLOSED] Gray theme - missing some layout ??
  33. [FIXED] CheckBox in grid causes null pointer exception
  34. [CLOSED] [2.0-m1] Possible bug in CheckBox event handling?
  35. [DUP] combo box layout issue
  36. [FIXED] HtmlEditor cursor problem in chrome
  37. [FIXED] listView and advanced listView dont work in chrome
  38. [CLOSED] [2.0m] BaseTreeLoader nit work with BeanModelReader
  39. [FIXED] Drag & Drop Cursor Issue in Browser Mode
  40. [FIXED] TableData & IE
  41. [OPEN] [CLOSED] ColumnConfig.setHidden does not appear to work after initial rendering
  42. java.lang.IllegalStateException: Should only call onDetach when the widget is attache
  43. [FNR] [2.0 M2 - Snapshot] Desktop startmenu broken
  44. FormPanel and UploadField do not fire callback on completion
  45. The constructor of BaseListLoadResult & BasePagingLoadResult should be visible
  46. [2.0 M2] Explorer widgetrenderergrid
  47. [2.0-m1] FileUploadField readonly does not affect button
  48. [FIXED] [2.0m1] vanishing x-icon-btn / x-form-invalid-icon
  49. [FIXED] [2.0 M1] Error centering modal dialog
  50. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [2.0m2] vanishing x-icon-btn / x-form-invalid-icon
  51. [FNR] [2.0-M2] Charts & Windows
  52. [FIXED] Grid columns/rows missaligned in FF3.0.10 and Safari 3.2.1
  53. Grid's Auto-expand lost after resizing any column
  54. [FIXED] Triggerfield bug with setReadonly and setEditable
  55. [FNR] Accordian, FormPanel, ComboBox
  56. [FIXED] Checkbox fields display problem
  57. [2.0m2] Store.add/update for item on Grid fails if item filtered out
  58. [CLOSED] [2.0M2] Layout issue on hide button bar
  59. [2.0 M1/M2] Setting width of the StartMenu
  60. [FIXED] [2.0 Trunk] reused button in toolbar not shown
  61. [CLOSED] RemoteGrid.setAutoWidth(true) caused the data & header to not render
  62. [2.0 M2] GridView/TreeView adds "gxt-id" and "gxt-widgetlist" to model items
  63. [CLOSED] [2.0 M2] FF & Chrome missing horizontal scrollbar for large content
  64. [2.0, Trunk] UnsupportedOperationException from ListStore
  65. Incorrect column divider placement of grid with scrollbar
  66. fitColumns is not working in firefox3
  67. [FIXED] [GXT 2.0-M2] Grid Sort doesn't work correctly
  68. [FIXED] [GXT 2.0 M2] ColumnConfig miss method setTooltip().
  69. [OPEN] [FIXED] 2.0 M2 tree right click selection problem
  70. [2.0-M2] Weird DualListField behaviour
  71. [FIXED] [GXT 2.0-M2] RowUpdated Event doesn't contain anything
  72. [GXT 2.0 trunk] Bug in dnd between EditorGrid and Grid
  73. [CLOSED] GXT 2.0 and JDK 1.5
  74. Store.removeAll
  75. [FIXED] [2.0 Trunk]: column.setHidden(true) is ignored when rendering a grid
  76. [FIXED] Slate buttons rendering funny in GXT 2.0
  77. [FNR] [2.0 M2] RowEditor does not resize with the grid
  78. GXT 2 - TreePanel selection not working
  79. [GXT 2.0 M2] SliderField doesen't fire a Change Event
  80. [FIXED] [2.0m2] Grid cell render with button (BeanModel)
  81. TreeTable rows are empty on Chrome
  82. GridView does not assume that ModelData could be null.
  83. [FIXED] [WARN] invoke arguments: Rounding double to int for int
  84. [OPEN] [CLOSED] [2.0 M2] HtmlEditor key events
  85. [FIXED] Click events don't get fired
  86. [FIXED] RowEditor NPE after cancel BeforeEdit event
  87. [FIXED] [GXT 2.0 M2] JavaScriptException TypeError when using grid.mask(String)
  88. [2.0 M2] Chrome column grouping alignment visual glitches
  89. [CLOSED] [2.0 M2] ClassCastException using ComboBox and Binding
  90. [FIXED][GXT 2.0 M2] Grid Column Alignment
  91. [FIXED] RowEditor: Fields reused without init state
  92. [FIXED] row editor issue - combobox
  93. [CLOSED] Live Group Summary - dont work more
  94. [CLOSED] [2.0 Trunk] Grid ColumnConfig.setId() seems to prevent rendering
  95. Posting Guidelines
  96. [FIXED] [2.0 Trunk] Clicking Column Header of Grouping View selects incorrect column
  97. [CLOSED] [GXT 2.0-M2] TextArea||HtmlEditor if panel collapse then non-editable
  98. [FIXED] TreePanel issues
  99. [GXT 2,0 Trunk/FF 2/Linux] Checkbox label alignment
  100. [FNR] ModalPanel size
  101. [FIXED] [GXT Trunk/Hosted Mode] ContentPanel does not render completely after reuse
  102. [OPEN] [FIXED] editor tree grid broken in chrome
  103. [FIXED] [2.0-M3] Explorer Sample and Charts
  104. [OPEN] [FIXED]Adding TabItem to empty TabPanel
  105. [FIXED][2.0-trunk] Bug in Grid.reconfigure()
  106. [CLOSED] 2.0 M3 (editable) buffered grid bugs
  107. [CLOSED] [2.0 M3] bug TreeGrid hostmode
  108. [FIXED] 2.0 M3 Hard-coded quickShowInterval value
  109. 2.0 m3 safari 4 - all grids
  110. [OPEN] [CLOSED] TreeTable - Scrollbar doesn't move while moving up/down using Up/Down key
  111. [2.0 M3] TabPane / TabItem bug
  112. [FIXED] 2.0 M3 ComboBox issue
  113. [FIXED] [GXT2.0-M3] TreePanel Problem
  114. [CLOSED] 2.0M3 Grid Header Bug
  115. [CLOSED] Possible getElement bug
  116. [CLOSED] AggregationRowConfig with RPC return null pointer
  117. [FIXED] 2.0M3 HtmlContainer Bug setUrl
  118. [FIXED] Dragging a TreePanel parent to it's child is allowed
  119. [OPEN] [2.0-M3]TreePanel check cascade problem
  120. [FIXED] GXT 2.0 m3 checkable tree bug?
  121. [CLOSED] Bug in window with GWT TextArea
  122. [FIXED] TreeGrid and widget renderer
  123. [FIXED] IndexOutOfBoundsException at ComboBox Store which has setMonitorChanges(true)
  124. How to set absolute position on RootPanel?
  125. [CLOSED] [2.0-M3] Opera :: does not show ContextMenu
  126. [FIXED] [2.0 M3] PagingModelMemoryProxy does not use DataReader
  127. [FIXED] TreePanel setChecked always fails
  128. [CLOSED] DualListField display
  129. [FIXED] [2.0M3] file upload widget can not use in firefox
  130. [CLOSED] Incomplete display: TabItem with ColumnLayout and padding
  131. [FIXED] GXT 2.0 m3: TreeGrid node collapse NullPointerException
  132. [FIXED] More than one widget in grid (Bug in GridView)
  133. [CLOSED] Dynamically add children to TreeGrid
  134. [FIXED] Context Menu on Tree does not change selection before appearing
  135. [FIXED] Exception on treepanel item collapse
  136. [FIXED] [2.0M3]Rendering disabled button on IE
  137. [CLOSED] Tree Panel Bug
  138. [CLOSED] Layout Bug
  139. [OPEN] Layout Bug
  140. [CLOSED] Reordered Sequence Cannot be Retrieved in TreePanel
  141. [FIXED] Selected Tree Item not Shown as Selected After Reordering the Tree Item
  142. [CLOSED [2.0 M1/M2/M3] RowLayout problem
  143. [FIXED] Null Pointer in LineDataProvider - rc1
  144. [FIXED] Null Pointer in SummaryType - rc1
  145. [FIXED] when call grid.reconfigure the aggregation row DONT reconfigure - rc1
  146. [FIXED] header group broken in rc1
  147. [FIXED] NPE when rendering grid checkbox with Boolean Null in ModelData
  148. [CLOSED] Button.setIconStyle doesn't work - rc1
  149. [CLOSED] portal bug
  150. [FIXED] [2.0 rc1] problem with button setVisible(false) not work in initiallize time
  151. [FIXED] [2.0 rc1] Header check-box works incorrectly in Grid.
  152. [CLOSED] ComboBox getValue return null - rc1
  153. [2.0 rc1] problem with buttons in FormPanel in IE
  154. [FIXED] [2.0-RC1] exeption in non-hosted mode treePanel.setChecked() pre-render
  155. [CLOSED] Window SetURL Refresh in firework
  156. [OPEN] [FIXID] Undefined dom in E.setWidth called from GroupSummaryView.doAllWidths()
  157. [FIXED] German Translation
  158. FormPanel dont hide the "validation message"
  159. DatePicker cannot return the right date
  160. [FIXED] [2.0-RC1] Rendering disabled button on IE
  161. [FIXED] [2.0-RC1] ComboBox not selecting the good item
  163. [FIXED] basic tree grid - issue when double click in one item
  164. [FIXED] [2.0rc1] sorting on a treegrid gives strange results
  165. [CLOSED]TreeStore.add(parent, child, true) not adding child to parent.getChildren()
  166. [FIXED] RC1: Examples-Explorer: Images missing (IE6)
  167. [FIXED] TreePanel Bug
  168. [FIXED] RC1 Possible mess with CheckChanged and CheckChange
  169. [FIXED] [2.0-rc1] Container - setLayout bug
  170. [CLOSED] [2.0 RC1] Double click selects whole grid Safari + Chrome
  171. [FIXED] [2.0 RC1] some TreeGrid bugs
  172. RC1 FormPanel IE 6/7/8 IFRAME SSL BUG
  173. [OPEN] [FIXED] StoreFilterField removes all filters
  174. [FIXED] RC2 - Drag and Drop TreeGreed broken
  175. [FIXED] [2.0 RC1] Desktop - addTool(menuItem) broken
  176. [CLOSED] RC2 - Drag and Drop TreePanel and TreeGrid broken
  177. [FIXED] [2.0-RC2] TreePanelEvent Generics
  178. [FIXED] [RC2] TreePanel not appearing after TreeStore.removeAll()
  179. [FIXED] TabPanel close context menu
  180. [FIXED] TabPanel Context Menu translation
  181. [2.0 rc2] bug in NumberField when set max min value can't type decimal value
  182. [FIXED] CheckBoxListView.setChecked() non-existant
  183. [FIXED] [rc2] FillLayout + Horizontal-orientation + Buttons broken in IE
  184. [CLOSED] ContentPanel's header text selection
  185. [CLOSED] FormPanels in TabItems in Window
  186. [FNR] [rc2] HtmlEditor overflow items missing text
  187. CheckBox with only own label rendering problems
  188. [FIXED] Drag And Drop Feedback Insert problem
  189. [FIXED] Image Organizer broken in RC2
  190. [CLOSED] Building dynamic menus broken in 2.0rc2
  191. [FIXED] RowEditor with fixed width
  192. [OPEN] [FIXED] [2.0-RC2] Tooltips scroll problem
  193. [FIXED] CheckGrid : selection and changing page
  194. [FIXED] rc2 - RowEditor issues (width, formated value, translation)
  195. [CLOSED] rc2 - toolbar and checkbox
  196. [FIXED] [2.0 RC2] 2 TreeGrid bugs
  197. [FIXED] BufferedGrid Render Problem
  198. [FIXED] AccordionLayout issue in FireFox
  199. [FIXED] ListStore loader listener not removing
  200. [CLOSED] GridView throwing index error in Firefox.
  201. MultiField rendering issue when used in FieldSet
  202. [FIXED] Incomplete polish translation
  203. [CLOSED] TreeGrid population issues
  204. [CLOSED] TabPanel in a Content Panel Bug
  205. [FIXED] TreePanel with multiple root nodes async loaded bug
  206. [FIXED] StoreFilterField bug
  207. [CLOSED] Nodes do not display correctly if a tree panel is expanded while hidden
  208. [FIXED] [2.0 final] EditorGrid reconfigure Bug
  209. [FIXED] tree panel add new arraylist
  210. [FIXED] [2.0] Bug FileUploadField IE after reset not work
  211. [FIXED] [2.0] Bug in HtmlEditor
  212. [2.0] IE7 slider not show Ext GWT Explorer Demo
  213. [FIXED] Bug in Button.setText() clears icon image
  214. [CLOSED] Bug in SimpleComboBox and FormBinding?
  215. [FIXED] Row Editor Bug when adding first record
  216. [FIXED] Potential Bug in Grid with Widgets and Expanders
  217. [FIXED] [2.0] CheckBoxSelectionModel select method does not work
  218. [FIXED] [2.0] Dialog flickers in FF
  219. [CLOSED] [2.0] Tree context menu , FF menu is show to only under Linux
  220. [CLOSED] [2.0] Problem with TreeLoader+TreeGrid+BeanModel
  221. [FIXED] TreePanel - CheckNodes
  222. [FIXED] Dispatcher fix for concurrent access error add new controller
  223. [FIXED] Bug with BufferView and GridCellRenderer with Button
  224. [FIXED] [2.0] Window.java contains invalid method isMaximzed()
  225. [FIXED] Browser Statusbar/F11 toggle effects borderlayout
  226. [CLOSED] [2.0] ToolBar + ImageButton images misaligned in FF
  227. [CLOSED] [2.0] TreePanel Context Menu Issue
  228. [CLOSED] [2.0][GWT 1.6.4 & 1.7.0] TreePanel - Expand / Collapse All Issue on IE
  229. [FIXED] Bug in AbsoluteLayout?
  230. [FIXED] [2.0] TwinTriggerField error
  231. [FIXED] [rev.1650] NullPointerEx. in CheckBoxSelectionModel.setChecked during onClear
  232. [CLOSED] Tooltip truncation issue
  233. [FIXED] ComboBox.setValue() doesn't work when allowBlank = false and empty store
  234. [FIXED] MemoryProxy-Store Bug or Expected Behavior?
  235. [FIXED] memory leak for OFC chart.
  236. [FIXED] possible bug with if() in MenuBar:139
  237. [CLOSED] Double listener call on Messagebox.alert()
  238. [OPEN] [FNR][2.0.1] Column Grouping Bug
  239. [FNR] [2.0] Event Close not fired when Closing TabItem
  240. [FIXED] Null exception in compiled mode
  241. [CLOSED] On "Events.Select" of ListVew: Selection Count is wrong...
  242. [FIXED] New browser window from a server resonse
  243. [FIXED] [2.0.1] TreeGrid scrollbar bug blocks text entry in windows
  244. [FIXED] Grid row dropped on it self is deleted, or moved
  245. [2.0] hardcoded I18N ( XMessages )
  246. [FIXED] [2.0.1] ListField.forceInvalid() flickers in IE7
  247. [FIXED] [2.0.1]FormPanel opens new window in IE7 when submitted
  248. [FIXED] 2.0.1 BufferView with widgets
  249. [FIXED] Desktop Window.restore() does not reset "minimize"
  250. [FIXED] HtmlEditor isValid bug - NullPointerException