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  1. Ext Translations
  2. [STALE-613] Ext.Window generates horizontal scrollbar modal and page has scrollbar
  3. [FIXED-716] Node Cascade bug
  4. [FIXED-92][3.0.0/2.x] HtmlEditor readOnly and disabled not working
  5. [FIXED-565][3.x/2.x] Shimming problem in IE
  6. [CLOSED-34] [3.x/2.x] Ext.form.TimeField and Daylight Saving switch
  7. [CLOSED-23] [2.x/3.x] OSX Safari 3.1/3.2.1: context menu issue?
  8. [UNKNOWN][2.x,3.x] BUG GridPanel inside accordion layout forceFit problem IE6
  9. [CLOSED][3.x/2.x] GridPanel w/button & forceFit render bug on Safari/Mac
  10. [CLOSED][2.x/3.x] BorderLayout floating region not resized
  11. [FIXED-20][2.x,3.0] Ext.MsgBox needs to explicitly blur the clicked button.
  12. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] EditorGridPanel::onAutoEditClick
  13. [FIXED-278][2.x,3.x] AsyncTreeNode's loader is overridden by the one from treePanel
  14. [FIXED-518][3.x/2.x] Bug in radiogroup when using brackets in name
  15. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0/2.x] Field Height Ignored in editorgrid
  16. [FIXED][2.2.x/3.0] bug for selectRow in RowSelectionModel
  17. [UNKNOWN][3.0rc2/2.2x] Ext.isReady may not be true in Fx/Opera if scripts in BODY
  18. [FIXED-489][3.0/2.2] Ext.Menu.addElement bug
  19. [DEFER-763][2.x/3.x] clicksToEdit:1 requires double click for same row
  20. [INFOREQ] Firefox - GridPanel missing right border
  21. [FIXED-697] Store's query() and filter() functions only check beginning of values
  22. [FIXED-101][3.x/2.x] Panel collapses bwrap with display:none
  23. [DEFER-482][2.x/3.x] TreePanel Node Highlight Problem
  24. [UNKNOWN][3.*]IE. ColumnLayout incorrectly sizing innerCt
  25. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0] Grid ColumnModel text items missing from locale files
  26. [FIXED-901] Form Fields Within Window Glitch on Firefox v3
  27. [FIXED][2.2.1/3.0rc2] Ext.form.Checkbox - initValue
  28. [FIXED-745][2.x, 3.x] headersDisabled changes on column drag
  29. [CLOSED-35] [3.x/2.x] DatePicker Picks wrong date
  30. [DEFER-82] [2.x/3.x] GridView.refreshRow implementation is seriously broken
  31. [FIXED][3.0] Icons in tree different in v3
  32. [OPEN-1124] Grouping Strore requires sortInfo
  33. [CLOSED][3.0] Panel does not compensate for fbar correctly
  34. [FIXED][3.0] Observable problems
  35. [FIXED][2.*,3.0] layout in collapsed Panels
  36. [FIXED][3.x] Grid - horizontal scroll
  37. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] DatePicker month name (translations)
  38. [FIXED][3.x] BorderLayout collapsible header difference
  39. [FIXED][3.x] Record auto id
  40. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0] latest source fails to run in IE 7
  41. [FIXED][3.x] Qtips
  42. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.EventManager needs createTargeted
  43. [FIXED][3.0] relayEvents disables events
  44. Documentation Bugs - Ext Core 3.1
  45. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.lib.Easing - bounceIn, bounceOut scope
  46. [CLOSED][3.x] SERIOUS v3 breakage
  47. [CLOSED][3.x] Build error
  48. [FIXED][3.0] Javascript checkmated me :-(
  49. [FIXED][3.x] File Upload Bug
  50. [FIXED][3.x] Why won't my grid sort like I'd hoped and dreamed?
  51. [FIXED][3.0] My store changed from an object variable to a class variable!!!
  52. [FIXED][3.0] DateField
  53. [FIXED][3.0] Template-more.js and apply
  54. [FIXED][3.0] JSON usage in JsonReader and TreeLoader
  55. [FIXED][3.0] Item.js setText
  56. [FIXED][3.0] Menu getItemArgs (isXType vs instanceof)
  57. [FIXED][3.0] Tooltip.js anchorEl is taking up space
  58. [FIXED][3.0] BackgroundImageCache and IE8
  59. [FIXED][3.0] Element.insertion.js replaceWith
  60. [FIXED][3.0] BasicForm and itemId for the items property
  61. [FIXED][3.0] r3589 regression
  62. [CLOSED][3.0] FF only Problem in elContains method of ext-base-event.js
  63. [FIXED][3.0] Button overwrites minWidth
  64. [FIXED][3.0] element.style-more.js boxWrap broken
  65. [FIXED][3.0] ext-core and visual studio 2008
  66. [FIXED][3.0 CORE] Buglist
  67. [CLOSED][3.0] Image/Sprite based checkbox
  68. [CLOSED][3.0]Height not working with scale()
  69. [FIXED][3.0] HtmlEditor and overflow toolbar and toggleSource
  70. [FIXED][3.0] TriggerField / r2213 and IE8
  71. [FIXED][3.0] grouptabs example broken
  72. [FIXED][3.0] grid examples: scrollbar partly obscured
  73. [FIXED][3.0] tabs examples
  74. [FIXED][3.0 Core] isVisible Bug
  75. [FIXED][Core 3.0 beta] global var stuff
  76. [FIXED][3.0 CORE] Ext.isDate
  77. [FIXED][DUP][3.0] ColorMenu et al
  78. [FIXED]Ext Core 3.0
  79. [FIXED][3.x >=r3650] Ext.data.DataProxy's constructor overwrites api-config
  80. [FIXED-152][3.x/2.x] Ext sometimes adds hashmarks to my URLs
  81. [FIXED][3.0] safarikeys not defined
  82. [CLOSED][Core 3.0 beta] Function createSequence missing
  83. [FIXED][3.0rc1] row editor doesn't work in IE Quirks mode
  84. [FIXED][3.0svn] Error in latest SVN code
  85. [CLOSED][3.0] Ext.select is broken
  86. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Json decode calls incorrect method stringify if isNative
  87. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.urlEncode bug
  88. [CLOSED][3.0] PagingToolbar displayMsg issue
  89. Documentation Bugs - Ext 3.x
  90. [FIXED][3.0] Eval usage
  91. [FIXED][3.0] r3716 broke all menus, etc.
  92. [FIXED][3.0] Css error in Messagebox example. IE7.
  93. [FIXED][3.0] Unable to hide a message box
  94. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.Select change in behaviour?
  95. [FIXED][3.x] isVisible problems
  96. [FIXED][3.0RC1/1.1/2] Buttons btn.gif "Uglied" between 3.0 Dev Preview and 3.0 RCx
  97. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.data.DataProxy cb undefined
  98. [FIXED][3.0rc1] global var stuff and typos
  99. [FIXED][3.0 RC1] Ext.data.DirectProxy directFn
  100. [FIXED][3.0 RC1] CompositeElement.enableDisplayMode does not work?
  101. [FIXED][3.0rc1] implemented twice: Ext.data.DirectStore && Ext.data.DirectProxy
  102. [CLOSED][3.0 RC1][DUP] Row Editor Grid can't show Editor
  103. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Charts do not display in Safari
  104. [FIXED][3.0] TabPanel enableAutoScroll broken
  105. [CLOSED][3.0] Tab rendering issue
  106. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu.js broken
  107. [CLOSED][3.0 RC1][DUP] HttpProxy parameter of 0 changing to empty string
  108. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc1] GroupTabs Example CSS BUG in IE7
  109. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] Ext.data.DirectProxy incomplete ?
  110. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.Container.removeAll() results in infinite loop
  111. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] No tooltip for images in grid column headers
  112. [FIXED][2.x,3.x] TextField and TextArea width
  113. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] BoxLayout "stretch" does not take styles into account
  114. [CLOSED][3.0] Ext.data.HttpProxy
  115. [FIXED][3.0rc1] PagingToolbar - config application
  116. [FIXED][3.0rc1] File upload button issue
  117. [FEATREQ][3.0rc1] Resize constrainTo functionality poorly implemented
  118. [CLOSED][3.??] Issue with xAxis and TimeAxis
  119. [FEATREQ][3.0rc1] Ext.DD constrainTo does not take into account container borders
  120. [FIXED][3.??] - GroupTabPanel
  121. [FIXED][3.0rc1] strange Toolbar-Behaivor
  122. [FIXED][3.0] mouseenter
  123. [FIXED][3.0RC1]bodyStyle not applied padding
  124. [FIXED][3.0RC1] Combobox Transform Bug
  125. [FIXED][3.0] ExtJs Core is broken in RC1 package
  126. [CLOSED][3.0] Ext.ux.form.BrowseButton broken
  127. [FIXED][3.0 Core] Template.compile error in ExtJs Core - args not defined
  128. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Element.scroll only scrolls to the left
  129. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.data.Record.prototype.realize
  130. [FIXED][3.??] ComboBox and autoWidth
  131. [FIXED][3.x] GroupingView groupable show in groups hmenu option
  132. [CLOSED][DUP][3.x] the MessageBox size is incorrect in IE6
  133. [FIXED]Measurement in VBoxLayout typo
  134. [FIXED][3.0 RC1] Ext.Element.isMasked
  135. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] empty TabPanel's tab strip is "minimized" / height change unhandled
  136. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Charts don't refresh in IE6
  137. [CLOSED][3.0] Container's available size in layout classes. Consistency needed.
  138. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0rc1]Grid not send start parameter
  139. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Sliding pager example not work
  140. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] Panel autoLoad IE issue
  141. [FIXED][3.??] Line Chart/Collapsible Panel Error
  142. [FIXED][3.0RC1] DataProxy -- Event name misspelled in request method
  143. [FIXED][3.0RC1] Datefield:change event not firing
  144. [FIXED][3.??] isDirty will fail until Field is not rendered
  145. [CLOSED][3.0] Proxy load method not recieving arguments
  146. [FIXED][3.??][DUP] Symbols in Filter Options on Grid Not Displaying Correctly
  147. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.data.Store removed Array
  148. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0rc1] GroupTabs example positioning err in IE 7
  149. [CLOSED][3.??] I get this error in IE only
  150. [FIXED][3.??][DUP] Alert Box in IE defect
  151. [CLOSED][3.0 Core] (beta): Problem with Ext.CompositeElementLite.item
  152. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Why does the top hbox not work right?
  153. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] formField -> markInvalid -> target:side -> displaying errors
  154. [CLOSED][3.??] GridView& RowExpander
  155. [CLOSED][3.0rc1][DUP] messagebox bugs
  156. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] Ext.Window not "focusable" in Chrome / Safari
  157. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] WebKit CSS fixes
  158. [FIXED][3.0RC1] MultiSelect-demo err on ie
  159. [CLOSED][3.??] garbageCollect for Components
  160. [CLOSED][3.x] Potential bug in AnchorLayout??
  161. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] IE and Window.show (not setting a width)
  162. [FIXED][3.0rc1] show() with an Element hides the buttons
  163. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] IE7 and shadow calculations with opacity
  164. [CLOSED][3.??] Problem with NumberField as Grid Editor
  165. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] Async Tree node doesn't expand
  166. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0rc1] In text field the regex is not allow blank
  167. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] checkbox and radio css class missing
  168. [CLOSED][3.??] Combo: valueField and getValue()
  169. [CLOSED][3.0RC1] TabPanel in IE8
  170. [FIXED][3.x] Menu extend bug, or need a clarification
  171. [FIXED][3.x] MemoryProxy.doRequest. Wrong signature
  172. [FIXED][3.x] Menu initalConfig
  173. [FIXED][3.0] Menu extend bug
  174. [FIXED][DUP][3.0rc1] Ext.data.Store.load() missing params when the value is 0
  175. [FIXED][3.0][DUP] Ajax requests break when passing 0 or false
  176. [FIXED][3.0rc1] chart don't ask for flash player
  177. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] IE8 "Type Mismatch" error when Ext.tree.TreeEditor attached to node
  178. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0RC1] DataProxy Broken -- overwrites its own request method
  179. [FIXED][3.0RC1] Container.add breaks the inheritance model
  180. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Ext samples: resizable snapping bug
  181. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] Ext Samples Layout Browser
  182. [CLOSED][2.x, 3.x] appendChild/createChild not working in IE due to innerHTML issues
  183. [FIXED][2.2/3.0] Combo boxes rendered in hidden containers
  184. [FIXED][3.0 Core rev 280] DelayedTask broken
  185. [CLOSED-28][3.x] FormLayout is still not dynamic.
  186. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] ComboBox transform not setting width
  187. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] HtmlEditor has problematic initial value
  188. [FIXED][2.2/3.0RC1] No XML response processing on file Uploads
  189. [FIXED][3.0svn] buffer == repeat??
  190. [OPEN-139][3.0rc1] Bugs: Ext.ux.MultiSelect issues
  191. [CLOSED][3.??] Chart does not show in IE6.0- a bug ?
  192. [FIXED][3.0rev3858] Ext.data.Api throws exception for invalid API
  193. [CLOSED][3.x] GridPanel does not scroll horizontally when columns resized manually
  194. [CLOSED][3.0RC1] Error in Ext.data.JsonStore
  195. [FIXED][3.x] mousewheel on TabPanel strip brings up TabPanel context menu
  196. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] doSend in remotingProvider sends inconsistent type (Array or Object)
  197. [FIXED][3.x] Element.insertAfter()
  198. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] AllowContainerDrop not fixed
  199. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.data.DataWriter realize/update
  200. [FIXED][DUP][3.0rc1.1] I find one question in Paging Grid Example
  201. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] Grid Filter and IE8
  202. [FIXED][3.x] Cyclebutton
  203. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Writer example
  204. [FEATREQ][3.0rc1] Batch-save should work like the autosave
  205. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] global var stuff
  206. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1]TreePanel to pass requestMethod to TreeLoader ctor
  207. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] incomplete destroy of htmleditor
  208. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] slider mouseup event on IE7 outside of browser window
  209. [OPEN-21] [3.0rc1.1] tab-strip-bottom on hover css
  210. [CLOSED][2.x/3.x] HtmlEditor bug
  211. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.data.READ -> Ext.data.Api.READ
  212. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Ext.data.HttpProxy - POST Method does not work
  213. [FIXED][3.0 RC1] Slider and decimal increments
  214. [CLOSED][3.0RC1] do not support IE6?
  215. [FIXED][2.2.1/3.0rc1] MultiSelect isDirty() always true
  216. [FIXED][DUP][3.0rc1.1] fontWeight Property
  217. [FIXED][3.0 SVN] buttonAlign does not understand right
  218. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] xaction parameter forced by Store execute function
  219. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] hover
  220. [FIXED][3.0] with ext-jquery-adapter.js - Ext.util.TaskRunner is undefined
  221. [FIXED][3.x] Examples.jsb could use some work
  222. [CLOSED][3.0RC1.1] Panel's (and subclasses) shadowOffset default config never set
  223. [CLOSED][3.0RC1.1] defaultsortable not works
  224. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] TreePanel's with frame=true
  225. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Toggle button overflow
  226. [CLOSED][3.0rc1] IE8 Disabled Button "Jumps" on mouse Enter/Leave
  227. [FIXED][3.x] HttpProxy when configured with its own Connection instance
  228. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1/rc2] boxLabel not hidden on formfield hide
  229. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] visual/menu.css
  230. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Cannot remove event listeners from Elements
  231. [CLOSED] [3.??] Ext.getCmp() bug with ComboBoxes
  232. [FIXED][3.x] Tabs don't hover
  233. [FIXED][3.x] Same htmleditor?
  234. [FIXED][3.x] Updating a menu post show()
  235. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] Some Bugs In IE6
  236. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] hbox layout messing with form fields heights
  237. [CLOSED][v3rc1.1] GroupingStore doesn't group if data not in group order
  238. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Ext.Action example is partially broken
  239. [CLOSED][DUP][3.??] HTMLEditor jQuery adapter
  240. [FIXED][3.x] Problem with XHR getReponseHeader
  241. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1+] disableCaching broken
  242. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] ComboBox/JsonStore bug
  243. [FIXED][3.0] Slidein/out effect scales element
  244. [DEFER-86][3.??] Bug in masking (loadmask, modal windows, etc.)
  245. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.x] ComboBox List is Misplaced
  246. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0rc1.1] Help, a bug with MessageBox
  247. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Grid header in IE6
  248. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Firefox/XHTML mode rendering problems
  249. [CLOSED][3.x/2.x] Ext.each() should use Ext.isArray() check
  250. [OPEN] [FIXED][Core 3.0 Beta 1] - IE bug