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  1. [INFOREQ][3.1.1] disabled fields chop text in FF3.5.7+
  2. [FIXED-601] Combo paging toolbar doesn't visible under IE6/IE7
  3. [FIXED-609] RadioGroup Readonly
  4. [FIXED-606][3.1.1] selection on combobox on tab press
  5. [FIXED-607] HybridSummary bug with Field mapping
  6. [DUPE-141][3.2.x] Accordion - switching panels doesn't look right
  7. [FIXED-1022] Ext Bug in Textfield focus
  8. [FIXED-608][3.2.x] Accordion samples need autoWidth set to true
  9. [FIXED-625] Why a 3.1 initConfig contains ownerCt?
  10. [CLOSED] HTML Editor in a window
  11. [CLOSED-659] charset bug, gbk charset will make this bug
  12. [CLOSED][3.1.1] Strange behavior with LoadMask and Opera 10.50 Beta
  13. [FIXED-610]RowEditor leak
  14. [FIXED-612][3.1.1] Redeclered attributes
  15. [CLOSED] KeyMap stopEvent not working on IE7
  16. [DEFER-615] fbar '->' with default buttonAlign changes order of buttons
  17. [FIXED-616] Ext.ux.BufferView
  18. [CLOSED] grid header bug
  19. [FIXED-617][3.1.1] doFormUpload in ie6 with SSL get insecure Message
  20. [FIXED-618] Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu: improvements and fixes (patch)
  21. [FIXED-619] Ext.layout.BoxLayout issues with flex and hidden components (patch)
  22. [FIXED-620][3.1.1] Grid LockingColumnModel event bug - not firing on all columns
  23. [DUPE][3.1.1] Editor in EditorGridPanel - Tab not working
  24. [FIXED-621] Collapsed Region Disappears on Expand
  25. [FIXED-624]Error with Ext.form.ComboBox and hbox layout
  26. [OPEN] [CLOSED-623] Ext.data.Store 'clear' listener and removeAll
  27. [FIXED-622] Ext.util.Observable#hasListener() does not lower-case event name
  28. [OPEN-626] FF Only) Ext.form.HtmlEditor automatically encodes special characters
  29. Bug Status Meanings
  30. [FIXED-627] BasicForm doesn't check clientValidation when using standardSubmit
  31. [FIXED-647] 'gidSeed' not used for GroupingView
  32. [FIXED-648] Tree Event Model containercontextmenu event never fired
  33. [OPEN-649] Ext.fly sometimes returns null in ie6
  34. [DEFER-650] Toolbar Overflow does not handle button hide/remove correctly
  35. [FIXED-652] groupmousedown event doesn't fire
  36. [FIXED-660] Invalid metaData.style in renderer
  37. [OPEN-655] Tree Grid Alignment
  38. [OPEN] [CLOSED-656] ComboBox doesn't select an option on tab
  39. [OPEN-657] Ext.Panel with margin jumps when using Ext's slideIn effect
  40. [INFOREQ] Accordion Animation
  41. [FIXED-658] restful store example bug
  42. [DUPE] RowEditor Error prompt Offset Bug
  43. [CLOSED]Bug in 3.1.1 EditorGrid with ComboBox
  44. [FIXED-661][3.2.x] ed-startEdit() is not a function
  45. [DUPE] Bug in Ext.tree.TreeNode.removeChild
  46. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store getModifiedRecords() after insert
  47. [OPEN-663] Chart loses labelRenderer after hide/show
  48. [INFOREQ] Ext.menu.Item doesn't have a getText() method
  49. [CLOSED-664] Ext.tree.TreePanel display error in WebKit / Adobe air
  50. [FIXED-665] setIconClass Bug on IE
  51. [OPEN-666] 3.1.1 Proxy 'load' event not being passed to store
  52. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel editor doesn't select row
  53. [DUP]Combobox templates example not working in IE6 and IE7 standards mode
  54. [CLOSED]Form/fieldset resizing issue
  55. [CLOSED] TimeField min and max value validation does not work correctly.
  56. [CLOSED]Grouping Grid : autoExpandColumn not fill if width more than 998px
  57. [FIXED-669] GroupingStore regression in 3.2
  58. [DUPE-103] DragDrop constrainTo after container resize
  59. [OPEN-667]DateField in EditorGrid renders incorrectly with strict and frame: false
  60. [FIXED-671] Ext 3.1.1 mask() an Ext Element with no id doesn't work in IE8?
  61. [CLOSED]arrows in a tree with a DefaultSelectionModel skips nodes in extjs 3.0
  62. [FIXED-674] Ext.EventObject.getRelatedTarget doesn't work with event mouseenter
  63. [INFOREQ] bug in RadioGroup
  64. [FIXED-673][ext-3.1.2] AsyncTreeNode.reload() error: this.parentNode is null
  65. [FIXED-672] DirectProxy Issue and Fix
  66. [CLOSED-677] script error while adding duplicate records into the grid
  67. [INFOREQ][Ext 3.x] TreeNode.ensureVisible() fires 'click' event
  68. [CLOSED] Trigger have wrong background color and looks flat.
  69. [DUPE] DirectStore & Ext.Direct creates multiple Actions multiple changes happen
  70. [FIXED-678][3.1.1]xtheme-access -> tabs bottom + fix
  71. [CLOSED][3.1.1+] TreeNode Reorder via D&D is broke
  72. [OPEN-680] DateField tab blur failure when inside RowEditor
  73. [OPEN-681] paging toolbar not clearing mask when beforeload returns false
  74. [FXED-682] ExtJS Window strange behavior with a specific combination of properties
  75. [CLOSED] Fieldsets are rendered incorrectly in a panel with hbox layout
  76. [CLOSED]Hiding form elements doesn't work correctly
  77. [INFOREQ][3.1] EditorGrid issue with CheckboxSelectionModel with checkOnly=true
  78. [FIXED] Grouping is broken in Grouping Grid/Store
  79. [CLOSED]Google Chrome AdBlock Extension disables ExtJS
  80. [CLOSED][Ext 3.1.1] Adding a panel in a TabPanel fails
  81. [DUPE-538] GridView fitColumns function returns value for no reason
  82. [INFOREQ] Ext.Layer wrong z-index style after setZIndex
  83. [CLOSED] MessageBox Button Align Error
  84. [FIXED-690] _tryPreloadAttach used by Elem.update doesn't work!
  85. [CLOSED-686] Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel with singleSelect
  86. [CLOSED]Error Icon floating on fieldLabel
  87. [CLOSED-687] Ext.Window Position Error with Buttons and Right Alignment
  88. [OPEN-688] HtmlEditor jumps to top on first focus in firefox
  89. [CLOSED-692] Context menu on tree not showing in IE 7 / IE 8 + workaround
  90. [CLOSED-699] header=false problem with X-UA-Compatible/IE
  91. [FIXED-689] GroupTabPanel 'tabchange' event
  92. [CLOSED]Rounding error in getViewSize
  93. [CLOSED]CheckBox events not working in webkit browsers
  94. [FIXED-691] Combo.initList() variable intialization error
  95. [CLOSED] EditorGrid not editable anymore ?
  96. [FIXED-693] GroupingView doesn't call rowsinserted
  97. [INFOREQ] HtmlEditor vertical scrollbar and height fixes
  98. [CLOSED][3.1.2] Incomplete Mask over grid.
  99. [FIXED-701] Ext.Editor allowBlur property
  100. [FIXED-694] Various localization issues
  101. [OPEN-696][3.x] Behavior of getRepairXY in DragZone
  102. [CLOSED] XmlReader parses bool fields to the string
  103. [DEFER-698] Ext.ux.ToolbarDroppable
  104. [FIXED-700] Drag and Drop + CheckboxSelect doesn't work
  105. [OPEN-702] RESTful store/proxy sends multiple HTTP requests
  106. [3.2-beta] Dist .zip file has filename case problem on Windows
  107. [CLOSED-703] sporadic error in IE with the ext-core UX Menu
  108. [FIXED-704][3.x] ListView's onResize needs to return if height is too small
  109. [CLOSED] Ext 3.1.2 (rev 6140) Error in AsyncTreeNode.reload
  110. [CLOSED]An Ext.grid.GridPanel.processEvent fix proposal
  111. [CLOSED] cannot set the width of MessageBox to be a value bigger than 600
  112. [FIXED-706] Ext DirectProxy onWrite hardcoding
  113. [INFOREQ] Calendar gets messed up when I double click
  114. [FIXED-713] ext.slider (error) to be corrected in ext-all.js/ext-all-debug.js
  115. [FIXED-708] insignificant CSS typo, fix included
  116. [FIXED-714][3.1.1]IE - GridView with forceFit causes error in IE after applying state
  117. [FIXED-710][3.2-beta] Collapsed 'south' region is not redrawn correctly on show
  118. [CLOSED-709] Ext.form.DisplayField doesn't work under CompositeField
  119. [CLOSED] AsyncTreeNode reload()
  120. [FIXED-712][3.2-beta] Attaching buttons to fieldset causes "too much recursion" error
  121. [FIXED-715][3.x/2.x]Date.createParser() should not create case-insensitive parseRegex
  122. [OPEN-718] Ext.Button.purgeListeners() doesn't clear handler config
  123. [CLOSED] Window & Combo Box issue (Firefox & IE)
  124. [INFOREQ] Extjs3.1.1 treegrid have problems in IE
  125. [CLOSED] ??Ext.PagingToolbar
  126. [CLOSED] bug in TreeNode insertBefore method
  127. [DUPE] this.setSize(undefined ... > this.addUnits(NaN ...
  128. [FIXED-719] Ext.store.groupBy('field') not firing 'groupchange' event
  129. [CLOSED][3.2 SVN] Tree Redorder Bug
  130. [FIXED-720][3.2-Beta] Animated DataView Example
  131. [CLOSED-721] Property Grid Bug? Source and Store not in sync
  132. [FIXED] FormPanel in a non active TabPanel: bad displacement
  133. [DUPE-712][3.2-beta] Expanded south-region destroys layout
  134. [FIXED-722][3.2.x] IE 6 fails in standards mode for the dynamc form example
  135. [INFOREQ] Ext.History bug
  136. [CLOSED]combo icon one pixel too low IE8 compatibiltity view
  137. [FIXED-725] AbstractSelectionModel destroy bug
  138. [FIXED-723] RowEditor field editor widths
  139. [CLOSED]'parentNode is null or not an object' when destroy formPanel in IE7
  140. [OPEN-724] 2 disabled grids in TabPanel with border layout renders incorrectly
  141. [OPEN-726] Row editor bugs
  142. [CLOSED][Ext 3.2 beta] Menu Scroll Buttons Missing
  143. [CLOSED][3.x] .x-grid-editor missing from css.
  144. [CLOSED]Error using nested and non-homogeneous JSON
  145. [CLOSED][3.0.2] hideMode: "visibility" - needs positioning in IE
  146. [FIXED-728][3.2 beta]Remote Sort not working on Grouping Store
  147. [OPEN-729]Row editor broken after grid metachange!
  148. [OPEN-730][3.1.1]Ext.form.Field and ff 3.6
  149. [CLOSED][3.1.1+] Initial rendering of bottom toolbar within a window
  150. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor Error on Destroy
  151. [FIXED-731][3.2-beta] TextField misalignment in CompositeField
  152. [CLOSED][3.1.1.] ComboBox in Chrome
  153. [DUPE] AsyncTreeNode.reload() error in Ext 3.1.2
  154. [OPEN-733] failureType undefined if JSON response does not contain errors object
  155. [CLOSED][3.1.1] ArrayStore fields problem.
  156. [CLOSED]Toolbar - unable to open menu in SplitButton (FF3.6), even in Toolbar example
  157. [FIXED-735] Wrong Disabled Refresh Button on a disabled paging toolbar
  158. [FIXED-739] Listview column resize + problem?
  159. [FIXED-736][3.1.2] Group Summary and Column Resize fails
  160. [CLOSED][3.2-beta] Datfield validation bug
  161. [OPEN-743][3.1.2] TabPanel not destroyed when enableTabScroll is true
  162. [OPEN-738][3.1.1] Ext.LoadMask wrong masking
  163. [DUPE][3.2-beta] Bug in Multiple Sorting
  164. [FIXED-740][3.x] Button loses anchoring after setText
  165. [DEFER-751] Toolbar overflow and click event
  166. [DUPE-730] Textfield content displaced in FF3.6
  167. [OPEN-746] Menu selection has a gap on the top in IE7
  168. [CLOSED] Dateparse error for french translation
  169. [FIXED-748][3.2 Beta] Slider Initial Value not honored
  170. [CLOSED][3.2-beta]yui-charts
  171. [CLOSED][3.1.1] Feature Inconsistency - TabPanel title
  172. [CLOSED] Bug in the ExtJS Samples
  173. [CLOSED][3.2-beta]panel:width (auto)
  174. [CLOSED] 3.1.1 Bug? Undocumented Ext.data.JsonReader dependency
  175. [FIXED-749] _BR and _PT Translations
  176. [OPEN-764]ed is null (ed.completeEdit) for Editor grid and Tabbing
  177. [OPEN-750] TreeFilter. Needs to have "experimental" status removed...
  178. [CLOSED] Composite field in a hidden tab with defferedrender enabled
  179. [FIXED-752] WebKit browsers - invalid DateField in EditorGrid has black border
  180. [STALE-754] 3.1.1 - XmlStore bug w/ attribute-based ID
  181. [FIXED-756][3.2.x] Image file is missing for the gray theme
  182. [CLOSED-755] Ext.Slider setDisabled issues
  183. [CLOSED] Potential bug: "
  184. [FIXED-757] Read Only Ext.ux.form.MultiSelect
  185. [OPEN-766][3.2-beta] DataViewTransition doesn't support empty store
  186. [INFOREQ][3.1.1] obj.hasOwnProperty bugging in IE
  187. [OPEN-759][3.2beta]Ext.ux.form.ItemSelector is still missing setValue method!
  188. [CLOSED]Grid is not destroyed properly if in TabPanel
  189. [FIXED-760][3.2-beta]beautifying code: Animated Multisort DataView Example
  190. [DUPE] Combobox list value render back window with form after POST data
  191. [CLOSED][3.2-beta]Ext.form.Field -> blur-event not always firing
  192. [FIXED-761] Tabstrip resize error when no tabs
  193. [FIXED-762][3.2 beta]Composite Field top alignment in IE6
  194. [CLOSED][3.1.1] Odd shadow on combo box's dropdown list in IE7
  195. [INFOREQ] .x-form-text
  196. [OPEN-765][3.1.2]HtmlEditor FF3.6 Tab character failure
  197. [CLOSED]Nested forms dont render correctly in FF
  198. [FIXED-768] 3.2 GroupingStore regression
  199. [CLOSED] ie6 bug getAttribute href on images returns src attribute
  200. [FIXED-769][3.1.2] Grid CheckboxSelectionModel Focus Issue
  201. [OPEN-770] vbox layout with collapsible items
  202. [STALE-772] ext.history bug inside IE when using viewport?
  203. [FIXED-773][3.2.0-6355] CompositeField on hidden panel
  204. [CLOSED-774] FormPanel content does not care about fbar?
  205. [CLOSED]GridFilters is broken
  206. [OPEN-777][3.2 RC1] Themes example bugs
  207. [FIXED-778][3.2 rc1]CompositeField Hidden Layout
  208. [FIXED-776][3.2 rc1]CompositeField First Field Width in IE7
  209. [CLOSED] 3.2RC1: vbox layout inside cardlayout issue
  210. [FIXED-779] Bugs in treegrid.html and related js
  211. [OPEN-783] Organizer Example Scrolling in 3.1.1 & 3.2
  212. [CLOSED] 3.1.1 - Datefield Side Validation Doesn't Show Up
  213. [CLOSED]Bugs from 3.0.0 to 3.1.1: Toolbar does not size automatically.
  214. [FIXED-781]Columns in columns menu visible but shoudn't
  215. [OPEN-784] Textfield Side Validation for absolutely positioned fields
  216. [FIXED-786][3.2-beta]Ext.data.Store -> multiSort
  217. ext-core.jsb2 not real JSON
  218. [FIXED-785] GridPanel is not rendered if store modifed from another tab
  219. [CLOSED][3.1.1] GridPanel - selectRow, focusRow
  220. [FIXED-787] Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu 3.1.2
  221. [CLOSED-788] Pie chart tooltip partially hidden
  222. [FIXED-789][3.2 rc1] IE - disabled radio button in RadioGroup
  223. [FIXED-797][3.x] scope error in Ext.util.Event.findListener
  224. [CLOSED] Form API with ExtDirect
  225. [DUPE-689] 3.2RC1: GroupTab deactivate event doesn't fire for different group
  226. [FIXED-792] SliderField displays initial value incorrectly
  227. [CLOSED]ExtJs bug IE infinite-time Load
  228. [OPEN-793] Initial disabled mask does not expand when panel is sized by layout
  229. [CLOSED] Composite field with deferredRender does not work on IE
  230. [FIXED-794] CompositeField is missing clearInvalid
  231. [CLOSED][3.2RC1] Grid
  232. [INFOREQ] Bug in docs for HttpProxy api Config Options?
  233. [OPEN-795] Ext.Ajax.request Not Returning Transaction Number
  234. [DUPE]clearSelections() missing behavior for grid's CheckboxSelectionModel
  235. [INFOREQ]3.1.1: layout: 'toolbar' vs explicit new Ext.layout.ToolbarLayout
  236. [FIXED-796]Store mutates passed params object
  237. [CLOSED]3.1.x branch ComboBox.js initList()
  238. [FIXED-798] Huge slowdown in Konqueror; have patch
  239. [OPEN-799][3.2.rc-6407] Fileuploadfield not rendering correctly
  240. [CLOSED-800][3.2.rc-6407] ButtonGroup border
  241. [FIXED-801] Click on slider bar-no response
  242. [FIXED-802] Slider changecomplete missing thumb argument
  243. [OPEN-805] ItemSelector not rendered tabpanel when tabpanel.deferredRender=false
  244. [OPEN-1059] JS error on IE7 / iFrames
  245. [OPEN-806] Incorect Panel height based on <Div> size (Ext 3.x)
  246. [CLOSED] Mouse wheel does not work in locked grid columns
  247. [INFOREQ] Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters CSS causing IE DateField whitespace
  248. [OPEN-807] Table layout bug
  249. [OPEN-808] Toolbar buttons in overflow donīt get destroyed
  250. [FIXED-809][3.1+] store.remove(array)