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  1. [FIXED][3.1] Accordion layout wrong behavior in SVN 5860
  2. [DUP][3.??] radiogroup with names like "form[radio]" creates an error
  3. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Editor hides the cursor on the last characters when direction:rtl
  4. [UNKNOWN][3.1] IE7/IE 8 Window with form scroll issue
  5. [CLOSED][3.??] Container.insert(index,comp) rendering issue
  6. [UNKNOWN][3.1] css for right/center-aligned cols same as left-aligned cols
  7. [FIXED-129][Ext 3.0.3] Form upload: hidden iframe not hidden in FF
  8. [FIXED-494][3.1] context menu positioning and sizing
  9. [CLOSED][3.??] Issue in Display Field
  10. [FIXED-128][3.1] Ext.lib.Event.onAvailable fires twice
  11. [FIXED-414][3.1] Bug with hidden button ?
  12. [UNKNOWN][3.??] CheckboxGroup.isDirty() always returns true for RadioGroup!
  13. [UNKNOWN][3.1] grid editor steals focus from other fields
  14. [UNKNOWN][3.??] ux/SelectBox fires select event twice
  15. [CLOSED][3.1] Panel Inside Toolbar Fails to Render With Border False
  16. [DUPE][3.??] setActiveGroup in GroupTabPanel Bug
  17. [UNKNOWN][3.1] border layout in tabpanel issue
  18. [FIXED-473][3.1] Remove ExtJs 2 dependency from documentation browser
  19. [CLOSED][3.1 svn 5864] ComboBox/TriggerField Editable Config Problem
  20. [CLOSED][3.x] Ext.form.ComboBox -> lazyInit and store.filter()
  21. [FIXED-423][3.1r5850] Can't tab to next row on EditorGrid
  22. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Disabled buttons receive focus in Firefox
  23. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Quicktips display extra horizontal line/border above text in IE7
  24. [FIXED-5865][3.1] TreeGrid with enableHDMenu:false option.
  25. [FIXED-492][3.1] GridFilter breaks when state is applied
  26. [FIXED-532][3.1] Problem loading values into store
  27. [CLOSED][3.??] Panel Buttons Left Justified
  28. [CLOSED][3.??] 'parentNode is null or not an object' when closing dialog window
  29. [INFOREQ][3.??] numberfield allow negative bug
  30. [CLOSED-439][3.??] Window Size & baseCls: 'x-plain'
  31. [INFOREQ][3.??] Click event in data grid fails when horizontal scrollbars are present
  32. [FIXED-412][3.x]Slider.onResize method doesn't call superclass.onResize
  33. [CLOSED][3.??] getViewSize incorrect when parent element has style="width:x%"
  34. [CLOSED][3.??] TreeGrid setRootNode method throw "Unknown runtime error" in IE8
  35. [FIXED-415][3.??] (Webkit) Month selection in datepicker fails (includ. gridfilters)
  36. [FIXED-438][3.1] Error when resizing a window with enableTabScroll
  37. [CLOSED][3.??] property "errorReader" is bug?
  38. [FIXED-413][3.1] Combo.js in recent SVN
  39. [DUP][3.??] Error when closing window with tabs
  40. [FIXED-427][3.??] MessageBox background color has 2 shades of blue
  41. [FIXED-424][3.??] Panel with 'hbox' layout does not render in Ext.menu.Menu
  42. [FIXED-433][3.1.1-beta] Cannot collapse row when grouping by field with GroupingView
  43. [INFOREQ][3.??] GridFilters Plugin updateColumnHeading broken in SVN
  44. [DUP][3.??] active tabs missing left and right sides
  45. [FIXED-431][3.??] Ext.Panel does not use buttonAlign
  46. [OPEN-432][3.??] Issue with Ext.data.DataReader realize method
  47. [FIXED-433][3.1.1-beta] Grid cannot be re-grouped once clearGrouping() is called
  48. [INFOREQ][3.x] Radio does not fire check event
  49. [PENDING][3.??] What is stoppedMouseDownEvent ?
  50. [FIXED-737][2.2 - 3.1] Ext example Advanced VType validation bug and solution
  51. ExtJS 3.1.1 Release Candidate
  52. [FIXED-434][3.1.1-beta] ArrayReader ignores successProperty value
  53. [FIXED-446][3.1.1-BETA]Initially collapsed Panels dont lay out properly on 1st expand
  54. [CLOSED][3.0.3] ISO 8601 Date format doesn't understand short timezone
  55. [CLOSED][3.1.1-beta] DataView layout problem with remote store
  56. [PENDING][3.1.1-beta] Bugs found with SVN 5899
  57. [FIXED-445][3.1] Firefox/Document mousedown event bug
  58. [FIXED-444][3.1.1-beta] renderAll function is missing
  59. [FIXED-437][3.1] removeListener('unload') fails
  60. [CLOSED][3.??] ComboBox in Toolbar Menu IE8
  61. [FIXED-441][3.1.1-beta]Grid's Columns submenu looping layout calling
  62. [FIXED-442][3.1.1-beta]Toolbar overflow doesn't work
  63. [FIXED-651] Error when grouping using GroupingView and hideGroupedColumn
  64. [CLOSED][3.1] TreePanel and Window Prevents DD
  65. [DUPE-452][3.x] Ext.menu.Menu hide event fires after the destroy event
  66. [FIXED-453][3.??] QTips are shown behind loadMasks
  67. [FIXED-455][3.1] Tabpanel throws js error on tab-edge click
  68. [FIXED-456][3.1] TreeLoader should abort any existing connection on destroy
  69. [FIXED-458][3.1] CompositeElementLite.each() breaking does not work
  70. [FIXED-459][3.??] CycleButton setActiveItem bug
  71. [FIXED-463][3.0.2] Minor HtmlEditor layout bugs
  72. [SOLVED] Grid-Error when double-clicking a row - this.getRow(row) undefined
  73. [CLOSED-460][3.1] "Ref:" config option not working
  74. [CLOSED][3.??] TabPanel border missing in Firefox (only on localhost)
  75. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.1.1] Ext.ux.ProgressBarPager example broken
  76. [CLOSED][3.1] Conflict between ux.RowEditor and Saki's ux.RowActions
  77. [FIXED-470][3.1] Tbar & tbfill
  78. [CLOSED][3.1.1] The afterlayout event is gone
  79. [STALE-462][3.1] XmlWriter render bug
  80. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.form.TextField -> enableKeyEvents
  81. [CLOSED-465][3.1] CheckboxSelectionModel with checkOnly:true in destroys focus
  82. [FIXED-467][3.??] Desktop Example - black menu separator too wide in Firefox
  83. [CLOSED][3.1] ItemSelector Sample Bug...
  84. [CLOSED][3.1/3.1.1-beta] readOnly in Comboboxes wrong rendering
  85. [CLOSED][3.1.1 beta] Stack Overflow Bug
  86. [FIXED-476][3.1r5800+] TreeNode insertBefore Broken for new nodes
  87. [DUP-468][3.1] TreeEventModel hotfix missing.
  88. [DEFER-469][3.x/2.x] GridPanel's (and/or TreeGridPanel) click handlers stop the event
  89. [FIXED-471][3.x] Forms & Firefox 3.6
  90. [FIXED-486][3.1] region in inactive tabs hidden on resize after upgrade from 3.0.3
  91. [CLOSED][3.1] DomHelper.append fails in IE7
  92. [FIXED-479][3.1svn5939] BorderLayout initially collapsed region bug
  93. [CLOSED][3.1.1-beta] Panel's 'resize' event fails to fire
  94. [OPEN-491][3.1] IE7 window drag performance
  95. [FIXED-472][3.1] Element isVisible "deep" check fails to fully check all ancestors
  96. [FIXED][3.1.1-beta] "Ref not working for child panels..." reintroduced
  97. [CLOSED][3.1] RowEditor error msgs not updated while typing
  98. [CLOSED][3.1] hidden field does not get posted if it is the first form field
  99. [OPEN-474][3.1] CSS.cacheStyleSheet bug
  100. [DUPE-477][3.1] allowBlank doesn't work to combobox when defaults is set.
  101. [CLOSED-478][3.1] Ext.Store Direct update not sending data
  102. [CLOSED-480][3.1] Spinner Broken
  103. [INFOREQ][3.1] Form's afterrender event does not consider child elements on Safari
  104. [OPEN-485][3.1r5940] RowEditor causes horizontal scrollbar to appear under IE 6
  105. [CLOSED][3.1svn] RowEditor appears blank if bufferResize is set to false
  106. [FIXED-481][3.1] vbox Layout with Forms - Opera 10.10
  107. [FIXED-483][r5938 and older] Buttons width is different on firefox/webkit/ie
  108. [CLOSED][3.1] Portal Drag and Drop
  109. [FIXED-487][3.1.1-beta] Advanced statusbar example is failing
  110. [STALE-490][3.1] Ext.data.store.baseParams cannot be posted to server
  111. [STALE-493][3.1] TreeEditor issue
  112. [CLOSED-488][3.1] LockingGridView doesn't refresh properly when a record is deleted
  113. [CLOSED-804] Script error on IE on cmp.removeAll()
  114. [INFOREQ][3.1] tree drag drop doesnt allow "below" last expanded node
  115. [STALE-495][3.1] Ext.dd.DragDropMgr fires handleMouseUp too early in IE8
  116. [FIXED-496][3.1] RowEditor showTooltip bug when last column is hidden
  117. [CLOSED-498][3.0] IE7: no event gets fired for a disabled BoxComponent
  118. [FIXED-499][3.??] CSS Problem with Resizable el inside of Window
  119. [OPEN-501] Combobox filter
  120. [CLOSED][3.1.1] GridFilter lost reference in paging grid
  121. [OPEN-711] Bug with using PropertyGrid and a Drag & Drop Element
  122. [PENDING][3.1] "write" event of Ext.data.store length of rs is always 0
  123. [CLOSED][3.0]Permission denied to access property 'nodeType' from non-chrome context
  124. [CLOSED][3.??] Samples & Demos not working property
  125. [FIXED-507][3.1] SlidingPager plugin bugs
  126. [CLOSED][3.1] Window, minHeight or minWidth on IE
  127. [CLOSED][3.1] GroupTab UI incorrect behavior (All browsers)
  128. [FIXED-505][3.1.1-beta] Grid/Combo keyboard navigation bug
  129. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.1] - Ext.Panel - event "resize" missing parameters
  130. [FIXED-506][3.x] Translation problems!
  131. [FIXED-510][3.1.1-rc] FormPanel with "id" named item
  132. [FIXED-511][3.1] Closing a tab with menu open causes dom error
  133. [CLOSED][3.1] checkboxgroup in tabpanel
  134. [FIXED-514][3.1] Grid does not clean up editors
  135. [FIXED-515][3.1.1 rc] Ext.Toolbar#enableOverflow (patch)
  136. [CLOSED][3.x] Bug in panel's removeAll(), add() and/or destroy()?
  137. [FIXED-516][3.1] EXT Desktop in IE7/IE8
  138. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.getScrollBarWidth returns wrong width
  139. [CLOSED][CORE-3.1] LightBox dblclick show image but also fades out mask
  140. [CLOSED][3.??] Grid Cells not aligned
  141. [DUPE][3.1] Weird bug related to EditorGridPanel involving ComboBox on IE7
  142. [CLOSED-517] History (Titles)
  143. [CLOSED][3.1.1-beta] Tab Panel is not working
  144. [CLOSED][3.1/3.1.1-rc] Errors in Grid Samples (Grouping with Remote Summary)
  145. [DUPE-519][3.1] HTMLEditor setReadOnly() toolbar disable toggle is backwards
  146. [OPEN-520][3.1.1-rc/3.1.x]Charts not refreshing in IE6 after portlet drag-drop
  147. [CLOSED][3.1]card layout: formreset deletes original value from new cards
  148. [CLOSED-521][3.1.1-rc] TriggerField as editor of an EditorGridPanel
  149. [DUPE-522] readOnly for TriggerField as editor of an EditorGridPanel
  150. [OPEN-523][3.1] Not able to enter text with FF and HTML Editor
  151. [FIXED-524][3.1.1-rc] EditorGrid field blur bug
  152. [CLOSED][3.??] tbar w/ tbfill does not adjust when resized
  153. [CLOSED][3.1] Errors in ItemSelector demo
  154. [FIXED-525] Combo submits wrong value, if displayField has same entries
  155. [INFOREQ][3.1] Problems within window beforeunload event within Chrome
  156. [FIXED][3.??]Overflow toolbar example is broken
  157. [STALE-526] DirectProxy load event not getting called
  158. [DUPE][3.1] Fields with id or name of "id" cause unload error
  159. [CLOSED][3.1] setVisible wierd behavior
  160. [FIXED-527][3.1] boxLabel is fixed to 22 by default css
  161. [CLOSED][3.1] Non-sortable columns have an sortable css
  162. [CLOSED][3.1] Error Yahoo adapter not all plugins load
  163. [OPEN] [CLOSED-528][3.??] TreeEditor problem wih TreeGrid (editor field does not populate)
  164. [FIXED-529][3.1] GridPanel calles view.layout twice.
  165. [CLOSED-530] HTML Editor and IE 6 onblur issue
  166. [DUPE][3.1.?] SelectBox double Select event
  167. [CLOSED-550][3.1.x/3.2.x] Multi-row tabbing with IE 8 is broken due to css change
  168. [CLOSED][3.1] Ext.data.DataReader "Update" method
  169. [FIXED-535][3.1.1-rc] TreeGrid leaf icons not being displayed, fix included.
  170. [FIXED-533] form.reset() doesn't restore the Checkboxgroup last loaded value
  171. [CLOSED][3.1] Flash Chart produces error on Refresh
  172. [CLOSED][3.1] Tabs set to bottom don't render properly
  173. [OPEN-534] MultiSelect problems
  174. [CLOSED][3.1] Spinner images are missing
  175. [CLOSED][DUP][3.1] TreeGrid leaf nodes do not show icon
  176. [FIXED-536] Chart update SWF update
  177. [CLOSED][DUP][3.1.1-rc] Chart refresh fails when not visible (in inactive tab)
  178. [CLOSED-531] FormPanel fields jump when collapsing panel
  179. [CLOSED][3.1.0] TreePanel hover and selected marks aren't completed
  180. [FIXED-537][3.1.1-rc] fix unterminated statements (patch included)
  181. [FIXED-539] fix variable name (using JS keyword as name) (patch included)
  182. [OPEN-538] fix inconsistent return points (patch included)
  183. [FIXED-540][3.1.1-rc] TreePanel DnD reordering places dropped item at bottom of tree
  184. [CLOSED][3.x/2.3.0]TabPanel not rendering to DIV after removeAll / if items empty
  185. [FIXED-541][3.1.1 r6013] layoutOnCardChange/layoutOnTabChange now forced to true
  186. [CLOSED][3.1] TabPanel with an item that has borderlayout bug
  187. [CLOSED-542][3.1] xtheme-gray.css Path Typo
  188. [FIXED-543][3.1.1] Window collapse bug - Firefox
  189. [FIXED-545][3.1.1] Web Desktop resizing
  190. [FIXED-544][3.1/3.1.1] Display-error when selecting row in Chrome/Air
  191. [FIXED-547][3.1.1] ColumnModel#setConfig() -> this.config[i].destroy not a function
  192. [FIXED-546][3.1.1] Can't use a single instance of an editor field in EditorGridPanel
  193. [CLOSED-548] Ext.form.Checkbox
  194. [OPEN-551] XMLReader reports JsonReader error
  195. [FIXED-188][3.1.1] Undocumented annoyances Ext.data.Field (3.0 -> 3.1.1)
  196. [CLOSED][3.x] Ext.Action has a weird implementation
  197. [CLOSED][3.1.1] TabScrolling does not work with buttongroup
  198. [OPEN-552][3.1.1] Ext.DomQuery.isXml is undefined in Adobe AIR
  199. [OPEN-553][3.1.1] uniqueID not found
  200. [FIXED-554] Combo box list appears in background
  201. [CLOSED] Grid Autosize issue
  202. [FIXED-556] Bug in TreeNode.removeChild
  203. [DUPE-355]DirectProxy.onWrite ignores successProperty
  204. [STALE-557] Close window with ESC & contextmenu
  205. [OPEN-559] Bug with group tab panel, when using it inside regular tab panel
  206. [FIXED-566] Grouptab Example joint
  207. [FIXED-558] LockingGridView breaks if no unlocked columns exist
  208. [DUPE-482] TreeNode width not resized with horizontal scrollbar
  209. [FIXED-560] menu doesn't respect MaxHeight if enablingScrolling :true
  210. [DUPE-1413] DataProxy Exception - JsonReader - Possible Inconsistency
  211. [FIXED-561] TreePanel animation bug using jQuery v1.4.1
  212. [FIXED-202] A new bug with the form HtmlEditor
  213. [CLOSED-540][DUP] TreeNode insertBefore bug
  214. [CLOSED-562] Ext.form.HtmlEditor text-color doesn't work in firefox (3.6)
  215. [CLOSED-563] contextmenu and e.stopEvent under FF 3.6 on Intel Mac
  216. [CLOSED-568] Some TextArea 'cls' and 'disabledClass' CSS don't override defaults
  217. [CLOSED][3.1.1] TabPanel#tabPosition: 'bottom' broken
  218. [FIXED-569]TriggerField-images (design issue)
  219. [OPEN] [CLOSED-570] Ext.form.ComboBox hiddenValue not submited
  220. [CLOSED]Template corrupt in FF3.6 using EXT 3.1.1
  221. [CLOSED][3.1.1] CheckboxSelectionModel loses its listeners
  222. [CLOSED-574] Bug with Toolbars in Firefox 3.6
  223. [DUPE-545] Taskbar doesn´t resize anymore
  224. [OPEN-575] roweditor: column-drag-drop, resize problems
  225. [FIXED-577][3.1.1] Form column/anchoring failing with IE 8
  226. [FIXED-578] TreeGrid sorting does not work at all in IE
  227. [CLOSED]standartSubmit example bug
  228. [FIXED-579] Comment line leads to IE7 error
  229. [OPEN-580] Editor Grid cell editting quirks in IE & Chrome
  230. [DUPE-188]DataField type not constant
  231. [DUPE-575] RowEditor Bugs
  232. [DUPE-540] Tree reordering: the item is always appended the end instead of insertion
  233. [CLOSED-568] TreeGrid vertical scroll bar problem when use it in ViewPort
  234. [CLOSED-585] Column renderer is firing twice
  235. [FIXED-587] Tab panel inside a form, mark invalid are in incorrect position
  236. [CLOSED] TreeNodeUI addClass()
  237. [INFOREQ] ExtJs 3.1.1 setVisible fieldset
  238. [OPEN-588] PropertyGrid not really sorting
  239. [FIXED-594] Window#anchorTo does not align
  240. [FIXED-589] Readonly combobox does not size correctly
  241. [CLOSED-590] ComboBox list dropdown behavior in Firefox
  242. [OPEN-1243] grid.GroupingView rowupdated event with 1 row
  243. [FIXED-591] Deleting of the selected tree nodes (MultiSelectionModel) causes Error
  244. [CLOSED-592] FileUploadField (or TextField) in unrendered tbar
  245. [OPEN-593] horizontal scroll bar disappear if the autoHeight is true in the grid
  246. [STALE-595] default value for ComboBox
  247. [FIXED-596] Spinner field misses every second click in IE
  248. [OPEN-597] Spinner field: Drag does not work in window
  249. [FIXED-600] 'unloadListeners' is null or not an object
  250. [FIXED-602] Basic Toolbar (Updated) example combofield not working