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  1. [UNKNOWN]Endless re-layout on FF with none-default zoom level
  2. [UNKNOWN]FileUploadField buttonOnly with iconCls
  3. [FIXED-288][3.0.0] Bug emptyGroupText ?
  4. [FIXED-685][3.0.0] basicForm.updateRecord bug with radioGroup field
  5. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] Border Layout resizing issue
  6. [FIXED][3.0.x] Bad Reference to GMapPanel.js
  7. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] Checkbox boxLabel not wrapping in Fx3.5
  8. [UNKNOWN]Extjs script on page load falls into infinite loop
  9. [FIXED-287]Encoding a form in Chrome fails
  10. [FIXED-285]Incorrect rendering of radioGroup when placed on Toolbar in IE8
  11. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] Spinner fireEvents with wrong paramaters
  12. [FIXED-347]DatePicker popup width incorrect in Webkit
  13. [INFOREQ]JavaScript Error in JsonReader.readRecords
  14. [FIXED-301]Layout region expand
  15. [FIXED-150][3.0.2] DirectProxy forces use of reader.meta.root
  16. [CLOSED][3.??] HtmlEditor with readOnly:true
  17. [CLOSED]syncShadow()
  18. [FIXED-325][3.0.2] Ext.lib.Ajax - timeout not cleared for aborted requests
  19. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] Ext.data.Store, crippled CRUD functionality
  20. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] ListView with many columns problem
  21. [UNKNOWN]Overlay does not cover the entire document
  22. [FIXED-290]reconfigure() regularly crashes
  23. [FIXED-294][2.x/3.x] BorderLayout Region does not clean up its elements on destroy
  24. [FIXED-292]TreeNodeUi is lost with selection in newly loaded tree data
  25. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Ux.CenterLayout Exposes MonitorResize Bugs
  26. [FIXED-450][3.x] hidden errorIcon causes scrollbar
  27. [CLOSED][3.0.x/2.2.x] the bug of Ext.Template.prototype.compile
  28. [UNKNOWN][3.0.x] HtmlEditor aligns all text instead of selected text in IE
  29. [CLOSED][3.0] Dynamically change grid's SelectionModel
  30. [UNKNOWN][3.0.x] Clicking inside HtmlEditor doesn't collapse ComboBox
  31. [CLOSED][3.0.0]Ext.PagingToolbar.refresh() invalid
  32. [CLOSED]possible memory leak
  33. [FIXED][3.1] Remote groupby strange behaviour
  34. [CLOSED]CheckboxGroup/RadioGroup destroy error
  35. [FIXED-302]Window restore fails without tool
  36. [UNKNOWN]Row Editor Grid form field widths
  37. [FIXED]patches for minify-ready trunk code
  38. [FIXED-292]Problems with Tree at svn r5496
  39. [CLOSED][3.??] IE8 does strange things with arrays.
  40. [CLOSED][3.0.0] PagingToolbar overflow button fix for IE6
  41. [CLOSED]Ext.form.Checkbox.setValue() doesn't respect suspendEvents()
  42. [FIXED-324][3.0.x] Form with field that has a name of 'title' puts erroneous QuickTip
  43. [CLOSED]XmlReader always return success=true
  44. [UNKNOWN]DirectProxy fire load event twice
  45. [CLOSED][3.??] combo / accordion hover and click problems
  46. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Form with fileUpload:true don't target hidden iframe
  47. [UNKNOWN]Store and HttpProxy
  48. [CLOSED][3.x] Ext.data.Record.copy() does not autogenerate an ID
  49. [FIXED-355][3.0.2] DirectProxy - sucessProperty not considered by Reader/Writer
  50. [FIXED-314]Ext.Slider does not enforce increment and snapping if increment value is 1
  51. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] Ext.data.JsonReader error-prone - by design?
  52. [CLOSED]Ext.Msg.alert ERROR
  53. [INFOREQ][3.0.3] ListView - wrong computing of body-height when border is attached
  54. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] RowEditor in Chrome
  55. [CLOSED][3.0.0] RowEditor with EditorGridPanel
  56. [CLOSED][3.0.3 SVN] reload AsyncTreeNode broken
  57. [FIXED-313][3.0.1+] trackLabels:true ignores fields with hideLabel:true
  58. [FIXED-312][1.x,2.x,3.x] DomQuery quickDiff fails in IE
  59. [CLOSED][3.0.0]Examples using code-display.js broken
  60. [FIXED-322]Ext.form.HtmlEditor:insertAtCursor() behaviour, IE vs Firefox
  61. [UNKNOWN]isData expects native data, not data already extracted
  62. [CLOSED][ext-core-svn74] Ext.lib.Event.purgeElement causing error
  63. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Response returned from a submit using isUpload, lost the content type
  64. [CLOSED]TriggerField, chekTab method issue
  65. [FIXED-353][3.0.0] observeClass() removes listeners when called twice
  66. [FIXED-331][3.x] The a els in its tab strip items dont make it keyboard accessible.
  67. [CLOSED][3.0.2] DataReader realize/update issues
  68. [CLOSED]3 bugs: Adding aPanel to aTabPanel shows merged content of two Html files
  69. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] RemotingProvider - onData not sending callback if reading response failed
  70. [UNKNOWN]ColumnTree requires title
  71. [FIXED-331][3.0.3] Can't show new tab after last tab in tab panel is closed
  72. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] FUD regarding Ext.data.Store "write" event
  73. [CLOSED]TextArea in RowEditor
  74. [UNKNOWN][3.0svn/2.3] Blur event interferes with click event in Firefox
  75. [CLOSED][Rev: SVN 5531] Tooltip error on destroy
  76. [FIXED-584] Container.bubbleEvents should not be in Container
  77. [CLOSED]EditorGrid: field goes blank after editing
  78. [Fixed-345] svn 5123 and 5529 breaks SelectBox
  79. [FIXED-133,5936][3.x/2.x] IE Reports isChrome with ChromeFrame Plugin installed
  80. [CLOSED]resize event firing a bunch of times on show/hide when window animates
  81. [CLOSED]Xtheme gray errors in Ext 3
  82. [CLOSED][R5535] Error in GroupSummary while two grids are sharing same GropingStore
  83. [CLOSED]Accordion Layout Broken after 30sec
  84. [FIXED][3.??] ext-lang-zh_CN have some translation error and missing some tips
  85. [CLOSED]Web Desktop not workng in Opera
  86. [UNKNOWN]combo should render the list on expand.
  87. [FIXED-320]Disabled Tab Items still mouseover
  88. [CLOSED][3.0.3] panel collapse behavior breaks when clicking on collapsed panel
  89. [FIXED-343][3.x] RowEditor's Tooltip Override has global effects [ux-all]
  90. [FIXED-321]BUG in Element.getAlignToXY, code fix included
  91. [INFOREQ]FF3/Mac hover issue on treepanel
  92. [CLOSED]GridPanel id from JsonStore Record
  93. [UNKNOWN][2.x/3.x] NumberField allows symbols in IE8, Chrome, Opera, Safari
  94. [ExtJS 3, trunk rev.5561] Accordion layout + TreePanel bug
  95. [CLOSED][3.0] SetValue shows "valueField" instead of "displayField". mode "local".
  96. [FIXED-922] autoFill causes useless horizontal scrollbar
  97. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Ext.data.Store exception is type response
  98. [UNKNOWN]Chart bugs in IE
  99. [FIXED-276][3.??] DragTracker constructor
  100. [CLOSED-350]CheckboxGroup creates nested Panels instead of nested Containers.
  101. [FIXED-358][3.??] Ext.select disregards 'unique' argument
  102. [CLOSED]Ext.PagingToolbar getParams() Defined Twice
  103. [UNKNOWN]HTMLEditor loses content when in a collapsible panel
  104. [UNKNOWN]MessageBox handler hide the window automatically
  105. [UNKNOWN]Substitution of Ext.Each with loops
  106. [CLOSED]TreePanel throws exceptions when page is served as application/xhtml+xml
  107. [FIXED-958][2.2.1 - 3.0] Grid forceFit hide/show width problem
  108. [FIXED] svn 5565 / core 90 fails under IE 6
  109. [CLOSED][Ext Core 3.0] document events not working properly
  110. [CLOSED]removeAll from a panel with a table layout
  111. [FIXED-3.x svn 5569] Typo in Ext.toArray causes failure in IE
  112. [UNKNOWN]Revision 5572/96 breaks examples/view/list-view.html
  113. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] ListView Does Not Scroll
  114. [CLOSED]TabCloseMenu "right-click" context menu not appearing in Opera
  115. [CLOSED]EditorGridPanel - Pressing ESC during editing breaks further editing
  116. [CLOSED] Viewport destroy is leaving orphaned collapsed el
  117. [FIXED-466][3.1/3.1.1] DirectStore reader bug
  118. [FIXED][3.0.0] PagingMemoryProxy broken sort
  119. [CLOSED][3.0.0]Duplicate ext-base.js in dragdropzones.html
  120. [CLOSED]DataView ctrl/shift selection(s) is highlighting text
  121. [INFOREQ][3.0r5580] Ext.Direct fail with latest svn
  122. [CLOSED][EXTJS 3.0] Problem adding a previously deleted node in a tree
  123. [FIXED-333]GridPanel.reconfigure does not always reconfigure its View
  124. [FIXED-329]Changeset 5549 means fields always validate on blur
  125. [CLOSED-334][2.x/3.x] Ext.util.Format.nl2br and IE CR+LF
  126. [FIXED-448][2.1+,3.x] Ext.Panel.tools align config option
  127. [FIXED-387][3.x] Escape key close of Window must stop event
  128. [FIXED-390][3.0.1] DomQuery won't fetch class attribute from XML document
  129. [FIXED-388][3.0+] CheckItem fires beforecheckchange for initial value
  130. [FIXED-331]TabPanel's getTabEl will fail when the TabPanel is not in the document
  131. [FIXED][3.1.0 SVN] ext.jsb2 doesn't parse as JSON.
  132. [CLOSED][Bug?]Space to the right of all Tooltips
  133. [CLOSED][3.0 SVN 5587] ComboBox
  134. [CLOSED][3.??] Special characters not accepting in textbox
  135. [UNKNOWN][ALL]autoHeight/Width shifts window position on resize
  136. [UNKNOWN]searchField with baseParams bug
  137. [UNKNOWN][3.0+]Direct autoSave batch bufferDelay writer sumup
  138. [CLOSED] Can't tab to edit next row in EditorGridPanel with only one column
  139. [CLOSED][3.0] Template.from html href issue
  140. [UNKNOWN][v3.0.3] Mouse over/out the trigger of a trigger field gives js error
  141. [OPEN-332][3.0.3]HtmlEditor - clearing the editor leaves <br> tag
  142. [UNKNOWN][2.x/3.x] Ext.urlAppend and hash #
  143. [FIXED-336]Drag and Drop in Tree causes element leak
  144. [FIXED-339]The "activate" event fired though a Component when it is activated.
  145. [INFOREQ]FireFox 3.6b1 Error on Mac 10.6.1
  146. [CLOSED][3.??] Bug (and fix?) on RowEditor
  147. [FIXED-337][3.x] Ext.menu.MenuMgr undefined reference
  148. [FIXED-338][3.0.x SVN] GroupTabPanel is broken because of recent changes to TabPanel
  149. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Anchored form fields don't include label size
  150. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Bug with DateField width in Chrome
  151. [CLOSED]exception in firefox-3.5
  152. [CLOSED][3.??] Moving Ext window over iframe does not follow mouse
  153. [CLOSED]this.autoSizeTabs is not a function
  154. [FIXED-352][3.x] ArrayReader undefined reference
  155. [CLOSED][3.0.3] ComboBox doesn't support allowBlank false correctly
  156. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Panelfooter buttons render bad in IE
  157. [CLOSED][3.0.0] INFOREQ Context Menu/Menu and 2nd right click
  158. [CLOSED]BorderLayout SplitBar memory leak IE6/IE7
  159. [CLOSED][3.0.x SVN] Ext Combobox doesn't support regular HTML selection
  160. [CLOSED][3.SVN]TabPanel destroy (w/tabScroll)
  161. [FIXED-468][3.x] TreeEventModel body.mouseover
  162. [FIXED-340]adding listeners not always working
  163. [UNKNOWN]Ext.ToolTip with trackMouse:true only calculates the initial position correctly
  164. [FIXED-392][3.0.3] Ext.isIterable handles wrong empty IXMLDOMNodeList in IE
  165. [UNKNOWN]Ext.History doesnt work in IE when document.domain is set
  166. [FIXED-344][3.0.x r5611] addListeners breaks when element is not in the document
  167. [CLOSED]TabPanel - Error on new Tabs
  168. [FIXED] console.log line in AnchorLayout.js r5620
  169. [CLOSED] Combo changes value onBlur when selected record has "doppelgangers"
  170. [UNKNOWN]Partial border line -- scroll up and down
  171. [FIXED-349][3.0r5627] column resize in Ext.list.ListView broken
  172. [FIXED-348] CheckboxGroup destroy error
  173. [CLOSED][3.0.3] activeTab problem after removing last tab
  174. [CLOSED][3.0.1] Ext.lib.Ajax.request broken for Array jsonData. Breaks DirectStore
  175. [FIXED-354][3.0.3] checkboxgroup and radiogroup validation markers are not cleared
  176. [FIXED-451] collapsed checkboxgroup not getting proper validation error markers
  177. [FIXED-567] Scriptbreaker in ext-all-js?
  178. [CLOSED]PagingToolbar TotalRecords vs TotalProperty
  179. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Locale files broken
  180. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Ext.MessageBox for submitting forms
  181. [CLOSED][3.0.0] - tooltip flickers on mouseover
  182. [CLOSED][3.0r5629] TextField top border is missing in IE6
  183. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.DataView isnīt rendered with IE8
  184. [CLOSED][3.??] AccordionLayout does not utilize lazy rendering
  185. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Corrupt placeholder-bar
  186. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Adding items to a window then calling window.getUpdater().update()
  187. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] DateField - Firefox3/IE8 difference in behaviour
  188. [STALE-419] Combobox: rendering of the drop down area under IE
  189. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] BoxLayout bugs when align is 'middle' and flex is set
  190. [FIXED-360][3.0.x] Ext.tree.TreeEditor does not deinit properly
  191. [CLOSED][3.0r5636] form.getValues returns displayField
  192. [FIXED-386][3.??] Ext.Msg.alert() not using minWidth as documented
  193. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Possible layout bug (vbox)?
  194. [CLOSED][3.0r5636] form.HtmlEditor.setValue fails:
  195. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.form.HtmlEditor Bug when in collapsable panels
  196. [3.0.3] SpinnerField constructor fails with plugin array
  197. [INFOREQ][3.0.0] IE bug in EditorGridPanel with DateField when using ext-lang-fr.js
  198. [FIXED-361][3.0.3] Element.scroll not working without animate
  199. [FIXED-484][3.x] fitColumns in grid.GridView on a forceFit Grid
  200. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] PropertyGrid/setSource/focusCell timing issue
  201. [FIXED-732] Ext doesn't normalize IE's crazy HTTP status code 1223
  202. [FIXED-368][3.0.2] Toolbar overflow and hidden buttons showing up
  203. [CLOSED][3.0.3] - MessageBox width
  204. [UNKNOWN][3.x/2.x] translatePoints IE and chrome Error
  205. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Accidental global variable "sz"
  206. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] DataWriter doesn't use date format declared in DataReader
  207. [CLOSED][3.0.3] DataReader.realize expects all data sent to server to be returned
  208. [UNKNOWN]editor Grid panel and CheckboxGroup|radio group closes the editor mode
  209. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Ext.Element.scrollTo Top/Left interchanged
  210. [UNKNOWN]possible bug on toHash function during write
  211. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] small css bug in GroupTab.css
  212. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] ext-lang-ru.js is incorrect
  213. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Spinner proxy position problem
  214. [FIXED-1386] Ext.util.Format.plural - Choose plural if the value is 0
  215. [FIXED-428][3.??] ux.GridFilters and ColumnHeaderGroup issue and patch proposal
  216. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Child Panel within Framed Parent Panel has no border
  217. [3.0.3] BorderLayout in Webkit: nested TabPanel doesn't have the "collapse" button
  218. [CLOSED][3.0.3/2.1] Nested Accordion Layout
  219. [DEFER][3.0.x except 3.0.1] Ext JS SVN Core externals not branched
  220. [OPEN-679][3.x] Ext.form.NumberField sets value to "" instead of null
  221. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Small issue with extjs.com website
  222. [FIXED-425][3.0.3/3.1.1-beta] HtmlEditor readOnly: true under IE8 doesn't work
  223. [CLOSED][3.??] Ajax Form Submit is not encoding single/multi-select values
  224. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Autowidth calculation is broken
  225. [CLOSED][3.0.0] ComboBox select doesn't work in IE6
  226. [UNKNOWN][3.0] Highlight in HtmlEditor broken in Firefox
  227. [INFOREQ][3.x] Microsoft Office 2010 Engine uses a new useragent string
  228. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Various outstanding bugs (for the upcoming 3.1 release)
  229. [CLOSED]3.0.3 String.trim not x-browser
  230. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Ext.form.DateField is not fully i18n
  231. [FIXED][SVN Core 112] specialElCache
  232. [CLOSED][3.0r5761] removal of CompositeElement.invoke
  233. [UNKNOWN][3.0.3] Spotlight overlaps element in IE
  234. [FIXED-363][3.x] Complex layouts causing a Resize/Layout Storm
  235. [FIXED-564][3.0.3/3.1.1] Grid CSS - grid rows wrong height
  236. [CLOSED][2.2] Date.getGMTOffset() does wrong integer flooring for +09:30 timezone
  237. [FIXED-379][3.0.3/2.3.0] HtmlEditor make forms unusable within TabPanels and IE8
  238. [FIXED-369][3.x] getPositionEl in BoxComponent vs getDomPositionEl in Component
  239. [CLOSED][3.0.3] ext-lang-fr.js inexpected special character
  240. [CLOSED][3.0] Permission denied to get property HTMLDivElement.nodeType
  241. [STALE-364][3.0.x] Ext.form.Action.DirectSubmit problems
  242. [CLOSED][3.??] Date format bug: d/m/y
  243. [3.0.3] Interceptor for proxy.onWrite is called twice
  244. [CLOSED][3.0.3] Possible bug with empty TabPanel
  245. [CLOSED][3.??] Two buttons with one shared menu
  246. [FIXED-421][3.??] ComboBox fires its change event erroneously when inside a Window
  247. [CLOSED][3.0.3] TabPanel add tab bug
  248. [CLOSED][3.??] AutoWidth expanded in IE8
  249. [CLOSED][3.0.x]IE 6/7/8 Memory Leak sIEve in Component.onRender
  250. [DUPE-39][3.??] TriggerField in IE7, trigger image is shiffted