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  1. [CLOSED][3.0.0] the ext.menu.textitem display incorrect when set xtype?
  2. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Ext.grid.TemplateColumn - Artefact in constructor
  3. [CLOSED-164][3.0.x r5161] Closing a tab cleans up too much
  4. [FIXED-166][3.0.0] Grid+hiddencols+expander = wrong cell positions in Safari/Chrome
  5. [FIXED][3.0x] IE - Ext.History fails to do HTML encoding on the token
  6. [FIXED-167][3.0.x r5161] Combobox is not streched horizontally in vbox layout
  7. [OPEN] [CLOSED-309][3.??] HBoxLayout and VBoxLayout don't allow overflow
  8. [CLOSED][3.0.x r5172] Panel/Container autoHeight doesn't work when using hbox layout
  9. [FIXED-173][3.0.x r5174] params.jsonData is undefined in DirectProxy
  10. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0/2.2.1] Issue with dynamically created TreeNodes
  11. [CLOSED][3.0.0svn] Grid to Grid DD
  12. [FIXED-168][3.0.x r5161] Formpanel render error on Internet explorers
  13. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Windows 7 - File Path for file upload field
  14. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] DataView selection model not mac-friendly.
  15. [FIXED-266][3.0.0] Ext.ux.MultiSelect css/color issues
  16. [CLOSED][3.x/2.x] NumberField setValue decimalPrecision
  17. [FIXED-162][3.0] VBoxLayout scrollOffset
  18. [FIXED-161][3.0] CheckboxGroup getValue
  19. [CLOSED-169][3.0.0] The window position error when applyTo a nested div
  20. [FIXED-170][3.0.x r5161] Ext.data.Store: baseParams overwrite params
  21. [FIXED-172][3.0.0] TreeLoader Params Bug?
  22. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Bug? Encoded cookie value is sent with request.
  23. [CLOSED][3.0.0] window.animateTarget triggers issue with Combobox in Toolbar
  24. [FIXED-178][3.x/2.x] TextField#filterKeys() doesn't respect maskRe
  25. [OPEN-183][3.x SVN] xtheme-gray blue bits
  26. [FIXED-177][3.0.x svn] Column spacer for grid v-scroller hidden in IE7 strict mode
  27. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Scroll not manage by Grid Column DnD implementation
  28. [CLOSED][3.0.0] form submit not working ?
  29. [CLOSED-182][3.0.0] Grid Selection Model Events and enableDragDrop
  30. [FIXED-176][3.0.1] Ext.ux.Spinner.js broken ?
  31. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Html Editor in portal doesn't work
  32. [FIXED-175][3.0.0] setIconClass not rendering icon properly
  33. [OPEN-179][3.0.0] CSS3 Selector Parse Bug
  34. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Clicking anywhere in CheckColumnConfig column selects the checkbox.
  35. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Data Store doesn't fire load event
  36. [FIXED-198][3.??] TabPanel (CardLayout) ignores layoutOnTabChange
  37. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Element.getAttribute('href') in IE
  38. [OPEN-58][3.0+] JsonReader with array data
  39. [CLOSED][3.0rev5213] realize fails if record doesn't contain id as a field
  40. [UNKNOWN][3.x/2.x] Ext.util.CSS bombs when using @media
  41. [FIXED-192][3.0svn5175-5212] Examples HBox/VBox Layout broken with recent svn builds
  42. [CLOSED][3.0.1] Ext.Ajax.request causes firefox error when no entity returned
  43. [OPEN-197][3.0.0][svn:5208] this.swf.setDataprovider is not a function
  44. [FIXED-205][3.??] BufferView, method to manually buffer?
  45. [FIXED-193][3.0.0] RowEditor tooltip event listeners not removed
  46. [FIXED-195][3.0.0] ComboBox grid editor shows valueField instead of displayField
  47. [OPEN-199][3.0+] Ext is not XHTML compliant
  48. [CLOSED][3.??] Strange behavior in applyToMarkup() and events
  49. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] IE 6+ | FF2.0+ - Grid Behavior
  50. [FIXED-555] Fixed columns do not appear in column header menu
  51. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Selecting grid Combo item with Arrow+TAB causes grid to lose focus
  52. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Resizing of grid columns does not behave correctly
  53. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] EditorGrid Tab Key navigation with RowSelection Model
  54. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Safari 4: Bug in view/chooser.html
  55. [FIXED-208][3.0.0] TreePanel doesn't clean-up on IE6/Sieve
  56. [DEFER-717][2.x,3.x] Stack overflow in IE6/7 using prototype 1.6.1_rc3
  57. [CLOSED][3.0.1] Does not fix Grid vertical scroll down button
  58. [FIXED-207][3.0+] IE form with fileupload: true and smt like action in hidden input
  59. [CLOSED][3.0.1] the Ext.Panel.syncHeight cannot handle NaN on IE
  60. [CLOSED][3.0.1] Ext.data.Store.execute() method 'baseParams' issue
  61. [FIXED-206][3.0+] radioGroup value config doesn't set the value, but setValue() works
  62. [FIXED-204][3.0+] Source of Ext can't be included using PHP.
  63. [FIXED-201][2.x,3.x] email regexp
  64. [FIXED-258][2.x,3.x] CheckboxGroup id not used as element id
  65. [CLOSED][3.??] Error: Ext.fly(...) on IE 6+
  66. [CLOSED][3.??] Collapsed panel does not take margin into account
  67. [FIXED-198][3.0svn5235] Dynamically added TabPanels don't get rendered properly
  68. [DUP][CLOSED][3.x] TabPanel.getActiveTab() returns string for unrendered active tab
  69. [FIXED-216][3.x/2.x] Regression - Ext.num('') returns 0
  70. [FIXED-251][3.x] _getCacheIndex really inefficient
  71. [CLOSED][3.x] jQuery 1.3.2 adapter - Bug with DragZone
  72. [CLOSED][3.0.0] JsonReader doesn't check for error-response on 'create'
  73. [CLOSED][3.??]ComboBox with strings in ArrayStore and empty item issue...
  74. [FIXED-210][Ext 3.0.1] RowSelectionModel "rowselect" event fire for cells in same row
  75. [FIXED-198][svn r5258] CardLayout with deferredLayout gets no rendering
  76. [FIXED-211] FormLayout and trackLabels with a field with hidden:true still has labels
  77. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.??] several afterlayout and resize events instead of one
  78. [UNKNOWN][2.x/3.x] Some examples should be updated
  79. [OPEN] [FIXED-212][3.0.0] Text not localized
  80. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] Preconfigured Component Items Error
  81. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] suspendEvents() doesn't suspend events
  82. [OPEN] [FIXED-217][3.x] GroupSummary error on grid reconfigure
  83. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.1] Calling setValue(0) on ComboBox sets value to option with "" value
  84. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.1] Form Fields in Menus cursor position broken
  85. [FIXED-219][3.x] Checkbox getValue regression
  86. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.??] Xpath handling by Domquery has a bug
  87. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0svn5273] Strange behaviour: Form + Tabs
  88. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.1] ref propertie doesn't work in buttons propertie of panel
  89. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Problems with CompositeElement#highlight
  90. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] treeNode.appendChild works only when node is expanded
  91. [OPEN] [FIXED-119][3.0rev5273] fbar config is broken in SVN
  92. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.x SVN] trunk and 3.0.x have same deployDir
  93. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.1] issue with store baseParams
  94. [OPEN] [FIXED-255][3.x] buttonAlign center/right on IE
  95. [CLOSED][3.0.0] DirectStore fails silently with no params
  96. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] the jsonreader bug (this.getId()) when created by JsonStore.
  97. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.x SVN] Global variable declaration in Ext.data.Store
  98. [OPEN] [FIXED-222][3.x SVN] Error on removing hidden field from form
  99. [OPEN] [FIXED-221][3.0.0] scrollTo with animation
  100. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0svn5280] Panel's collapsible tool is never shown.
  101. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0]Store write event is not issued if operation not successful
  102. [OPEN] [FIXED-227][3.x SVN] Messagebox alert has additional buttons
  103. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] write event not fired on restful when create action is done
  104. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] serializeForm fails to urlencode values from multi-select fields
  105. [OPEN] [FIXED-129][2.x/3.x] Opera 10 upload form
  106. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] labelWidth + labelStyle bug?
  107. [OPEN] [FIXED-226][3.0r5286] "tabchange" event fired while TabPanel is destroyed
  108. [OPEN] [FIXED-235][3.0.1] XmlReader record lost node property
  109. [OPEN] [FIXED-235][3.0.1] XMLReader regression on pagination
  110. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] Default window button breaks Viewport
  111. [FIXED][3.0.0] Locale el-GR: incorrect date format
  112. [OPEN] [FIXED-227][3.0r5288] button.setText broken
  113. [OPEN] [FIXED-236][3.0r5293] Charts : prototype.chartStyle overrides user extraStyle
  114. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0svn] Ref config works incorrectly when used on toolbars in panels.
  115. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0r5294] delayed setTitle updates document.body.child
  116. [OPEN] [FIXED-265][3.0.0] TableLayout needs isValidParent implementation
  117. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] demo: "Binding Grid->Form" .. code-button inop
  118. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.??] Bug with ArrayReader and ID-Column
  119. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Editor Grid in a Window strange error when closing
  120. [OPEN] [FIXED-238][3.0r5279] Error in FormLayout.js when a window with a FieldSet is closed
  121. [OPEN] [OPEN] EXTJSIII-30 notifyDrop called in wrong ddGroup and/or multiple times
  122. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] Filter on MixedCollection Bug?
  123. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] ext.form.combobox
  124. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Msg.alert width problem after being called a few times
  125. [OPEN] [FIXED-237][3.x/2.x] tree.selectPath(tree.getRootNode().getPath()) doesn't select
  126. [OPEN] [FIXED-239][3.0r5286] several Ext.Direct bugs (Timeout, failure, actionfailed)
  127. [OPEN] [FIXED-234][svn r5315] Lots of problems with components that have itemId set
  128. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] CardLayout
  129. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.1] Combos render bugs
  130. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] Can't close or destroy window if resizable: false
  131. [OPEN] [FIXED-598][3.x/2.x] isSpecialKey() does not include the DELETE key
  132. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.Window hide() issue on IE
  133. [OPEN] [FIXED-243][3.0 SVN rev.5306] GroupingView.toggleRowIndex contains console.log
  134. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.1] I can't destroy() a RadioGroup!
  135. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] bug in IE8: closing dialog throws error
  136. [OPEN] [FIXED-241][3.0r5333] Ext.Button does not apply this.cls
  137. [OPEN] [CLOSED][2.2.1/3.0.1] BorderLayout.Region floatable doesn't handle browser resizing
  138. [FIXED-239][3.0.0] BorderLayout.Region floatable south panel closes itself in FF
  139. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] data: BLANK_IMAGE_URL Cause FF3.5 to report insecure site
  140. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.x/2.x] Modal windows don't take focus. MessageBox keyboard nav broken
  141. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.data.JsonReader.getJsonAccessor() throws a typeError
  142. [OPEN] [INFOREQ][3.0.1] Font rendering in FF3.5 on Ubuntu
  143. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.??] adding a duplicate record to a store fires add event
  144. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Spinner Field in Safari 4
  145. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Spotlight resize bug
  146. [OPEN] [FIXED-245][3.0.0] Ext.data.DirectProxy - Populating store fails
  147. [OPEN] [FIXED-264][2.x,3.x] Constrained drag within scrolling element
  148. [OPEN] [FIXED-244][3.x, 2.x] Ext.form.VTypes.url allows for text before https? or ftp
  149. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.2] console.log(Ext.version) returns "3.0.1"
  150. [OPEN] [FIXED-210][3.0.2] Tabbing to next row in editor grid does not deselect previous row
  151. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.x] Ext.isIE8=false when in compat mode + X-UA-Compatible is EmulateIE8
  152. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] Memory leak
  153. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] colorpalette.select() bug
  154. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] EXTJS Duplicates HTML Elements
  155. [OPEN] [OPEN-250] Bad RowEditor buttons positioning
  156. [OPEN] [FIXED-249][3.x] Adjusting min/max dates on a DatePicker before it's rendered
  157. [OPEN] [FIXED-248][3.0.x] ux.ProgressBarPager init
  158. [OPEN] [FIXED-263][3.x] Some non-fields submit values
  159. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.x/2.x] Unable to reset Record with new Object property
  160. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.x/2.x] Inconsistent end-of-line character in source files
  161. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] ItemSelector: wrong selection behavior
  162. [OPEN] [FIXED-252][3.0.x rev 5368] RowEditor buttons positioning problems
  163. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] CheckboxGroup is missing Container-methods
  164. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.x] Ext.Panel makes assumptions about what kind of Component its fbar is
  165. [OPEN] [FIXED-374][3.0.0] params passed to Ext.data.Store.load are skipped
  166. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.x/2.x] Several CSS/Event bugs in IE6/FF for one example
  167. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.2] Form CSS
  168. [OPEN] [CLOSED][DUP][3.0.0] Animate Target in Chrome
  169. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Sort field lost on ArrayStore when using inline data
  170. [OPEN] [FIXED-256][3.??] Ext.ToolTip.showAt needs to show anchor element
  171. [OPEN] [FIXED-259][3.0.0] GroupTabPanel in TabPanel
  172. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.x r5384] dialogs broken
  173. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Would "batch:nomunge" work instead of the eval?
  174. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] RowEditor.destroy() -> too much recursion
  175. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0r5386] Exception thrown while building Ext from svn
  176. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0r5386] Ext.tree.TreePanel + accordeon layout problems
  177. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] Zh_CN Locale file
  178. [OPEN] [OPEN-1092][3.??] nodeIndex property not supported in IE8 in DomqQuery
  179. [UNKNOWN][3.0+] IE8 Ext.History loop prev/current page
  180. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Odd IE CSS issue - Topbar hidden, position not updated
  181. [FIXED-267][3.0] Menu's plain config has no effect.
  182. [FIXED][3.0]FormLayout.renderItem injects the label too late
  183. [FIXED-326][3.0.0] email VType does not allow TLDs with > 4 characters
  184. [OPEN-418][3.0.0] el.ownerDocument.createRange() error in IE8
  185. [CLOSED][3.??] RowEditor.css combo looks ugly
  186. [FIXED-260][3.??] color menu flickers on IE8
  187. [UNKNOWN][3.x] Ext.isReady flag remains undefined if Ext.onReady is not used.
  188. [CLOSED][3.??] HttpProxy does not catch Exceptions thrown by JsonReader.readResponse
  189. [CLOSED][3.??] Chart Error with Date Axis
  190. [FIXED-261][3.x]CycleButton menu not drawn
  191. [UNKNOWN][3.x] Bouncing button text in IE
  192. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0] html config processed incorrectly in Component.render
  193. [CLOSED-513][3.x] PagingToolbar's displayMsg truncated incorrectly
  194. [CLOSED][3.0 svn 5413] Different behavior ViewPort
  195. [FIXED-269][3.x] EventManager Issue with Useragent in SrWare-Iron
  196. [FIXED-303][3.??] Expansion animation on collapsed Panel broken
  197. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] xtheme-gray.css fixes
  198. [CLOSED][3.??] Comportamiento extraño en el ext
  199. [UNKNOWN][3.x] ComboBox's list aligned with its wrap element instead of <input> el
  200. [CLOSED][DUP] Encoding bugs in Examples
  201. [CLOSED][3.0.0-3.x FF1.0+ | IE6+] Window : 'closeable: false' doesn't work
  202. [UNKNOWN][3.??] code-display.js - found an issue when I "fixed" column-tree.html
  203. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] Ext.tree.TreePanel.expandPath does not honor this.animate
  204. [CLOSED][3.??] Chart destroy
  205. [FIXED-274][3.??] Calling close() on a hidden window skips destruction?
  206. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2][FF 3.0.14]All Trigger buttons throw "Permission denied" in Firefox 3.0.14
  207. [OPEN-1010]Menu position bug when adding/removing items
  208. [FIXED-275]Bug/FR? WindowManager.register does not unregister, does not set manager
  209. [UNKNOWN][3.0.2] collapseMode "mini" and split "true" still render header bar
  210. [FIXED-279][3.0.x] Ext.Action and Ext.Toolbar.TextItem
  211. [CLOSED]Permission denied to...a non-chrome context
  212. [FIXED-308][3.??] Button always destroys menu
  213. [CLOSED]Window.show steals focus.
  214. [CLOSED]CSS Links in Ext 3.0.2 Build
  215. [CLOSED][3.0] Focusing cell in grid - performance degrades
  216. [CLOSED]Panel with collapsed:true don't propagate resize on childs when expanded
  217. [CLOSED]Tab panel example produces errors
  218. [FIXED-231][3.0 trunk] bug on lose focus on EditorGridPanel with GroupingView
  219. [CLOSED]Store's getById() doesn't work correct
  220. [FIXED-305][3.x] Ext.form.Radio alignment wrong when NOT in a RadioGroup
  221. [OPEN-307]Dynamic localization example is broken
  222. [FIXED-306]SplitButton bug?
  223. [FIXED-277][3.??] The button with custom size under IE6/IE7
  224. [CLOSED]Unhandled error using WebKit on Linux
  225. [CLOSED][EXT3+] jsbuilder2 encode is wrong
  226. [FIXED-281][Core 3.0.x] Observable suspend/resumeEvents
  227. [UNKNOWN]Fx.slideIn breaks positioning of the animated element
  228. [CLOSED]Large grid inside complex layout very slow in FF
  229. [UNKNOWN]getActiveTab() answers Integer
  230. [FIXED-282][3.0.2] GridFilter plugins: date filter choke on null date
  231. [CLOSED][3.??] LineChart logarithmic bug with zero
  232. [CLOSED]Piechart doesn't response backgroundColor
  233. [FIXED-286][3.x] GroupTabPanel's beforegroupchange event is fired/handled incorrectly
  234. [UNKNOWN]Seems to be a bug in the toolbar menu example...
  235. [CLOSED][3.x] Checkbox-/radio-group's underlying panel gets same ID
  236. [FIXED-398][3.1] Keyboard Navigation broken in TreePanel
  237. [FIXED-255][Ext 3.x] Form Buttons are not displayed correctly in Ext Portal
  238. [INFOREQ][3.0.0] Context Menu render bug / grid + renderTo
  239. [CLOSED][3.??] Byte-order marks inside ext-lang-*.js files
  240. [CLOSED]Mouseover on menu and multiple IE windows.
  241. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Child controls of a FormPanel not displaying for second show() call.
  242. [FIXED-283]RowEditor: Remove hard coded text ("You need to commit...")
  243. [CLOSED]TreeLoad load duplicates data even with clearOnLoad: true
  244. [CLOSED]Grid removeAll() and PagingToolbar refreshing
  245. [FIXED-300][3.0] Problem with Ext.util.Format.stripTags
  246. [OPEN-668] GridEditor wrong sequence of events(ENTER key)
  247. [UNKNOWN]Error in render this form
  248. [UNKNOWN]Orphan memory with extjs examples desktop demo under IE 6/7
  249. [UNKNOWN]3.0 Example State not save correct
  250. [UNKNOWN]ExtJS source lots of "inconsistent return points"