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  1. [FIXED][3.??] Cannot move item to other side with specific sequence & name value
  2. [OPEN-30] Undo e Redo doesn't work in HtmlEditor on IE
  3. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] Ext.Button does not clean up document-level mouseover/up listeners
  4. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Columnmodel dataIndex should be omittable
  5. [FIXED][3.x] FormPanel modifies initialConfig
  6. [CLOSED][3.0.RC2] Cancelled drag from tree throws error
  7. [CLOSED][3.??] TreeNode.appendChild() with children
  8. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Ext.debug.log does not display line breaks
  9. [CLOSED][3.x] Window.close() improvement to handle closeAction
  10. [CLOSED][3.0RC2,2.x] DateField: altFormats is cached
  11. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0RC2] Style issues with the grouptabs example
  12. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Date.getLastDayOfMonth buggy
  13. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Date.parseDate unexpected behavior
  14. [FIXED-29][3.0RC2] Filtered store issues
  15. [FIXED][3.0RC2] store.execute modifies options.params
  16. [FIXED][3.0RC2] ComponentMgr needs hasType method
  17. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc2] Difference between IE error message and Firefox error message
  18. [CLOSED][3.??] Check event handler firing on init of checkbox or radio
  19. [CLOSED][3.0RC2][Ext core] indexOf
  20. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] INQUIRY Ext.menu.Menu config
  21. [FIXED][3.x] Menu defines events which are already inherited from Component
  22. [CLOSED][DUP][3.??] IE8 - compatibility view issues
  23. [CLOSED][3.??] style: padding, grouptabs, and IE
  24. [FIXED][3.0rc2] "change" event for RadioGroup is never fired.
  25. [FIXED][3.??] JSLint fixes causing YUICompressor problems
  26. [FIXED][3.??] Infinite Loop (Stack Overflow error)
  27. [FIXED][3.0svn] HtmlEditor ignores backspace and delete keys on Firefox
  28. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Menu Separator missing until mouseover
  29. [FIXED][3.??] SSL_SECURE_URL??
  30. [CLOSED][DUP][3.??] Animated Windows Stack Overflow
  31. [CLOSED][3.??] Animated Tree collapse problem again
  32. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Problem with PagingToolbar.add* functions
  33. [CLOSED][3.0Rc2] Difference between render IE8 and FF3 on viewport
  34. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0 SVN] Panel Bottom Bar Issues
  35. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] 500 Error, Ext.Ajax issue
  36. [FIXED][3.??] Lightbox: mask does not follow browser width on resize
  37. [UNKNOWN][3.x svn] Slow IE6 menu show...
  38. [CLOSED][3.??] Border Layout speed issues (double layout)
  39. [CLOSED][3.??] PATCH examples/restful for php6
  40. [FIXED][3.x svn4476] HBox layout does not honour margins when in stretch mode
  41. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Row editor bug in restful example
  42. [CLOSED][3.??] Context menu shows twice
  43. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.x] BoxLayout does not account for hidden items
  44. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Empty tbar for a window isn't empty
  45. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Wrong paths in ext.jsb
  46. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] IE doesn't allow to set new properties to the CSS rule object
  47. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Tasks Example (gears) ISSUE with store.load
  48. [CLOSED-31][3.0rc2] Incomplete semantic anyMatch=false in createValueMatcher method
  49. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Ext.Element.getAttribute does not work in IE
  50. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] Issue with Tree Panel
  51. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Ext.form.Radio setValue problem
  52. [FIXED-18][3.0rc2+]Textfield in Menu - various issues
  53. [CLOSED][3.0rc2+] Toptoolbar items not rendred in accordion in border layout panel
  54. [FIXED][3.0 RC2+SVN] getHeight/Width, center
  55. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Ext.form.TextField -> minLength, allowBlank and spaces
  56. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] GridFilter shows menu for columns without any filter
  57. [OPEN] [CLOSED-33] [3.0rc2]TextField - validation fails - even when turned off
  58. [FIXED][2.x,3.x] PropertyColumnModel constructor uses DOM
  59. [FIXED][3.0rc2] IE8 - ListView - resize Column
  60. [FIXED][3.0 CORE] Ext.SSL_SECURE_URL, which is used by doFormUpload(), is undefined
  61. [FIXED][3.0svn4509] Splitter Transparency Issues
  62. [CLOSED][3.??] FormPanel with button inside TabPanel - unexpected "height:0"
  63. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.Direct "exception" event raises "tid has no properties" error
  64. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Content-Type is hard coded when using xmlData
  65. [CLOSED][3.x] missing theme stylesheets
  66. [CLOSED][3.??] failure function not triggered by JSON response
  67. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Layout error on TBAR definition inside a TabPannel
  68. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Ext.MessageBox.setIcon(...) before dialog is shown => error
  69. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] IE7 Column Resize Issue with Buffered Grid
  70. [CLOSED][3.x svn] css problem with form buttons
  71. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] DataProxy sends only idProperty on UPDATE (and no modified data)
  72. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Row editor button centering (fixed in 3.0.0)
  73. [CLOSED-36][3.0.RC2] Regression invalid sizing nested tab panel or grid rowexpander
  74. [CLOSED][3.0.RC2] Memory Leak? Paged Grid
  75. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0RC2] GridPanel pagination - pagingToolbar params are overridden
  76. [FIXED][3.0RC2] store.execute() modifies store.modified array as a side-effect
  77. [OPEN] [OPEN-32][DUP][3.0rc2] DomQuery regex bug
  78. [FIXED][3.??] ScriptTagProxy seems to always expect params - results in "?&" in url
  79. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] checkboxgroup
  80. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] multiple bugs in grid
  81. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Need to be able to have strict date parsing in DateField
  82. [UNKNOWN][3.0rc2] FieldSet buttons config
  83. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0 CORE svn 377] Bug in private isIterable() method
  84. [CLOSED][3.0svn4539] FormPanel with buttons in BoxLayout: too much recursion
  85. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Bug in GridView#doRender
  86. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Tooltip on menu button shows above menu
  87. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Ext.DomHelper.createDom logical || && bug
  88. [FIXED][3.0rc2] rowdeselect event fires when selecting a selected row
  89. [CLOSED][3.??] RowEditor with RowExpander cooperation
  90. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.data.Store priority of baseParams vs params
  91. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Error when closing Ext.Window that contains Ext.Resizable combo
  92. [CLOSED][3.??] getStateId() bug
  93. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] CheckboxSelectionModel don't unchecked
  94. [CLOSED][DUP] [3.0RC2] Accordion + treepanel (IE7 & IE8)
  95. [CLOSED][3.0Rev4569] Complex panel imbrication and menu does not render on FF3
  96. [FIXED][3.0 SVN] Store's 'write' event is fired before finalizing methods
  97. [DEFER-37][3.0rc2] Issue in debug console example
  98. [UNKNOWN][3.0 CORE / 2.x] Ext.Element.setXY bug in IE
  99. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] - EditorGrid SelMod, blur timming FF3 Linux
  100. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.Ajax response doesn't 100% emulate native response
  101. [FIXED][3.0 svn] Ext.Element.getColor() returns a 5-digit hex
  102. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Dialog box zooming in FF when Ext is loaded in inactive tab
  103. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] extra nested hbox leads to incorrect width
  104. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] potential null pointer dereference in JsonReader.readRecords
  105. [FIXED-74] [3.0rc2/rc3] RowEditor invalid z-index
  106. [OPEN-508][3.x/2.x] "notifyDrop" Getting Called Multiple Times Instead of Once
  107. [FIXED][3.0rc2] HttpProxy crashes on empty RESTful responses
  108. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Ext.EventObject.getTime commented out
  109. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] DateMenu. events issue
  110. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.data.Store param POST
  111. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc2] JsonStore exception event
  112. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Ext.DatePicker wrong behaviour / rendering when disabled
  113. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Ext.DatePicker - disabledDates / setDisabledDates act wrong
  114. [FIXED][3.x] Use example.com / [email protected] instead of domain.com
  115. [CLOSED][3.??] TreePanel:Using "/" as id for node conflicts with select/expandPath
  116. [OPEN] [FIXED-429][2.x/3.x] IE8 Active tab display not quite correct
  117. [CLOSED][3.0RC2]Progress Window does not work
  118. [FIXED][3.0rc2] TreeLoader's 'load' event never gets fired with Ext.Direct
  119. [FIXED][3.0 SVN 4586] Menu.js
  120. [FEATREQ][3.x/2.x] HTMLEditor - tabIndex
  121. [FIXED][2.0,3.0]Ext.Element uses an arbitrary maxDepth value which is too small.
  122. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] GridView#processRows() adds x-grid3-row-first/last to wrong rows
  123. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] Wrapped components in border layout
  124. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Ext.form.ComboBox and transform and IE8
  125. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] Label.setText before render
  126. [FIXED][3.0svn4610] Disappearing Panel in AccordionLayout
  127. [FIXED][3.0 RC3] Split button aligns arrow to bottom if now menu is present
  128. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0RC2] scrollbars on panel cover panel contents with anchor layout
  129. [CLOSED-38] [3.0rc2] Portal Example DnD displaying problem
  130. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Ext.DomQuery 2Pattern Disable?
  131. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Firefox 3.5 - strange e.browserEvent when using onstorage event
  132. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0RC2] Drag and drop does not work in IE when using DragZone
  133. [FIXED][3.0rc2] xhtml incompatibility fixed
  134. [FIXED-39][3.0rc2] TwinTriggerField, ComboBox with CycleButton on toolbar
  135. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] activate and deactivate events in Tab Panel don't have the tabPanel
  136. [FIXED][2.2.1/3.0rc3] GridView.resolveCell problem
  137. [UNKNOWN][3.0rc3] TabStrip background does not scale well - needs to be larger
  138. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Record.set does not work for array/object field data
  139. [FIXED][3.0rc2]HTMLEditor toolbar overflow renders incorrectly
  140. [OPEN] [FIXED-97][3.0RC3] Combo in modal window with card layout doesn't show list
  141. [FIXED][3.0RC3] ListView does not accept xtyped datastore config like Gridpanel does
  142. [CLOSED][3.0RC3] Ext.isString is not a function
  143. [FIXED][3.0rc3] fileUpload with XmlReader will not work with IE7/8
  144. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] radio button not reseted to their default values
  145. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] qtip validation layout in ie
  146. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] Ext.form.FormPanel attempts to destroy child items twice
  147. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc3] Cannot use native JSON without patching ExtJS
  148. [CLOSED][3.0rc3] Ext.extend and xtype problem?
  149. [FIXED][2.0,3.0]Why does TriggerField add the disabled class to its wrap?
  150. [CLOSED][3.0RC3] Ext.MessageBox.wait
  151. [FIXED][3.0 RC3] Transformed Combobox DOM issues
  152. [FIXED][3.0RC3] Problem with relayEvents() when using jquery adapter
  153. [CLOSED][3.??] GridPanel columns not sortable by setting cm.defaultSortable to true
  154. [FIXED][3.0rc3] Status bar advance "click for details" dont work
  155. [FIXED][3.0.0] FormPanel initFields and onAdd
  156. [CLOSED][DUP][2.2/3.x] IE8 useragent detection error if IE7 compatibility mode is set
  157. [CLOSED][3.0 svn:4658 ] grid panel column sorting generates different api request
  158. [CLOSED][3.0rc3] Advanced Validation Examples Using VTypes
  159. [FIXED][3.0rc3] RowEditor Bug
  160. [CLOSED][DUP][3.??] use Ext.ajax.request to upload file
  161. [FIXED][3.0.0/2.3.0] Problem changing big grid column sort with Firefox
  162. [CLOSED][3.??] grouptab bug
  163. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0 Core] Carousel itemSelector
  164. [OPEN] [FIXED-87] [3.0RC3] HTMLEditor prepends ? to message
  165. [CLOSED][3.??] lightbox mask
  166. [CLOSED][3.0RC3] ItemSelector/Multiselect getValue() returns texts instead of values
  167. [CLOSED][3.0rc3] add() doesn't work on toolbar
  168. [FIXED][3.0.0] fieldLabel css too broad
  169. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Checkbox in FieldSet do not display on IE8
  170. [CLOSED][3.x] IE6 + Ext Core - Menu Example has unhandled bug
  171. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.state.StateManager#set/get and empty arrays / empty objects
  172. [FIXED][3.0rc3] Menu beforeshow event not firing
  173. [FIXED][3.0rc3] BasicForm action events fired twice
  174. [CLOSED][3.0.0] issue with IE7 and only IE7, no matter what OS
  175. [CLOSED][3.??] ext.jsb
  176. [CLOSED][3.0.0] TreeView issue
  177. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] DOS file name again in src tree
  178. [CLOSED][3.??] Error when running Portal demo, Web Desktop Demo and etc.
  179. [FIXED-69][3.??] enableGrouping will not disable
  180. [FIXED][3.0.0] DatePicker incorrect dates layout
  181. [FIXED-72][3.0.0] Focus Frame Problem
  182. [FIXED][3.0RC3] Gridview ensurevisible bug
  183. [FIXED-71] [3.0] A little bug of arrow.gif
  184. [FIXED][3.??] Bug with grid view and Filter
  185. [CLOSED][3.0.0] FormPanel.initFields doesn't recurse for CheckboxGroup and RadioGroup
  186. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Changing the windows size to a shift from the screen
  187. [FIXED][3.0.0] Adobe AIR - grid sort icon problem
  188. [CLOSED][3.0.0] ListView onResize typo
  189. [FIXED][3.*] Ext.Menu hiding cascades through all parentMenus even when non-floating
  190. [FIXED-76][3.0.0] Select event on datepicker causing page to scroll to top
  191. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.isString()
  192. [FIXED][3.0] JsonReader metaData changes don't rebuild accessors.
  193. [CLOSED][3.??] RowEditor css weird behavior
  194. [CLOSED][3.0] Ext.form.DateField date picker always shows behind modal window
  195. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.urlDecode blank string has an undefined member
  196. [CLOSED][3.0] Element.autoHeight() is not a function
  197. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0.0] ExtDirect problem with this weeks updates
  198. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.urlEncode - empty array value bug
  199. [FIXED][3.0.0] width about MessageBox
  200. [FIXED-88] [3.x] Ext.isObject([]) returns true
  201. [FIXED-73] [3.x] Ext.iterate callback parameters
  202. [CLOSED][3.x/2.x] DragDrop bug
  203. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.form.ComboBox - store from array uses wrong indexes
  204. [FIXED][3.0] Directory name error
  205. [DEFER][3.??] CheckboxGroup.isDirty() still always returns false
  206. [CLOSED][3.0] Ext.data.Store.reload() ignoring params
  207. [FIXED-11][3.??] Alignment Problem in Check Tree(Asthetic Issue)
  208. [CLOSED-140][3.0.0] ExtJS Desktop Example Problem.
  209. [FIXED][3.??] Chart in Window
  210. [CLOSED][3.??] Bug with messageBox in IE7&8
  211. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0.0] Important bug in Ext.grid.TemplateColumn
  212. [FIXED][3.0.0] labelStyle resets the labelWidth property
  213. [FIXED][3.0.0] SelectBox reports error!!!
  214. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Date parsing and formatting not turned off.
  215. [FIXED][2.x,3.x] Empty items array
  216. [FIXED]Ext.DomHelper.markup uses single quotes instead of double for attribute values
  217. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.ux.grid.RowExpander and onDestroy problem
  218. [FIXED][3.0 core] don't have Ext.DomHelper.applyStyles
  219. [UNKNOWN][3.0.0] qtip issues
  220. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Checkbox FieldSet does defferedRender only
  221. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Grid header alignment with scrolling to the right
  222. [CLOSED][3.0.0] bug on Ext.Container.add()
  223. [FIXED][3.0.0] NumberColumn displays numbers in wrong format
  224. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.ux.form.SpinnerField
  225. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Fieldset title wrap in IE
  226. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] template and ie8
  227. [FIXED][3.0.0]Element.getColor no longer accepts empty string prefix - Fix included
  228. [FIXED-77] Problem with combobox and invalid message
  229. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.grid.PropertyGrid boolean values do not update
  230. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0.0 svn r3122] FormLayout labelStyle
  231. [FIXED-79][3.0.0/2.x] Still have FileUploadField Reset bug
  232. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] HttpProxy.load() deprecated or removed?
  233. [FIXED][3.0.0] upgrade to 3.0 has grid view changed? or Ext.fly?
  234. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.PagingToolbar refresh() method overwritten
  235. [CLOSED][3.0.0/2.x] Form. TextField. Email check bug
  236. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] A Tree BUG
  237. [OPEN-80] [3.0rc2] same code in different browser be displayed differently
  238. [FIXED-81][3.0.0] multi select problem with enableDragDrop and CheckboxSelectionModel
  239. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0.0] boxLabel and fieldLabel on Checkbox don't align on FF 3.0.0
  240. [CLOSED][3.0.0] The labelStyle properties is invalid
  241. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0.0] JsonWriter's propertyId cannot be dot-separated
  242. [CLOSED][3.??] HBox doesn't get height of FieldSets right in IE
  243. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.grid.GridPanel within Ext.menu.Menu onClick event
  244. [CLOSED][3.0] TextField/textarea causing Fx 3.5 info msgs in firebug.
  245. [FIXED][3.0 SVN] Rebinding to empty store do not cause info update in PagingToolbar
  246. [FIXED][3.0.0/2.x] Ext.grid.GroupingView ids contain full text instead of group value
  247. [CLOSED][3.0.0] Element.center() does not fully center.
  248. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0.0] ListView not scrolling vertically
  249. [CLOSED][3.??] Radiogroup Checkboxgroup getValue setValue
  250. [CLOSED][3.??] Infinite Loop Firefox 2