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  1. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Combo box - bug
  2. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.util.Format.number returns incorrect formatting for negative numbers
  3. [FEATREQ][3.0rc1.1]Len Property of Ext.Direct Should be Minimal
  4. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.??] getTabEl failure
  5. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] Ext.Layer.getZIndex() returns wrong initial z-index for shims
  6. [FIXED][3.x] ArrayReader does not "see" idIndex: 0
  7. [CLOSED][3.??] Menu.showAt() fails to display menu
  8. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Different fonts in the menus.
  9. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Menu Separators highlight as active menu elements onMouseOver
  10. [CLOSED-25][3.0rc1.1] task example editor/row height issue
  11. [FIXED][3.??] tabPanel + chart bug
  12. [OPEN-78] enableBuffer doesn't build the correct queue
  13. [CLOSED][3.??] Border layout problem on tab change
  14. [CLOSED][3.??] Checkbox in FormPanel problem!!!!!
  15. [FIXED][3.x] Menu item hover class problems...
  16. [FIXED][3.??] Panel autoLoad scripts failure In the IE6 browser
  17. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Checkbox in Toolbar vertical alignment bug
  18. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Combo box doesn't setValue for empty text
  19. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Groupingstore sending groupBy param when used with paging toolbar
  20. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] Ext.data.Store#remove always fires "remove" event
  21. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.Element.insertFirst bug
  22. [CLOSED][3.??] border layout within row layout problem on tabchange
  23. [CLOSED][3.??] DataReader.update doesn't update id
  24. [FIXED][DUP][3.0rc1.1] Ajax passing empty string
  25. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1]Ext.Element.hide(true) doesn´t work properly in FF
  26. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] Ext Window Class Names
  27. [CLOSED][3.??] Problem in accordion panel
  28. [CLOSED][3.0] TriggerField parent render (+ComboBox, DateField, TwinTriggerField)
  29. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] Ext.data.JsonReader - Uninitialized var in extractValues method
  30. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] Multiselect
  31. [FIXED][3.??] Chart: axis titles + upgrade to latest Yahoo Charts
  32. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.form.TwinTriggerField and IE8
  33. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] No store is loading?
  34. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] Panel with Toolbars and GridPanel
  35. [FIXED][3.0 RC1.1 Rev 3973] HttpProxy feeds response from failed call to reader
  36. [FIXED][3.0 Core beta] - opacity IE6
  37. [FIXED][3.x] Toolbar overflow and hiding items
  38. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Ext.Container.configureItem
  39. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] MessageBox's div contains 'cls' of prior shows when using callback
  40. [FIXED][Core 3.0 Beta] Element InsertAfter IE6
  41. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.Element.scrollIntoView() broken?
  42. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Weird behavior of Slider on IE
  43. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1, rc2] Form Quicktips bugs on IE
  44. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Disappearing/reappearing ext charts in IE?!
  45. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] RowEditor not handling cancel
  46. [FIXED][2.*,3.0]DatePicker attempts to focus itself even when not visisble
  47. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.menu.Menu fires hide before show?
  48. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.Direct doesn't fire exception when response is 404 - just crash
  49. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Ext.EventObject not quite right
  50. [FIXED][3.0 Core svn310] Element
  51. [FIXED][3.0svn3995] TypeError: map[k] is undefined using JSONWriter
  52. [CLOSED][3.x] Please make rowclick handler in RowSelectionModel overrideable
  53. [CLOSED] Ext 3.0: closures and inline functions
  54. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Ext.Ajax.Request params sent as empty string if name same as value
  55. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] GridPanel - getSelections throws error when called from EditorGrid
  56. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] jsonData sends null body in Ajax.request
  57. [CLOSED][3.??] Bug + fix for Ext.ListView and IE6
  58. [FIXED][3.??] grid progress-bar-pager.html shows up an error
  59. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] Fx.highlight method throws exception "ra is undefined"
  60. [FIXED][3.??] RowEditor event beforedit vs beforeedit
  61. [CLOSED][3.0, 3.0 Core] mousemove events firing uncontrollably on IE
  62. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.Toolbar insertButton Bug
  63. [CLOSED][DUP]3.0RC1 - IE7 doesn't render buttons in HelloWorld messagebox example
  64. [FIXED][3.0svn4021] directFn not working
  65. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.data.Store.prototype.onDestroyRecords
  66. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] DataView containerclick bug in Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox
  67. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] HtmlEditor fires keypress event twice
  68. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] Toolbar Defaults Cannot be Overridden
  69. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] DataView LabelEditor bug on Chrome, Opera, Safari and Firefox
  70. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] DateField Display Issue on Upgrade from 2.2
  71. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] Loading masks don't resize
  72. [OPEN-58] ArrayReader should be refactored to almost nothing.
  73. [FIXED][3.x] Style rules for new GridPanel columnLines config not quite perfect
  74. [CLOSED][3.0RC1.1svn4056] DataProxy.prettyUrls is set to true in constructor
  75. [FEATREQ][ver?] Hidden field has not fires onchange
  76. [FIXED][3??] checkbox event handling?
  77. [FIXED][3.0svn] Javascript error on Ext.data.Api.getVerbs() in HttpProxy.destroy()
  78. [CLOSED][3.0svn4078] Menu Width in IE8 (Non Compatibility Mode)
  79. [CLOSED][3.0svn4078] Toolbar Width
  80. [FIXED][3.0svn4078] Toolbar Fill Spacer Not Working
  81. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] Observable and CamelCased event names
  82. [OPEN] [FIXED][DUP] [2.*,3.0] Bug with opacity animation on IE
  83. [OPEN-925] NumberField disables navigation keys in Opera
  84. [FIXED][3.??] unnecessary call to beforeEfect and afterEffect in Panel
  85. [CLOSED][3.??] ext-base FireFox Hang
  86. [FIXED][3.x] Ext.Toolbar buttons initialConfig with overflow
  87. [CLOSED][3.x svn] Change to startInterval() function causes serious problems
  88. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Ext.Editor setValue() in beforecomplete not applied
  89. [UNKNOWN][3.??] Grid with RowExpander in container with layout:table (IE)
  90. [CLOSED][3.0] Panel/autoLoad not setting defaultUrl
  91. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Chart Problem in IE8
  92. [FIXED][3.0] Ext.form.TextField - allowBlank not considered if vtype is configured
  93. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] - Grid Header Problem in IE6
  94. [FIXED][3.0rc1.1] Ext.data.Field.getName() implementation
  95. [CLOSED][3.0RC1.1] Ext.Direct File Upload Fails
  96. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] Ext.menu.Menu "showSeparator" wrongly listed as "useIcons" config
  97. [FIXED][3.0,2.*] Ext.util.MixedCollection always contains a key "length"!
  98. [FIXED][3.0]Bug in Ext.Element.move
  99. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.data.Store.save() events mess
  100. [CLOSED][3.x] RowNumberer gets out of sync after delete
  101. [FIXED][3.??] Toolbar fixes for ButtonGroup overflow issues
  102. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0rc1.1] Partially blocked MessageBox in IE
  103. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] IE - Grid component reload memory leak
  104. [CLOSED][3.??] Spotlight API Bug
  105. [CLOSED][DUP][3.??] Paging Issue
  106. [CLOSED][DUP][3.??] MessageBox layout mistake on IE7
  107. [CLOSED][3.??] data.Connection#render calls Ext.urlEncode() instead of Ext.encode()
  108. [OPEN-24][3.??] jQuery adapter causing IE8 to register multiple content-type headers
  109. [FIXED][CORE rev 4169] mouseover causes an error in IE8
  110. [CLOSED][3.0 rev 4169] FF only - frame animation is overwriting click event
  111. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] DatePicker is active also if DateField is readonly
  112. [FIXED][3.0rc2]Ext.tree.TreeLoader's private function runCallback has error
  113. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0rc2] RESTful Store Example - when delete the "edit box" doesn't disappear
  114. [FIXED][3.0rc2] resolveTextNode bug in rc2
  115. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc2] timefield text disappears
  116. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0RC2] ComboBox triggers slightly misplaced on IE8
  117. [FIXED][3.??] PagingToolbar unbind/bind
  118. [UNKNOWN][3.0rc2] Radio Group Rendering Issue
  119. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] RESTful + GridPanel bug
  120. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0svn] TextField applies 'emptyClass' when field is not empty
  121. [FIXED][3.??] FileUploadField destroy
  122. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.x] Ext.menu.Menu. Bug when configured floating: false
  123. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] breaks proxy
  124. [CLOSED][3.0] Cannot override Ext.lib.Ajax.createXhrObject easily
  125. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Ext.getCmp now returning null instead of undefined
  126. [FIXED][3.0rc1] Email VType still does not accept hypens
  127. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0rc2] IE8 / FF - Some bug
  128. [FIXED][3.0rc2] unnecessary call to beforeEfect/afterEffect in expand/afterExpand
  129. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] resetBodyCss broken between RC1.1 and RC2?
  130. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0svn4198] Ext.menu.DateMenu broken?
  131. [FIXED][3.??] BUG in Ext.lib.Event
  132. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Bug with ExtPanel::syncHeight
  133. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Toolbar.addButton doesn't return anything
  134. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Button in ButtonGroup no btnEl
  135. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] .jsb file doesn't match directory structure
  136. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Ext.TaskMgr is undefined
  137. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] More RC2 proxy problems
  138. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Trouble with Directstore (this.onRead is not a function)
  139. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Ext.Msg.prompt broke today?
  140. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0 RC2] TreePanel can't be expanded in IE6.
  141. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] timefield minValue causes issue
  142. [FIXED][3.0RC1.1] Radiogroup Checkboxgroup getValue setValue
  143. [FIXED-27][3.0rc2] Error when dropping TreeNode on itself when using jQuery.
  144. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Issues with paging in buffered grid
  145. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Sample: IE issue with layout browser
  146. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Tab scroller menu: issue in IE
  147. [FIXED][3.0RC2] IE issue in Data writer sample
  148. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Examples still not functional...
  149. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc2] IE setHeight
  150. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0RC2] boxWrap()'s render as sibling instead of wrapper of the element
  151. [FIXED][3.0rc2] FF3/IE8/Chrome - Grid hideHeaders:true column layout
  152. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0RC2] don't work "autoLoad" with option "scripts : true" in IE
  153. [CLOSED][DUP][3.0RC2] Possible solution for onAvailable bug
  154. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0svn4221] Fx - Loop in border layout region animated collapse
  155. [CLOSED][3.0RC2][CSS]font-size overwritten when using preventBodyReset: true
  156. [FIXED][3.x]Fx class - "el" and "dom" is not defined
  157. [CLOSED][DUP][r4275]Field Bottom border - IE only - compatibility view
  158. [FIXED][2.0/3.0] window.hide() not firing callback
  159. [FIXED][3.x]Tree flickering, missing nodes
  160. [FIXED][3.x]form in first tab causes too much recursion
  161. [FIXED][3.x] Buttons in Window initially not shown
  162. [FIXED-17][3.x] Combo/Date in Grid Editor - incorrect position in IE
  163. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Regression in PagingToolbar
  164. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Comboboxes return wrong values when calling getValues()
  165. [CLOSED][3.??] doLayout appears to conflict with Ext.Slider
  166. [FIXED][3.0rc2] DateMenu events not triggering
  167. [CLOSED] Popup menu doesn't show after flash component closed
  168. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Store w/ restful:true fires request for all changes
  169. [FIXED][3.x] make buttonAlign consistent?
  170. [FIXED-22][3.0rc2/2.2] Panel onCollapse/onExpand should use the hideMode
  171. [FIXED][3.x svn] IE8 - Stack Overflow error clicking DateField trigger in EditorGrid
  172. [FIXED][2.x/3.x] Ext.num(true) returns 1
  173. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Retrying on an Ext.Direct form submit changes transaction type
  174. [FIXED][3.0 SVN 4248] Menu Memory Problems
  175. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Ext.Toolbar.add returns void
  176. [CLOSED]PagingToolbar error in rendering in version 3.0 rc2
  177. [CLOSED][3.0RC2]Can't Expand TreeNode in TreePanel
  178. [FIXED][3.0 SVN] Toolbar Layout Issue
  179. [FIXED][3.0rc2] ctrl key not set correctly in Ext.EventObjectImpl.setEvent using IE
  180. [CLOSED][3.??] afterLayout is called but child is not rendered
  181. [CLOSED][3.0 RCx?] FileUploadField problems in windows maybe
  182. [CLOSED]Problem with Ext.data.DataProxy
  183. [FIXED][3.0 RC2] AJAX.request encodes jsonData the wrong way
  184. [CLOSED][3.x svn] PagingToolBar render problem
  185. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Advanced tabs:if many tabs opened, the scroll button is missing
  186. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.x svn4262] CheckBoxGroup layout problem in fieldset
  187. [OPEN] [UNKNOWN][3.??] after invalid drag of treenode, clicking on node refreshes browser
  188. [FIXED][3.0rc2] Key navigation not working on just released Safari 4
  189. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0 SVN] RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.
  190. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Expanding tree view mode IE8
  191. [CLOSED][3.0svn4297] regression in setActiveTab in Ext.TabPanel(?)
  192. [OPEN] [FIXED][3.0rc2] ItemSelector does not populate within Ext.Window
  193. [FIXED][3.0rc2] GroupTabPanel CSS
  194. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0 RC2] Row Editor with Multiple Combos
  195. [CLOSED][3.??]Toolbar not visible without height.
  196. [CLOSED][3.??]TextMetrics does not account for strings with <tags>
  197. [FIXED][3.??] Ext.Tooltip triggerElement deleted too soon
  198. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] Core bug in apply()
  199. [FIXED][3.0svn4292] Collapsed Panel Children not Hiding using Fx
  200. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Adding items to vBox layout
  201. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] accordion setActiveTab() without doLayout()
  202. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] border layout requires center content
  203. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] TriggerField#triggerBlur() calls beforeBlur() twice
  204. [FIXED][3.0 SVN4294]Panel/Window Collapse leaves shadow visible.
  205. [OPEN] [DEFER-70] [3.0rc2] IE7 small Flicker in menu
  206. [CLOSED][DUP] [3.0rc2] IE Charts show no data upon reload
  207. [FIXED][3.0rc2] IE Grid double click does not invoke row editor
  208. [FIXED][3.0rc2] IE HBox and VBox examples do not work
  209. [CLOSED][DUP]Ext.form.TextField -> regex & alowBlank
  210. [CLOSED][DUP] [3.0RC1.1] Ext.grid.GridView refreshRow bug
  211. [FIXED][3.0.0] Ext.HtmlEditor.insertAtCursor and Chrome
  212. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] ComboBox -> pageSize
  213. [FIXED][3.0svn4303] loadMask javascript error
  214. [FIXED][3.x/2.x] CheckboxGroup/RadioGroup does not clean up after itself
  215. [FIXED][3.x/2.x SVN] BACKSPACE no longer triggers ComboBox#dqTask
  216. [FIXED][3.x SVN] EventManager.useKeydown() detection is wonky
  217. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] can't access textarea after form.enable()
  218. Posting to the Bug Forum
  219. [CLOSED][3.0RC2] ext-all-notheme.css line 1167
  220. [CLOSED][3.??] Ext.Window Maximize and Browser Window Scroll
  221. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0 rc1.1] Head's up, regarding ComponentMgr and Ext.getCmp()
  222. [CLOSED][3.0rc1.1] markInvalid bug
  223. [OPEN-141][3.0 rc2] accordion and animate: true
  224. [CLOSED-26][3.0rc2] Bug in event handling (doubleclick)
  225. [FIXED][3.0rc2]GroupTabPanel in viewport display issue
  226. [FIXED][3.0 CORE] ext-core-3.0.zip: duplicated png files examples/jsonp/images
  227. [FIXED][3.x] JsonReader#readResponse() - incorrect typeof() comparison
  228. [CLOSED][3.RC01] GridView/GridPanel Bug
  229. [FIXED][3.x] local var isIE6 not defined in core/core/Ext.js
  230. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] Upload - Browse... Button - Look&Feel-Issue
  231. [CLOSED][3.0 CORE] Ext core still have problems with json encode
  232. [CLOSED][3.0RC3] yui-utilities.js file in extjs
  233. [FIXED][3.0 Core] Selected tab highlight issue in Tabs example
  234. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.0RC2]Bug? Window shadow not resizing
  235. [CLOSED][3.0rc2] json decode throws error without a meta tag
  236. [FIXED][Ext Core] Lightbox sample not working properly
  237. [CLOSED][3.??] incorrect margin on right side of tablelayout panel, only in safari
  238. [FIXED][3.0RC2] RadioGroup ownerCt missing
  239. [CLOSED][3.??] windows bug in ie7
  240. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Weird stretch issues with hbox/vbox
  241. [FIXED-230]TreeNode.setId should set this.attributes.id if it existed
  242. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Grouping and TemplateColumn issue
  243. [FIXED][3.0svn4377]Paging toolbar buttons non functional in overflow
  244. [OPEN] [CLOSED][3.??] Problem with RowEditor
  245. [FIXED][3.0RC2]Ext.form.Radio -> checked-config -> fireEvent
  246. [FIXED][3.0svn4387] Typos
  247. [FIXED][3.0 rev. 4387] One more typo
  248. [FIXED][3.??] TreePanel not working in IE
  249. [FIXED][3.0svn4387] And even more errors
  250. [FIXED][3.0RC2] Stylesheet problems - general rules for :visible and :after