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  1. Overlapping dropzones - ddGroups not respected... Weird!
  2. On going updates
  3. Interference problem with coincidentically overlaying TreePanels during drag'n'drop
  4. Ext.data.Store.save() send "create" records in reverse order.
  5. Error parsing json response: always "null"
  6. Move cursor doesn't disappear within IE9
  7. Portal bug on a simple panel (not on a viewport)
  8. LockingGridView doesn't scroll use mousewheel in the locked section,can't sync unlock
  9. selecting all items default in checkboxselection model
  10. Extjs [3.3.0] Events disappear when switching between day, week and month view
  11. The Opera 11.6 canít send a form with file.
  12. EditorGridPanel with combobox inside a window
  13. Ext.dd.DragDropMgr does not provide correct Region for Splitbars outside of IE
  14. Datefield error message localization
  15. setOpacity doesn't work for IE9
  16. [CLOSED] Ext.form.HtmlEditor breaks in IE9 after creating and destroying twice
  17. [CLOSED] Ext.form.VTypes.url allows bad url
  18. Combo Box: Problems with TypeAhead, on a local store.
  19. Facing error: Access is denied
  20. [3.4.0] Tooltip show delay is not cancelled on mouseout when using "delegate"
  21. Chrome: If Ext.MessageBox contains markup, all future show()'s ruins width
  22. Images on icons and other components suddenly changing to some other image
  23. Problem datefield format 'm/Y'
  24. [CLOSED] Bug datefield - atribute format 'm/Y'
  25. Firefox 10 and autoHeight
  26. Bug on new Firefox version (10), form validation button blinking
  27. [INFOREQ] Checkbox fault with IE8 and spacebar pressed
  28. Bug with Internetexplorer by Chartextension
  29. [OPEN] Ext.util.Format.defaultValue functionality doesn't match with documentation
  30. [OPEN] [EXTJSIII-36] IE : Mouseout on GridPanel
  31. Cannot set QuickTips dismissDelay to 0
  32. Tomcat Error
  33. Ext.fly(d) is null error
  34. No method 'onReady' error
  35. Anonymous function Error
  36. Error calling method on NPObject.
  37. [FIXED] [EXTJSIII-39] [3.4.0] DragTracker broken in IE9 Strict mode
  38. Combobox doesn't trigger action when using input methods to type in
  39. Toolbar with tbfill component
  40. buttons in a toolbar loose their position after the left side is collapsed
  41. window.el.setOpacity(.5,true); my window lack something, see image
  42. Moving the Split bar does not resize the regions of a Border Layout in IE
  43. documentation bug
  44. Datepicker in Datefield doesn't appears
  45. Documentation bug - Store.hasMultiSort listed as Store.multiSort
  46. [OPEN] Date class can't parse ordinal days ('z')
  47. [OPEN] Grids are rendered differently in upcoming versions of Google Chrome
  48. [FIXED] wrong ext-lang-tr.js distributed with ExtJS 3.4.0
  49. FormPanel FileUpload Timeout Issue in IE
  50. Store - Handling of AJAX responses that came in not same order as requests sent
  51. GridPanel Scroll
  52. Textfields: No blinking cursor in Chrome when using 'emptyText : String'
  53. Flash in tabpanel makes IE "Not Responding" when tabchange
  54. setRawValue doesn't work with checkbox
  55. [OPEN] [3.4.0] Ext.Container defaults is not working like described in documentation
  56. Checkbox not checked by default
  57. Can't get scrollTop in Chrome
  58. Testing for v===undefined is unsafe in IE as undefined is mutable in IE
  59. Complex Layout Example not working on IE 8
  60. Chrome 21 + Ext.Resizable
  61. Buggy mouse click and hover behaviour at tree panels
  62. Change in fixed table layout leads to unneeded scrollbar on array-grid
  63. [ExtJS 3.4] radio groups displaying in correctly within accordion panel
  64. Accordion/ treepanel autoscroll issue in IE9 (& IE8 Compatability)
  65. Browse button not working in IE9
  66. Grid col-resize cursor not disappeard in IE9 after move mouse horizontally
  67. Combobox list doesn't hide on htmleditor
  68. [NOREPRO] Ext JS 3.3 and Google Chrome Bug
  69. Documentation bug - invalid markup in jsdoc for property "flex"
  70. Higher fieldsets in IE8
  71. Calendar in Firefox with doctype strict
  72. [INFOREQ] Template.append is not working with Chrome and Firefox new versions.
  73. [INFOREQ] Tree Panel is not expanding or collapsing in IE10 (window 8).
  74. Memory leak with 'mousewheel' event (via TabPanel.enableTabScroll)
  75. Please define v3 "support"
  76. disableCaching in Ext.chart.Chart only works if timestamps happen to be unique
  77. Array.prototype.remove and Ext.apply - wtf ??? (bug with config of type of Array)
  78. datefield format 'M/Y' Problem
  79. [NOREPRO] checkboxgroup setValue does not work with a string of names
  80. [NOREPRO] Ext Js3.4 grid column Move BUG
  81. [3.4] Incorrect pt-PT locale PagingToolbar nextText
  82. Open and Close New Tab Memory Leak IE9 HTML 5
  83. ExtJS 3.4: Ext.util.CSS.getRule Issue in IE8
  84. In google chrome, hidden items is not showing.
  85. [NOREPRO] Slider issue with IE10
  86. [3.4.0] Slovak locale inconsistency and errors
  87. Ext.EventManager.removeFromSpecialCache() iterating past end of array error
  88. [3.4.0] Ext.list.BooleanColumnView trueText, falseText, undefinedText are ignored
  89. Ext JS 3.4 Sencha Docs formatting problem
  90. EXTJS 3.4.0 window drag bug.
  91. [INFOREQ] TreeGrid columns content overlap when viewed in chrome, firefox
  92. [NOREPRO] DatePicker not displays correctly when you try to change month and year together
  93. [INFOREQ] Tootips stopped working on 3.4 In FF, Chrome, not IE....
  94. [CLOSED] About the "[OPEN-865] isDirty on radiogroup" bug report
  95. IE 8: Initially hidden CompositeField inside a FormPanel get 0 height on display
  96. Ext JS - IE10 - Element.getWidth returns non-zero value for hidden elements
  97. input field unselectable in webkit. "-webkit-user-select: none;" -> ignore
  98. [INFOREQ] A bug in Ext.grid.PivotAxis
  99. removal of activeX 'Msxml2.XMLHTTP.6.0' in - why?
  100. Fileupload textfield will not render to correct width in non active tabpanel
  101. Ext.define() breaks the xtype reference
  102. Ext JS - CSS class 'ext-gecko' is absent on BODY under Gecko-based browsers
  103. Ext JS Drag & Drop broken
  104. [OPEN] ExtJS makes tree node cursor into default instead of pointer/hand
  105. Ext JS 3.4.x - IE10 - Move cursor remains after dragging Window
  106. [INFOREQ] Div has incorrect width when using 'IE9 standards' document mode in IE9
  107. Ext.KeyMap problems with stopEvent flag
  108. [ExtJS 3.4.0] Applying grid state overwrites custom column renderers
  109. Incorrect/incomplete data in French and Swedish lang files
  110. ext problem with a checkboxgroup in column layout (all browsers)
  111. ExtJs
  112. ExtJS 3.4.0: Sometimes Datepicker goes crazy and and it is almost impossible to use
  113. [NOREPRO] User is not able to Unlock the column after Locking it.
  114. Examples page is broken
  115. Layout Browser: tree-data.json evokes 413 - Request Entity Too Large Error
  116. Ext.Editor : revertInvalid == false : what is the expected behavior ?
  117. Cannot drag scroll bars up and down
  118. Comboboxes are ed up in Chrome
  119. Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters doesn't retain time on date filtering
  120. How to report a bug
  121. createInterceptor will not capture event
  122. bug in your doc
  123. JsonReader crashes when load has no data and root is undefined
  124. Ext.Window rendering bug when browser zoom level not default
  125. Drag&Drop not working on first attempt with FF
  126. [CLOSED] Bug with comboboxes aligning in IE9 compatibility mode
  127. Comboboxes aligning in IE10
  128. IE11 Win8.1 CPU 100%
  129. IE8 + exts 3.0 - Problem when resizing a window.
  130. [ExtJS: 3.4.2] Ext.version and Ext.versionDetail are wrong
  131. superclass uses Ext.define(), subclass uses Ext.extend() leads to too much recursion
  132. TimeField maxValue and minValue validation does not work
  133. Initial Active tab css for checkbox IE 10 and IE 11
  134. [FIXED] HtmlEditor insertAtCursor Fails in IE11 and ExtJS 3.4.2
  135. Desktop, maximized Window, tabpanel, GridPanel invalid height
  136. ExtJS 3.0.0 not works in IE 10!
  137. Again: this.swf.setDataProvider is not a function
  138. gridview jumps to top while loading
  139. Issue upgrading to latest Jquery version while using Jquery Adapter in EXTjs 3
  140. Memory Grid Filters
  141. ExtJS3: adjust positioning of dropdown menu
  142. [INFOREQ] undefined is read-only
  143. Change event listener on Textbox is firing twice in Google chrome
  144. Behavior of the form actions 'Load' and 'Submit' in the case of JSON parse error
  145. htmleditor not editable on 2nd initialisation
  146. Combobox list position is not updated after window resize
  147. CheckboxGroup cutting off long boxLabels
  148. Why Reloading iframe after window collapse or expand
  149. Bugs on datefield dosen't fire blur
  150. EditorGridPanel vertical scroll bar is always pointing to bottom of the grid Chrome
  151. Extjs 3.4 checkchange listener not working on Checkcolumn
  152. bug in AsyncTreeNode : expand
  153. How to get the xtype of an instantiated component in EXT-3?
  154. DateField with bug in chrome