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  1. [OPEN] Grid problem in Opera 11
  2. GridView memory problem
  3. Ext.util.JSON is missing from documention
  4. TreePanel not working IE9
  5. IE9 document.body.firstChild insertAdjacentHTML
  6. variable override in Ext.each & Ext.iterate
  7. Grouping Summary example with Grouping Menu enabled
  8. HtmlEditor default font problem
  9. Bug in ToolbarDroppable.calculateEntryIndex()
  10. Windows Examples Hello World and Layout drag off screen with Chrome and Firefox
  11. GridPanel loadMask IE 9 issue
  12. [API] [3.3.1] itemclick event is missing for Charts
  13. jumping validator-tooltip in grid
  14. RowEditor problem CSS IE 8
  15. Reloading flash while using an element mask
  16. Layout randomly failing inside iframes
  17. waitMsgTarget in Safari
  18. Ext.tree.TreeDropZone ordering bug in completeDrop
  19. Tab titles ellipsis not working - here's a CSS fix
  20. [OPEN] Issues in GridPanel remoteSort - does not switch directions
  21. JsonStore Create Request will be submitted more than once...
  22. tree with multiSelectionModel fires selectionChange on close
  23. FileUploadField bug in FireFox 3.6.15?
  24. Simple Panel + DataView Generate error in IE8 only
  25. Ext.urlDecode does not handle commuted parameters consistently
  26. Uncaught exception during form submit using keys:[] config (Ext 3.3.0)
  27. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'name' of null combo box using transform
  28. Quicktips bug in Ext 3.3.1
  29. GridPanel does not honor coulmn width - Ext 3.3.2
  30. Grid Rendering - Large Record Set Problems
  31. config properties pollute the prototype chain
  32. Chrome hangs in Stacked Bar Chart example (3.3.1)
  33. Event 'show' on Ext.menu.Item is not fired
  34. [3.3.1] FormPanel + expand/collapse layout issue
  35. Cross-domain request works manually but not in Ext
  36. [3.3.1] Container.defaults documentation bug
  37. When applying state manually grid column does not honor set width - Ext 3.3.2
  38. Date parses date incorrectly for February when no day is used
  39. Datefield not working with format m/Y
  40. Form.DateField width is truncated in IE9
  41. RadioGroups don't work at all with rest
  42. Ext.decode(response.responseText) from ajax request & internet explorer parse problem
  43. Behaviour of BasicForm.getFieldValues() on combobox
  44. [3.3.1] Bug with combobox valueField
  45. Internet Explorer 9 ExtJS 3
  46. Success properties different between Ext.Ajax.request() and Ext.BasicForm.submit()
  47. Maxmimized Window w/ Collapsed [East] Panel - Open Panel Animation Glitch
  48. ExtJS Context Menu id
  49. IE Security warning displayed when removeChild is invoked
  50. Scroll in tables and forms (Opera 11, ExtJS 3.3.1)
  51. [3.3.2] Dragging a window off-screen makes it impossible to drag any windows
  52. pie chart bug?
  53. Doc bug
  54. menu example produces javascript errors Extjs 3.3.1 in IE9
  55. ComboBox : Keynav Doc Bug
  56. JsonWriter + listful + ExtJs 3.3.1
  57. Canīt suspend events
  58. Date format validation - Case - j M Y
  59. Date format validation - Case - j M Y
  60. Date format validation - Case - j M Y
  61. Samples are broken
  62. Ext.data.TreeStore.fillNode : global variable (B1)
  63. Ext.data.TreeStore: refering to idProperty in load() - B1
  64. Ext.data.Store can't find records that use a reserved identifier for a key
  65. en_GB spelling error for "Color" vs "Colour"
  66. Error in Docs
  67. Showing a layer above current scroll position scrolls up
  68. Bug with bufferResize in ContainerLayout?
  69. Modal windows flicker when using contained scrollbars if Flash object is on page
  70. [bug] REST Store bid to Grid do not send REST request
  71. [bug] Form defaults
  72. Extjs 3.3.1 combo box does not support complex JSON structures
  73. Event is sometimes not fired
  74. uncaught exception: Element.alignToXY with an element that doesn't exist
  75. Bug opacity IE7-8
  76. Documentation : columnWidth = missing property
  77. "Regular expression too complex" when using Mozilla Firefox 4
  78. TextField maskRe not working in IE with french keyboard
  79. [OPEN] Drag and Drop bug in Calenda Panel
  80. Feed Viewer does not display dates in IE
  81. Ext.decode() hasn't option 'safe'
  82. Date.parseDate fails with format 'z'
  83. Grid Panel + Store + delete + ExtJS 3.3.1
  84. Menu problem in Opera 11
  85. Multiple File Upload Requests
  86. Ext.grid.ActionColumn doesn't work with Ext.ux.grid.LockingGridView
  87. [FIXED] GridPanel.applyState() wipes out sortable property in ColumnModel
  88. FieldLabeler: this.itemCt is undefined
  89. ExtJS 3.2.1 to 3.3.3 Spinner.js 202 row lack ';' char
  90. ExtJS 3.3.1 + Chrome + Bug
  91. Ext.MessageBox.progress only visible whilst debugging.
  92. Ext.form.DateField do not trigger validate after setDisabledDates
  93. IE doesn't show multiple charts on a Tab Panel
  94. IE9: 2 Problems with HtmlEditor
  95. Error QuickTips not rendering correctly in 3.2.2 and 3.3.3
  96. EditorGridPanel -delay in firing Blur Event causes Bug
  97. [3.3.3] Y-position is not set correct on window if render-zone is scrolled
  98. Extjs3.2.1:add Panel to Tabpanel , but I can't see bbar in the Panel
  99. Grid: CheckboxSelectionModel is not working when using filter
  100. No selection for TreeNode after node.select()
  101. Grid: CheckboxSelectionModel incorrect working with enableDragDrop in true
  102. Html 5 problem
  103. Ext.DomQuery.selectValue doesn't work on IE-7 and IE-8
  104. Windows contraint inside div does not work in firefox
  105. Chart produces 'style' error when border region is collapsed
  106. [ExtJS 3.3.3] Weird drag and drop problem in IE 8
  107. Render issue with MultiSelect and ItemSelector
  108. CheckboxGroup & Checkbox not rendered
  109. TreePanel and Ext.fly(..) in null or not an object bug in IE7 with frameset
  110. Quicktip Bug ExtJS 3.3.1
  111. ExtJS3 dead?
  112. EdtorGridPanel store batch remove error
  113. Extjs does not work in Internet Explorer7 when it is contained into an IFrame
  114. How to reference ancestor container object from an ExtJS control?
  115. Img causes IE to crash
  116. [Solved - Ext 3.3.1]HtmlEditor memory leak
  117. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined ext-all-debug.js:8196
  118. bubble event on sub-menus broken in 3.3.3
  119. [3.3.1] IE: Combobox in toolbar doesn't get "real" focus after menu autocloses
  120. combox editable: false backspace in chrome crash
  121. Ext JS 3.x RESTful Grid doesn't get updated on fast machine
  122. Status bar error with IFrames
  123. [Ext. 3.3.3] Internet Explorer cannot handle XMLNS in a XML Response
  124. [Open] Form field id lead the field render error while Window show two times
  125. [OPEN] Ext.util.getRule has different behaviours in different browsers
  126. Changing Calendar Default view
  127. Alt attribute unable to set for each image in an Action Column
  128. Search field and paging toolbar work wrong together in some cases
  129. Ext 3.3.3 possible GridPanel onDestroy BUG?
  130. EXT3.3.1 for IE9 , TreePanel click event is disable
  131. EXT 3.2.2 CompositeField not working with setValue
  132. button disabled and submit form bug
  133. ext-lang-it.js is outdated (and inconsistent)
  134. Number Formatting
  135. Response lost from upload Ajax request to iframe if document.domain changed
  136. [OPEN] QuickTips showdelay not respected ??
  137. Tab scrolling doesn't work after 42 tabs!!!
  138. YUI adapter with Ext 3.3.3
  139. IE9: Error in TextMetrics getTextWidth
  140. Ext JS 3.4.0 tagged branch in SVN still reports 3.3.3 when compiled with JSBuilder
  141. Messagebox text get wraps automatically in IE
  142. Mask opacity
  143. [3.3] fireEvent("check"... not working
  144. Swedish characters (utf8 encoded) are not showing in EXTJs text box
  145. RowNumberer doesn't show numbers over 99 in Google Chrome
  146. Issue with Ext.History
  147. Ext JS app in iframe in Firefox 4 gives "Permission denied..." onDomLoad
  148. ExtJS 3.4 - Tooltip not rendering correctly
  149. Error border layout with split and collapse
  150. Ext.menu.Item documentation bug
  151. Then change tabs - SWF file download again... and begin woked afresh
  152. ExtJS 3.4.0 Menus do not work in any browser other than IE
  153. Minor issue in PropertyGrid docs
  154. Panel: "bodyStyle" is removed, if browser is Firefox
  155. Error in Calendar component (Extensible)
  156. HtmlEditor displays HTML code in normal mode
  157. [INFOREQ] Ext-3.4 ext-core/src/data/Connection.js depends on core/Ext-more.js
  158. distorted drop down ui in IE7
  159. rowselect problem
  160. browser get unresponsive when going to remove huge data from Gridpanel
  161. A Bug About TabPanel
  162. Extjs 3.4 Grid to grid drag and drop when floating:true
  163. Ext.XTemplate bug in IE7 and 8 since extjs 3.4.0
  164. Ext.grid.GridPanel maxHeight config option is ignored
  165. Firefox 5 and Vtypes Ext 3.3
  166. Date Syncing Problem in Ext JS Calendar
  167. forceFit=false in grid + grid.disable() leads to unscrollable grid
  168. Recordtype undefined for JsonStore and ArrayStore
  169. exception event of jsonStore
  170. Website Bug
  171. Ext.grid.Panel.reconfigure Parameters
  172. TreeNode editor & html characters
  173. Modal window mask does not mask tab close buttons (x-tab-strip-close)
  174. GridPanel problems after moving to ExtJS 3.3
  175. CheckboxGroup in EditorGridPanel Closes When Checkbox Clicked (IE 9 Only)
  176. Datefield menu with white space
  177. editable config option ignored in Ext.ux.grid.CheckColumn
  178. Unable perform DnD rapidly due to proxy repair timeout
  179. Show my fieldsets collapsed
  180. Ext.Slider not working properly in IE9
  181. BUG :Reloding jsonstore data after changing the root
  182. Bug in Ext.data.Store.find() method + fix for Ext 3.4.0
  183. Event Handlers On Overflowed Toolbar Buttons Not Being Called
  184. Date.createParser creates incorrect parsing method for "n/m/Y H" format
  185. RawEditor F is undefined
  186. Bug in JsonStore ?
  187. Bug with ExtJs viewport with flash object
  188. Extjs fileuploadfield bug in IE, response is null
  189. Html Editor scrollbars in IE9
  190. uncaught exception: Element.alignToXY with an element that doesn't exist
  191. Ext 3.4 Toolbar in Panel does not resize when container div is resized
  192. MSIE 7-8 (9 haven't tested): Ext.Element.setHeight throws exception
  193. [ExtJS3] The ButtonGroup draws 2 extra vertical lines when its width exceeds 1100px
  194. Fieldset title/checkboxes are misaligned
  195. Ext JS 3.4.0 Ext.Window Shadow Bug using buttons (fbar)
  196. HTML Editor broken
  197. Tree sorting. Ext.data.Node#sort method error. Was missed return operator.
  198. 3.4 throws "null" exception on grid template loading.
  199. [3.4.0] this.config[a].getCellEditor is not a function
  200. Ext.data.Connection
  201. CSS background images won't load after form submit in IE9
  202. [OPEN] [EXTJSIII-23] Form layout ignores container's layoutConfig
  203. [Ext 3.4.0] Anchor layout does not reflow when overflowed by autoHeight component
  204. Possible memory leak with GridPanel and Store
  205. [CLOSED] ExtJS 3.4 HBox Layout does not calculate height properly
  206. Textarea getvalue
  207. Tree vertical scrollbar not visible in IE if rendered into an accordion
  208. Error while loading a windows form...
  209. [Ext 3.4.0] "Container" border layout regions do not relayout when decreasing width
  210. Problem dynamically adding records to GroupingStore
  211. Trigger in collapsed panel
  212. Using margin in IE9 TreePanel, ExtJS 3.4
  213. [OPEN] Column Editor in editorgrid have bugs when it is converted from 1.1.2 project
  214. 3.4.0 - Error in GridFilters
  215. Problem with change event in a EditorGridPanel
  216. [3.4.0] IE7 don't render correctly form inside card
  217. Bug in Ext.ux.ToolbarReorderer (3.x)
  218. Bug in Ext.lib.Anim in prototype adapter
  219. Email regex should allow special characters at the end of local-part
  220. Fieldset titles with hidden borders problems under IE
  221. Date issue!
  222. [3.4.0] Serious bug in Ext.data.Store.remove()
  223. Ext.encode creates object from arrays in Internet Explorer
  224. IE9 and Texteditor
  225. Y2K problem in cookieProvider
  226. Problem with virtual wider Splitbar in TYPO3 4.6-dev (is an extjs problem)
  227. [Ext JS 3.2.2] Ext.KeyMap for Ctrl-F fails to re-enable on Firefox 3.6.3
  228. Editable Grid Focus Change Scrolls Window incorrectly
  229. Customize axis title of ExtJS(3.x) chart
  230. Bug with qclass
  231. Grid drag zone swallows document mousedown event in IE
  232. Combox don't display Selected Value - IE problem
  233. disabled does not work on compositefield
  234. hideMode:'offsets' in two panels in card layout
  235. [3.4.0 IE9] wrong rendering on IE 9 in Grid Panel
  236. [OPEN] Border Layout collapse and expand weirdness (ext 3.4)
  237. "this.indexOf is not a function" error with 3.4.0 and creating a Ext.menu.Menu
  238. isValid does not indicate if field is valid - all form fields
  239. htmlentities in htmleditor
  240. Ext.form.NumberField disabled arrows in Opera
  241. TreeNode.expand() throws exception
  242. Bug GroupingView to unregister
  243. Drag and drop bug
  244. Ext.Message and this.dom is undefined
  245. Wrong page number after refreshing grid list
  246. Spinnerfield don't fire the Change Event
  247. Ext.ux.form.SpinnerField changes values three times on two consecutive clicks
  248. [RESOLVED] Calendar : Week and Day View in Firefox
  249. GroupSummary isGrouped does not return expected result
  250. Calendar sometimes blacks out certain future days for some users?