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  1. [DUPE-1444] Regular expressions in Google Chrome Canary Build
  2. Ext.Element.createChild fails on tbody in IE
  3. [OPEN-1445] Arrow key row selection inside grid panel and context menu
  4. [FIXED-1446] Email validation fails if there is an apostrophe
  5. DataReader - CRUD "create" action
  6. [DUPE-1444] Chromium release breaks ExtJS
  7. [OPEN-1461] Why does Store.datachanged trigger refreshing of GridView headers?
  8. [OPEN-1460] Combo doesn't expand when user mouse pastes
  9. [CLOSED] Adding a span tag creates line breaks in a tab title
  10. Combobox trigger button alignment/height issue - IE 7 and IE 8 compatibility mode
  11. Form panel design problems with 3.3.1 and IE
  12. EditorGridPanel.getSelectionModel Documentation issue
  13. Ext.form.CompositeField -> clearInvalid()
  14. Bad code docs -> messed up ext-doc
  15. [FIXED-1463] shadowOffset is undefined in Ext.Window
  16. [3.3][4.0]Checkbox processes click event even if it has been set to readOnly.
  17. Ext JS 3.3.1 API Documentation : EventObject (shiftKey)
  18. [DUPE-1337] PivotGrid headers not renderer when store created with local data
  19. [CLOSED] Chrome 10.0.612.1 dev beaks EXT JS?
  20. [OPEN-1462] Opera 11 (build:1156) - grid scrolls down on click in grid
  21. [CLOSED] Ext.form.Field.onRender refactoring.
  22. [3.2.2] DataView onUpdate fails with exception
  23. [CLOSED] 3.3.1 Textfield onChange event bug
  24. [INFOREQ] Bug into css property
  25. [CLOSED] Found Bug in grid CheckboxSelectionModel
  26. [FIXED-1467] BUG: "value is undefined" in BasicForm.js
  27. [FIXED-518] Radio/Radiogroup with ']' element in the name brokes form rendering
  28. [CLOSED] [ 3.3.0 ] KeyNav enabled in the viewport when showing modal windows
  29. [DUPE-925] Opera 11 Keyboard navigation keys don't work in Ext.form.NumberField
  30. [OPEN-1464] Ext.History use of forward/back buttons do not work correctly in IE8
  31. [Open-1465] toolbar overflow handler error
  32. [FIXED-1466] JSON decode throws an error under IE (but not under FF) on empty string
  33. [CLOSED] Ext JS Tree x-tree-node-over stuck after clicking node
  34. [CLOSED] Weired "AutoZoom" Problem with Ext.Window in Chrome Browser
  35. Ext.tree.TreeDropZone -> html tags in title of treeNode
  36. [FIXED-1334] HUGE BUG in masking windows!!!
  37. [3.3.1]Qtip showing on disabled components (?)
  38. [FIXED-1475] DateField.safeParse and 'c' or 'U' format
  39. [OPEN-1469] [Ext 3.3.0] textarea with grow and growmax ignored by Internet Explorer
  40. Modifying Tooltip Shadows does not have any effect
  41. [OPEN-1470] Ext.grid.ColumnModel: The getColumnAt function is not documented
  42. Ext.form.ComboBox onTriggerClick usage in editorgrid
  43. Repopulating the Link in HTMLEditor
  44. [OPEN-1471] Statusbar styles in ux-all.css
  45. [OPEN-1472] preventBodyReset issue
  46. [OPEN-1473] [3.3.1]Ext.Editor.revertInvalid is undefined by default.
  47. [3.x] Inconsistent click event firing in certain cases
  48. [CLOSED] FileUploadField reset method fails if called befeore render
  49. [OPEN-1483] HttpProxy documentation error
  50. [OPEN-1482] extjs 3.3.1 treegrid's column header can't automatically move
  51. [OPEN-1481] PivotGrid broken when used with records containing dates
  52. [OPEN-1492] The Ext.util.Cookies.clear call does not work.
  53. [FIXED-1480] Ext.ux.grid.LockingGridView does not include scope in getColumnData.
  54. [DUPE-865] Ext.form.Radio trackResetOnLoad getValue Bug
  55. [FIXED-1479] [3.3.1] Add support for space-key in Ext.KeyNav
  56. [CLOSED]incorrect editor if two editor grids with same column model exists
  57. [FIXED-1478] GridFilters error icw LockingGridView
  58. [OPEN-1477] Chrome Ext.Msg.show wrong placing
  59. [OPEN-1476] Some errors in Turkish localization script
  60. [FIXED-1484] Input height problem in tbar - Chrome/Safari (Strict Mode)
  61. Bug in XMLWriter or at the very least a massive limitation on it's usability
  62. [3.3.1] Fix (initial) size of Ext.form.TextArea with grow enabled
  63. Replacing tree nodes causes errors on events (patch included)
  64. [OPEN-1486] button icon vs iconCls vertical positions not consistent
  65. Why Ext.id function gets overridden?
  66. [OPEN-1487] Ext.Template.compile() missing in API docs
  67. ComboBox Tab handling
  68. Fixing email validation
  69. [FIXED-1488] KeyMap stopEvent to prevent hot keys in IE
  70. Mac/Safari problem with modal window scroll
  71. [FIXED-1491] ux.SelectBox select event hitting twice
  72. [FIXED-1489] Bug in LockingGridView.js when runs with MS IE (With Solution)
  73. [FIXED-1485] ext-core.jsb2 contains invalid JSON
  74. [OPEN] [OPEN-1490] Toggeling Grouping, bug? (GroupingStore, GroupingView & EditorGridPanel)
  75. change iconCls
  76. [CLOSED] JsonStore is incorrectly done
  77. [CLOSED] IE Bug with datefield and combobox (anchor '100%')
  78. x-box baseCls rounded box includes baseCls in sub elements class names
  79. [CLOSED]lockingGridview ex rowheight changed on unlocked columns doesn't alter locked
  80. [CLOSED] Comma at end of line 1124 in ext-all-debug.js (3.3.1)
  81. Documentation suggestion: Ext.data.ArrayStore
  82. [INFOREQ] Strange IE8 , show White area...
  83. [FIXED-1493] Ext.ux.form.MultiSelect not using correct selected item style
  84. Problem with RowEditor + GridPanel + XmlReader/XmlWriter
  85. Ext.Ajax.request problem in IE8
  86. ExtJS samples
  87. EmptyText in DataView
  88. TreePanel node added listener issue
  89. Ext.chart.Chart has a serious bug
  90. HTMLEditor, Bold and italic together does not work
  91. ExtJS Grid Column Selection is Miserably Slow
  92. GridPanel column menu problem with Selection Models
  93. headermousedown bug?
  94. [OPEN] [3.3.x] IE7 rendering vbox layouts incorrectly depending on doctype
  95. ComboBox .isDirty() issue
  96. enableDragDrop brakes checkcolumn in EditorGridPanel
  97. 3.3.x toggleCheck on TreeNodeUI only works if the node has been rendered?
  98. beforedestroy and clearMons
  99. Ext.Ajax.serializeForm : bug for select-multiple
  100. Store documentation error
  101. BUG in ie only Panel with DataView
  102. Ext.History fails when framed from a different origin
  103. [OPEN] shift-insert doesn't trigger events
  104. ux-all.css bug
  105. [3.x] LockingGridView doesn't scroll when using mouse scroll wheel in the locked sect
  106. Problem in right context menu display with Extjs v3
  107. QuickTip positioning broken
  108. last form with compositefield is not shown in IE7
  109. HtmlEditor bug in IE: no option displayed for "Font color menu" -- (in html frame)
  110. Cursor remains pointer on read only combo
  111. Too Many Requests Issued When Updating Multiple Records in Restful Store
  112. 3.3.x examples/desktop/js/TaskBar.js: quoting broken in templates
  113. validateOnBlur: false does not prevent ComboBox validation on blur
  114. Ext.data.Store reads 0 not int's from Ext.data.JsonReader (postgresql)
  115. Ext.util.Format.fileSize is not localized
  116. [3.3.1] [Feature Request or Bug?] Missing deleteBaseParam method
  117. LoadMask text centering
  118. BUG in FormPanel - fields are not properly constructed
  119. Missing Events in Calendar Day View
  120. Extjs Gray theme css problem with message boxes
  121. Record acts destructively on its default data
  122. ExtJS rendering incorrectly in Firefox on RedHat
  123. JSON serialization of Date should be in UTC
  124. [3.3.0]Ext.grid.ActionColumn -> align
  125. ExtJS Simple Task Demo broken starting with 3.1.1
  126. Ext.tree.TreeSorter suspected typo in source code
  127. PagingToolbar calculates incorrect activePage (ext331)
  128. Problem with <select> inside grid cell and onRowOver function - SeaMonkey 1.1.18
  129. Memory leak in IE8 with modal dialogs including extjs code
  130. TabPanel deferred render false, nested toolbar layout problem
  131. Grid renderer with HTML couses editing problems!
  132. locking grid does not handle action column
  133. Window fails to close on second click of X button (Firefox 3.6, Chrome 8 ExtJs 3.3)
  134. Ext.ux.form.SearchField width and events bugs.
  135. HTA mode fails to load Ext
  136. GridView mistakenly renders ActionColumn, mixing it with another column
  137. EditorGrid + ComboBox + getPosition bug
  138. NumberField setValue does not shows value when using custom decimalSeparator
  139. Panels with frame: true cause nested panels to not have borders
  140. [3.3.1]Ext.grid.ColumnModel -> setHidden
  141. Issues in IE 8 while rendering complex layouts
  142. Ext JS 3.3.1 using resources/charts.swf
  143. Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel checkbox editor problem in Chrome 9.0.597.86 beta
  144. [OPEN] Selecting of UI Items in Chrome
  145. Ext.ux.tree.TreeGrid onResize
  146. IE 6,8 - Layout column wrong calculates width
  147. Title-bar click collapse results in incorrect layouting
  148. Ext.tree.TreePanel beforemovenode fires when it shouldn't
  149. [3.3.1] Stateful Grid resets hideable config
  150. Ext.utl.Format.fileSize() -- doesn't support GB and TB file sizes
  151. [CLOSED]IE Ext.util.Format.date BUG
  152. IE8 scaling issue
  153. Toolbar symbol counter wrong behavior
  154. Pivot Grid (possible bug)
  155. [3.3.0] Ext.grid.GridPanel -> enableDragDrop : true & CheckboxSelectionModel
  156. [3.3.x] Hbox layout & autoScroll do not work together
  157. IE6 bugs (strange Event object is built)
  158. TabPanel documentation incorrect for 'layout' option
  159. Bugs in charts demos
  160. Stateful TreeGrid Bug
  161. [OPEN] Fields in CompositeField dont work findParentByType() ...
  162. Ext.util.Format.plural -1 plural
  163. trackResetOnLoad: false and form.getForm().reset() not working as documented
  164. [API]Ext.data.Store -> idIndex
  165. Ext.History problems in IE8 with Browser Mode: IE8 / Document Mode: IE8 Standards
  166. Ext and CouchDB
  167. cant edit when using many grideditor in the same window
  168. [OPEN] Extjs menus and combobox issues in IE9 RC
  169. Servlet Will response JSON object and will read json object using sencha
  170. LoadMask removes focus from pagingToolbar buttons (IE7)
  171. supports is undefined resource/ext-all.js Line 4918
  172. 3.3.1 API Docs
  173. Safari 5.0.2 MAC OS 10.6.6 hangs on opening extjs examples
  174. Problems with RowEditor when you drag&drop columns in a GridPanel
  175. How to remove a GroupTabPanel?
  176. Portlet title bar in Portal Layout, not pixel perfect
  177. ActionColumn example error
  178. MessageBox Width Problem in Safari
  179. Ext 3.3.1 DateField Renders incorrect (input) width in Chrome 9.0.597.98
  180. [CLOSED]3.3.1 - GridPanel's toolbar & body doesn't resize when placed in auto layout
  181. IE8 invalid argument ext-all-debug 4276
  182. DateField and IE9
  183. Small FIX in Ext.ux.grid.CheckColumn
  184. TreeGrid Columns calculation is wrong
  185. htmleditor + fontsize + google chrome
  186. IE9 RC reports exception with Hello World example
  187. [OPEN] File upload gives wrong file names. Characters encoding issue?
  188. Ext.data.Store -- onCreateRecords
  189. right direction bug
  190. tiny error in documentation (JsonReader)
  191. Issue with Card Layout, Absolute Layout, FormPanel & Column Layout
  192. Ext.PagingToolbar forget lastOptions in doLoad function
  193. Direct function crash causes ExtJS error
  194. bug in composite field
  195. EditorGridPanel no click event if cell is on same row
  196. Problem with disabled form elements in IE8
  197. date Calendar misses a month on click for next month
  198. [3.3.1]Ext.grid.GridView -> beforerefresh-event
  199. Ext.form.Radio check event only fires once
  200. Progress Bar in hidden FieldSet
  201. [EXPLAIN] ExtJS 4 scss
  202. Buttongroup doesnt layout properly if on a hidden card in cardlayout.
  203. Defining the api in the FormPanel in constructor and initComponent
  204. Ext.isFunction() returns false for parent window function in IE8
  205. [3.x] Opera comobox list over hor scroll select item problem
  206. HtmlEditor.getValue() inserting unprintable characters
  207. Spinner events
  208. Sample Multiple grid sorting example broken on IE 8, and Chrome
  209. Multiple grid sorting example is incomplete, cannot remove sort column
  210. Script error with Ext.HtmlEditor. Please help me!!!
  211. [3.3.1]Ext.isDefined
  212. JsonStore: baseParams work with ext-all-debug.js, but not ext-all.js
  213. Maybe a bug in Extjs 3.3.1 on Radio/RadioGroup
  214. BasicForm.setValues & trackResetOnLoad
  215. getAnchorXY: s parameter wrong
  216. Wrong usage of groupId in GroupingView
  217. in firefox ,when buttons on the tbar left side , they can not click
  218. About Ext.onReady fo IE in Extjs 3.3.1
  219. [3.3.1] createDelegate appendArgs not appending
  220. "Ajax with XML forms" example uses deprecated or undocumented API
  221. Reading CSS values with Ext.util.CSS.getRule
  222. Reading CSS values with Ext.util.CSS.getRule
  223. TreeNode setIcon/setIconCls no worky in 3.2.2
  224. Class Ext.data.HttpProxy Conn object
  225. COmboxBox rendering in scrollable div under IE6 or IE7
  226. fieldset checkbox doesn't get set by setvalues
  227. [OPEN] trackResetOnLoad after success submit not keeping values
  228. Menu shadow probolem in IE9
  229. Combobox will be shrinked, whe
  230. Ext.util.TaskRunner
  231. Problems with the length of quicktips - tooltip
  232. Native XMLHttpRequest support for IE -> Ext.data.Connection
  233. Incorrect Rendering When Working Under NetBeans...
  234. Issue with two menu.html file with the same name
  235. Datefield is shrinked when rendered hidden
  236. GroupingView with remoteSort on the store - solved
  237. TreeGrid with rootVisible: true
  238. Extjs Datefilters
  239. TextField - Keypress event is not fired when BACKSPACE is pressed (IE and Chrome)
  240. Ext.getBody() and Ext.getHead() Documentation Issue
  241. Pivot Grid IE6
  242. Pivot Grid - No Horizontal Scrolling
  243. Calendar not showing up on iPad and Android X
  244. In a grid with a fixed-width col and forceFit: true, hiding columns breaks rendering
  245. File upload problem in Safari
  246. Ext JS 3.3.1 API Docs regional panels do not render with scrollbars on IPod Touch
  247. Restful Store with autosave=true sends multiple POST (add) requests to the server
  248. Events fired in a wrong order when changing combobox and focusing a cell in a grid
  249. Ext.History.getToken() returns the String 'null' in Gecko browsers
  250. Ext.form.ComboBox queryDelay documentation