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  1. Cannot catch the "keypress" and "specialkey" event.
  2. [CLOSED] Error LockingGridView and ColumnHeaderGroup Plugins
  3. [OPEN-1306] groupingstore, hide/show column => columnsize not correct
  4. [CLOSED-1307] Combo/Select not scrolling in Safari on iPad
  5. [CLOSED] ComboBox list element style with height: 0
  6. [DUPE-575] Ext.ux.RowEditor not working after column reordering....
  7. [OPEN-1308] Tooltip bug when beforeShow returns false
  8. [CLOSED][3.3.0-rc]Ext.grid.ColumnModel -> destroy
  9. [FIXED-1310] Slow css :hover behavior on IE7 with large datatable
  10. [DEFER] Ext.Fx: the 'remove: true' fx config flag does nothing
  11. [CLOSED] Disabled Elements in Firefox 3 / 4
  12. [DEFER] Ext.Fx: element.stopFx() has no effect?
  13. [OPEN-1311] ExtJS Docs: opt.anim.isAnimated is not a function
  14. [OPEN-1312] Menu with maxHeight has incorrect aligning
  15. [OPEN-1314] groupDir config missig in GroupingStore docs
  16. [CLOSED]Document jsonData in Ext.Ajax.request and Ext.data.Connection.request
  17. [CLOSED] DateField with date format 'Y-n-d A g:i' does not honor change from AM to PM
  18. [CLOSED-1315] store.filter does not work ?
  19. [CLOSED] Incorrect Element.scroll() / scrollTo() behaviour when animation enabled
  20. [INFOREQ] Scrolling Z-Index Issue in Safari
  21. [OPEN-1346] Grouping bug?
  22. [FIXED-1214] Ext.onReady getting fired multiple times
  23. [FIXED-1359] Error in Ext.data.Record.updateRecord if field value is null
  24. [OPEN-1328] NumberField setValue() bug when the field has not been rendered yet.
  25. [CLOSED] Inconsistency with HTMLEditor in Ext3.3Rc
  26. [CLOSED] "Invalid target element for this operation" in IE8 (bug?)
  27. [CLOSED] Cannot Hide Title or Header in ExtJS 3.2.2 Ext.Panel (IE8 Compat mode)
  28. [OPEN-1317] Ext.tree.TreePanel - dragConfig{primaryButtonOnly:false} is ignored
  29. [OPEN-1318] Ext.EventObject reports wrong e.button code (allways=0)
  30. [DUPE-1073] GroupSummary invokes renderer without scope.
  31. Sencha Website -> Training
  32. [CLOSED] JsonWriter + DirectProxy({encode:false}) bug in update/create?
  33. [OPEN-1343] TextField with selectOnFocus and readOnly on Webkit
  34. [OPEN-1319] Ext.ux.grid.filter.ListFilter doesn't support number lists
  35. [OPEN-1331] Extjs.Ajax (3.2.2) Leak
  36. [DUPE] Illegal char in some language files on line 7
  37. [DUPE-1033] extjs combobox displayfield same name with different value ?
  38. [OPEN-1322] Ext.tree.TreeSorter bug: property used even if sortType is specified
  39. [OPEN-1320] ExtJS 3.3 modal window problem
  40. [FIXED-955] ListView column header - missing column header sort cue in gray theme
  41. [FIXED-1321] TwinTriggerField renders incorrectly in WebKit browsers
  42. [DUPE-518] Ext.form.Radio selection error on names containing brackets
  43. [PENDING] Checkbox - Event "Check" fires while loading data
  44. [CLOSED] Ext API -> Links at the top right corner
  45. [OPEN-1323] ExtJS API Documentation FilterTree bug
  46. [OPEN-1324] Error in CompositeField's documentation
  47. [CLOSED] Documentation API Ext.util.Functions
  48. [OPEN-1325] [3.3] Ugly message box in gray theme
  49. [DUPE] [3.3 & 3.2.1] Theme Viewer - MessageBox not modal in Firefox
  50. [3.3] ActionColumn behavior/configuration sort of weird
  51. [CLOSED] New 3.3beta1 calendar: dayview doesn't render with strict view
  52. [OPEN-1338] Checkbox Fieldset: Visual inconsistency btw browsers on Mac OS X
  53. [OPEN-1326] Ext.ux.tree.ColumnNodeUI does not render checkboxes
  54. [OPEN-1327] TreeSorter cannot sort numerical attributes
  55. [OPEN-1349] onReady is unreliable due to lack of thread synchronization
  56. [OPEN-1329] Restore fails on a Window initialized with maximized true
  57. Bug in Ext.util.Format.usMoney when handling null/undefined values
  58. [OPEN-1330] 3.3 Calendar - Multiple Remote Calls
  59. [OPEN-1337] PivotGrid Axis doesn't display when using local data
  60. [OPEN-1332] Bug in Ext.data.Store: find method
  61. [OPEN-1333] "Ext.dd is undefined" when using ext-yui-adapter.js (Ext 3.3.0)
  62. Documentation
  63. [FIXED-1334] Bug in 3.3 while masking windows
  64. [OPEN-1335] 3.3 getModifiedRecords bug
  65. [OPEN-1339] Datefield: setDisabledDates Bug (setting empty again)
  66. [OPEN-1383] Ext.LoadMask(Ext.getBody()) and modal window
  67. [INFOREQ] [3.3.0 final] No button-icons on combobox in Chrome
  68. [3.3.0] ListView height in IE7
  69. DataViews select method clears the old selections even when selection is cancelled
  70. [FIXED-1398] Localization (Amharic (Ethiopian Language))
  71. [OPEN-1340] ComboBox issue
  72. [OPEN-1341] Ext.dd.DragSource with ddGroup defined
  73. [OPEN-1342] TabPanel Scroll breaks with "many" tabs >= 43 tabs
  74. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor Numbered List under MSIE
  75. [OPEN-1344] [Ext 3.3] Suspect Behavior of Radio
  76. [OPEN-1345] CalendarPanel event moves when slowly clicked
  77. HtmlEditor Bug: defaultValue "zero-width space" causes problems in some circumstances
  78. Sencha Website -> Animation Issue
  79. [CLOSED] Toolbar not resizing onWindowResize
  80. [OPEN-1347] [3.x] DateFilter menuItems cfg option is broken
  81. API Documentation - Accordion - Not Found
  82. [DUP-1241]Ext.onReady fires before doc fully loaded
  83. [CLOSED] LabelAlign bug
  84. [OPEN-1348] [API Doc] Ext.slider not found
  85. [3.3.0] combo does not clearing filter on store after select value
  86. [OPEN-1353] [3.3] When show has been vetoed, Ext.Tip.showAt continues.
  87. [OPEN-1350] [3.3.0] Ext.elCache throws exception in IE
  88. [OPEN-1351] CalendarPanel multi-day event selection rendering
  89. [OPEN-1352] Ext.grid.GridView -> resolveCell()
  90. [OPEN-1354] 3.3.0 -> Ext.list.BooleanColumn broken
  91. [FIXED-1356] GridView rowsinserted event order
  92. [OPEN-1357] Weird tabpanel behaviour
  93. Ajax request is converting params with null values to empty strings
  94. [CLOSED] iPad IPhone Chart issue
  95. [OPEN-1358] broken Styles API Documentation in Chrome
  96. [CLOSED] BoxLayout resizing
  97. ext.data.store.filter [multiple filter options] its not working
  98. [CLOSED] Wrong layout in Chrome and FF when tab gets activated
  99. [OPEN-1361] store.add overwrites value for len variable
  100. Ver3.3 Upgrade GridPanel CheckboxSelectionModel MultiSelect Error
  101. API Documentation - ComboBox keyNav desc. broken.
  102. [OPEN-1363] Ext.KeyMap.addBinding() fails to process multiple stopEvent configs
  103. [OPEN-1367] Writer incorrectly merges server result
  104. [OPEN-1362] Documentation of Ext.Element
  105. [OPEN-1364] xtheme-access tabs have white background
  106. North region grows on resize in firefox
  107. Ext.form.HtmlEditor rare but possible IFrame initialization failure
  108. [FIXED-1365] GridPanel::applyState may call ColumnModel::setState incorrectly (3.3)
  109. [DUPE-1334] A very very ugly BUG - window's mask
  110. [FIXED-1368] Binding grid->form example is broken
  111. [FIXED-1359] Ext.form.BasicForm.updateRecord fails, when field value is null
  112. [OPEN-1369] [3.3] JsonWriter queue handling
  113. [FIXED-1370] Actions don't get Container defaults
  114. [FIXED] Upgrade from 3.2.1 to 3.3.0 -> script in body broken
  115. [OPEN-1384] ComboBoxes Don't Render Correctly In VBox
  116. BasicForm.submit() sends no form fields at all if one of them is a file upload field.
  117. [OPEN] [FIXED-1366]Problem with Grid sorting with state enabled
  118. [OPEN-1371] tabOut deSelects other rows in CheckboxSelectionModel when checkOnly=true
  119. ColorPalette does not render properly in FormLayout in IE6
  120. [DUPE-1334] 3.3.0 desktop: disabling a window will move it
  121. [OPEN-1372] Large window and constrain:true
  122. [DEFER-1373] HtmlEditor & IE - cannot right-click and copy selected text
  123. [FIXED-1374] ContainerLayout.destroy does not remove resize listener
  124. [OPEN-1375] opacity error in IE8
  125. [OPEN-1377] findParentBy and findParentByType methods are broken in CompositeField
  126. Drag and Drop stops working with a Sorting section in a store for the Multiselect
  127. [OPEN-1380] TabScroll breaks with TabWidth:'auto'
  128. [3.3] GroupingStore and Sorting broken under some situations
  129. [OPEN-1381] Click TextField while a menu is active, emptyText remains.
  130. [OPEN] [FIXED-1388] vtype:"daterange" can't be used more than once
  131. [OPEN-1382] clearGrouping deletes multiSortInfo
  132. [CLOSED] Defect in createDelayed, tasks shouldn't store on fn.
  133. [OPEN-1376] Insecure warning in IE on component destroy
  134. [FIXED-1385] Ext 3.3 locale files don't override DateField startDay
  135. [FIXED-1385] French DateField start day
  136. [OPEN-1387] Radiogroup reset clears all values
  137. [CLOSED] Setting collapsed on panel will render scrollbar over widget when expanding
  138. [INFOREQ] xtheme-access has mouseover rows white on white
  139. [FIXED] API Docs missing expand triangles in some cases
  140. [OPEN-1378] GridFilters images not available when using ux-all.css
  141. Images dissapearing when collapse toggle
  142. [OPEN-1389] Ext.form.Action.DirectLoad calling api.load incorrectly
  143. [CLOSED]BasicForm - isValid is inefficient
  144. [FIXED]'groupchange' event supplies grid's view not grid
  145. [DUPE-1366]GridPanel's columns lost sortable:true after CookieProvider is used
  146. [OPEN-1397] [3.3.0] CompositeField: does not handle initial invalid state of items
  147. [OPEN-1396] [3.3.0] CompositeField: does not adjust for auto grow textarea.
  148. [DEFER] [3.2.2] Grid Column Header sort Icon missing
  149. [FIXED-1395] [3.3.0] API -> Ext.form.Checkbox -> boxLabel
  150. [CLOSED]Ext.loadMask on Panel interferes with autoScroll
  151. [FIXED-1400] 20 out of 24 panel.tools described
  152. [FIXED-1390] A Disabled Spinnerfield shouldn't spin
  153. [FIXED-1401] Ext.grid.PivotGrid and xtheme-gray.css style bug
  154. How to fix a problem in IE not displaying chart
  155. [OPEN-1394] [3.3.0] RowEditor columns resizing bug
  156. [OPEN-1393] config option expandData for ArrayStore is missing in API docs
  157. [OPEN-1392] Ext.grid.PivotGridView.onLayout does not resize properly in fit layout
  158. [OPEN-1391] hidden state is not applied to column with ids
  159. [OPEN-1431] CompositeField labels layout
  160. [CLOSED] Destroying all windows makes breaks MessageBox
  161. [CLOSED] Ext JS 3.3 Examples - Binding a Grid to a Form - Rating bug.
  162. [CLOSED] Chrome renders Panels inconsistently (and wrong sometimes)
  163. [FIXED-1402] Global Variables in ExtJs 3.3.0 (len and r)
  164. [CLOSED] Checked Tree Panel "getChecked" function returns incorrect result
  165. [CLOSED] Incorrect russian sorting in TreeSorter()
  166. Ext.grid.Column -> fixed : true
  167. Table layout lacks support of width in percents for TDs
  168. [OPEN-1438] Ext.urlEncode() - arrays
  169. Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel should update index on row delete
  170. [INFOREQ] Problem with radio group in IE 6
  171. [INFOREQ] Extended Panels do not render correctly after collapsing
  172. [OPEN-1416] ComboBox's reset() bug
  173. [OPEN-1429] Hide grouped column does not work in some circumstances
  174. [OPEN-1430] TreeLoader.preloadChildren doesn't work as advertised
  175. [OPEN-1432] Open pdf file in an Ext window - Bug under IE with iframe
  176. [OPEN-1433] containerScroll does not work with drag and drop in tree grid
  177. [OPEN-1434] ExtJS, TreePanel and IE9
  178. [OPEN] [OPEN-1425] Tabpanel Shadow Bug
  179. [OPEN-1435] syncFx() Bug
  180. [OPEN-1436] 3.3.0 Ext.ux.form.SpinnerField "disabled" don't lock spinner.
  181. [OPEN-1437] panel bug in extjs3.3
  182. [OPEN-1442] radiogroup error if inputValue: '0' (as string)
  183. [OPEN-1439] [3.3] numberfield and localization
  184. [OPEN-1440] [3.3] Ext.decode safe option does not exist
  185. [OPEN-1441] Width redeclared in PivotGridView
  186. [OPEN-1428] BUG with Ext TreePanel+ tbar + IE = no go
  187. [INFOREQ] Ext.ux.FieldLabeler Doesn't Honor Margins
  188. [OPEN-1457] Combobox setHeight method does not work
  189. [CLOSED] [3.3] Bug in API documentation
  190. [INFOREQ] TreePanel bug in IE or issue with IE?
  191. [OPEN-1427] Missing store.clearData in API documentation
  192. [OPEN-1426] ListView not deselecting items when clicked beneath all items.
  193. [OPEN-1423]Left click on a field in draggable panel w/o title doesn't focus the field
  194. [INFOREQ] Fieldset not resizing properly
  195. [OPEN-1443] Phantom record not realized if XmlReader, XmlWriter, and Xml RESTful svc
  196. [INFOREQ] MultiSelect wont work correctly if hidden
  197. [FIXED-1409]Ext.CycleButton's method setActiveItem suppressEvent parameter is ignored
  198. [FIXED-1421] Ext Calendar startDay
  199. [FIXED-1424] FileUploadField reset when not yet rendered
  200. [CLOSED] Ext.form.NumberField do not handle big integer numbers properly
  201. [FIXED-1422] ext-lang-it.js needs Ext.form.NumberField.prototype.decimalSeparator=","
  202. Ext.data.Store.removeAll() does not reset the totalLength property
  203. [FIXED-1403] getAttribute in IE8
  204. [CLOSED] Ext.select: root parameter does not affect on select
  205. [OPEN-1420] Ext.TreePanel hovered node flickering
  206. [FIXED-1033] Combo - Selection changes if displayfield is not unique.
  207. [OPEN-1419] RowEditor + CheckboxSelectionModel causes error.
  208. [FIXED-1418] Headers are replaced when default headers are specified (3.3.0)
  209. XmlWriter does not respect format for a date field when sets
  210. [FIXED-1417] [API 3.3]Ext.grid.GridPanel
  211. [OPEN-1412] Handling specialKey events for TextField (another way)
  212. [FIXED-1408] XmlReader doesn't work under IE6
  213. [OPEN-1415] Panel not resized until expand animation finish
  214. [FIXED-1414] NumberField setValue fails using custom decimalSeparator
  215. [FIXED-1413] JsonWriter response format for failed create
  216. Field state valid -> invalid -> valid - doesnt remove qtip invalidClass
  217. [OPEN-1410] Ext.form.ComboBox and the expand() method
  218. [OPEN-1411] ListView Too Tall In An Animated Window
  219. [FIXED-1202] [3.3.1] updateRecord and getGroupValue
  220. [INFOREQ] [Ext.3.1.1] garbageCollector causes SSL unsecure message in IE8
  221. [CLOSED] Bug DataView click events
  222. [OPEN-1406] [Ext.3.x] PivotGrid alignment error in IE6
  223. [CLOSED] [3.x] Visual style bug in exapmle.
  224. [CLOSED] GridView doRender error during reconfigure after reconfiguring other grid
  225. [OPEN-1404] Doc Bug: Class Ext.form.ComboBox missing findRecord method documentation
  226. [CLOSED] Unable to disable timeout in Ext.Ajax
  227. [CLOSED] [3.3.x] IE8 bug: hbox with pack: 'end' and formlayout child
  228. [OPEN-1468] [3.3] Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel and singleSelect = false
  229. Ext.ux.form.SelectBox not removing event listener when destroyed.
  230. [3.3] TabPanel CSS issue in IE7
  231. Forums demo not working
  232. [OPEN] CompositeField lifecycle change in 3.3.1
  233. [FIXED-1444] [3.3.1] Invalid regular expression
  234. [OPEN-1459][3.3.1]Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters : DatePicker Value confused with DateFormat
  235. Column's preconfigured editor destroyed after grid is destroyed.
  236. [OPEN-1458] Ext.Window.setSize does not respect constrain option
  237. [OPEN-1456] Store's write event won't fire - problem is metaData?
  238. [FIXED-1447] [3.3.1] Bug in LockingGridView when no space is left for scrollable area
  239. [OPEN-1452] [3.3.1] Ext.dd.DragTracker destroy method not documented
  240. [FIXED-1455] [3.3.1] TreeSorter creates global variables
  241. [OPEN-1454] Little text validation bugs
  242. [OPEN-1453] Form field with vtype - Opera problem
  243. [OPEN-1451] [3.3.1] CompositeField child fields hidden status not updated
  244. [FIXED-1450] [3.3.1] Access theme errors
  245. [OPEN-1449] Problem with sorting column with undefined values in grid.
  246. [3.3.1] Textfield 'keypress' event doesn't fire on BACKSPACE for some browsers
  247. TableLayout problem with rowspan and colspan
  248. [CLOSED] Ext.iterate infinate loop in IE7
  249. JSONStore does not correctly handle JSON with '-' in property string.
  250. [OPEN-1448] Ext.data.HttpProxy documentation bugs