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  1. [CLOSED] 'checked' behavior different across Ext.form.Checkbox and TreeNode checkbox.
  2. [OPEN-1143] FormPanel/Panel initial disabled in hbox, mask & position bug
  3. [OPEN-1148] Focus method isn't resolved for CompositeField
  4. [OPEN-1224] Combobox click on "empty text" issue
  5. [OPEN-601] Combo Paging Bug
  6. [INFOREQ] Loading mask oddly
  7. [CLOSED] Ext.Loader issue in IE8
  8. [CLOSED] Toolbar in ViewPort
  9. [CLOSED] can't create setValues on new FormPanel
  10. [OPEN-1150] TimeField is missing minValue and maxValue validation
  11. [CLOSED] Ext.form.Action not complete
  12. [CLOSED] Direct Form Submit ignores "value" fields
  13. [FIXED-1151 3.3.x rev 6947] GroupingView renderUI bug
  14. [OPEN-1152] TreeGrid with single top-level node doesn't display properly in IE7...
  15. [OPEN-1153] Ext.grid.PropertyGrid -> layout issue
  16. [OPEN-1154 3.3.x rev 6947] WeekEventRenderer doesnt allow "more..." text overriding
  17. [OPEN-1157][3.3x] CalendarView loading problems with remote jsonstore
  18. [DUPE-1096] Strange behaviour of the HtmlEditor in Google Chrome...
  19. [DEFER] Gridpanel body size incorrect on render within a tabpanel (FF 3.x)
  20. [FIXED-1158] [3.2+] DataReader.onCreateRecords doesn't reMap for mutiple records
  21. [OPEN-1159] GroupTabPanel doesn't work well on IE7
  22. [INFOREQ]Firefox Linux becomes inactive when clicked multiple ton the edge of a popup
  23. [FIXED-1162] Ext.grid.ColumnModel -> getColumnWidth
  24. [DISCUSS] Composite Field does not display when...
  25. [FIXED-1163][Extjs 3.3 beta] Function DataView.getRecords is broken
  26. [CLOSED] (Unrendered TextArea with no config value).getValue() returns undefined
  27. [CLOSED] TreePanel lost Scrollbar after using lodmask()
  28. Ext.lib.Ajax.request headers are case sensitive
  29. [FIXED-1164] Ext.tree.TreeNode expand doesn't propagate animation parameter
  30. [DEFER] Examples Broken
  31. [DEFER-1165] Group Grid reconfigure function bug
  32. [FIXED-1166] Ext.data.Node eachChild bug
  33. [CLOSED-1167] Stateful window: Store position/size only when draggable
  34. [FIXED-1168][3.3 Beta] LockingGridView refreshRow broken, needs own implementation
  35. XMLHttpRequest onerror status property unhandled exception
  36. [OPEN-1169] Flex options is ignored for HtmlEditor in vbox layout
  37. [FIXED-1170][3.3 Beta] PivotGrid, rowspan bug
  38. [INFOREQ] Restful DELETE in IE
  39. Charts - Refresh fails if not rendered
  40. [OPEN-1171] ComboBox Selected item is lost when ComboBox loses input focus (blur)
  41. [INFOREQ-1172] 3.3 Calendar: Events no visible
  42. [CLOSED] Ext.Button: tooltipType:'qtip' doesn't work.
  43. [3.3.x] [FIXED-1173] grid column width problem on webkit browsers
  44. [3.3.x] [FIXED-1174] Ext.grid.GridView fitColumns problem
  45. [CLOSED] Holding left mouse button and move select everything in Ext.Window
  46. [3.3 Beta][FIXED-1175] Tooltip anchor element misplaced
  47. [3.3 Beta][FIXED-1176] LockingGridViiew, updateSortIcon typo
  48. [3.3 Beta][OPEN-1177] Calendar mappings not flexible enough
  49. [CLOSED]I believe the ext-all.js and ext-all-debug.js need to check for dom and style
  50. [FIXED-1178] Spinner field with focus has undefined dom when destroyed
  51. [FIXED-1179] GridView Hidden Column Problem
  52. [CLOSED] Button alignment problem in Chrome & Firefox. In IE looks as expected
  53. [FIXED-1180] Ext.form.TextField.validateValue() returns wrong result for empty string
  54. [CLOSED]3.3-Beta1 Grid column model width broken
  55. [INFOREQ] ComboBox selectOnFocus:true, not working with 3.3
  56. [FIXED-1181] Row Editor 'afteredit' doesn't always fire when existing row is edited
  57. [FIXED-1182] column resize icon displays when it should not
  58. BorderLayout floating region not resized (still persist!)
  59. [DUPE-1096] Ext.form.HTMLEditor Safari & Chrome, Mac
  60. [INFOREQ] 3.2.2 Ext.Element Unmask problem
  61. [3.3 Beta][CLOSED-1183] this.config[i].destroy not a function
  62. [FIXED-1184] Store.insert() bug - reverse order
  63. [FIXED-1185] Adding phantom/dirty records to a store doesn't make them modified
  64. [OPEN-1186] xtheme-access row over bug
  65. [FIXED] Google Maps sample on your site needs a new key
  66. [OPEN-1407]GridPanel w/ CheckboxSelectionModel can hide all columns (except checkbox)
  67. [CLOSED][Ext 3.3 beta][OPEN-1187] Problem when using checkBoxSelectionModel
  68. [CLOSED]BasicForm submit hangs at WaitMsg; same Code worked with older ExtJS versions
  69. [INFOREQ] setVisible(), show(), hide() do not work as expected on Safari Browser
  70. [OPEN-1188] cmargins with collapseMode = 'mini'
  71. Toolbar buttons don't work on API Documentation Sample.
  72. [OPEN-1189] remote grouping grids refresh twice on group by click
  73. [Ext 3.3 beta][FIXED-1190] Store add method doubles requests to the server
  74. TreeGrid problem in IE6.
  75. [DEFER] problem with button tag rendered on initially hidden panels [IE6,IE7,IE8]
  76. [DUPE-1190] Calendar sends double requests
  77. [OPEN-1191] Panel setIconClass function does not work properly
  78. [OPEN-1193] replacing a selected record in a Grid does not up the RowSelectionModel
  79. [OPEN-1295] Html Editor under Chrome
  80. [FIXED-1194] Ext.Window.focus () "contains" check is broken.
  81. [OPEN-1197] Double click of form field causes problems in ie
  82. [OPEN-1195] Ext JS Overview page doesn't have 3.2 examples
  83. [OPEN-1196] Ext.Msg removes x-body-masked class when openned over modal dialog
  84. [OPEN-1198] EditorGrid Pseudoleak in Chrome/Firefox due to EventManager.js line 97
  85. [FIXED-1199] CheckboxGroup not destroying children if destroy called before render
  86. [OPEN-1200] Ext.ux.form.ItemSelector leak due to ItemSelector.js line 93/117
  87. [INFOREQ] HTMLEditor - no plugins if autoWith: true
  88. [OPEN-1218] CRUD Grid Multi Delete
  89. [OPEN-1201] Issue with emptyText config option in ComboBox components
  90. [OPEN-1216] Calendar popup fails to display correctly in IE7 with ExtJS 3.x.x
  91. [OPEN-1212] getStyle() returns wrong value for inline style redefined by !important
  92. [FIXED-1202] getValue can return null from combobox causing updateRecord exception
  93. BorderLayout east height is bigger that should be
  94. [FIXED-1203] Problem with mappings in calendar
  95. [OPEN-1222][3.3 beta2] Pivot leftAxis does not render correctly
  96. [FIXED-1204] Rendering tables into a Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel
  97. [REOPEN-1205] Problems with realign hidden objects [Corrected]
  98. [DUPE-949] compositefield problems - fields inside composite not 'seen' by form
  99. [OPEN-1206] tbar + tools + border layout yields safari/chrome bug
  100. [DEFER-1207] Slider in panel with collapsed:true make slider weird
  101. [INFOREQ][3.3 beta2] Disabling a window causes it to disappear
  102. [INFOREQ] Ext.Window getPosition() returns x+2/y+2 on IE7 w/ doc type
  103. [CLOSED-1208][Ext 3.3x beta] Disable editing of particular rows columns doesn't work
  104. [OPEN-1209] Ext.data.XmlReader on forms : messageProperty NOT used
  105. [FIXED-1214] Ext.onReady code changed in 3.3x?
  106. [OPEN-1210][Ext 3.3 beta] Regression: Deleting second record in Store doubles request
  107. [3.2 + iPad] Tooltip artefacts for tooltips on iPad
  108. [DEFER] Custom grid column with width and/or sortable
  109. [OPEN-1211] ComboBox displaying in Ext 3.2.0
  110. Making RowEditor use your column renderers
  111. [CLOSED]Ext.layout.CardLayout -> deferredRender
  112. [CLOSED]Possible store destroy bug in GridPanel
  113. [RESOLVED] Please fix JsonStore so it can C_UD through web services
  114. [CLOSED] Missing '</li>' in Ext.tree.TreePanel for <li class="x-tree-node">
  115. [FIXED-1213] img Elements Created Using BLANK_IMAGE_URL Need an Empty alt Attribute
  116. [OPEN-1215] Button focus not visible on WebKit and IE 8.
  117. [OPEN-1217][3.3 Beta2] Calendar- layout algorithm is not intelligent enough
  118. [CLOSED] Panel's renderer property not documented
  119. Advanced VType, daterange tooltip not updated.
  120. [CLOSED] loading message in grid initially not centered
  121. [INFOREQ][3.3 b2] TriggerField CSS buttons
  122. [INFOREQ][3.3 b2] TriggerField not laying out correctly in collapse panel
  123. [FIXED-1219] slider.dragging is always false
  124. Response code for REST delete should be 204 not 200 !!!
  125. [OPEN-1220] Current opacity problem in WebKit
  126. [CLOSED] Problem with the PivotGrid
  127. [DEFER-1223] Nested layouts don't render inner layout if not initially visible
  128. [DEFER] CheckboxGroup in FormPanel not set by BasicForm.setValues
  129. [FIXED-1225] Checkbox setValue and inputValue
  130. [OPEN-1226] Ext.data.Store and Ext.data.DataReader code and documentation issues
  131. [CLOSED]3.2.1 NumberField Missing a very useful feature from Ext 2.x
  132. [OPEN-1227] CheckboxGroup/RadioGroup disappear in IE6, break in IE7/IE8
  133. [OPEN-1228] SliderField not relaying it's events
  134. Replacing an element with a textnode
  135. [FIXED-1238] Custom editors not destroyed in Ext.grid.PropertyColumnModel?
  136. [CLOSED]Ext.ux.ToolbarReorderer -> spacer and combos
  137. [OPEN-1230] Ext.History not working correctly in IE
  138. [OPEN-1239] gridPanel with CellSelectionModel - unexpected events firing
  139. [FIXED-1237] Multiple Ajax Calls
  140. [DEFER] Hbox fails to render collapsed child items
  141. [FIXED-1235] Editable grouping grid panel
  142. [OPEN-1234] CheckboxSelectionModel Header Select All Issue
  143. [OPEN-1233] Store onMetaChange null reader
  144. [OPEN-1232] CalendarPanel bug when placed inside a Panel (Ext 3.3 beta)
  145. [FIXED] Ext.DomHelper documentation missing methods
  146. [OPEN-1231] Erroneous wrapping of field validation message
  147. [INFOREQ-1229] Checkbox problem with TreeGrid
  148. [DEFER] Panel rendered collapsed does not receive proper height under some conditions
  149. [INFOREQ] Clicking on tabs from Cisco Web VPN causes them to close
  150. [OPEN-1240] DateField appears behind Tooltip
  151. [FIXED-1241] Ext.Toolbar keeps reference to removed menu button
  152. [OPEN-1242] Store's remoteSort requests ignore a field's mapping value
  153. [OPEN-1244] Tooltip wrong align
  154. [INFOREQ] Bug when performing regular form submit during file upload.
  155. [INFOREQ] Scrollbar appears for each item of a RadioGroup
  156. [FIXED-1248] Radio check event not firing 3.0+
  157. [CLOSED]Renderer in GroupingView is not call with column.scope
  158. [OPEN-1245] TreeNode ensureVisible() - does not work
  159. [INFOREQ-1246] Combo box displays OK in 2.2.1, bad in 2.3.0 and 3.2.1
  160. [OPEN-1247] Null error in DragDropMgr.handleMouseMove when using ActiveX for onDrags
  161. [OPEN-1249]GrpSummary bug when "Show in groups" disabled and hideGroupedColumn = true
  162. [CLOSED] ExtJS TreePanel deferred load rootVisible false
  163. [FIXED-1250] Recommended MSXML order
  164. [OPEN-1252] getFilterClass not fully working when filters defined in columnModel
  165. [FIXED-1251] Ext.data.Connection.request doesn't support timeout:0
  166. [OPEN-1253] FileUploadField only config shows button while hovering mouse to left
  167. Ext.ux.TabScrollerMenu Version 3.2.2 Bug
  168. [OPEN-1254] FileUploadField button only config iconCls/button text problem
  169. [INFOREQ] Looks like bug Ext.grid.GroupingView
  170. [DEFER-1255] updating rows in ListView > 2x more CPU than necessary due to reflow
  171. [CLOSED] Pasting into a combobox with [SHIFT]+[INS] does not fire triggers
  172. [CLOSED] Tooltip on disabled TextField
  173. [OPEN-1257] Field doesn't completely blur when clicking in TabPanel empty header area
  174. [CLOSED] Ext.form.ComboBox Bug
  175. [CLOSED-1256] Ext.LoadMask.hide leaves select hidden
  176. [FIXED-1359] Ext.form.updateRecord() does not check for null value from getValue()
  177. [OPEN-1258] ComboBox documentation isn't correct
  178. [DUPE-518] Extjs domquerry Limitation....
  179. [DUPE] Doc Bug: Ext.ListView not found using main search field
  180. [OPEN-1259] Ext.Toolbar - External event handlers aren't bound to Overflow Menu Items
  181. [OPEN-1260] Ext.id method errors when passed DOM node of type textnode
  182. [CLOSED] Div in Window, doesn't work with 3.2
  183. [CLOSED] QuickTipping
  184. [OPEN-1261] ie8 accessibility theme problem
  185. EXTJS-3.2.1 RowEditor Grid Example - I.E. 6 - 8/ FF 3.6.8 --> Dancing Error Msg Bug?
  186. [INFOREQ] Datepicker different way to show the tooltip
  187. [OPEN-1262][3.3] GridView emptyText not working at several levels.
  188. [FIXED-1263] Ext.data.Proxy => Ext.data.DataProxy
  189. [DEFER] CheckboxSelectionModel + Drag and Drop
  190. [OPEN-1265] Documentation: Ext.menu.Menu.focus() is not documented
  191. [FIXED-1266] SplitButton ignores allowDepress
  192. [CLOSED] Vertical margins on Accordion panels
  193. [3.2.1] Component AutoCreate Issue
  194. [OPEN-1282] Ext.menu.Menu hide problem, IE all versions
  195. [OPEN-1268] GridPanel.applyState does not handle column total width correctly
  196. [OPEN-1280] ToolTip in Japanese
  197. [FIXED]Columnmodel state restore fails if column defined as hidden:true
  198. [OPEN-1281] No exception event launched for DirectProxy read with success:false
  199. [OPEN-1279] Drag Drop premature handleMouseUp in IE
  200. [INFOREQ] Columns not working in formpanel
  201. [OPEN-1278] SCRIPT438 error with IE9 Beta and ext-all-debug.js
  202. [OPEN-1277] Ext.Panel -> frame:true
  203. [OPEN-1276] Split Region and collapsible
  204. [CLOSED] Ext.form.HtmlEditor + HTTPS + IE 6 = "non-secure items" message ALWAYS
  205. [OPEN-1275] Ext.form.CompositeField don't show qtip error when msgTarget='qtip'
  206. [OPEN-1274][3.3 Beta] Ext.grid.HeaderDropZone - unused code?
  207. [OPEN-1273] Form field with name "length" causes submit no fields in IE6
  208. [OPEN-1271] Collapsed layout doesn't differ between vertical and horizontal
  209. [DEFER-1272] Ext.EventObject silently changed during event handler
  210. [OPEN-1270] Store#reMap doesn't respect filtered stores
  211. [INFOREQ-1269] Bug in prototype adapter (I think)
  212. ext.button iconCls !important needed
  213. [OPEN-1283] swf.setDataProvider error when multiple charts use same datastore
  214. [OPEN-1285] Vertical slider broken
  215. [OPEN-1286] Ext.tree.TreePanel 'starttdrag' event fired with bogus event argument
  216. [3.2.1] Request params might be handled incorrectly in HttpProxy#doRequest
  217. [CLOSED]SpinnerField doesn't fire Change
  218. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Ext.History.init() bug?
  219. [OPEN-1288][3.3 beta] LockingGrid Issue
  220. [OPEN-1287] doFormUpload() problem in webkit browsers
  221. [OPEN-1289] Very horizontally long window with buttons
  222. [OPEN-1290][3.2.1] Element.unselectable() doesn't work in Opera 10
  223. [FIXED][3.3.0] DateField Day names spain
  224. [OPEN-1291] Problem with TriggerField and editor grid
  225. CheckboxGroup and RadioGroup don't collect correctly
  226. ComboBox Behavior Changed from Ext 2.x.x to 3.x.x
  227. [OPEN-1300] Documentation should indicate xtype on Class page
  228. [DUPE-1230] Ext.History has only 1 step deep on IE (FF: fine)
  229. [OPEN-1292] Locales specific Ext.list prototypes
  230. [INFOREQ] [OPEN-1355] GridPanel restore state bug
  231. [OPEN-1293] isVisible and IE6
  232. [OPEN-1294] singleSelect config in RowSelectionModel should be a property
  233. [OPEN-1313] Runtime Exception on Element.update when applied to a <p> tag
  234. [OPEN-1296] Bug in swfobject::addLoadEvent
  235. forceSelection and TAB key
  236. [Ext 3.2.1] ComboBox focus onSelect
  237. [OPEN-1297] multiple DragZones with ddGroups not working
  238. [OPEN-1299] Grid - click at column header while editing
  239. [3.3.0-RC][FIXED-1298] win.resizer is undefined
  240. [FIXED] Ext.state.provider
  241. [OPEN-1301] GridView removal of last record should apply its default emptyText
  242. [CLOSED]combo box does not display anything if number of records are greater than 134
  243. [CLOSED]ExtJS 3.3.0-RC bug in ext-all-debug.js in MSIE
  244. [CLOSED]MSIE error 3.3.0-RC
  245. [OPEN-1302] Ext.TabPanel does not check return status of CardLayout.setActiveItem
  246. [OPEN-1303] DateField with m/Y format improperly selecting today's day
  247. [OPEN-1305] Removing item from menu leaves <li> element in DOM
  248. [FIXED] In Ext.util.JSON a "/' mistake Only ext-all-debug.js (Ext JS 3.2.1)
  249. [OPEN-1304] TwinTriggerField hide trigger problem
  250. [OPEN-1306] GroupingStore in a stateful GridPanel issue (store autoLoad not working)