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  1. [INFOREQ] isOverTarget function can't tell when 1 drop zone is on top of another
  2. [DUPE-953] selectionchange fires every time selectRow is called
  4. [OPEN-975] Button Group Title does not show properly in IE8
  5. [OPEN-972][3.2] Webkit Button CSS problem
  6. [DUPE-953]RowSelectionModel: event "selectionchange" is fired for every selected line
  7. [INFOREQ] compositefield don't send any valid event
  8. [OPEN-976] Hidden CompositeField in the FormPanel under Chrome
  9. [OPEN-977]CompositeField steals label of previous checkbox when not inside FormLayout
  10. [OPEN-978] Windows in scrollable viewport are not draggable
  11. [CLOSED] No tooltip when used with template
  12. [CLOSED] Ext.Element.getAttribute() does not work in IE7?
  13. [OPEN-979] Ext.form.SliderField -> Slider events
  14. [OPEN-980] ToolTip offsets and scrolling
  15. FormPanel masks problem when it's disabled in IE
  16. [CLOSED]Hidden panel does not appear by calling show() on Chrome
  17. [CLOSED]HTMLEditor Color Menu
  18. [OPEN-989] alignToXY error when dynamically adding/removing Numberfield from Panel
  19. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Bug in ExtJs examples - Grid with RowEditor Example
  20. [CLOSED] ownerCt issue in Ext.Button within menu
  21. [CLOSED]Obvious Bug in one of the samples on the main website.
  22. [OPEN-983] Compositefield doesn't work properly with trackResetOnLoad
  23. [FIXED-984] Ext.slider.SingleSlider dragstart passes startXY not Ext.EventObject
  24. [OPEN-985] Minor memory leak in Ext.form.Field msgTarget="side"
  25. [OPEN-986] CompositeField doesn't work in GridEditor - with solution
  26. [INFOREQ] DateField Issue on Google Chrome and Safari
  27. [INFOREQ] Ext.ux.DataViewTransition Bug (el is null)
  28. [CLOSED] Rendering problem in IE8
  29. GridPanel intreprets 2 separate row clicks as dblclick in chrome
  30. [DEFER] 3.2.0 Potential memory leak in Component mon() & mun()
  31. [OPEN-988] Shadow on drag proxy not correct size
  32. [DEFER] Component.getAutoCreate() -- returns prototype property instead of copy
  33. [CLOSED-990] Margins appear after collapse of north element in webkit
  34. [FIXED-1012] CheckboxSelectionModel
  35. [CLOSED]scope in defaults doesn't work
  36. [3.2.1][DEFER] Ext.util.CSS.updateRule won't work if using @media CSS rule
  37. [DEFER-999] Action gets copied when added to a Container
  38. [CLOSED]Tree panel +/- toggle does not fire click event
  39. [FIXED-991] Chrome/Chromium doesn't scrolls to active tab
  40. [CLOSED]Performance feedback from Firefox Team
  41. [CLOSED]TreePanel with more than 700 nodes crashes IE
  42. [CLOSED] combo autoSelect doesn't work with ArrayStore
  43. [CLOSED-994] GridPanel height problem in 3.2.0 and 3.2.1
  44. [CLOSED]selectedClass in ListView stays active
  45. [DEFER] Ext.lib.Ajax.request, why use Ext.applyIf(me, options) ? it make some leaks.
  46. [FIXED-992] Layout memory leaks
  47. [OPEN] [DEFER-996] Google Chrome, grid and focusEl
  48. [CLOSED]chart tipRenderer broken for IE & Chrome (works for firefox)
  49. [CLOSED-1000] ScriptTagProxy broken for multiple requests
  50. [OPEN-1001] Memory leak on buttons inside a window
  51. [CLOSED] Combo .on('change',someFunction) doesn't fire / focus is lost to HtmlEditor
  52. [OPEN-1002] GridPanel reconfigure should refocus view to correct scroller height
  53. [CLOSED] Website SEO Issues
  54. [FIXED-1004] groupcontextmenu not called for group with empty group value
  55. [DUPE-947] Scrolling menu is not positioned correctly
  56. [OPEN-1006] Panel does not expand to defined height when rendered collapsed
  57. [CLOSED] ComboBox.id property induce an artefact
  58. [FIXED-1005] right click toggles group and displays default browser context menu
  59. [FIXED-1007] FormPanel labelSeparator as an empty string is ignored
  60. [CLOSED] can not reproduce ext-all-*.js
  61. [INFOREQ]GroupingGrid error
  62. [DUPE-949] Fields inside CompositeFields are missing in BasicForm.items
  63. [CLOSED] Setting ComboBox.id property induce an layout artefact
  64. [CLOSED]Ext.Element.getStyle set display style property side-effect on webkit
  65. [FIXED-1011] Bug in XmlWriter.js
  66. [CLOSED]success/failure callbacks for Ajax requests with isUpload:true
  67. [INFOREQ] IE specific issue for twinTrigger emptyText attribute
  68. [CLOSED]Bug: Submenu disappears on parent menu click
  69. Editor Grid - cursor postion changes after first click in the column
  70. [FIXED-1013]3.3.x- Examples page does not load fully under Safari 4.x / Firefox 3.6.x
  71. [FIXED-1015] store.loadData( myData, true) causes render bug if records are replaced
  72. [FIXED-1019] TreeNode created pokes a new indexOf function into its childNodes Array
  73. [FIXED-1020] ComboBox transform still uses deprecated store id
  74. [FIXED-1012] Ext.Button memory leak
  75. [INFOREQ] TreePanel containerclick Event
  76. [DEFER] Combobox multiple inputs
  77. Panel bodies rendering misaligned in IE7
  78. [CLOSED]Ext.PagingToolbar: use store.lastOptions when changiong page
  79. [INFOREQ-1032] IE8 browser detection problem on intranet
  80. Changing MessageBox iconCls to an empty string leaves a blank spot (Ext 3.2.2)
  81. [FIXED-1023] Tab close icon can shift out of view
  82. [CLOSED][3.2.2] Horizontal scrollbar missing in IE strict mode
  83. [CLOSED] stateful is not initialized properly
  84. [CLOSED] Ext.Loader (3.2.1)
  85. [OPEN-1024] Combo box position within tool bar on IE8
  86. [OPEN-1025] IE8 freeze/hang on drag/drop of portlet with Ext Chart in IFrame
  87. [FIXED-1026] 3.2.2 Element unmask
  88. [FIXED-1027] Fields are not removed from BasicForm when fieldset is destroyed
  89. [OPEN-1028] HtmlEncode bug in DisplayField
  90. [INFOREQ]Vbox layout doesnt account for form fields that are hidden with trackLabels
  91. [DUPE-698] Bug in Droppable Toolbars Example
  92. [OPEN-1029] Update multiple charts - swf error
  93. [DUPE-1023] TabPanel - closable tabs overlapped with TabScroll arrows
  94. [OPEN-3.2.1] Ext.form.insertAtCursor always inserts at the top in IE8
  95. [FIXED-1030] Unable to delete tree node when it hasn't been rendered yet
  96. [FIXED-1033] ComboBox reports incorrect value when non-unique display fields are used
  97. [CLOSED]readOnly radio buttons not honoring readOnly
  98. [OPEN-1031] HtmlEditor iframe autocompletes href attribute in IE8
  99. [FIXED-1053][Ext 3.0.2] Ajax headers and Webkit/Safari Issue
  100. [DUPE-770]VBoxLayout collapsed items
  101. [DUPE-1002][2.0 onwards] GridView needs to sync position of focusEl on refresh.
  102. [DEFER] Combobox stops working after window is moved
  103. [CLOSED]Problem with html tags in IE
  104. [FIXED] Accessibility theme example bugs
  105. [OPEN-1039] JsonReader bug in 3.2.1 that affects Ext.data.ArrayStore
  106. [FIXED-1034] findField() access for RadioGroup and CheckboxGroup
  107. [FIXED-1035] DataView doesn't pass start_index to collectData() during bufferRender
  108. [FIXED-1036] Wrong position of Ext.ux.form.FileUploadField upload icon
  109. [OPEN-1038] ComboBox not aligned properly on IE6
  110. [OPEN-1264] Radiogroup not working like it should
  111. [CLOSED] IE8: TriggerField shows icon on left side
  112. [CLOSED] TreeEdtior.cancelEdit does not revert to old value
  113. [CLOSED-1049] ext.form.Checkbox startValue property and Chrome
  114. [CLOSED] remove(false)/removeAll(false) keep the items visible
  115. [FIXED-1040] RadioGroup works with hardcoded english texts
  116. [OPEN-1045] IE7: Resize handle hard to trigger on grid columns
  117. [FIXED-714] Stateful grid and reordered columns issue in 3.2.2 only
  118. [CLOSED-1041] Button.setText() doesn't change display - button if cls = 'x-btn-text'
  119. [CLOSED] TreeEdtior.cancelEdit does not revert to the old value
  120. [PENDING] Strange behavior of HtmlEditor in FF3.6.3
  121. [DUPE-70] menu items flicker on hover in IE
  122. [CLOSED]'id' added to JSonReader leads to unexpected behaviour on updating
  123. [CLOSED]bug: grid roweditor doesn't respect x-gray theme
  124. [OPEN-1051] Ext.DataViewTransition Error
  125. [OPEN-1046] 'Organizing Images into Albums' Sample Bug.
  126. [DUPE-698]'Multiple grid sorting' Sample Bug.
  127. [OPEN-1047] Ext JS Themes Sample Bug.
  128. [FIXED-1048] Bug in Ext.Window ghost()?
  129. [CLOSED]Grouping Samples BUG.
  130. [CLOSED] Ext.Window rendering with fractured layout in IE7
  131. [OPEN-1054] Tooltip anchoring problem
  132. [CLOSED][3.2.1] Context Menu, Submenu Arrow glyph invisible on Google Chrome
  133. [CLOSED] ItemSelector in a TabPanel with deferredRender = false
  134. [DEFER-1067]The type-ahead feature of fields is unnecessarily restrictive
  135. [INFOREQ]3.3 Hidden Columns aren't being hidden
  136. [FIXED-1055]problem with extraCls in ToolbarLayout
  137. [OPEN-1056] Confusing expanding of TreePanel nodes in Opera
  138. [OPEN] [OPEN-724] Problem with disabled property
  139. [OPEN] [CLOSED-1058] Text is too light when text area is set to be read only
  140. [CLOSED]Column/Header misalignment
  141. [CLOSED][3.2.1] closeAction:'close' does not destroy window object
  142. [FIXED-1061] Ext.ux.Portal: style issue in Google Chrome
  143. [OPEN-1062] Load Record by itemId doesn't work for composite fields
  144. [DEFER] Toolbar -> enableOverflow and Ext.form.Field
  145. [DEFER-1064] Resize bug in Border layout
  146. [FIXED-1063] Panel height ignored in 'column' layout
  147. [INFOREQ]IEx's exception at a specific JS expression
  148. [FIXED-1065] BasicForm.getFormFields includes disabled Fields
  149. [DEFER] ExtJS 3.3.0 GridPanel - bunch of problems
  150. [FIXED][ExtJS 3.3.0] TreeNodeUI emptyIcon initialization problem under IE with SSL
  151. [FIXED-1069][ExtJS 3.3.0] Problem with getMargins method under Chrome
  152. [CLOSED] Forums Example Broken
  153. [FIXED-1071][3.3.0] GridView destroy error
  154. [OPEN-1072] Checkbox and radio button have no focus indication in Chrome
  155. [FIXED][3.3.x] Top border line is sometimes missing for panels
  156. [FIXED-1074] Menu tab navigation visits hidden items.
  157. [CLOSED] Row Editor style problem
  158. [OPEN-1078] DomHelper insertHtml throws error on thead element
  159. [FIXED-1080] activeItem check throws error on incorrect layout.
  160. [OPEN-1079] In Opera Tab button does not switch focus on some filelds
  161. [CLOSED]Ext.urlDecode could loose some data after second = char
  162. [FIXED-1077][ExtJS 3.3.0] GroupingView is broken
  163. [INFOREQ-1082] Regression in accordion layout from 3.0 to 3.2
  164. [OPEN-1084]Ext.ux.form.SpinnerField and non defered rendering
  165. [DEFER-1088]preventBodyReset has no effect on Windows
  166. [OPEN] [OPEN-1083] Ext.ux.form.SpinnerField -> removing focus css
  167. [OPEN-1085]Ext.ux.form.SpinnerField -> disable / enable
  168. [DUPE-1077:1086][3.3.0] examples/grid/row-editor.html fails
  169. [OPEN-1087] FormPanel labelAlign does not override in fieldset
  170. [DUPE-1077:1089][3.3.0] Grouping example
  171. [FIXED-1090] Ext.form.HtmlEditor onDestroy bug
  172. [CLOSED] nested forms don't render in FF and IE, but the do in Chrome
  173. [CLOSED]moving HtmlEditor within DOM causes it to be unresponsive
  174. [CLOSED]Method insertAtCursor of HTMLeditor does not work
  175. [FIXED-1090]HTMLEditor initComponent does not call superclass initComponent
  176. [CLOSED] Datefield disappears on disable
  177. [PENDING] Grouptabs broken on control+mouse scroll
  178. [OPEN-1096] HTMLEditor numbering and bullets bug
  179. [OPEN-1094] listening of DataProxy events DirectStore load events fails
  180. [OPEN-1099] Tiny memory increase in Ext.lib.Ajax, so tiny...
  181. [OPEN-1095] Ext.util.Format.number issue when browser's language is setted in Italian
  182. [OPEN-1097] Inconsistencies with arrow icon when resizing listview or grid columns
  183. [FIXED]Error "columnDragData is undefined" on GridView destroy. Ext 3.3
  184. [CLOSED-1098] asDate problem??
  185. [FIXED-1101]Combobox doesn't use start & limit paramNames
  186. [OPEN-1102] Email VType and Mask
  187. [CLOSED] Layout bug in CompositeField
  188. [INFOREQ] EditorGridPanel -> IE8 -> edit next cell
  189. [OPEN-1103] IE8 TreePanel flashes when node clicked
  190. [OPEN-1104] Ext.form.Checkbox -> disabled boxLabel and Firefox 3.6.6
  191. [OPEN-1110] Ext.form.TriggerField -> rendering hidden and IE8
  192. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.ComboBox -> ctCls - config
  193. [OPEN-1105] DELETE in RESTful mode sending entity body
  194. [OPEN-1106] CheckBoxSelectionModel doen't reset selection
  195. [CLOSED]BorderLayout Region not Resized
  196. [OPEN-1108] IE6 NumberField selectOnFocus
  197. [FIXED-1107] Treegrid Sorting Issue with Multiple Treegrids
  198. [CLOSED] How to "skip" value in a chart ?
  199. [DUPE-949] CompositeField and Form.find
  200. [DUPE-865] RadioGroup/trackResetOnLoad still broken?
  201. [CLOSED]window with collapse panel
  202. [CLOSED] Ext.ToolTip-> onMouseMove
  203. [OPEN-1111] Opera - applying mask on element resets its scrollbar position
  204. [CLOSED][3.2.1] Toolbar.Button -> tooltips hiding instant
  205. [FIXED-1112]focus(true,true) only returns the Field's this if called without timeout
  206. [OPEN-1113] FileUpload Field is rendered wrong in a TabControl
  207. [CLOSED] Panel syncHeight NaN
  208. [FIXED-1114] LockingGridView wrong header height on WebKit
  209. [OPEN-1115] Splitter icon not showing in Opera
  210. [CLOSED]GridView cell data html entities
  211. [OPEN-1116] JSLint unused variables report.
  212. [CLOSED]Synchronizing Ext.data.Store with Ext.PagingToolbar
  213. [CLOSED]from.getValues() returns displayField instead of valueField
  214. [CLOSED] Ext.form.SliderField -> rendering hidden
  215. [CLOSED] Ext.Element -> getWidth + fix
  216. [CLOSED-1117] Ext.data.DataReader bug when running with minimal build
  217. [CLOSED][3.2.1] Ext.Element -> createChild
  218. [FIXED-1118] CompositeField.setReadOnly(false) sets ReadOnly to true
  219. [CLOSED] HttpProxy activeRequest Not Aborted
  220. Animated DataView Example Bug.
  221. [FIXED-1122] Ext.History doesn't work as expected in an <iframe>
  222. [OPEN-1123] Ext.Window can become unreacheable with constrain:true (3.2.2 regression)
  223. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Ext.query("*[class!=bar]") returns all nodes even with no "class" attribute
  224. [CLOSED]Panel containing IFrame as DropTarget problem
  225. [OPEN-1127] Uncatchable Exception after file upload returns invalid response
  226. [FIXED][3.3.0] Columnmodel. Column config "hidden" property not work
  227. [OPEN-1132][3.3.0] Layout form and anchor problem in IE8
  228. [OPEN-1128] horizontal scrollbar issue in IE 6+ with TreePanel
  229. [DEFER] Composite field: "for=" attribute
  230. [FIXED][3.3.x] Grid mouse over does not highlight first row
  231. [CLOSED]Double Escape inside an Editable Field clears all fields on the page in IE
  232. [OPEN-1130] Grid column headers broken in Opera 10.60 (rendering, resizing)
  233. [CLOSED-1131] IE7 QuickTip bug - empty header visible
  234. [OPEN-1133] Store#reMap method and filtered Stores
  235. [CLOSED] maskDisabled for fieldset does not work properly
  236. [OPEN-1134] Ext.data.DataReader.realize() bug
  237. [CLOSED]BorderLayout Region Resize Issue
  238. [CLOSED] Tablelayout issue
  239. [FIXED-1136] Ext.Element#addListener() -- normalized option is broken
  240. [OPEN-1139] TimeField Bug
  241. [OPEN-1137] Sort toggle doesn't work if initial sort direction comes from metaData
  242. [INFOREQ] Problem with hidden panels when change its visibility
  243. [OPEN-1138] Ext.form.SliderField -> disabled-config and IE8
  244. Fieldset display problem in IE
  245. [OPEN-1141] Ext.util.Format.number Bug
  246. [DEFER] Wrong ComboBox width after ComboBox.setReadOnly()
  247. [FIXED-1140]Ext.menu.Separator -> layout-issue (icon-config)
  248. [DEFER] Field original values lost if values set before render.
  249. [CLOSED]Treepanel returns wrong order of childNodes on Webkit browsers
  250. [OPEN-1149] History.getToken returns not current hash directly after setting token