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  1. [OPEN-810 Ext.form.NumberField.fixPrecision in IE
  2. [CLOSED][3.2.x] Combo boxes are not rendering properly with IE 8
  3. [CLOSED][3.2.x] Tab Panel CSS issue for the Active Tab
  4. [CLOSED][3.2.x] Text fields are not rendering properly with IE 8
  5. [FIXED-864] Portal Drag/Drop defect
  6. [FIXED-812] Ext.Component.findParentByType does not find derived xtypes
  7. [CLOSED] selection on combobox on tab press (again)
  8. [OPEN-813][3.2] Missing Ext.sql.GearsConnection
  9. [CLOSED-814][3.2] allowblank not allowing empty field (if other validation required)
  10. [DEFER] Combo on the Toolbar with enableOverflow
  11. [FIXED-815] ListView %age maxWidth collision when calculating width in vbox layout
  12. [OPEN-816] Charts expressInstall not working
  13. [STALE-823] Ext.Window getPosition() returns x+2/y+2 on IE7 w/ doc type
  14. [INFOREQ] 3.2 Release info
  15. [CLOSED-817] setXAxis any IE throws
  16. [OPEN-879] Composite filed validation with deferredRender: true
  17. [CLOSED] Bug regarding resizable with tooltip
  18. [FIXED-820] Problem changing slider value via keyboard in Ext 3.2
  19. [INFOREQ] Grouping error when only one record
  20. [CLOSED] Extjs event manager fails for "contextmenu"
  21. [FIXED-1093] Menu/CheckItem/Groups
  22. [FIXED-821] Slider thumbs render above other form controls
  23. [OPEN-825] Ext.data.Store.removeAll() not setting totalLength=0
  24. [CLOSED][3.1.1] Ext.PagingToolbar doesn't listen for clear event on store
  25. [INFOREQ][3.1.1] possible Ext.SplitButton dereference error
  26. [CLOSED][3.2] Form fields with allowBlank: true and vtype fails validation
  27. [DUPE][3.2] Droppable toolbar bug
  28. [OPEN-824][3.x]Gray theme: Button Rounded corners
  29. [CLOSED]Collapsible extended Panel problem
  30. [CLOSED][3.2] Option: fixed: true, in Ext.grid.Column dont work
  31. [CLOSED] tab icon starting to repeat
  32. [CLOSED]Collapsible panel in border layout hides form fields on re-show
  33. [DUPE] Problem on multiple-sorting example
  34. [FIXED-827][3.2] different form layout in IE and FF
  35. [OPEN-828][3.2] incorrect validation tooltip placement
  36. [CLOSED]Completely non-critical DateField "bug"
  37. [CLOSE][EXT 3.2 FINAL] Issue rendering dates on a grid dateColumn
  38. [DEFER] Ext JS 3.2: horiz. scroll because of appeared vertical scroll (IE only)
  39. [FIXED-834] couple of seen issues
  40. [STALE-829] Bug report + interim solution, Tabpanel overflow issue
  41. [DEFER] Bug report - scrollerMenu plugin
  42. [FIXED-830] After 'removeAll(true)' method 'getActiveTab()' still returns Object
  43. [FIXED-831] MessageBox width in IE
  44. [FIXED-854] gray-theme form not opaque in title bar, button area
  45. [OPEN-832] IE8 / FF3 disabled fieldLabel difference
  46. [CLOSED-833] Issue with new Ext.data.Types
  47. [FIXED-835] Bug at hide and show composite field when trackLabels is true?
  48. [CLOSED] Ext JS Themes artifacts in IE8
  49. [CLOSED]Toolbar 'ref's not working
  50. [CLOSED]DataView.prepareData is called twice
  51. 3.x ie7 performance issue : hover pseudo-selector on non-anchor elements
  52. [FIXED-836] Forms fields not getting removed from BasicForm after panel.removeAll()
  53. [FIXED-837] Ext.form.TextField Error logic validation (allowBlank:true)
  54. [FIXED-838] XmlTreeLoader does not call load callback with the specified scope
  55. [FIXED-839] "+" (plus) is not allowed in emailMask (Ext.form.VTypes)?
  56. [CLOSED]Minor bug in HTML editor
  57. [FIXED-840] Missing 'var' in form.HtmlEditor
  58. [CLOSED][3.2]Panel.update() does not import style in IE
  59. [FIXED-842] Ext.Button repeat
  60. [CLOSED-841] Ext.lib.Event.onAvailable in Grid
  61. [CLOSED-843] Missing Default TreeNode Icons
  62. [CLOSED] Bug in Ext.form.DisplayField
  63. [FIXED-844] Hidden fields rendered wrong in form?
  64. [CLOSED-845] Fieldset with autoScroll:true produces weird results
  65. [CLOSED] cmp.el.setHeight() breaks cmp.setHeight()
  66. [OPEN-850] Can't catch enter key on TextField
  67. [INFOREQ] hbox inner flex layout not recalculating
  68. [INFOREQ]Ajax timeout throw Exception
  69. [FIXED-846]Memory leak in Ext.Panel
  70. [CLOSED][3.2] Change in the way NULLs are handled for numeric field types
  71. [FIXED-848] GroupingStore sort have a bug when not set the sortInfo of config
  72. [FIXED-847] NumberField should fixPrecision on setValue, not just on blur.
  73. [FIXED-849] LockingGridView doesn't fire 'viewready' event after render
  74. [CLOSED-851] Composite Fields do not support cascade
  75. [FIXED-852][3.2.0] collapsed Panel doesn't show content on expand
  76. [OPEN-918] dblclick tool icon in window Panel expands
  77. [FIXED-853] xtheme-gray -> ne-handle.gif
  78. [OPEN-872] Radio not checked by Form.load() if tabbed form added to Viewport.
  79. [DUPE-724] Disabled south region not visible when center is disabled
  80. [OPEN-855] Bug/FR: IE doesn't show tooltip on TabPanel tab when title is blank (nbsp)
  81. [CLOSED] Ext 3.2: Bug in emptyfield validation
  82. [CLOSED-860] Ext 3.2 Bug: blankText not being pushed into errors
  83. [FIXED] MultiSlider beforechange event does not indicate which thumb changed
  84. [OPEN-858] onProviderException in Direct.js
  85. [CLOSED-856] error-checking
  86. [FIXED-857] Slider rendered in deferredRender container
  87. [FIXED-859] ColorPalette issues a 'select' event when rendering
  88. Format's stripTags and stripScripts do not always return strings as the docs say
  89. [OPEN-863] Element.mask() does not work on TD elements in IE
  90. HtmlEditor grey text bug introduced in Ext 3.2 (disabled:true)
  91. [OPEN-865] isDirty on radiogroup
  92. [OPEN-866] Radio buttons not correct in IE in containers within a hbox container
  93. [FIXED-867] Can't remove iconCls in Ext.MessageBox.show
  94. [FIXED-869] Missing src attribute with iframe in HtmlEditor
  95. [INFOREQ] 3.x HtmlEditor Fix
  96. [CLOSED] 'Floating' Panel Sizing Issue
  97. [FIXED-870][3.2.0] serializeForm in IE6/IE7 fails to get values from select fields
  98. [FIXED-871] Slider setMaxValue and setMinValue cause UI problems
  99. [CLOSED-873][3.2] LockingGridView does not display if GridPanel's autoHeight=true
  100. [CLOSED-874] Tree nested node.select() method fails when given node is first rendered
  101. [CLOSED]Ext.form.SliderField doesn't handle Ext.form.BasicForm.loadRecord
  102. [OPEN-875] deferredRender: false radio/checkbox wrong in IE7 and IE8 in tabbed form
  103. [CLOSED]addListener does not recognize 'options : Object', inconsistent behaviour
  104. [CLOSED] Sample modal window in tutorials is not modal.
  105. [CLOSED] TabPanel Containing LineChart Loses X Axis Label Renderer on Tab Change
  106. [PENDING] Possible bug in Ext.data.Types.INTEGER.convert()
  107. [OPEN-876] transitions do not set the right indexes on nodes
  108. [CLOSED] Combo Z-Index issue
  109. [CLOSED] ComboBox listAlign is not working with Array argument
  110. [OPEN-877] showAt method do not hide the anchorEl when there is no anchor
  111. [FIXED-878]Ext.ux.DataViewTransition -> remove last items in Store -> staying in view
  112. [CLOSED] Ext DOMselect don't know canvas
  113. [DUPE-862] TabPanel Layout Issue with deferredRender
  114. [FIXED][3.2.0] Semicolon instead of comma in list of variables
  115. Grouping Store Bug
  116. [CLOSED-880] date gmt buglet
  117. [DUPE-881] Report bug on 3.2: textfield with minLength gives validation error
  118. [CLOSED-883] CompositeField and markInvalid()
  119. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store - can't insert dynamically created records?
  120. [FIXED-887]Ext.ux.Portal ScrollManager Bug
  121. [OPEN-884] Shim size problem on Ext.Window with shadow
  122. [FIXED-890] setButtonClass method do not remove oldCls and add it at each call to el
  123. [FIXED-885] Possible memory leak in Ext.ux.grid.BufferView
  124. [CLOSED-886] does not render with an Array data store and scrollDelay=false
  125. [OPEN-888] Incorrectly Masked FieldSet in both IE7 and FF3
  126. [CLOSED] Ext.menu.Menu disable / enable not working
  127. [FIXED-889] Ext.select bug
  128. [CLOSED-894] Layout (component width) problem after upgrade to 3.2
  129. [CLOSED-895] Safari has wrong color in field with error
  130. [INFOREQ]Problem with multi line text button (IE8)
  131. [OPEN-892] Bug in GroupingView?
  132. [CLOSED][3.2] allowBlank regression
  133. [FIXED-893] QTip constrainXY not taking into account shadow
  134. [CLOSED]record loaded with form.LoadRecord now bound to store ?
  135. [OPEN-891][3.2] vbox collapsed when included into hbox
  136. [INFOREQ]Ext.Tree toggleCheck requires doubleclick
  137. [FIXED-896] datefield minValue - bad eInvalid handling
  138. [CLOSED] Collapsed panel resizing in Firefox
  139. [INFOREQ] Overriding Panel.getHeight breaks the panel
  140. [FIXED-897] Chrome mouse click event's button not correct (in EventObject)
  141. [CLOSED-898] Container's onWindowResize->doLayout with wrong arguments
  142. [FIXED-899] Ext.ux.DataViewTransition and doctype
  143. [CLOSED]Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel.getSelections() too much recursion
  144. [DEFER]FormLayout does not account for vertical scrollbar width when calulating width
  145. [CLOSED-900] Ext.apply Wrong Behavior
  146. [FIXED] [branches/ext-3.2.x] rev6523 / ext-core rev191 removeClass bug
  147. [FIXED-902] Problem with CompositeField in non-rendered tab
  148. [CLOSED]field type problem in 3.2.0
  149. [DEFER-903] Ext.apply native methods in Internet Explorer
  150. [OPEN-905] Ext.ux.form.SpinnerField change event does not fire
  151. [CLOSED] Possible bug on event addClass on line 5846 of ext-all-debug.js (v3.2.0)
  152. [CLOSED][3.2.0] parentNode is null in IE when FormPanel.destroy()
  153. [CLOSED]Modal Windows don't disable to use toolbar buttons on behind with the keyboad
  154. [FIXED-906] GroupingStore "Show in groups"-checkbox is checked if groupField is empty
  155. [FIXED-907] Slider with multiple thumbs can be set to invalid postions
  156. [CLOSED] form stucked on a tab panel have not a ownerCt property on the submit event
  157. [OPEN-908] Ext.form.TimeField validation bug
  158. [OPEN-909] Ext.Element#mask position wrong in IE
  159. [FIXED-910] Ext.slider.MultiSlider sets width to NaN in the onResize method
  160. [DUPE-1061][CLOSED-911] Chrome. bodyStyle not being applied to in card layout.
  161. [CLOSED-913] 'parentNode' is Null or no object and Could not complete the operation
  162. [FIXED-912] Layout (height) issues with ComboBox in a bottom toolbar (WebKit)
  163. [INFOREQ] HTMLeditor troubles
  164. [CLOSED] Ext.util.Cookies.clear() not working
  165. [FIXED-915] DomQuery SLOW in IE using 3.1 or 3.2.1
  166. [DEFER-1009] vbox layout fails when 0 height panel present
  167. [OPEN-914] XmlReader.readResponse not deferring to meta.root
  168. [FIXES=916][3.2.1] Undeclared variable in GroupingStore
  169. [CLOSED] Possible bug when inheriting from FormPanel
  170. [CLOSED][ 3.0.0] Ext.tree.TreeNode collapseChildNodes breaks tree events
  171. [FIXED-917][3.2.1]HtmlEditor global ls is now a var ls - changes functionality
  172. [FIXED-919][3.2] - IE7 Disappearing checkboxes
  173. [OPEN-921] HTML Editor Issues
  174. [FIXED-934] Button Issue with QuickTips.init() in IE8
  175. [OPEN-920] IE7 throws error on column click when first node in <body> is a text node
  176. [CLOSED] HBox does not redraw when nested inside a panel in IE8
  177. [CLOSED-923] Ext.data.Record#cancelEdit does not cancel changes
  178. [OPEN-993] issue with button groups with different heights, button with short text)
  179. [FIXED-924]TreePanel selectPath Behavior on null and empty path
  180. [DEFER-926] A DataWriter's metadata may be different from the DataReader
  181. [CLOSED] CheckboxSelectionModel - Header retains selected state after clearSelections
  182. [DEFER-927] Store's api settings.
  183. [OPEN-1405] Bug in Ext.form.MessageTargets in connection with using compositeFields
  184. [CLOSED-928] Grid Reconfigure Loses GridFilter Plugin
  185. Another Panel Collapse Bug in IE?
  186. [FIXED-1070][3.2.1] Date field issue
  187. [FIXED-932] Ext.Button clickEvent: dblclick do not work in ie6+8
  188. [OPEN-929] 'groupclick' is not fired when groups are clicked starting from the last
  189. [OPEN-930] Extjs sample is not working
  190. [FIXED-931] grouped grid with filter and ampersands in group breaks collapse/expand
  191. [FIXED-933] Ext.QuickTips.disable() not behaving as expected
  192. [OPEN-1060] Group by value, display something else
  193. [FIXED-935] XmlReader Bug + Patch
  194. [CLOSED]Grid with bbar Stretching on Render
  195. [FIXED][3.2.1] Element.autoHeight() doesn´t exist
  196. [CLOSED] ComboBox& isValid()
  197. [CLOSED-936] Ext.Msg.show does not work correct with 2 cls
  198. [FIXED-949] Loading data into a composite field's children on FormPanel render
  199. [CLOSED-937] Form submit doesn't work when HtmlEditor is in sourceEdit mode.
  200. [OPEN-969] TreeGrid Component and IE 6/7 white-space "nowrap" Issues
  201. [CLOSED]Ext.menu.Item --> ref property not implemented correctly
  202. [CLOSED]ref inside a compositefield not working as expected
  203. [DUPE-865] RadioGroup isDirty bug
  204. [3.2.0] ext-all-debug fails with old versions of flash
  205. [FIXED-938]Ext.dd.DragZone doesn't clean up properly when using containerScroll
  206. [CLOSED-939] Bug in animated dataview demo
  207. [CLOSED] TabPanel id vs. itemId and setActiveTab
  208. [FIXED-940] Composite field does not display empty label correctly
  209. [OPEN-941] URL vtype does not allow username:password @
  210. [CLOSED-943] Titles of GridPanel Child items not showing in Card Layout
  211. [DUPE-197] Chart listeners and formatters stop working on tab change
  212. [FIXED-942] GridFilters.js bug in Ext 3.2.1
  213. [CLOSED] default style applied to CheckBox boxLabel inside a CompositeField different
  214. [CLOSED] GridPanel 'selectionchange' gets called too much
  215. [CLOSED] Is this a bug with 'ColumnLayout'?
  216. [REOPEN][3.2.1] Chrome is not able to show anymore an hidden fieldset
  217. [FIXED-944] xtheme-access.css
  218. [INFOREQ] form displays very screwy in IE8 but fine in FF, Opera, and Chrome
  219. [FIXED-948] Extra variables in Ext.data.JsonReader#readRecords
  220. [FIXED-945][3.2.X] HBox/VBox layout issue with Hidden fields
  221. [FIXED-946] Ext.form.Action.submit new submitEmptyText option skip composite's items
  222. [FIXED][3.2.1+] Global var in MixedCollection.reorder
  223. [OPEN-947] Menu - wrong position when using enableScrolling with maxHeight
  224. [CLOSED-950] [3.1, 3.2] Problem with fbar button alignment
  225. [CLOSED] ExtJS Sample GrouTabs Display Error
  226. [FIXED-951] Broken link in BufferView example
  227. [CLOSED] Ext.Resizable bug
  228. [CLOSED] Color Menu of HTMLEditor not showing in IE
  229. [CLOSED] FileUploadField and opera
  230. [CLOSED] afterlayout and shallow = true. Different behavior in 3.1.1 and 3.2.1.
  231. Button Tooltips appear broken []
  232. [FIXED-953] Selectionchange event fires incorrectly on column sort
  233. [CLOSED-959] The new operator doesn't necessarily create a new record
  234. [FIXED]Double dot in ext-3.2.x/src/widgets/tips/ToolTip.js:131
  235. [CLOSED][3.2.0] Slider Thumbs passing each other in Example when the should not
  236. [CLOSED-955]Sort indicator icon is missing for Simple ListView "Gray" theme sample
  237. [CLOSED][3.2.x, 3.3.x, ext-trunk] Missing comma in Panel.js
  238. [FIXED-960] GroupingView does not honor column renderer scope
  239. [OPEN-961] CSS bug in WebKit, when TriggerField in Toolbar
  240. [FIXED-962] TextArea doesn't trigger validation on Enter key?
  241. [CLOSED] Composite field in table layout does not render correctly
  242. [FIXED-965] Menu for chrome display
  243. [FIXED-963] Function#createInterceptor may cause leak
  244. [OPEN-964] Ext.Direct and exceptions
  245. [FIXED-966] TreeGrid headersDisabled reset to false after Column Resize
  246. [OPEN-967] Toolbar with Ampersand causes Text Truncation
  247. [FIXED-970] ExtJS Date.parseDate langauge localization
  248. [DEFER-968] Ext.History.add() fires change event
  249. [INFOREQ] TreeGrid bugs -Ext3.2.1
  250. [DEFER-971] Ext.util.Observable.observeClass does not default a useful scope.