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  1. [FIXED] Error when compiling gxt.jar
  2. [FIXED] Class name Typo
  3. tabbing not working as expected in table ...
  4. [FIXED] Tree Click events are fired twice
  5. [FIXED] wrong "inherits" entry in setup.txt
  6. [CLOSED] java 5.0 language enhancements
  7. [FIXED] 0.5.x RowSelection model bug and patch
  8. [FIXED] Why Ext Gwt 1.0 beta was compiled with JDK6?
  9. [FIXED] TableLayout verticalalign
  10. [FIXED] Vertical Lines patch
  11. [FIXED] npe from Table.setSelectionModel
  12. [CLOSED] Widget in Table
  13. [CLOSED] TableLayout does size correctly
  14. [FIXED] ComboBox Store cannot be changed
  15. [FIXED] Error trying to set style attribute
  16. [CLOSED] Cannot add Button to FormPanel
  17. TreeViewer only refreshes if (either no children or not expanded not sure)
  18. [FIXED] Corrupted tab scrolling/navigation in Explorer
  19. [OPEN] [FIXED] FormPanel and ContentPanel content center when shouldn't
  20. [FIXED] focus() on textfield does not work
  21. [FIXED] fields do not validate on blur
  22. [FIXED] updatetext for messagebox wait does not update
  23. [FIXED] DatePicker Locale
  24. [FIXED] Bug in mail sample navigation
  25. [FIXED] DateField one way update
  26. [FIXED] TabPanel + Drag&Drop
  27. [FIXED] Paging Table Bug
  28. [FIXED] isvalid notification not 1st time
  29. [FIXED] Bug in Explorer demo
  30. [FIXED] ComboBox Failure
  31. [FIXED] Bug in FormPanel example of Explorer demo
  32. [CLOSED] Table in BorderLayout Problem.
  33. [FIXED] TextArea has fixed height?
  34. [FIXED] CheckBox has no validation options
  35. [FIXED] BaseModel : NullPointerException
  36. [FIXED] Beta 2: Field.setName() is not related to Field.getName()
  37. [FIXED] south border region expandable broken
  38. [CLOSED BETA 2] BorderLayout
  39. [FIXED] [BETA 2] Dialog action buttons not working
  40. [FNR] TableColumn.setHidden has no effect
  41. [CLOSED] TabItem.setVisible(false) not working
  42. [FIXED] Bug in ButtonBar.remove(Button) ?
  43. [FIXED] [Beta 2] ClassCastException in DateField
  44. [FIXED] [Beta 2] JavaScriptException in hosted mode
  45. GWT cannot serialize collection of BaseModel objects having List<BaseModel> property
  46. [FIXED] BorderLayout north and south regions wrong when using percentages
  47. [FIXED] form.isValid()
  48. [FIXED] FormPanel.remove(Field) doesn't remove label
  49. [FIXED] ...widget.form.Radio messed up. "name"-Attribute does not appear in HTML.
  50. [CLOSED] Unable to load the TableViewer until the table is rendered
  51. [CLOSE] 1.0-Beta-2: Compiler errors when running with latest GWT trunk version 2649
  52. [CLOSED] 1.0-Beta-2: Border Layout inside TabPanel displayed incorrectly.
  53. [FIXED] Menu item text too long for menu
  54. [CLOSED] PagingToolBar, change page size
  55. [FIXED] CheckBox Readonly Doesn't Work
  56. [CLOSED] TreeContentProvider void getChildren (typo ?)
  57. [FIXED] [BETA 2]disable() greys TextField, but still editable
  58. [FIXED] ClassCastException when clicking TreeTable header
  59. [FIXED] selected is null in MultiTreeSelectionModel
  60. [FIXED] [beta2] Field's reset() throws NullPointerException if originalValue is null
  61. [CLOSED] [beta2] ViewerCell.getItem() returns null
  62. [CLOSED] NPE on TreeTableViewer.setInput
  63. [FIXED] iconStyle for a TabItem cannot be changed
  64. [FIXED] Cannot move TreeItem from one Tree to another
  65. [CLOSED] NPE when applying CheckStateListener on TreeViewer
  66. [CLOSED] Little bug with Tables inside Window
  67. [FNR] collapseMode mini not working
  68. [FIXED] Tooltips problems in fields and other elements different than buttons
  69. [CLOSED] CenterLayout problem when resizing
  70. [CLOSED] Bug With TextField (and other questions)
  71. [CLOSED] Bug with rendering GXT Button inside table with TableItem.setWidget()
  72. [FIXED] Tree node bug when second leaf is added
  73. [FIXED] Bug when adding a combo box
  74. [FIXED] (Beta2) Vertical alignment in HorizontalPanel doesn't work
  75. [FIXED] Issue on DataList.setCheckable(true)
  76. [CLOSED] TreeTableViewer item not show when added to the model
  77. [FIXED] [GXT Beta2]Bug Tree.getSelectionModel().deselectAll()
  78. [FIXED] [GXT Beta 3] Table, HTTPProxy
  79. [CLOSED] Differences between Hosted mode and Web Mode
  80. [FNR] Window.setMinimizable() widget not rendering
  81. ModalPane Masking in IE7 with Scrolling
  82. [FIXED] Beta 3 - TreeTable not updated when the model changes
  83. [FIXED] [beta3] TreeStore.sort
  84. [FIXED] setIconProvider(ModelStringProvider) on TreeBinder not working on roots
  85. [FIXED] [beta3] CheckChange, BeforeCheckChange on Tree
  86. [FIXED] [beta3] FormPanel problem ven remove field
  87. [CLOSED] ToolBar last toolItem not show FireFox 3 beta5 Host Mode
  88. [FIXED] NPE When re-opening Dialog
  89. [CLOSED] [beta3] Generics for AppEvent missing in View and Controller
  90. [FIXED] [beta3] DataList does not fire CheckChange event
  91. [OPEN] Beta 4, NPE when updating table with new info with Sort
  92. [FIXED] NPE when leaving ThemeSelector or ComboBox by tab key
  93. [FIXED] [1.0 beta3] CenterLayout not center internal panel with BorderLayout
  94. [DUP] Tooltips in wrong position when scrolling
  95. Form panel height not the same on IE6 and FF2/3
  96. [CLOSED] Button drawn out of its form panel
  97. [FIXED] Button not centered in a form panel
  98. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Form error tool tip : wrong positioning on IE6
  99. [Fixed] IE Bug with TextField in Table
  100. DataListBinder doesn't unmask onDataChanged
  101. [FIXED] [beta3] Vertical Alignment inside HorizontalPanel
  102. [FIXED] ContentPanel.setTopComponent() & ContentPanel.setBottomComponent() combined
  103. [CLOSED] Javadoc
  104. [FIXED] Compile - BaseModel.remove
  105. [FIXED] beta3 ListStore does not set the sort field
  106. [FIXED] Container.remove causes NPE
  107. [FIXED] RadioGroup error?
  108. [OPEN][1.0 beta3] Table: fill on app start, header sort column, show/hide column bugs
  109. PagingToolbar throws exceptions
  110. [FIXED] DatePicker with Slate style
  111. [CLOSED] beta3 Store onModelChange unimplemented
  112. [CLOSED] Attaching FormPanels using TableLayout
  113. JS Error hiding loading panel
  114. [FIXED] [Beta3] TableBinder.update does not refresh the data
  115. [FIXED] ComboBox allowBlank : wrong validation
  116. [OPEN] Window setPagePosition with modal
  117. ListStore insertions get removed if filters are enable
  118. [FIXED] GXT Beta 3 SVN Build - Events.KeyPress Bug
  119. [FIXED] Checkbox unchecked on resize with IE6
  120. [CLOSED] ExtGWT Beta3 with GWT1.5RC1
  121. [FIXED] field enable() is working only on IE
  122. [CLOSED] Size calculation of TriggerFields
  123. [CLOSED] GXT Beta 3 with GWT 1.5 Release Candidate
  124. [FIXED] Context Menu does not work @ Safari
  125. [CLOSED] [beta2] ComboBox's getValue() returns display text, not value
  126. [CLOSED] Tree on IE6 : blue background behind icons
  127. [OPEN] [CLOSED] FF : Margins issue in a FlowLayouted container
  128. [CLOSED] Margins issue in a FlowLayouted viewport
  129. [CLOSED] Form panel padding issue on Firefox
  130. [CLOSED] ComboBox height
  131. [CLOSED] Blue background after Viewport.removeAll
  132. [CLOSED] Top component glitch in a framed FormPanel
  133. [FIXED] TableColumn : setText(String) missing
  134. [FIXED] duplicate events from Radio widget
  135. [CLOSED] ExtGWT Demo Explorer - Problem restoring minimized tree panel
  136. [FIXED] re-showing column misses header text
  137. [FIXED] Window won't show
  138. [OPEN] [FIXED] Window blocks and Form label/field aligns
  139. [FIXED] RowLayout bug
  140. [FIXED] no onEnter event from KeyNav
  141. [FIXED] FX blink needs to repeat not cycle
  142. [FIXED] new Window reposition bug
  143. [CLOSED] SplitToolItem only reacting to drop-down arrow part
  144. error in beta4 Mail demo
  145. [FIXED] Internal compiler errors w/ Beta 4
  146. [CLOSED] Runtime error after upgrading to gxt beta4 and gwt 1.5 rc1
  147. [FIXED] AppEvent(int, Data) ambiguous with AppEvent(int, String) when Data is String
  148. [FIXED] Beta4 CheckBox change event not working
  149. [CLOSED] Beta4 Info.display() clips second line
  150. Beta4 - modal DialogBox w/Field objects
  151. [OPEN] Window + FormPanel + Scroll
  152. [OPEN] [ENHANCEMENT] Subsequently drop down the next menu
  153. [FIXED] setSelectOnFocus for TypedComboBox
  154. [CLOSED] Beta4: Adding TableItem to table within non-active CardLayout bug
  155. [FIXED] BorderLayout: Heading of collapsed ContentPanel disappears
  156. [FNR] TreeModel implementation can't be extended
  157. [CLOSED] Adding a TreeModel to the Root will not update the UI.
  158. [CLOSED] TreeTable expandAll() duplicates the TreeModel
  159. [CLOSED] Adding a TreeModel to the first-level TreeModel won't update the TreeTable
  160. [CLOSED] Removing a TreeModel one-level below Root gives Exception
  161. [FIXED] Cannot edit text in TextField on FormPanel
  162. [FIXED] Strange exception when adding a TreeTable to a container with a FitLayout
  163. [FNR] Table.setColumnContextMenu(false) doesn't work
  164. [FIXED] "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items" in IE6
  165. [FIXED] Dialogs are broken in latest beta4 repack
  166. [Bug] beta4 problem with borderLayout in CardPanel
  167. [FIXED] Problem with alignment of table content
  168. [CLOSED] Beta4: LayoutContainer scrolls only ContentPanels but not its widgets
  169. [FIXED] Problem when render FormPanel with button or Dialog
  170. [FIXED] Beta4: Combobox style error
  171. [FIXED] Beta4 - Show method on Dialog object throws exception
  172. Bug with setName for Field?
  173. NPE on Container
  174. Bug in either help documentation, or in LayoutContainer
  175. Table layout
  176. [FIXED] LabelField shows ":" separator symbol
  177. [FIXED] GXT B4: RowLayout problem
  178. [FIXED] Missing: BaseTreeModel.remove(T child)
  179. [CLOSED] B4 GWT compiler exception
  180. [FIXED] B4 StatusBar bug
  181. [FIXED] B4 RowLayout #2 bug
  182. [FIXED] Firefox & Window BUG
  183. ContentPanel Problem
  184. [FIXED] NPE in TableBinder.onSort
  185. [FIXED] zero is not allowed with NumberField.setAllowNegative(false)
  186. [CLOSED] TextField<String> problem
  187. binder.setAutoSelect
  188. [FIXED] BUG Password field & setEmptyText
  189. [CLOSED] Sorting and filtering need rework
  190. [OPEN] [FIXED] TreeTable.expandAll() blurs the fonts
  191. [CLOSED] ModelReader does not honor configdata
  192. [FIXED] LayoutContainer resize bug beta 4
  193. [FIXED] ComboBox onSelect() bug fixed
  194. [CLOSED] Bug in LoadListener
  195. [FIXED] b4 dialog modal 2nd show bug
  196. [CLOSED] Beta 4: Table: issue with resizing TableColumns
  197. [FIXED] bug in DateField resizing in FormPanel
  198. Bug removing a TreeItem
  199. [FIXED] GXT B4: Trees + TreeStore
  200. [CLOSED] StackOverFlow Exception on Field validation
  201. [OPEN] Beta5: I cursor missing in Mail demo
  202. [CLOSED] Annotation processing failed StoreBinder.class when deploying Websphere
  203. [FIXED] beta4 & beta5 NumberField HostMode
  204. [Bug] beta4 &beta5 FireFox 3 ComboBox wrong pozition of invalid message
  205. [FIXED] beta5 TextArea width bug
  206. [CLOSED] beta5 - app totally broken
  207. [FIXED] RowLayout resizing issues
  208. [CLOSED] b5 font sizes in CSS
  209. [OPEN] [FIXED] B5 table cell padding bug
  210. [FIXED] BeforeAdd and Add events of DataView aren't DataViewEvents
  211. [SOLUTION] B5 tablelayout cell centering bug
  212. bug with toolbar in b5?
  213. [FIXED] beta5 - npe TreeBinder.onAdd(TreeBinder.java:329)
  214. [CLOSED] B5 - validator returns isvalid ??
  215. [FIXED] B5 - multifield validator bugs
  216. [FIXED] NullPointerException in BorderLayout.onLayout
  217. [FIXED] DataList not respecting theme?
  218. [CLOSED] Beta 5: FormLayout in a collapsible BorderLayout issue
  219. [FIXED] Beta5: Bug in ModelData#getNestedValue()
  220. [CLOSED] KeyListener.componentKeyPress() does not work in FF
  221. [FIXED] B5 contentpanel not collapsed on 1st render
  222. [CLOSED] B5: setFrame on ContentPanel with header not visible
  223. [FIXED] Feature: Registry#get() should use Generic to make casting unneeded
  224. [FIXED] Problem with dynamic table
  225. [CLOSED] ComboBox.select before rendering gives NullPointerException
  226. [CLOSED] NullPointerException in BorderLayout.getRegionWidget()
  227. [FIXED] Popup not hiding -> ComponentEvent.type is not set
  228. [FIXED] Dialog - setting size before show doesn't work on second call
  229. [FIXED] comboBox and datefield with read only state
  230. [CLOSED] Mulitple StoreFilterField result in overlap
  231. [CLOSED] class attribute doesn't work for SPAN when used with HTML as a ToolBarItem
  232. [CLOSED] Tree stack overflow
  233. [CLOSED] BETA 5: El.setXY(int x, int y, FxConfig config)
  234. [FIXED][Beta 5] PagingToolBar.PagingToolBarMessages#setDisplayMsg not respected
  235. [FIXED] ContextMenus positioning issues
  236. [FIXED] Table.recalculate() causes an exception if the table is hidden
  237. [FIXED] CenterLayout is not centered in FF3
  238. [FIXED] Calendar widget does not work in RC1
  239. [FIXED] BUG: GXT-RC1: setIcon(...) methond in MessageBox
  240. [FIXED] BUG: ExtGWT RC1 + Firefox: TextField on Window / MessageBox : cursor absence
  241. [FIXED] Custom messagebox and callback
  242. [FIXED] MessageBox fails with exception B5
  243. [FIXED] TreeTable CellDoubleClick/RowDoubleClick broke in RC1
  244. [FIXED] Beta5 & RC1: MessageBox causes Table column resize to freeze
  245. [FIXED] [RC1] Viewport resize doesn't work in Safari
  246. [CLOSED]FormPanel setReadOnly doesn't work if i add a field after setReadOnly to true
  247. [FIXED] RC1: Table RowDoubleClick works in GWT shell and IE but not in FF
  248. [FIXED] [RC1b]Table inside a DisclosurePanel causes the columns to misalign with data
  249. [FIXED] setValue(null) on LabelField throws NullPointerException
  250. [FIXED] DatePicker opens behind modal window in RC1b