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  1. Default CSS Renders Grid with headers only
  2. Safari jumps to top on row click
  3. Sorted colums
  4. getDataModel().removeRows(0) loses selection
  5. Grid Compatibility with SimpleDialog
  6. Tab classNames
  7. YAHOO.ext.UpdateManager
  8. Relative image paths incorrect in build
  9. Sort direction and sort images
  10. Two grids in the same page
  11. grid in Safari
  12. Two bugs with editable datagrid
  13. Simple RSS reader seesm to be broken.
  14. Small fix for TabPanel
  15. [OPEN] UpdateManager.startAutoRefresh behavior
  16. Firefox
  17. /forum2 with IE6
  18. Bug in Drag and Drop
  19. Binder
  20. unterminated string literal error in yui-ext.js 0.32.2?
  21. Questions about grid columnModel objects
  22. grid dataIndex and sorting
  23. JS Builder: Drag & Drop does not work
  24. UpdateManager.update()
  25. Bug when decimalSeparator other than .
  26. [OPEN] Element.getCenterXY() doesn't take scrollX or Y into account
  27. Problems with Firefox 1.5.07 and yui-ext.32.2
  28. Very slow rendering performance with large numbers of colums
  29. adjustWidth and adjustHeight does not work
  30. YAHOO.ext.util.CSS's this.getRules Cross-Domain Security FF
  31. Hello, sort anoob here
  32. hi, your site have problem,please fix it
  33. Cannot display 0 in grid
  34. [OPEN] new build
  35. splitbar issues with IE (ex. /forum2)
  36. Resizable
  37. Bottom panel has no scrollbar
  38. IE6 bugs
  39. Compiled Templates not working as expected
  40. IE Grid displays all content in left column
  41. Grid & Slow performance?
  42. Element.update()
  43. tabPanel.activate() with no change
  44. Error when removing a BorderLayout panel with nested panels
  45. BorderLayout setTitle
  46. IE Browser Refresh not working with ConnectionManager?
  47. [OPEN] DomHelper.Template.compile
  48. css crosstalk with nested tabpanels in LayoutManger
  49. GridView fitColumnsToContainer should ignore hidden columns
  50. tab.css has four image url references to /blog/images
  51. Sliding layout region's panel height incorrect?
  52. Safari 1.3 bug for _http.header.hadOwnProperty
  53. DataModel.query bug in FF
  54. Adding a yahoo map to dual left and right columns
  55. DomHelper: cannot create a label tag
  56. Another FF onCick bug?
  57. BorderLayout - removing panels from NestedLayout
  58. Problem with LayoutRegion.setActivePanel ??
  59. Simple (but deadly!) copy/paste bug in Actor.js
  60. SSL and YAHOO.ext.EventManager.ieDeferSrc
  61. Fix for paging error with JSON datasource
  62. YAHOO.ext.grid.DefaultSelectionModel.selectRowsById bug
  63. Bugs in borderlayout, etc? Panels don't resize
  64. DefaultSelectionModel.selectRowsById() wrong documentation ?
  65. LayoutRegion.clearPanels doesn't work in beta2
  66. BasicDialog incompatible with ylayout-inactive-content?
  67. Empty elements not created correctly by DomHelper.createHtml
  68. typo in basic-dialog.js source
  69. IE7 BasicDialog Tabs Top Border
  70. [OPEN] alwaysShowTabs bug with yui-ext beta 3
  71. Grid header vanish when region is resized
  72. Using Grid in BorderLayout Region
  73. BasicDialog off screen when created low on page
  74. BasicDialog key events
  75. YAHOO.ext.util.JSON.encode typo
  76. print preview destroys me
  77. BasicDialog's title/drag bar outside viewport
  78. getChildrenByClassName
  79. Cursor not show in yahoo dialog over Grid
  80. Error in IE when switching to GridPanel tab while loading
  81. Closing a tab shows a hidden panel
  82. Can't resize frames when flash objects are loaded
  83. Sort order backwards??
  84. YAHOO.ext.Element.select (in CompositeElement.js)
  85. loadScripts -- unlimited document growth?
  86. Grid changes in RC1?
  87. Grid column resize and double click listener
  88. BasicDialog proxy drag
  89. ie and collapsible regions
  90. [OPEN] LayoutRegion.hasPanel
  91. Element.js -- update bugs
  92. Problem rendering drag and drop grid with a width of 100%.
  93. BasicDialog problem with Firefox
  94. Insert new row for a grid having 0 rows in the beginning
  95. load indicator on paged grid toolbar not stopping with 0 ite
  96. load indicator on paged grid toolbar not stopping with 0 ite
  97. UpdateManager
  98. double request for one contentpanel in borderlayout
  99. Possible sidebar close/collapse bug in FireFox 2
  100. Suggestion: specify font style at ygrid-row level instead
  101. BorderLayout - NestedLayoutPanel getting resized on collapse
  102. Grid Flicker
  103. Grids in Tabs not rendering upon tab activation in IE6
  104. Inconsistent mouseover behaviour during Drag-n-Drop
  105. DataModel.query() For A 0-Length String
  106. Drag and Drop error for two grids (XMLDataModel)
  107. ytheme-gray for grid, toolbar and scrollbar
  108. ToolbarButton.disabled
  109. BasicDialog animateTarget question...
  110. DomHelper.createDom bug
  111. Minor typo in PagedGridView.prototype.onEnter
  112. getSelectionCount returns wrong result after selectAll
  113. wrong effect when hiding an animated, modal, BasicDialog
  114. Clicking Next Page While Focused In Editor Cell
  115. Little bug in docs of Observable.fireEvent
  116. Suggestion: LoadableDataModel load() to abort previous load?
  117. TabPanelItem "beforeclose" event intercepted by La
  118. preservePanel - allow specifying when adding panel to region
  119. dialog resizing broke in RC2
  120. mso class toolbar no longer has mso background in IE?
  121. Maybe a small bug related to autoHeight in 0.33 RC2
  122. Element.update() and loadScripts...
  123. [OPEN] Forum link in docs wrong
  124. [OPEN] Yui menus only visible in center region in IE?
  125. [OPEN] IE Resize problems
  126. BorderLayout fails to layout if no config for region
  127. 404 for stylesheet using in js code highlighting
  128. Duplicate lines 53 & 65 in layout.css
  129. Jack's Blog inaccessible?
  130. DefaultDataModel row methods marked as private
  131. Max columns limitation in grid?
  132. TabPanelItem setTooltip() typo?
  133. constrainTo problem?
  134. BorderLayout resize
  135. fitToForm in a TabPanelItem in a Region
  136. Element.update() && styles
  137. Konqueror 3.5.5-0.2.fc5
  138. JSONDataModel.loadData error handling
  139. BorderLayout ContentPanel body height
  140. getSelectedRowIndex :: YAHOO.ext.grid
  141. Custom row renderer in paging grid causes toolbar to vanish
  142. tab close images don't always show in IE6 for borderlayout
  143. Boolean Fields Not Working in Inline Editor Grid
  144. grid callback not showing totalrows
  145. Element.removeListener never removing handlers!
  146. Typo in function.createDelegate()
  147. Build your own yui-ext bug
  148. Grid.destroy doesn't remove generated HTML
  149. Border Layout : Too Much Memory Consumption & CPU Usage
  150. Trivial svn observations
  151. Namespace collision in LayoutDialog?
  152. hideTab/unhideTab issues in Firefox
  153. Multiple Grids -> strange column-resize behavoir
  154. Date.getDayOfWeek() overwrites entire document body
  155. Paging toolbar next/previous page broken in latest build?
  156. LayoutManager / BorderLayoutManager bug/inconsistency
  157. Vista theme for grid fix
  158. Open tab will reset scroll position when unfocused.
  159. Autohide functionality not working properly in Nested Layout
  160. BorderLayout with <select>
  161. YAHOO.ext.BorderLayout problems with FF 2.0 & IE 6?
  162. LayoutDialog + Grid + toolbar display bug?
  163. jsb files on svn missing new button.js and button.css refs
  164. xml-grid example path update
  165. GridView wrapEl width not updated in autoSize
  166. problems with formUpdate
  167. Minor bug - ToolbarButton disabled at config not styled
  168. [OPEN] BorderLayout: The text in the center panel gets clipped
  169. LayoutDialog keyListeners not unbound on hide?
  170. DatePicker - buildControl() hardcodes z-index
  171. BasicDialog | addKeyListener problem
  172. YUI reset-fonts-grids-min.css breaks yiu-ext grids
  173. Problem with hidden column in grid
  174. DatePicker in DataGrid - Today and Current are not clickable
  175. jackslocum.com broken on vista.
  176. Bug in Button widget for 0.33 release
  177. BasicDialog button not reset when dragged instead of clicked
  178. Grid multi-select on Safari
  179. updateElement Documentation bug
  180. Grid with resizing bug in .33
  181. DomHelper
  182. GridView focusRow() does not work if column 0 is hidden
  183. YAHOO.ext.util.JSON.encode() infinite loop on CustomEvents
  184. How to handle null values in Grid?
  185. Issue with fixPrecision in NumberEditor
  186. Template.append doesn't seem to be returning anything, ever
  187. yunselectable mouse cursor...
  188. Issue with DomHelper IE table handling
  189. AJAX Tab not loading
  190. iframe cause memery leak in IE6?
  191. DateEditor size
  192. Download Dialog Bug in IE6
  193. BorderLayout: Panel sometimes shows tabs, sometimes not
  194. Borderlayout skins in 0.40 svn don't show tabs or titles
  195. TreePanel: horizontal scroll while dragging long lines
  196. Button.render still has a ref to this.footer
  197. YAHOO.ext.util namespace missing
  198. PagedGridView onLoadError needs object scope override
  199. two grids in a page.
  200. Possible bug with the animation in image chooser?
  201. DatePicker.js (misc)
  202. Infamous Firefox cursor bug - Info and possible workarounds
  203. MixedCollection removeAt bug
  204. Abort previous LoadableDataModel.loadPage calls
  205. typo in setColumnTooltip
  206. Bug with dragndroptree:
  207. TreeNode and TreePanel have contentmenu event?
  208. onDocumentReady in IE6
  209. Image reference to YUI-EXT site in yutil.js
  210. Bug in DomHelper/Template - inserting table rows
  211. The grid column title shows {1} in dialog in IE
  212. Rendering problem in layoutdialog + toolbar + tabpanel
  213. Scroll-pane in BorderLayout (grid in the layout?)/forum2
  214. formUpdate and showLoading problem
  215. Problem with creating buttons within hidden element
  216. layout.css missing float: right for .ylayout-tools-button?
  217. TreeNodeUI beforeclick event cancelation not working
  218. YAHOO.ext.Element.get missing parameters in .40
  219. BasicDialog missing footer with autocreate
  220. Grid pager toolbar buttons not shown
  221. ieDeferSrc and SSL_SECURE_URL problem
  222. Bug in Grid + Button
  223. Bug in Docs: Borderlayout
  224. BasicDialog constraintoviewport = lost header + no dragging
  225. MixedCollection.last() incorrect
  226. Issue with focus on selected row in GridView.js
  227. Closing Tab doesn't complete destroy panel
  228. Grid contents garbled when document.domain has been set (FF)
  229. TreeNode: Multiple async calls creates duplicated children
  230. TemplateView.js, bug in refreshNodes()
  231. TreePanel, FireFox, using Shift or Ctrl Issue
  232. XmlDataModel drag and drop bug
  233. Bugs in sort and resize Column with JSONDataModel
  234. Dialog and gridpanel
  235. Dialog resizer wrong images with IE7
  236. Selector weirdness
  237. Resizable drag handle sizes wrong in IE when height: 'auto'
  238. Bug in new TreePanel
  239. BasicDialog.center()
  240. small bug in forums
  241. Bug in BorderLayout spliter with iframe
  242. Bug in BorderLayout conllapsible with DropDownList
  243. [OPEN] Bug in Dialog Render
  244. Border Layout broken when used inside table
  245. Window animation glitch when source element is inside a dlg.
  246. Sequential MessageBoxs
  247. DomHelper builds bad HTML for Select options in IE
  248. BasicDialog in IE when container has position:absolute
  249. DOMHelper in IE?
  250. Toggle Theme Issue