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  1. Editor Grid Example - invalid text tip not showing
  2. Grid Leaks Memory
  3. typing html code in an Ext.form.TextArea may ruin your app
  4. Ext.form.ComboBox grow:true does not grow to match content length of options
  5. Bug rendering MenuButton in IE6+
  6. switchOff() and Basic Dialog Container
  7. QuickTip display in IE6
  8. Ext.form.Form with fileUpload:true
  9. Fix for bug in SimpleStore when adding one record
  10. [Ext 1.0.1a] QuickTips stop working after scrolling a tab in IE6
  11. Toolbar's background missing in ContentPanel
  12. NumberField doesn't working properly in EditGrid??
  13. [OPEN] Combobox - disabledClass not working correctly
  14. Small bug on Editor Grid Example
  15. [OPEN] Ext.Element.update(): better evaluation of Scripts
  16. Grid Sorting stops working after column's place be changed
  17. Typo Error in UpdateManager.formUpdate()
  18. [RESOLVED] ComboBox transform bug
  19. [Solved] jQuery DatePicker month navigation bug
  20. Buttons bug on paging toolbar.
  21. [Closed] Missing and/or Incorrect Docs - Ext 1.1 (beta1)+
  22. Store.insert(): Invalid argument el.style[_19] in IE
  23. jQuery Fx.frame (among others) problem
  24. Unused call and optimisation in GridView.js
  25. "communication failure" from data.store using httpproxy
  26. on "check" event in radio field is only firing once
  27. [Ext 1.1b1] Form file upload response appearing in new window under IE
  28. [OPEN] Dropdown combos cause vertical scrollbar flash in Firefox
  29. IsValid : Ext 1.0 vs Ext 1.0.1a
  30. Quicktips
  31. Tabs within tab can't be at the other posistion
  32. NumberField Bug w/MaxLength
  33. Beta 1.1: Some problems with load data
  34. TextField password with emptytext
  35. [OPEN] DatePicker and changing disabledDays after first show
  36. ext-all.css issue
  37. Quicktips displays behind panel
  38. Ext.Button "pressed" style
  39. Tree expand and eachChild bug
  40. missing semi-colons in 1.1 Beta 1
  41. Resizable&draggable
  42. Prototype / JQuery highlight animation broken
  43. Combo Bug (1.1b)
  44. XmlReader reading blank attribute
  45. DateField doesn't work in IE6 with Build Your Own Ext
  46. [RESOLVED] Help Ext.Ajax.request has bad ContentType in header
  47. FireFox FIND & EXTGRID
  48. Click event before fully loaded - 1.0.1a
  49. [1.1b1] Ext.menu.Menu z-index
  50. Bug: IE7 + Ext.Ajax.request form + fileUpload
  51. ExtGrid Editors & Grid Resizing
  52. Error in Firefox when enabling "trackMouseOver" in EditorGrid
  53. [RESOLVED] Shadow z-index
  54. [OPEN] IE7: Bug in "Dynamic Forms built with JavaScript"
  55. [RESOLVED] Parse Error in ext-js-debug.js
  56. [1.1b1] TextArea width incorrect
  57. Grid does not support a footer row for totals
  58. [RESOLVED] [1.01]grid's ds getTotalCount() bug?
  59. Ext. Prototype Scriptaculous width&height as %
  60. Opera Problem: contextmenu Event not recognized
  61. Panel's expand button keeps highlighted after mouseout
  62. contentpanel with numeric id
  63. Callback not called in Ext.tree.TreePanel.selectPath
  64. DomHelper.insertHtml and IE tables
  65. Using transform, combo only loads first item
  66. [OPEN] Ext.tree.TreePanel: unable to cancel events
  67. [1.0.1a]&[1.1b1] possible form rendering bug
  68. Element.id not set on each() in Ext 1.1
  69. [UPDATED] Destroying DOM Nodes and Memory Usage
  70. A bug in Image Chooser
  71. LayoutRegion, autoHide -> 1.1b
  72. Bug in alignTo if element is document body
  73. ComboBox + Large SimpleStore = Scrolling Page [SOLVED]
  74. MixedCollection.addAll bug
  75. Problem with yui-utilities.js/YAHOO.lang.isArray function
  76. Problem with MessageBox.wait
  77. Ext.Button missing CSS style for pressed state?
  78. form submit response failes to parse in opera but in FF2 working
  79. onMetaChange - Possible Logic Bug
  80. ext 1.1 beta, locked column unhide
  81. disappearing HTMLEditor text in IE
  82. email & alpha valid, and Multilanguage de
  83. ComboBox Bug v1.1b
  84. Grid editing security
  85. MenuMgr.onBeforeShow bug
  86. Ext grid in an IE table
  87. Shadow Pool pull bug in IE [1.1beta]
  88. TreeNode DnD Kills Qtips
  89. Problem with Ext.urlDecode()
  90. Can't filter a local combobox.
  91. Date field month/year dropdown has badly formed HTML
  92. Loading Ext from AJAX in IE
  93. Quoting error when compiling Template
  94. my_ext_data_tree.proxyNodeEvent has no properties
  95. Table to Grid header issue
  96. Badly formed HTML in transform combo
  97. [CLOSED] owner.createDocument.createRange JS error
  98. [OPEN] Bug in Grid Column sort when the column is locked
  99. [OPEN] Bug in unlocking Grid columns
  100. [OPEN] Undefined reference when emptying a type ahead combo
  101. Ext.form.getValues() and setValues() mismatch
  102. [OPEN] Modal dialogs can be bypassed
  103. [OPEN] DragZone's contrainTo method does not work as expected
  104. [OPEN] Options not used EventManager.onDocumentReady when ready state already set
  105. [OPEN] EXT 1.1Beta TabPanel.removeTab('tabId') does ! auto hide tabpanel when 1 panel active
  106. [OPEN] Date.parseDate format code O doesn't work
  107. [OPEN] emptyText is submitted with the form
  108. [OPEN] Bug (?) Loading s.gif from extjs.com
  109. [OPEN] Handling of success property differs between Forms and Data Stores (Ext 1.0.1)
  110. [OPEN] scope for 'this' is incorrect in createCallback
  111. [OPEN] Array class getting a remove function from the adapters
  112. Vieport dimensions and Opera page zoom (Ext standalone)
  113. Rendering quirks with ComboBox
  114. fadeIn Broken in Internet Explorer When using Ext as Base
  115. [1.0.1a / 1.1b1] Ext Date class bugs + some proposed fixes
  116. DomQuery _nodup attribute
  117. Documentation add request
  118. PagingToolbar bug when loading store with params
  119. Editable Grid - only with YUI adapter
  120. x-dlg-mask does not cover the whole page
  121. Ext-1.1-beta1 svn errors after update to rev 596
  122. Grid's loadMask doesn't work in IE
  123. Firefox bug with forms
  124. The error of the doc?
  125. BorderLayout with split & collapsed = true
  126. Possible bug in clean() method in IE6
  127. Firefox / ContentLength
  128. function filterBy when changed form.ComboBox'value to ""
  129. [1.0.1a/1.1b1] Element.mask returns the mask Element, not the mask's msg Element
  130. [1.1b tree d&d] - nodes fly to upper left of screen (0,0)
  131. Row height gets corrupted when using word-wrap + locking columns in Grids
  132. The horizontal keyboard arrows don't work in Grids
  133. Date.parseDate() Z option bug
  134. May be this a bug in the css definition?
  135. [1.1beta1] Improvement for grid key handling
  136. (resolved) Tree DnD "insert line" doesn't disappear over node
  137. Undefined variable: "ci"
  138. missing semicolons, undefined variables, etc...
  139. TreeNode expand/collapse deep=true + anim=false not working
  140. [Solved] IE7 Throws "Invalid Argument" on 4th Grid Call via Prototype.js
  141. Build Your Own Ext - Not working with examples
  142. DomQuery.compile() doesnt accept list of selectors
  143. ComboBox's View does not scroll with the input field
  144. Firefox 1.5 [x64 linux]
  145. Repeatable form's render("el")/form as template
  146. combobox Memory Leakage ..?
  147. Orphaned tree panel?
  148. '&' character and array grid
  149. Ext.data.Store.remove() does not remove records from modified records array
  150. combobox selection hide collapsible panel
  151. Animated collapsed grid displayed outside of tab (Firefox-only)
  152. day of year
  153. Missing and/or Incorrect Docs - Ext 1.1 (rc1)+
  154. qtip basicForm render problem
  155. Possible bug -- GridDragZone + AbstractSelectionModel (1.0.1a, 1.1beta1,2)
  156. [Ext 2.0] Menu Item hide
  157. 1.1 Beta 1 - Long Grid Ids
  158. v1.1b2-Bug in Combo?
  159. TreeEditor config params
  160. EditorGrid clicksToEdit:1 and edited cells
  161. bug Ext.form.CheckBoxField and form.getValues()
  162. Ext.form.HtmlEditor insertAtCursor - Cross-browser inconsistencies
  163. [CLOSED] Numberfield on Internet explorer 6
  164. 1.1b2 Form mouseover icon
  165. Bug: Drag and Drop Events Stop Responding When DIV with Overflow:Auto Is Scrolled
  166. [Solved] Bug, dragging in an expanded tree
  167. Tree's node text momentarily overlapping scrollbar in IE on expand/collapse
  168. Help..Cant select textfield's in Firefox, works in IE7
  169. [1.0.1a/1.1b2] Ext.util.MixedCollection - bug in addAll() method
  170. Ext.EventObject has no properties
  171. [1.1 beta 2] Calling reset() on blank NumberField produces NaN
  172. Memory leak in ClickRepeater
  173. [1.1 beta 2] Number Field Precision Bug
  174. 2x ComboBox Bugs
  175. 1.1b2 Combo bug
  176. keypress event triggering for special keys in IE7
  177. [1.1-beta1/beta2/release1] Form.submit / method:'GET'
  178. Possible small bugs in the wysiwyg editor
  179. Combobox isValid emptyText allowblank
  180. Editor Grid's disappearing cursor, tab key disorders, and locked columns anomaly
  181. [1.1b2] Transformed <select> gets re-positioned just before parent's closing tag
  182. 1.1-beta2 'params' of Ext load method are handled differently than in 1.0.1
  183. BasicDialog's title
  184. grid scroll error if lock column
  185. Splitbar bug - v1.0.1a vs. v1.1(b2)
  186. Ext.DomQuery.selectValue() doesn't work for CDATA node in FireFox2
  187. Editable Grid : Safari
  188. 1.1b2 transform Select to Combobox -- tabindex is lost
  189. msgTarget:side + DateField causes error if initial value is invalid.
  190. Multiselect Tree - no href on anchors
  191. ext-base.js b=el.getBoundingClientRect()
  192. When locking a wide column all other Grid columns disappear
  193. HttpProxy requests abort others in progress
  194. Ext Menui Widget Tutorial Error
  195. Editor Tree Firefox/Opera Scroll Bug
  196. [Ext 1.x] Bug Forum Guidelines - Read BEFORE Posting
  197. Ext.MessageBox.wait params not inline with 'standard' or backwards
  198. Dynamic Tab Panel bug 1.1 Beta2
  199. enableListenerCollection in collectGarbage
  200. Quick Tips Bug
  201. Resizable opacity bug
  202. server side validation with XmlReader (always success!)
  203. draggable Resizable in BorderLayout
  204. Element: setStyle & applyStyles with float
  205. DateField in Table
  206. [Fixed] 1.1RC1 form.submit for files creates popup on IE6 (RC2 to fix)
  207. 1.1RC1 Bug: ProcessSuccess returns "response.argument has no properties"
  208. Grid Column Resize Only Resizes Header in Safari For WIndows
  209. dialog.destroy doesn't always work
  210. AJAX requests broken in IE
  211. 1.1b2 GridView in ContentPanel
  212. Viewing docs in Firefox [Moved from doc bugs thread]
  213. [1.1RC1] JsonReader and defaultValue
  214. Radio and checkbox rendering error in IE
  215. textarea onDestroy incorrect Ext.Element reference
  216. [REOPENED] [1.1 final] CSS problem with nested tab panels
  217. [1.1RC1] form.submit parms property performs GET + POST
  218. little Bug on IE 7 form.htmleditor
  219. Grid Sort on Click disabled after Column Move
  220. Build own Ext(Select All) != ext-all.js ?
  221. Unresolved reference in TreeFilter
  222. Being able to abort an Ext.form.Form's transaction.
  223. Ext.form.Action handleResponse check responseText
  224. [1.1 RC1] Checkbox in a Form with IE6
  225. ComboBox Bug?
  226. [2.0] TreePanel expand event is called "expandexpandnode"
  227. DataGrid inside <table>: column resize problem : IE6
  228. [1.1RC1] [Updated] form.reset() ! working for IE6 file inputs, works fine for FireFox
  229. [1.1RC1] JsonStore's proxy config - doc bug or source bug?
  230. jsonView selectionchange is broken with inconsistencies
  231. GRID + Resizable -> Bugs on Opera
  232. Opera/Safari4Win bug - http://extjs.com/deploy/ext/examples/form/forum-search.html
  233. TreeNodeUI - img tags not closed
  234. Forms don't persist data in FF when using menus
  235. Where did the toolbar go?!
  236. [1.1RC1] Grid reloading / selected record
  237. Form Method 'PUT' should send params like 'POST'
  238. a tiny bug on presentation
  239. [Ext.form.DateField]TODAY not constainted by maxValue/minValue
  240. Problem in expandPath in TreePanel
  241. Cannot unselect in Ext.View
  242. [Solved] Ext.grid.Grid.destroy() not removing listeners in DS + FIX
  243. grid set "loadMask: true" will cause IE Error
  244. Toolbar shorthand - needs documenting
  245. dialog.addkeylistener broken when form.isValid is present
  246. slideIn animation breaks form input values
  247. store.removeAll() and store.modified
  248. Date Picker Doesn't Use Ext.Button
  249. v2 HTMLEditor bug
  250. Document Explorer cannot expand after double click on split panel