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  1. miss ext-lang-zh_CN.js in 1.0 final.
  2. xml-form sample bug?
  3. Calendar and jQuery - moving between months
  4. JS Errors in TreePanel with anim:true and Prototype adapter
  5. inline-edit example Failure
  6. Menu separator extra space in IE7
  7. [ext 1.0] Tree error?
  8. Grid Inline Edit FireFox Bug
  9. Possible Bug with resizable when using constrainTo
  10. Bug in Ext.quickTips.show() when setting ext:width
  11. Combobox and qtip error bug?
  12. Ext.form.ComboBox, change Event doesn't work
  13. TreeEditor error
  14. [1.0] Locked column header with wrong right border
  15. [OPEN] Errormessage in Firebug: NS_ERROR_XPC_JS_THREW_STRING
  16. Ext jQuery bug report
  17. Grid (2 bugs) usability and visual
  18. IE7 - hide calendar prob with inline grid
  19. Store filter/snapshot reload bug
  20. formUpdate with enctype="application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=XXXX"
  21. Dynamic Form ID Bug
  22. QuickTips ext:width goes wacky
  23. MessageBox "Problem"
  24. Combobox stuck dropdown
  25. german locale corrupted after build
  26. You can't send extra params to UpdateManager.formUpdate
  27. GridView 'findHeaderIndex' IE7 bug
  28. Combobox reset()
  29. form load with baseParams - bug?
  30. QuickTips disabled after Grid header click
  31. [OPEN] Invalid entry in combobox keeps a valid value
  32. Entire Element cache leaks memory in IE6 when subscribing to 'submit'
  33. [bug in doc]
  34. Bug in DateFields.js
  35. Ext.MessageBox and Exception 0x8057001e, possible cause...
  36. Opera mousewheel delta
  37. Element.update() and loadScripts - Bug with srcRe
  38. QuickTip on minWidth when only qtitle set
  39. Combo emptyText won't reset
  40. Validate Me! (Yes, I am a disabled form element)
  41. form.getValues() returns combobox text instead of value
  42. Missing 'Build Your Own' Dependencies
  43. Basic Dialog Mozilla issue
  44. Delete key + IE7
  45. BasicForm updateRecord
  46. Cannot disable grid's handling of the scroll wheel
  47. Prototype adapter does not allow executing script in dynamically loaded ContentPanels
  48. grid datastore.reload scope, posible bug?
  49. ComboBox maxHeight ignored until second "expand"
  50. ComboBox scroll issue in Firefox
  51. Invalid nesting of empty tags
  52. Firefox,Submit bugs
  53. IE6 Problem: form.el.mask("testing...", "x-mask-loading");
  54. Ext.tree.MultiSelectionModel selectNext()/selectPrevious()
  55. using jquery, cannot drag or autoscroll from a scrolled tree
  56. discardUrl is ignored
  57. Grid paging via HTTPProxy does not work with Prototype Adapter
  58. Ext.grid.Grid short call doesn't work
  59. Problem with JsonReader and MemoryProxy with an index value > 0
  60. IE6 and ColumnModel
  61. Ext.View & Ext.JsonView scrolling issues.
  62. Excess vertical margins around form fieldsets in IE7
  63. Ext.lib.Ajax.formRequest method is hardcoded to POST
  64. PropertyGrid bug
  65. Safari (older versions) fixes.
  66. calling reconfigure on Ext.grid.Grid, causes multiple stylesheets to be generated.
  67. Ext.form.TextField does not handle maxLength/size very well.
  68. Ext.form.Field always validates onBlur, impossible to disable
  69. Charset bugs when loading scripts UpdateManager
  70. Grid keyboard nav - tab IE7 combo box
  71. MessageBox alert sizing issue
  72. Peformance... bug?!
  73. [CLOSED] ComboBox html encoding
  74. tabs...just about it style
  75. Array Grid Bug(data in grid column gets truncated)
  76. Fx.stopFx() not canceling previous fx'es?
  77. Forms Combo Select Bug
  78. TreeEditor IE6 rendering
  79. Safari Grid Scrolling
  80. GridView layout
  81. Tree: event for selection change via keyboard?
  82. Ext.PagingToolbar.bind/unbind
  83. Combobox and jQuery and IE - Dropdown Position Offset
  84. .x-dlg-mask, invalid value for opacity
  85. Ext.BasicDialog: closing window doesn't give focus to underlying windows
  86. UpdateManager Abort not working when uploading files
  87. Store.paramNames gets overwritten and NaN page
  88. TreeEditor autoSize
  89. BaorderLayout automatic hidding of empty regions.
  90. XML parser doesn't read < > in quotes (resolved)
  91. [1.0.1] 'Tooltip' of draggable tree node is behind region
  92. [1.0.1] bug in toolbar
  93. Ext.grid.GridDragZone not firing startdrag & enddrag events
  94. this.tr has no properties
  95. [1.0.1] Bug if you close the last content panel of a region with titlebar: false
  96. Close button does not work in BorderLayout
  97. Bug.. getSelectedCell() of cellSelectionModel
  98. 1.0.1a - titlebar: false in Ext.BorderLayout constructor does not work
  99. [1.0-1.0.1a final]clicking in DatePicker causes viewport to scroll to top (FF)
  100. [1.0.1a] Move collapsed BasicDialog rendering error in FF2
  101. Shift-Tab not working in EditorGrid
  102. BorderLayout Memory Leak
  103. Problem with Element.center in Opera 9.20
  104. [1.0.1a] IE7 Basic Dialog Header rendering "undefined" nodes
  105. IE + Tabs + Grid = Disappearing Content
  106. ColorMenu fires handler twice, weird parameter second time
  107. the loadmask of grid exists when using ds.on('beforeload',fn) and fn return false
  108. jQuery implementation bugs with calendar (dateMenu)
  109. Listeners config option not working in places
  110. [1.0.1a] Resizable Bug
  111. ComboBox list misaligned in IE7 when wrapped in left-padding
  112. Grid autoExpandColumn fails on first column
  113. corrupted JSON request?
  114. Ext.form.Form/Ext.form.BasicForm consistency
  115. Screen resolutions and auto expanding columns
  116. JsonView && Ext.DomQuery.selectNode's
  117. listeners for TreeLoader failes
  118. [1.0.1a] BasicDialog And New Child Function Bug
  119. Little dots under toolbar button when onMouseOver
  120. destroy component in 1.0
  121. combox's setValue metod
  122. "side" and "under" error marking don't work on from-markup fields
  123. this.beselect? Ext.grid.PropertyColumnModel
  124. Traced: bug in core Ext.Elements getAlignToXY, another bug remains
  125. ComboBox selectOnFocus implementation?
  126. Ajax Request with YUI doesnt send params with method 'get'
  127. [SOLVED]Grid Bug: after drag drop column reorder, sort doesn't work
  128. Grid Locked Dirty Cells CSS Bug
  129. Firefox : Drag & Drop problem with Image Chooser example
  130. Bug 1.0.1 - Datastore
  131. [1.0.1a] Bug in Field.markInvalid()
  132. Possible bug in Observable?
  133. initDocReady (SVN changeset 234)
  134. Checkbox.setValue(true) : IE7 vs Firefox
  135. Fixed: Broken encoding in German localization
  136. [OPEN] Grid in tab
  137. TreeEditor.js onSpecialKey() bug.
  138. load script not working in updateManager & YUI
  139. Yes button gets screwed up on MessageBox.confirm
  140. margin difference between IE7/Firefox & IE6
  141. 1.0.1a Serious Issues - resizable examples even fail
  142. Grid keyboard navigation problems
  143. grid column
  144. Form/FormField .reset() broken in current SVN rev. 328
  145. Some Tabs' content is not loaded
  146. Form Field from markup
  147. [1.0-1.0.1a] ComboBox - hiddenField problem
  148. Firefox needs explicit focus call on inputbox? MessageBox.prompt problem?
  149. Ext.combobox Scrollbar not visable in IE
  150. "T" format date pattern fails on linux FF
  151. isDirty works fine on empty form but returns true after form.load
  152. Ext.lib.Ajax.isCallInProgress with prototype adapter
  153. Ext.from.getValues & Prototype Adapter
  154. a minor bug of ToggleButton in Firefox
  155. Resizable.destroy()
  156. [1.0] paging grid problem in opera
  157. BasicForm using el.id to get its ID
  158. Bug: Event.observe is not a function (prototype)
  159. IE6 Combo box, scroll button pushed when list too wide long.
  160. Paging Toolbar in Footer Panel disappear
  161. Bug: Calendar shows selected date when changing months, but date not selected.
  162. Form load via GET: doesn't add params
  163. indexOfId not working
  164. Store.remove() when filtered
  165. VType Bug?
  166. Ext.form.Form render bug
  167. Submit 'Success' true / false IE7 problem
  168. Problem with Array.indexOf / Array.remove
  169. Element.child of ExtJs1.01 problem
  170. combobox scrollbar
  171. Small irritating bug in Form - DateField
  172. slideOut/slideIn + scrollbar issue
  173. IE7 jQuery Grid mousewheel scrolling bug
  174. BasicDialog -> destroy resizable overlay
  175. [jsonView] possible bug
  176. Grid leftovers/leaks
  177. In my use of BasicDialog, I get an error when calling destroy() on it.
  178. Form FF fileUpload
  179. [1.0-1.0.1a] Ext Debug Console
  180. FF text selection weirdness (inside forms?)
  181. jQuery scrolled Grid editor mispositioning bug
  182. Template.compile only escapes first apostrophe
  183. TreePanel drag/drop bug
  184. Ext.data.Node bug moving between children/no_children states
  185. Scroll + Mouseover visualization
  186. GridView.getRowClass doesn't work with locked columns in 1.0.1
  187. ComboBox causing "blur" event when clicking on it's expand button
  188. Problem with ctrl+key mapping in Safari
  189. Error with Menu doing "oncontextmenu"
  190. Weird looking Ext.Button
  191. Basic Dialog Shim
  192. Form validation with ComboBox
  193. useShims does not work on FF
  194. Clicking form label doesn't focus field when left aligned
  195. setColumnHeader breaks column resize splitters
  196. DD Proxy appears below slide-out region
  197. Ext.form.TextArea does not grow correctly with consecutive <CR>s in IE
  198. [1.0.1a] DateField fails to invoke custom vtype validator
  199. missing img close in Ext.menu.Item
  200. Tab is activated when close button clicked
  201. combobox destroy problem
  202. Date.getWeekOfYear sometimes returns an array of characters
  203. Ext.form.Field.setValue() and reset() should fire "onchange"
  204. ContentPanel.setURL() adds new event listener
  205. [1.0.1a] ComboBox possible bug in onTriggerClick
  206. Grid control config options not labeled correctly
  207. Bug for combobox in IE6
  208. [Solved] [1.0.1a / 1.1] DateField change event bugs + proposed fixes
  209. Datefield: Validating localized dates
  210. Check Box firing event "check" on form reset()
  211. To Scroll or not to Scroll, that is the jQuery!
  212. Ext.form - control characters and regular expressions
  213. Ext.Button and Ext.MenuButton focus
  214. [aero theme] Dialog Title Font Nastyness in IE7
  215. Grid breaks in 1.0.1a with JQuery 1.1.2 in IE7
  216. EditGrid - editors position with various adapters
  217. EditorGrids in GridPanels, Cell Edit Bug
  218. A couple Tree.MultiSelectionModel issues
  219. Combobox with many, many values
  220. Field disabled and validation?
  221. New svn breaks combobox on safari
  222. Combo Destroy Store Error
  223. [form.HtmlEditor, svn]
  224. isDisabled is missing from TabPanelItem
  225. [Ext 1.0.1a] Grid: After drag-drop of a column, order any column does not work
  226. Element#select and Element#query constraint failures
  227. localpart of email regex not conformant to rfc
  228. prototype.js confilct with ext-all.js
  229. IE + Grid from markup + prototype/jQuery
  230. Ext Dependency Builder - Example Bug
  231. Unable to Refresh Layout Dialog from Editable Grid
  232. Button Bug
  233. Blog example bug
  234. Ext.QuickTips and TR
  235. [1.0-1.0.1a] Toolbar Button/ComboBox CSS issues
  236. IE - Checkbox in a toolbar
  237. Bug calling destroy on Ext.LayoutDialog
  238. ScriptTagProxy treats its "params" parameter differently
  239. Date.parseDate bug
  240. TreeNode - hide() won't succeed in some cases
  241. dialog height increases when minimize and restore
  242. Bug in Ext.form.Field with IE
  243. Bug rendering checkbox in IE
  244. [Closed] Firebug lies...
  245. Constrain dialog inside element
  246. Grid Inline Combobox make Safari crash
  247. Hidden TextArea bug in Safari
  248. ':' in Dialog div Id
  249. Artifacts when scrolling
  250. If the first column contains an image - the Grid is not displayed