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  1. Sencha Visual Studio Code Plugin 1.0 Early Access is Now Available
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  3. Visual studio code plugin early access
  4. Licensing editions not consistent
  5. Doesn't work - can't auto-complete Ext.Ajax.request
  6. Auto / Iterative reindexing
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  8. [FIXED] The Ext JS extension leaves .sencha folders in unrelated directories
  9. [OPEN] Create class bug
  10. Announcement: Nightly builds available in the support portal -> NOT THE CASE
  11. How are we suppose to configure the plug-in to tell how to start Sencha app watch
  12. Can Chrome debugging work without sourcemaps?
  13. F1 not loading doc, even if selecting easy lookup like Ext.Date
  14. The plugin index generated files in target folder
  15. Should add more cross-references like with '{mybind}' to viewmodel
  16. Visual Studio Code trigerring bootstrap.js (Access is denied) when run sencha watch
  17. Sencha Visual Studio Code Plugin 1.0 Early Access Update is Now Available
  18. Please start to populate "Changelog"
  19. [FIXED] Sencha app watch fail, mentioning showing the error line but shows nothing
  20. [tern output] - error TernError: No type found at the given position.
  21. Menu to run Sencha Cmd Watch available and runnable before plug-in ready
  22. Sencha Visual Studio Code Plugin 1.0 is Now Generally Available
  23. Activation code?
  24. Any ETA on having standard licenses to receive their activate code?
  25. Missing new class option in context menu
  26. Installation Problem
  27. Sencha Visual Studio Code Plugin 1.0.1 is Now Generally Available
  28. Plugin Failing Completely
  29. Uninstall Fail
  30. Problem activiting the VS plugin
  31. New to plugin and to VS Code - how I configure it?
  32. Indexing stuck at 0%
  33. [FIXED] Installation Error
  34. Visual Studio plugin or Visual Studio Code plugin
  35. ExtJS VSCode chrome debugging
  36. Is there a way to prevent the plugin from updating the .gitignore file?
  37. Visual Studio Code Sencha Ext JS Extension Issue
  38. Goto Definition
  39. Unable to find all references to a model
  40. no intellisens in controller
  41. Namespace in snippet is incorrect for classes in packages
  42. Problem with running command from menu
  43. Unable to use the word "w.a.t.c.h" in the forum
  44. Nightlies?
  45. Activation problem
  46. Does this plugin manage requires?
  47. Snippets not working inside package
  48. VSC Plugin doesn't work after installing Java Extension Pack
  49. Bug in VS Code Plugin since VS Code Update (>1.31)
  50. Go to definition always shows class files instead of modern
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