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  1. [OPEN] Unable to create or assign UIs when working with ExtJS 6 Modern
  2. [OPEN] (ExtJS 6 Modern) The Menu Component
  3. Activation failure
  4. [FIXED] Reporting a Bug link is wrong
  5. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'xdsVersion' of null
  6. Middle tab always says "Generating css style"
  7. [FIXED] rootProperty lost
  8. Upgrading Sencha Touch 2x project to Modern does nothing
  9. Error saving project
  10. [NOREPRO] Preview selecting incorrect tab
  11. [FIXED] Components being moved from 'columns' or 'tools' to 'items' on move
  12. [FIXED] Using function call in config Objects
  13. SA 4EA Project Inspector Error
  14. Error on "Build native app"
  15. [FIXED] Plugin aux is no longer works in Modern
  16. [FIXED] SA4 Bug when adding update event to a Store
  17. [FIXED] Process config not working
  18. [FIXED] ProcessConfig no longer possible in Architect 4.0.0 with ExtJs 6.2
  19. [FIXED] OpenJDK 8 problems on Linux
  20. [FIXED] Bug: EXTJS-22517
  21. [FIXED] Generating css style sheet failed
  22. [OPEN] Latest Architect keeps "crashing"
  23. An unexpected error occurred (rare crash)
  24. After upgrade to SA4.0.1 some Models not loading, generate error.
  25. [FIXED] Serializer on store filter should have one argument
  26. [OPEN] REST Proxy issue
  27. [OPEN] Can't specify $base-highlight-color in Sencha Architect 4.0.1
  28. Application resources revet back to My....
  29. [OPEN] adding problem with plugins in Grid
  30. [FIXED] Model hasMany reference causes build error
  31. [FIXED] Summary Row Renderers - metaData
  32. [FIXED] SA Filter Configs checkbox does not hold its value when switching between components.
  33. bug Uncaught Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, stat
  34. Crash
  35. Menu Tree not rendering properly
  36. generated code uses "me" which is not defined
  37. [OPEN] Hidden Field CRASH
  38. Google Maps Error
  39. Crash compiling theme scss
  40. Crash after trying to rename a new JsonStore in my view controller
  41. [FIXED] [SA 4.1EA] Save time takes a long time.
  42. [FIXED] [SA 4.1] Renaming View does not rename viewmodel/controller
  43. [FIXED] market.sencha.com is down
  44. Broken architect-preview CSS when show locked grid.
  45. [FIXED] .xds urlPrefix vs urlPrefixTemplate issue
  46. Store Error "The data config needs to be an array of data objects."
  47. [FIXED] Project Upgrade 4.0.2 to 4.1.0 Combo Store Binding Issue
  48. Uncaught Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, realpath
  49. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.Radio inputValue doesn't allow values other than strings
  50. Failed upgrade from 4.0 to 4.1
  51. [OPEN] [Architect 4.1] Custom Properties are not present when Extending a component
  52. [FIXED] [SA] After deleting a ViewModel on a Component, it seems impossible to recreate it
  53. [FIXED] Problem upgrading to
  54. [FIXED] Sencha Architect crashes after updating from 4.0 to 4.1
  55. [FIXED] crash during project upgrade from 4.0 -> 4.1
  56. [FIXED] Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token J in JSON at position 0
  57. [FIXED] Align issue on grid columns and tree columns
  58. Proglem creating events
  59. [NOREPRO] Architect 4.1 crashes on OS X 10.11.16 (El Capitan)
  60. [FIXED] Can't load projects anymore - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'refreshRequi
  61. Design View throws [Ext.create] Unrecognised class name/alias for a custom extension
  62. [OPEN] Preview crash after upgrade to 4.1
  63. [FIXED] Duplicated lines in package.json
  64. [FIXED] endless creation of new project
  65. [FIXED] Architect 4.1 doesn't open saved project
  66. [CLOSED] Displaying wrong version number?
  67. [OPEN] SA crashes after transforming class to Ext.Mixin
  68. Unable to start Architect after letting it upgrade itself yesterday
  69. [OPEN] No focus gain in Project Inspector
  70. [OPEN] Focus loss in Project Inspector
  71. Slide Left (toogle menu) problem
  72. [OPEN] Custom Model Field Type
  73. [OPEN] Error creating store
  74. [OPEN] Duplicating view does not properly copy extend properties in generated sources
  75. [OPEN] Fields from base model not available in SA
  76. Empty window on Architect trial start
  77. [FIXED] Font awesome icons not showing on canvas
  78. [FIXED] Architect doesn't respect file watch setting and rebuilds unchanged scss files
  79. [OPEN] displayfield and submitValue
  80. [OPEN] Store requirements when working with ViewModels
  81. [OPEN] Store event listeners in the ViewModel
  82. [OPEN] activeitemchange event missing for card layout
  83. [OPEN] 6.2 Modern - Layout Box
  84. [FIXED] Cannot define Ext.data.field.Field.reference config as an object
  85. [DUP] Can't start architect
  86. Cannot use ExtJS 6.0.x Classic in Sencha Architect 4.1.2
  87. Disabling framework : current version is incompatible with required version
  88. [CLOSED] Getting "Uncaught Could not write to file ..." on start
  89. Architect error popup
  90. [FIXED] Architect extenstion doesn't work well in design view
  91. [OPEN] Changed alias not updated for linked Classes
  92. [OPEN] Changed userClassName doesn't update 'extended' property of inheriting classes
  93. Uncaught Error: Cannot read property 'object' of undefined TypeError
  94. [OPEN] Uncaught Exception: Error: Unable to find a valid app
  95. [FIXED] Incorrect Mock Data URL format
  96. [FIXED] summaryType custom function
  97. [DUP] Viewport scrolling when it should not
  98. error: cannot use 'in' operator to search for 'view' in undefined when create Extjs6
  99. [OPEN] Property Panel Filter/Modified options do not persist between panels
  100. Sencha Architect 4.x not previewing App properly
  101. Uncaught RangeError: invalid string length
  102. [FIXED] Undeclared variables in ExtJS 6.5 Themer theme
  103. [OPEN] Url Prefix - Port Xds Merge Needless Conflict resolution
  104. [CLOSED] after upgrade SA 4.2 CMD ERROR on start
  105. [FIXED] Architect 4.2 - Complete/Custom Path
  106. Property/config window Export adding tabtab instead of tabs
  107. [FIXED] ActionColumnItem is still using deprecated isDisabled instead of isActionDisabled
  108. [FIXED] D3 HeatMap doesnt work
  109. [DUP] lock on config filter not working
  110. [OPEN] TreePanel store can't bind to viewModel store
  111. [OPEN] SA 4.2 / google map component: SA creates wrong parameters fpr the maprender event
  112. [INFOREQ] Charts with 3dBars doesnt add the require and app after build doesnt work
  113. [FIXED] Architect 4.2 code editor freezes (OS X 10.11 - EXTJS 4.2)
  114. [OPEN] Can't use function from singleton in viewModel formulas
  115. [FIXED] Icon only Tab - keep having 'New tab' title
  116. Icon only Tab on Sencha Architect
  117. [FIXED] Build Native & Emulate + Cordova doesn't work after upgrading to 4.2.1
  118. [OPEN] Broken Design View for Custom Formatter
  119. [OPEN] Cannot convert java.lang.String to java.util.Date (value=2017-05-10T18:19:02Z)
  120. [FIXED] Can't built ExtJS 5 app after upgrading to SA 4.2 and Cmd 6.5
  121. [FIXED] Can't upgrade Ext JS Modern 6.2.1 to 6.5.0 properly. Broken Ext.Menu class metadata.
  122. [FIXED] Architect inline popup doesn't go away
  123. [FIXED] Store Reader Not allowing data variable when transform selected from Architect
  124. [DUP] Extjs 6.2 & 6.5 modern projects are not working in Architect 4.2
  125. SA 4.1 Theme Error
  126. [FIXED] Missing before configuration in route
  127. Project build breaks in SA 4.2.1 after upgrading to 6.5.x / Ext.app.route.Route
  128. [FIXED] Cannot build multi-theme project for more than 5 minutes (timeout Sencha Cmd Server)
  129. [DUP] 'extend' property gets lost when duplicating
  130. New Example Project - Build failes - Java Heap Space
  131. Radio Group / Checkbox Group layout as an object
  132. Compile to Production Issue
  133. [FIXED] exportRenderer function doesn't pass params
  134. [INFOREQ] SA - Design View - Framework Error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
  135. Not applied a plugin aux config from Config Panel on Architect Design View.
  136. [FIXED] Custom sorterFn not allowed in grouper
  137. SA 4.2 - Dialog not work on Design View
  138. SA 4.2 - listItem Design error
  139. Why with sencha?
  140. [Partially solved] Treelist reference not set inside Architect ?
  141. SA 4.2 - Possible Bug on Store with remoteSort true
  142. [FIXED] Column Alignment
  143. Setting JS Resource url with "./" can cause closure compiler to exceed GC limit
  144. unexpected error - Import Theme from Themer into Architect
  145. Hover Message over checkbox Selection Model
  146. Using Ext.grid.property.Property as model results in an error notification
  147. Editor simbols and operations not defined in Sencha Architect
  148. [OPEN] Font awesome icons show as squares in SA
  149. Google Map component doesn't work sometimes
  150. [OPEN] Listswiper
  151. Design View and Viewmode Links: Invalid Model name
  152. Renderer config is missing from Ext.grid.column.Number
  153. ViewController - action - Target Type
  154. EXTJS 4.2.1 Scrollbar jumping issue for cascading layouts
  155. Duplicate reference warning on lookup method after component is destroyed.
  156. Cannot publish project with Sencha Architect
  157. [ERR] javax/xml/bind/DatatypeConverter
  158. Design View Error
  159. No Flex option on modern grid on some layouts
  160. Cannot set modern grid grouped=false if no grouper on store
  161. SA 4 - ERROR CODE 5
  162. Create missing VM or VC is not working
  163. I am not able to activate Sencha Architect lisence
  164. msgTarget with element id
  165. Bug Creating onButtonBeforePressedChange Event
  166. No support for Ext.menu.Bar (xtype "menubar")
  167. carlistings extjs demo uncaught typeerror: converting circular structure to json
  168. Can't hide Toolbox!
  169. QuickStart example is broken
  170. [] Tabpanel Bug
  172. [] Don't allow chained treestores
  173. Architect 4.2.5 framework upgrade
  174. Architect 4.2.5 breaks interactions of type 'rotate' on piecharts!
  175. [4.2.5 Classic] Adding Segemented Button Crashes SA
  176. publish ignore core folder
  177. Pie Chart Error
  178. Uncaught TypeError when adding a reference to an existing field in a model
  179. ExtJS 7 Icons do not show in Architect
  180. Ext.grid.CellEditor null reference on IE11/Edge
  181. Duplicate action on model field referenced in combobox removes combobox display field
  182. Data UI builder - check to wrap the view in viewport crashes Architect Json webservic
  183. v4.2.7
  184. 4.2.8 [Modern] Will not allow object for layout config
  185. 4.2.8 [Modern] Will not allow to set the reference on model field
  186. 4.2.8 [Modern] Theme not applied
  187. Architect on Ubuntu 20.04 : Pango ERROR, Harfbuzz version too old (1.3.1)
  188. 4.2.7/4.2.8 [Modern/Classic] Adding new UI to any element broke theme compilation