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  1. Sencha Architect 4.0 Early Access is Now Available
  2. What's New in Architect 4
  3. No possibility to create universal application using Sencha Architect
  4. Will Sencha Touch be supported in Architect 4?
  5. Can't Activate
  6. Universal apps
  7. Color Picker
  8. Upgrade from sencha touch and CMD 5
  9. Sencha Architect 4.0 Early Access not working with MacOs Sierra
  10. Java version problems
  11. Can i upgrade from Sencha Architect 3 to Architect 4?
  12. Activation code does NOT work
  13. Can I install 4 without affecting my 3.5 projects?
  14. Cannot read property 'object' of undefined
  15. (Modern) JSON submit using formpanel
  16. What is the Publish button for?
  17. In Architect 4, how to set listeners scope?
  18. Architect 4.0 incompatility with Architect 3.5
  19. Add 3rd party plugin
  20. Single code base for mobile devices and desktop with Ext 6.0 Modern?
  21. What are your thoughts on SA?
  22. Sencha Architect 4.0 is Now Available
  23. Architect 4.0 does not open Architect 4.0 early release project
  24. Sencha Themer Refresh Theme Depreciated variable
  25. Where do I have to put the themes for Ext 5 projects?
  26. Grid Exporter plugin gone from toolbox?
  27. SA 4.0.0 and ExtJs 6.2.0 ? How to use ?
  28. Uncaught ReferenceError: me is not defined
  29. Building with is failing
  30. Activation code not found error.
  31. Sencha Architect 4.0.1 is Now Generally Available
  32. 4.0.1
  33. Responsive containers / tpl
  34. How to modify FieldSet top margin in Triton theme
  35. How to change the Framework
  36. How to create grid with advanced features ?
  37. Sencha Architect 4.0.2 is Now Generally Available
  38. very big problem with editing code in other tools and coming back to the Architect
  39. Rowwidget plugin is not available in Sencha Architect toolbox
  40. Error framework : cannot read property 'addClsOnOver' of null
  41. Calendar Component in Archtitect 4
  42. Widget Column/Cell in Grid
  43. No preview on SA web server for upgraded XDS project?
  44. Event in child controller damages lookupReference called in parent controller
  45. dynamic load class
  46. error : architect cannot start one of its internal parts.
  47. How to make REST proxy with Sencha Architect
  48. Sencha Architect 4.1 Early Access is Now Available
  49. change between different views
  50. xtype: 'itemselector'
  51. Initialize Event
  52. Calendar Component in SA 4.1EA
  53. How to use Pivot in Architect 4.0
  54. Open project in SA 4.0.2
  55. Support for DataView useComponents and ListItem?
  56. how to prevent sort on enter key is pressed
  57. Aligning button to the right in a toolbar using Architect 4.0
  58. How to update Sencha Cmd for SA application?
  59. How to sync code on code viewer of Sencha Architect and real source code ?
  60. Activation Code
  61. Who uses Sencha Architect exclusively?
  62. Universal app in arhchitect 4
  63. Architect Installation on Windows won't start up.
  64. Create metaData from js files
  65. Cannot find Sencha Architect in trial
  66. Sencha Architect 4.1 is Now Generally Available
  67. Can Sencha Architect work on the Ouput produced by other tool
  68. Problems upgrading from extj 5.1 to Extjs 6.2 with architect 4.1
  69. How to apply TabReorderer plugin into Ext.tab.Panel in SA 4.1. ?
  70. SA4.1, Ext JS 6.2.x Modern out of the box Calendar example and Cmd V6.2.1.29
  71. Problem moving from SA 4.0 to 4.1
  72. Change themes
  73. getRowClass
  74. Auto Layout
  75. When is the next release for Sencha Architect 4.1.X?
  76. Existing Architect Project Opens - No Model, View, Controllers Files Show Up
  77. BUG: Can't open any Ext 6+ project in any SA after 11/Jan
  78. Cannot open architect project
  79. How can I separate huge project?
  80. Sencha Architect 4.1.1 is Now Generally Available
  81. check-tree in SA 4.1
  82. Convert all Sencha Touch views to ExtJS Modern
  83. MyApp.app missing
  84. Project Upgrade Issues
  85. File Watcher Problem
  86. multiple instances of Architect 4.1 question
  87. cordova error on attempt to add into modern project
  88. Dynamic url Store
  89. Store Mock Data
  90. Framework Error: Cannot use bind config without a viewModel
  91. Ext.container.Container and layout "responsivecolumn"
  92. Week's first day
  93. Inverse association name
  94. Strange behaviour when working with Themer themes and Architect
  95. Column Layout - Pack: End
  96. Ext.Define ... what am i missing
  97. css/ UI elements
  98. Continue trial hangs
  99. Data Binding in SA
  100. Code organisation : SA and the rest of the application
  101. Problem Exiting SA 4.1.1
  102. Sample Login App on Architech
  103. Please provide more information for Design View errors!
  104. Using Responsive Mixin with Architect 4.1
  105. Sencha Architect crash
  106. selecting first node of tree-list under architect
  107. Adding columns dynamically-by scrolling from Left to right
  108. SA 4.1.2. Release Notes.
  109. Sencha Architect 4.1.2 is Now Generally Available
  110. upgrade sencha architect
  111. codegen.json after upgrading project to 4.1.2
  112. Native Build under MacOSx to IOS fails Exception in Thread 52
  113. Architect 4.1.2 long save times
  114. renderer function not available
  115. Could not start Architect after Update to last version
  116. Change Packager in SA
  117. App in subfolder
  118. External Config file Issue
  119. Getting the selected value of Widget Coloumn in save button.
  120. Design view sizes
  121. How do I create a global function
  122. Customized D3 tree node Links needs to be started from edge
  123. "reference" property on Model field should allow an object config
  124. Sample project: Northwind
  125. Make cell Editable on Focus in a Grid
  126. CellEditing plugin is not working for TriggerEvent
  127. Sencha Architect quite slow
  128. Change toolkit with profiles in development testing
  129. RowEditing
  130. Architect 4.1.2 - missing essential functions: init and others
  131. SA preview with cordova plugin
  132. Duplicated theme file
  133. Chart with Dates struggles
  134. Sencha Cmd "Development" environment?
  135. Strange "missing event handler" Error
  136. Obligated question: ExtJS 6.5 support, when?
  137. Exporter.js Failed to Load
  138. Exclude ViewModel and ViewController from sencha architect build
  139. Problems with Architect 4 Java installation on Mac
  140. Exporter causes multiple define error
  141. Sencha Architect - Tips and tricks
  142. processConfig and instanceConfig
  143. SA 4.2 Upgrade - Infinite Upgrading Auxiliary File
  144. Sencha Architect 4.2 is Now Generally Available
  145. Struggling to download Sencha Architect 4.2 in 10 seconds
  146. Trouble with opening file
  147. Significant Issues with SA 4.2
  148. store filter
  149. Failed to load resource (404 error)
  150. How do you add an afterRender Listener to a Panel with Sencha Architect
  151. Sencha Architect 4.2.1 is Now Generally Available
  152. Architect not compatible with theme created by Themer
  153. Drag n Drop
  154. How to upgrade from Pro edition to Premium one
  155. Progressive Web App (PWA) support ?
  156. how to drag BUTTONS from sencha architect 4.X
  157. Which one is weight Container or Toolbar
  158. Time to upgrade? or maybe leave it...
  159. Using Sencha Architect to develop an app for Play framework
  160. How to filter the data in a grid, by the parameter from another grid?
  161. Manual theme compilation in Sencha Architect with Cmd
  162. Download TOO slow... :(
  163. How to implement Localization in Extjs 6.2 with Sencha architect 4.2
  164. Please help anyone, how to use variable value in button text using sencha architect.
  165. Copy from one project to another
  166. Sencha Cmd not found
  167. Re: Sencha Ext JS 6.5.1 is Now Available
  168. Architect and Bryntum
  169. The version of architect is not supported V 4.2.0
  170. Can SA be configured to use a particular version of Cmd?
  171. Problem installing v4.2
  172. Component Data Views?
  173. SA 4.2.2
  174. Sencha Architect 4.2.2 is Now Generally Available
  175. User extensions not showing in the toolbox
  176. SA Testing Build Question
  177. Doubt about components
  178. Send textfield value to JSON through store baseParams?
  179. Problem Upgrading Framework Version
  180. Repost - Framework Upgrade Issues
  181. Cmd Errors After upgrade to Architect 4.2.2 on new project
  182. Architect Update Heart Ache - Invitation to Update can be tricky
  183. Architect 4.2.2 does NOT work with an Ext 5.1 app
  184. Need Help with Ajax call using Architect 4
  185. Modern grid column style
  186. Setting locale
  187. Need help making simple Ajax Call in Sencha 4
  188. How to use the pivot grid and exporter in Architect 4.2
  189. Simple D3 horizontal tree example
  190. Extending user defined Models in Architect
  191. Need help accessing data while using Sencha 4 Store. 405 Method Not Allowed.
  192. How Do I Make Params Dynamic and Connect Them to My Text Field.
  193. PingPongStore Demo App Install 404 error
  194. Uncaught TypeError referencing model
  195. Architect View Components Bind Property Not Available
  196. Need Help passing Token, so I can use information from ajax Call.
  197. Architect, or RAD Studio?
  198. How to include image resources in build
  199. Adding a button on the grid.
  200. [SOLVED] Password Vtype Verification
  201. Question on using Params in Architect Store
  202. Sencha Architect App Watch is so slow
  203. Another Framework Upgrade Oddity
  204. Loading Store Using Button Click
  205. Fire an event from inside a JS Resource and listen for it in a view controller
  206. View all custom UIs
  207. Need Help making my App responsive with iPhone 6
  208. Can't figure out why reference is not working.
  209. Where to find full-functional MVVM project
  210. How does a mixin reference another one of its method from within itself?
  211. SA 4.2.3?
  212. Difficulties to link Architect and Themer
  213. Duplicated root app
  214. SA Version: and Cmd ?
  215. Adding items to column
  216. GeoExt on Architect: is it possible?
  217. HTML5 app integration
  218. JavaScript editor font
  219. Problems with putting json data into store without proxy (websockets)
  220. Charts in Architect 4.2.2 with Extjs 6.5.2
  221. Extjs6.5 Classic and Architect 4.2 to build a pivot grid and excel exporter not work
  222. Container or Panel?
  223. How can I set the Application renderTo property?
  224. Is it possible to import components in js files?
  225. Edit code
  226. Adding a cellediting plugin to a property grid
  227. Referencing stores added in the ViewModel
  228. Shortcut to start edit code
  229. Migrating app from classic to modern
  230. Set condition of hidden field
  231. Reusing a menu button on different screens
  232. Integrate EXTJS6 modern app in EXTJS3.4
  233. Having trouble with KeyMap and having work with Enter Button
  234. Issue with Sencha Architect 4 when create application using extjs 6.2.x
  235. how to add action tools to a list
  236. Adding a Process Config on Ext.data.Model does not add contructor code to call it.
  237. How to get parent container of a menu
  238. Font.awesome 4.7 in SA 4.2
  239. Workspace organization question
  240. Date field calendar theme
  241. Design View and Viewmode Links: Invalid Model name
  242. How to use OpenLayers4 map in Sencha Architect
  243. Recommendation for creating a child window
  244. Sencha Architect examples are old
  245. How to add whitelist to PG remote build config
  246. responsiveConfig for modern apps didn't work
  247. Fashion compil error
  248. How to import code to architect
  249. JRE Recognition Problem when Installing Architect 4.2.2
  250. Generating/writing by hand forms and importing them in SA