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  1. New Sencha Docs are Coming Soon
  2. feedback - no tabs?
  3. Will the new documentor be available for our own apps?
  4. GitHub repo
  5. Ext.data.Model.{save|erase} accepts params
  6. New Docs
  7. Add Examples tab
  8. Docs Feedback - Missing Documentation
  9. Docs change theme, but same poor doc
  10. [FIXED] new API Docs version does not include auto-setter methods for Ext-Modern
  11. New API Doc Design - No tab view anymore?
  12. The new docs look nice
  13. [OPEN] Private functions are not shown
  14. [OPEN] Error opening Ext.Ajax page
  15. Missing Methods in Docs
  16. [FIXED] API Docs issue: shortened text is not expanded when node is opened
  17. Fiddle does n't work in my browsers
  18. Sass variables missing
  19. Tabs In the API Documentation
  20. New APi doc - i would like to have the old one !!!
  21. 403 Forbidden trying to access Ext.data.Model.html
  22. [FIXED] Fuzzy search
  23. [OPEN] New API Docs Feedback: Search shortcut
  24. Grid filters missing from the docs
  25. [FIXED] Uncaught SecurityError
  26. [FIXED] Doc error/mistake theme
  27. [FIXED] Ext.Ajax.request() Missing Documentation
  28. New API docs
  29. Documentation Release Notes
  30. Chart pages missing - Ext.chart.Legend and Touch API links
  31. Can't access Sencha Docs
  32. [FIXED] [docs] Fiddles in guides not working
  33. [OPEN] Bugs in new API docs (column.Action, 'inherited' checkbox, Component.initialConfig).
  34. Sencha docs truncated text
  35. [OPEN] can't print tutorials
  36. [Docs] The Class System Guide Naming Convention Error
  37. [FIXED] New documentation: ColumnManager class not found by "search" field
  38. [FIXED] Dead links in documentation
  39. [FIXED] Architect document search is broken
  40. [OPEN] Guide title in search list have unneeded escaping
  41. [FIXED] Offline documentation has broken links
  42. New Expand Code does nothing
  43. Documentation in .epub, .mobi formats?
  44. [FIXED] Doc: widgetcolumn's type "olumn"
  45. [OPEN] TreeStore#getRoot not documented in the API
  46. API Docs: searching for configs/properties/methods/events broken
  47. [OPEN] 6.2.0 and 6.0.2 Docs are not accessable "403 Forbidden"
  48. [FIXED] Links to other sections not working when filter is active
  49. [FIXED] 404 in docs for deprecated
  50. Where are offline docs?
  51. [FIXED] Documentation Error - ExtJS 6.2.0 - Classic Toolkit - Ext.calendar.panel.Panel
  52. [FIXED] Documentation Error - ExtJS 6.2.0 - Classic Toolkit - Ext.calendar.panel.Month
  53. [OPEN] SOAP guide is not updated & 404 link
  54. app.json in the docs
  55. ExtJs5.3 - Ext.data.Model.getField/getFields undocumented
  56. [bug] Scope checkboxes and member search are not filtering navigation items anymore
  57. [bug] [6.0.2] "Sample Code" collapsibles not opening
  58. Documentation site not working
  59. Missing content in offline HTML docs for Ext JS 6.0.2
  60. Global search field is missing from documentation
  61. [FIXED] Wrong links in callback functions
  62. Missing classic toolkit content in offline HTML docs for Ext JS 6.2.0
  63. [FIXED] 6.2.1 classic: Ext.dd.DragTracker beforedragstart > beforestart rename issue
  64. 6.2.1 classic: Ext.window.Toast change log not reflected in docs/sources
  65. [DUP] parameters missing at Ext.data.ProxyStore.sync()
  66. [OPEN] Material Icons and Ext.theme.Material not documented
  67. [OPEN] Wrong var name for $form-toolbar-text-field-invalid-border-color
  68. [OPEN] ExtJS 6.2.1 classic: missing pie label display "inside" setting in docs
  69. [FIXED] [6.2.1][classic/modern] Missing parameters in Ext.data.Connection#request()
  70. [FIXED] 6.2.1: Ext.onReady: boom shaka (NO ITEMS?)
  71. [OPEN] classic vs modern vs core
  72. [FIXED] 6.2.1 classic: Broken links to documentation from Glyph setting docs
  73. [OPEN] 6.2.1: Observable Example getEmployeeName() -> getName()
  74. [OPEN] 6.2.1 classic: MessageBox.closeAction defaultValue 'hide'
  75. [OPEN] Ext.grid.column.Column sorter config is private
  76. [OPEN] Ext.view.AbstractView/Ext.view.Table/Ext.tree.View:undocumented instance properties
  77. [FIXED] Missing Doc: Ext.util.TaskRunner.start (though it's in the sources!)
  78. [OPEN] Wrong description of Ext.grid.column.Action.menuText
  79. [OPEN] ExtJS 6.2.1 Modern: Nested List event documentation of itemtap is in incorrect order
  80. Open Your Documentation System for paying End Users
  81. [FIXED] Missing parameters in method Ext.selection.CellModel.select
  82. [FIXED] [6.2.1][classic] Missing parameters in Ext.Component#updateLayout()
  83. [FIXED] [6.2.1][classic] Missing description in Ext#resumeLayouts(), Ext#suspendLayouts()
  84. [FIXED] [6.2.1][modern/classic] Missing parameters in Ext.data.[Tree/Proxy]Store#load()
  85. can I download the documentation
  86. [OPEN] Stop using 'this' in event listener docs
  87. [FIXED] [6.2.1][modern/classic] Missing parameters in Ext.data.Model#load()
  88. Config setters should document the return value
  89. Controller - application is a property, not a config
  90. [5.1.4]Ext.util.TaskRunner#start: docs for parameter task
  91. [OPEN] [6.2.1][classic] Missing description for Ext.window.MessageBox#show()
  92. [OPEN] [6.2.1][modern] Error description floated attribute on Ext.picker.Picker
  93. [OPEN] Can't even load some doc pages without errors now...
  94. iconCls and glyph config missing in Ext.panel.Tool for
  95. Are the docs still generated via JSDuck
  96. Is it possible to read Ext JS Documentation online without complete download ?
  97. [FIXED] The doc link for the newExtReact does not work correctly on iOS
  98. [FIXED] Lack of default values in Ext.data.Model#getData()
  99. Container.defaultType is not documented properly in derived classes
  100. Ext.field.Display is undefined in modern but listed in documentation
  101. [FIXED] No way to select search result using keyboard
  102. Missing from new 6.5.0 Docs
  103. [OPEN] Documentation Error? Sass folder removed?
  104. [OPEN] Doc Error? or Sencha CMD not making Main.js?
  105. Docs for Ext.window.MessageBox don't show the correct show() method
  106. [OPEN] [bug report] Reference to deprecated Ext.dataview.List.useSimpleItems
  107. [OPEN] [bug report] Ext.dataview.listswiper.ListSwiper.widget references stepper incorrectly
  108. [OPEN] [enhancement] Add example, left & right in Ext.dataview.listswiper.ListSwiper docs
  109. [OPEN] Problem with the Documentation
  110. [FIXED] [ST 2.1.1] Trying to download the OfflineDocs results in HTTP 404
  111. index html for offline docs?
  112. [OPEN] Categorize class properties and methods by access specifier
  113. [DUP] eventedConfig event names should be in lower case
  114. [OPEN] Events close & beforeclose are not documented in modern docs
  115. configs - getter and setter methods should not clutter the list of configs
  116. [OPEN] Config documentation should include the type of a config
  117. [OPEN] ExtJS 6.5.1 classic: Ext.chart.series.Bar3D wrong category axis type in docs
  118. Offline docs for Sencha ExtReact 6.5.1 not working
  119. [FIXED] [Bug] Minor conflicting statements in Router guide
  120. [CLOSED] [enhancement] Note that hasbang for routing is not state of the art
  121. [OPEN] Listening for DOM Events example in the Guides does not work in Modern
  122. [OPEN] Ext.MessageBox.show (Classic) documentation shows incorrect version
  123. [FIXED] Ext.Number.randomInt - incorrect documentation
  124. [OPEN] Observable - addListener delegate documentation
  125. [OPEN] Date panel - incomplete handler parameter doc
  126. Documentation: Examples are not working
  127. [OPEN] NestedList - typo
  128. [OPEN] Why mixin doc includes Ext.Base methods?
  129. Ext.util.Observable - Summary is contradictory
  130. [OPEN] Add Ext.Boot to docs
  131. [OPEN] [modern, 6.5.2] broken link to isValid in docs for Ext.field.Field.validate
  132. [FIXED] [modern, 6.5.2] broken link "Ext.data.validator" @docs for Ext.field.Field.validator
  133. docs subdomain not responding
  134. [6.5.3][modern] Wrong capitalization for placeholder attribute in fiddle example
  135. Docs website not fully loading
  136. ExtJS Docs show an unexisting method setSubmitValue()
  137. [6.5.3] Ext.data.field.Field.serialize has too restricted definition
  138. [6.5.3][modern] Ext.Component resize event params are wrong
  139. New documentation software doesn't render subsections anymore
  140. Complete offline docs for 6.5.3 (indcluding cmd)
  141. [6.5.3][modern] Ext.field.Date mousedown event params are wrong
  142. Add clarification of field date of editable vs hideTrigger vs readOnly
  143. [OPEN] docs.sencha.com down?
  144. link broken on 'Update Existing Ext JS application to use NPM Packages'
  145. [6.6.0] incorrect link for ExtGen upgrade guide
  146. Where could I find an example about the document using Doxi?
  147. ExtJS 6.5.3 Kitchen Sink Classic examples not working
  148. Doc Search Sucks
  149. ExtJS Api Documentation: Search is not working from version 5.0.1 to 5.1.4
  150. [OPEN] Missing config includeSummary in grid exporter
  151. [BUG] Offline Documentation for ExtJS CE does not work
  152. A new hope
  153. Missing config on Ext.grid.Grid docs
  154. Ext 6.5.3 line chart example doesn't work
  155. Broken Links to Cmd Packages documentation.