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  1. Download link error
  2. [CLOSED] unable to create new workspace
  3. Sencha Studio no longer working
  4. Exit Code 65 - Unable to create application
  5. Sencha Cmd Integration
  6. Event recorder
  7. [FIXED] Unable to configure archive server
  8. [FIXED] Unable to create/open workspace
  9. Generate App Failed
  10. Failed to create new workspace in exisiting Sencha Touch workspace
  11. [FIXED] Cannot generate Sencha Touch App
  12. [FIXED] Sencha Touch Examples
  13. [DUP] Creating test project deletes all comments from app.json
  14. [FIXED] Testing ExtJS 4.2 app - never loads in any browser (just keeps "loading")
  15. [FIXED] Unable to run scenario from CLI - err - Could not find module 'process'
  16. Event Recorder Hangs on Launching
  17. [OPEN] TLS issue
  18. /bin/sh: Can't open shell-wrapper.sh
  19. [FIXED] Running tests of packages in CLI
  20. [FIXED] Test packages with Sencha Test
  21. Studio UI no longer responds - rendering error?
  22. [FIXED] Self-signed Certifcates or our own AD CA?
  23. [OPEN] Needed artifacts from the dev build are missing. Would you like to run a development
  24. Event recorder issues - Component Query Locator
  25. [FIXED] Ext.create is not a function
  26. Can't found test scenario when running Sencha Test by CLI
  27. [OPEN] build dialog just goes on forever
  28. Sencha Test trial version of 1.0.3 not working
  29. demo of gmail using sencha test runner not working
  30. [NOREPRO] Sencha Test 1.0.3 Does Not Show Any Error If It Is In Test Case Code
  31. [FIXED] STC should exit with non-zero exit (errorlevel) code when tests fail, and 0 for pass
  32. [OPEN] PhantomJS and Webdriver
  33. Event recorder - unexpected output if button element has no id
  34. [FIXED] Message Box timeout problem clicking yes/no button
  35. [OPEN] Sencha Test : Preferences --> Editor : "Allow Undo after Save" doesn't save
  36. Sencha Test : Event recording splits single field entries
  37. Sencha Test : Report Archive tab shows spinning "Generating HTML report"
  38. Sencha Test : How to see the failure reason ?
  39. Sencha Test : Extra Sencha Studio processes ?
  40. Sencha Test : Altering and saving a declaration fails to save
  41. Sencha Test - stc run errors with Browserstack local
  42. Sencha Test - Can't stop tests while running
  43. Sencha test 1.0.3 - stc run performance
  44. Sencha Test Browser not starting when runnning tests from Studio
  45. Event Recorder: Timeout waiting for target Error
  46. Event Recorder is not launching
  47. [OPEN] Sencha Studio(Test): Event Recorder, opaque overlay Chrome
  48. Timedout does not fail
  49. Sencha Test - WebDriver Errors in Multi-Page Application
  50. Test 2 fails development build after upgrading to Sencha Cmd (
  51. Recorder stopped working after upgrading from 2.0.0-EA to 2.0.2
  52. [OPEN] stc 2.0.2 windows x64 fail to start
  53. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeCls' of null
  54. Ext.create is not a function
  55. Ext.create is not a function
  56. Update examples, they don't work in latest ST
  57. Chaining Search for dom elements does not work
  58. Component Query locator matches multiple items - Recoder, grid cell
  59. 2.2 EA saving page-object through inspector removes existing
  60. Combobox with typeahead on blur triggers SELECT event (ExtReact)
  61. Opening scripts, unexpected behaviour
  62. 'chromelinux' of undefined
  63. Feature request: click() with negative values
  64. Average function returns the sum of the averages instead
  65. Error in documentation?
  66. Local browsers not detected on Mac OS X sierra 10.12.6
  67. sslv3 alert handshake failure (CAC authentication, BigIP proxy)
  68. Saving a file eliminates the "undo" buffer
  69. Event Recorder wont launch
  70. [FIXED] error in documentation
  71. [FIXED] timer-worker.js wrong location
  72. [FIXED] reveal() method on ST.future.row causes subsequent actions to timeout.
  73. Sencha test 2.2 firefox is crashing and not starting to execute tests
  74. [OPEN] Viewing screenshot comparisons in Sencha Test
  75. Sencha Studio 2_2_1_83 cannot view test results behind SSL reverse proxy
  76. docs: no search results in API section (2.2.1)
  77. Large variables in test suite cause code completion to fail
  78. Event Recorder not working
  79. old link to Jasmine documentation
  80. 'applicaiton' typo
  81. old link to 6.5.3
  82. Reveal Row in a Grid in docs not working
  83. dead link ST.browser.html
  84. dead link ST.os.html
  85. Error message in archive server for stc
  86. Error in cellAt() function
  87. Loading errors in Sencha Test 2.3.0