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  1. GXT 4 Early Access Now Available
  2. [FIXED] Rendered HTML broken for disabled trigger fields on Neptune and Triton themes
  3. Upgrade to 4.0.0-ea fails
  4. [FIXED] Triton theme missing arrow on menu buttons
  5. [FIXED] Triton theme: over style for inactive tab changes height
  6. Theme building fails
  7. GXT 4.0 EA StackedBarExample's tooltip dismiss delay is not working
  8. TreeGrid does not work correctly on IE10 & IE11
  9. [OPEN] ThemeBuilder fails generating skeleton.theme
  10. [OPEN] Strange behavior: Adding Textfields to Grid Header
  11. [FIXED] XElement.isOrHasChild(XElement)
  12. to remove
  13. to remove
  14. [OPEN] GXT 4.0 grid focus / blur event handling
  15. Drag and drop on LiveGrid not working
  16. [FIXED] Checkbox and Radio buttons do not work on iPad for Blue/Gray/Neptune themes
  17. ToolTipConfig.setMaxWidth doesn't work
  18. Problems to open Design layout of my project
  19. [FIXED] Tab key doesn't go to the next field.
  20. CssFloatLayoutContainer.setScrollMode(ScrollMode.AUTO) doesn't work in Window
  21. [OPEN] DateField/DatePicker in menu not working
  22. [FIXED] minButtonWidth not working in neptune theme
  23. Console JS Error during destroying grid view
  24. [FIXED] Tree selection GXT 3.1.2
  25. Viewport error GXT 4.0.1 GWT 2.7.0
  26. [OPEN] GXT 4 Grid colum resize on Touch devices
  27. [OPEN] NumberField and Currencies in Switzerland problem
  28. HBoxLayoutContainer in widgets makes endless loops
  29. HBoxLayoutContainer in RTL Languages destroys the toolbars
  30. [OPEN] XMessages German Localization ist worng
  31. [OPEN] GXT4: HideMode.OFFSETS - not taking Margins into account?
  32. TextButton.setIcon() prevents SelectEvent
  33. Create GXT project from MAVEN archetype in IDEA failed
  34. check box tree performance issue
  35. Sencha Demo - Auto Size Dialog stops working when Viewport Border is exceeded
  36. GXT 4.0.1 - TreeSelectionModel - double SelectionChangedEvent fires
  37. scatterseries getIndex bug
  38. [CLOSED] Dashboard Example WAR link broken
  39. Grid Panel table duplicating rows on display
  40. HBoxLayoutContainer.onUnoverflow causes high cpu load
  41. EmptyText CSS Style is rendered wrong in TextFields and TextAreas
  42. MinDateValidator error message
  43. ThemeBuilder generates blank menu icons
  44. Scrolling issues in Grid when using LiveGridView
  45. MS Edge support - ComboBox
  46. MS Edge support - Contextual menu opening while scrolling
  47. Problem with Scientific Conversion in Number Field
  48. problem with livegrid, when you use the keyboard a lot
  49. Incorrect rendering of TextButton without text
  50. TreeGrid losing focus when navigating with Left key (reproducible in the explorer)
  51. Triton Theme throws errors during compile.
  52. Scrollbars in IE not working after KB4040685
  53. Chart render fail
  54. PointerEventsSupport triggers Error in certain versions of IE
  55. Context menu right click and drag shifts the window upwards and messes up the layout
  56. <set-property name="gxt.theme" value="blue,gray,neptune,triton" /> 10X compile time
  57. ComboBox<String> won't accept random text after setForceSelection(false)
  58. Selection bug in GridSelectionModel version 4.0.3
  59. maven.sencha.com Service Temporarily Unavailable
  60. Grid scrolling isn't working on Google Chromebox and Chromebook
  61. RowNumberer broekn when used with LiveGridView
  62. Checkbox handlers behavior
  63. versiĆ³n 4.x GPL?
  64. NumericAxis showing duplicated values
  65. Hyperlink in Grid Cell Doesn't WOrk in GXT 4