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  1. [FIXED] Locked grouped grid doesn't respect 'lockable' attribute of column
  2. [CLOSED] Ext JS 6 Kitchen sink examples do not work.
  3. Raw `sencha compile` failing to include framework
  4. [FIXED] Fresh universal project does not 'sencha app refresh'
  5. [FIXED] Command 'sencha app watch <build>' not working
  6. [FIXED] Ext.getStore(id) not working Ext.getStore(name) working...
  7. [FIXED] New classes not being picked up
  8. Renaming builds not working
  9. [OPEN] Plans to support Windows 8 Apps (Metro) + Cordova + Modern (Touch) at GA?
  10. Fashion - @import partials not working correctly...
  11. [FIXED] Component - cross reference findPlugin and getPlugin methods
  12. [FIXED] Panel - collapse/expand tool text incomplete doc
  13. [CLOSED] Button or MenuItem controllers
  14. [FIXED] Ext.Number. randomInt typo
  15. [OPEN] Documentation error Buffered Store
  16. [OPEN] Buffered store load event not firing ExtJS 6.0, 5.1.0 and 5.0
  17. [FIXED] Ext.GlobalEvents - inconsistent requires
  18. [FIXED] Ext.mixin.Bindable.removeBindings Exception
  19. [FIXED] AbstractChart - document storechange event
  20. [INFOREQ] Cannot read property '_incr_' of undefined
  21. [FIXED] Ext.create vs new documentation
  22. [FIXED] Pull Refresh not working
  23. [FIXED] Multiple problems using a theme
  24. [FIXED] Fashion - Cannot add !important to mixins
  25. [FIXED] Panel.ShowBy(...) not working if panel.left is not set
  26. [NOREPRO] Navigation 'pop' doesn't seem to work.
  27. [FIXED] Modern FW in Metro App crashing in Ext.viewport.Default.doBlurInput.
  28. [FIXED] ItemId is not working correctly
  29. [CLOSED] Convert not running on Ext.Create('model', data)
  30. [OPEN] Modern textfield two-way binding on value does not seem to work
  31. [FIXED] Grouping is not working when value is null
  32. [CLOSED] Sever with documentation API is not available (503 error)
  33. [FIXED] Modern Ext.Msg popups not hiding
  34. [OPEN] Cannot display Grid with empty BufferedStore
  35. [OPEN] Animation in tree not working anymore with a fixed height
  36. [OPEN] Bug in store.removeAt
  37. [OPEN] Tree editing and auto-sort : Bug or missing feature ?
  38. [FIXED] Group By of items in dataview.list messes up when new items are added later
  39. package does'nt find ext src
  40. [FIXED] Store.Remove(record) w/filter applied doesn't remove a record that's filtered out
  41. [CLOSED] Model instances caching feature in Ext JS 6
  42. [OPEN] 2 instances of controllers if I don't specify the full name in app.js
  43. Stateful requirements
  44. Add into collection > 280k items cause stack overflow exception.
  45. [FIXED] Pivot grid naturalsort fails
  46. [DUP] PullRefresh not working
  47. Modern, Floating panel showBy is not as expected
  48. [OPEN] [ExtJS] Drag and drop on tree with sortOnDrop, folderSort not respected
  49. Ext.view.Table enableTextSelection config Not Working
  50. [DUP] Classic: Input field css twisted
  51. Textfield Issue with Width
  52. [FIXED] Tracking Fashion Compatibility Issues
  53. [OPEN] Ext.BingMap -> Ext.map.Bing
  54. [FIXED] THEME CSS Mixins: google-webfont & https problem
  55. [FIXED] [ beta] Ext.dom.Query.selectValue defaultValue is not used
  56. Title collapse and tools
  57. How to report a bug
  58. [FIXED] Classic: Panel expand has null exception while hideCollapseTool set to true
  59. [OPEN] Event 'show' fires twice on item of Navigation.View
  60. [FIXED] Code Defect - Ext.mixin.Selectable - Missed Renaming the Store Events
  61. [FIXED] ExtJS beta Checkbox not visible
  62. [OPEN] ExtJS complex rendering with a hideCollapseTool
  63. [OPEN] Classic Enhancement Suggest: Anchor support expression like: 30%+30
  64. Textfield text shifts down after user interaction
  65. Documentation inaccuracy
  66. Some CSS mixins missing in Classic documentation
  67. grouptabpanel is broken
  68. [CLOSED] Ext.util.Collection - minor typo
  69. Modern numberfield label issues (gets ellipsis) in IE and iPad
  70. [NOREPRO] ExtJS beta Cannot read property 'ariaEl' of null
  71. [INFOREQ] plugin chartitemevents : stacked bar3d top element can be clicked even if hidden
  72. [OPEN] Flex on a column in a modern toolkit grid
  73. [INFOREQ] RTL bug
  74. [FIXED] colorselector docs preview isn't working
  75. [OPEN] Defect w/UUID's and LocalStorage proxy on Modern Ext6
  76. [OPEN] Moder Ext.Video only plays once in iPOD Safari or iPhone 6 Chrome
  77. [FIXED] beta Tree.select not working on a non-scrollable tree
  78. [INFOREQ] Narrator can't read Grid cells and columns headers in Firefox.
  79. [FIXED] Issue removing tab panel using removeAll()
  80. [INFOREQ] Grid row editor and tag field height issue
  81. [INFOREQ] File submitting using ext.direct failed
  82. (Amazing :)) issue on tree Removing a node on a tree
  83. [DUP] Tree selection and remove issue
  84. Select a node of a not rendered tree
  85. Charts - downloading of chart image is not working in IE8 because of canvas.toDataURL
  86. [FIXED] getResponseHeader broken
  87. Multisort DataView Console Error
  88. [FIXED] Ext.util.Cookies belongs to classic toolkit
  89. [FIXED] Ext.form.field.Text won't filter new lines using maskRe option
  90. [FIXED] checkboxes in roweditor broken
  91. [FIXED] View is undefined IN Ext.rtl.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer
  92. [DUP] Cannot submit form in modern toolkit
  93. [DUP] formpanel "beforesubmit" returns false but submission happens anyway
  94. [FIXED] Error when destroying a collapsed and hidden panel
  95. [CLOSED] Textfiled fire onInput event when inputing chinese before the world finished
  96. [FIXED] Ext Promises Documentation
  97. [CLOSED] text box content problem in chrome 43
  98. [FIXED] RTL labelAlign: 'right' is incorrect (fixed in ext 5, back in ext 6)
  99. [INFOREQ] Wrong model load URL when using ext-all-rtl-debug.js
  100. [OPEN] File Field and layout disorder
  101. [CLOSED] Icon alignment regression on button
  102. [OPEN] Tooltips not working when button is disabled. Intended?
  103. [NOREPRO] Combo editor not working in a grid if drag and drop plugin is enabled
  104. [FIXED] Memory leak with layout property align: stretch
  105. [CLOSED] ExtJS 6, Chrome: Buffered rendering, jaggy keyboard scrolling
  106. [OPEN] Triton, HtmlEditor and Open Sans issue
  107. [FIXED] TextArea updateHeight & updateWidth arguments undefined
  108. [CLOSED] Cannot use plugins/ux in TabPanel
  109. [CLOSED] RTL poduction problem
  110. [FIXED] scrolling on phone
  111. [INFOREQ] Focus() and Modal Window issue
  112. [OPEN] Ext.getCmp - doc issue
  113. [OPEN] 6.0 classic doc - fake notice
  114. [OPEN] CellEditing doesn't stop edit when click on empty list area
  115. [FIXED] 2nd Paged Combo without Id fails to "Drop" due to duplicate Id registration
  116. Theming doc
  117. [OPEN] [Docs] explain mixinId
  118. Ext JS 6 Documentation Issues
  119. Custom Proxy + Operations... changes in Release causing problems not in Beta
  120. [FIXED] Checkbox not rendering in formpanel with vbox layout
  121. [CLOSED] collapseMode: 'mini' isn't working?
  122. Tag Field is selecting also typed letters when using keyboard
  123. [OPEN] Ext.setup does not exist
  124. [INFOREQ] Reloading a particular collapsed treestore node makes in unexpandable
  125. [OPEN] MODERN: Plugin MultiSelection for grids fails deleting multiple rows
  126. [OPEN] Textfield fieldLabel overlaps checkbox & disables it in any container w/hbox layout
  127. [FIXED] Cursor keys in number fields
  128. [FIXED] Modern Mobile mode - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '_incr_' of undefined
  129. [OPEN] labelWidth config on form layout ignored
  130. [CLOSED] Ext.data.soap.Proxy in ExtJS 6 Trial
  131. [CLOSED] Grid - Cannot read property 'scroll' of undefined
  132. Locked Column CellIndex Distortion
  133. [FIXED] ext.field.text moving cursor to the end over and over again
  134. [FIXED] Scrolling with touch screen is not working on buffer grid
  135. Trigger handler not fired when field is read only (trigger is configured to show)
  136. Model.replaceFields removes the Id Field
  137. [DUP] ExtJS 6, Chrome 43.0.2357, Layout issue
  138. [FIXED] Ext.field.Field styles in modern/theme-base/sass/src/form/Panel.scss
  139. [OPEN] Configuration and Documentation Corrections for PhoneGap
  140. [FIXED] cell color in gridsummaryrow in modern grid
  141. Localstorage does not save records with a given id
  142. [Solved] Localstorage with model does not load record and does not execute callbacks
  143. [FIXED] ExtJS 6.0.0 Documentation bug - Ext.chart.series.Series.tooltip
  144. [OPEN] Actioncolumn displayed not fully doesn't take action
  145. [CLOSED] Editing is not started on single click
  146. [FIXED] Error: menu button behavior will conflict with toggling
  147. [OPEN] Incompatible check !== undefined in setColumn function of CellContext
  148. [FIXED] Ext.util.ItemCollection not required by Ext.Container
  149. [FIXED] Align icon font in header panel
  150. [FIXED] Buffered view isn't refreshed correctly when store events are queued
  151. [INFOREQ] Ext.util.Geolocation failing to update timestamp?
  152. [CLOSED] component.hasListeners contains invalid information
  153. Check column editable even without grid editor
  154. Button text truncated
  155. [OPEN] Cannot tab between fields in complex picker
  156. [DUP] field.updateLayout inside grid toolbar cause grid columns to resize with 1px
  157. iOS VoiceOver mode: Scrolling is not working in latest sencha 6.0
  158. [FIXED] Container: moveAfter and moveBefore methods can accept arrays
  159. [OPEN] Ext.data.Request needs urlParams config added
  160. Combo with a buffered store does not work (store.setExtraKeys is not a function)
  161. [OPEN] CSS Mixin: extjs-tab-panel-ui had no parameter named $ui-tab-border-width-over
  162. [OPEN] getRemovedRecords inconsisntency
  163. [INFOREQ] IE8 theme issues due to missing resources\images\btn
  164. [FIXED] Link in docs has wrong url
  165. [OPEN] ViewController init for modern toolkit
  166. [OPEN] ListFilter 'active' config loading from remote store when 'options' have been defined
  167. [FIXED] Field Container raises console warnings
  168. Setting idParam or nodeParam to null gets it cast to a string
  169. Model.replaceFields reads idProperty from wrong object
  170. [OPEN] Tag field shows item close buttons even when read only
  171. [FIXED] Application.setMainView should accept config object
  172. itemremove event is not thrown on locked view
  173. [OPEN] Padding limits scrolling on touch devices
  174. [FIXED] Tree view drag drop messes editing
  175. [DUP] [W] XTemplate evaluation exception: Cannot read property 'get' of undefined
  176. Theme Viewer doesn't work with Chrome Browser
  177. [OPEN] Unable to stop hyperlink click event in IE11
  178. sencha compass compile
  179. [DUP] checkcolumn with rowediting
  180. [OPEN] dataview does not send events
  181. Upgrade from Ext 6 beta to Ext 6 commercial crashes
  182. [CLOSED] MessageBox buttons config
  183. [OPEN] Win81 - Microloader not loading app.js on SOME machines, works on others
  184. [FIXED] DatePicker control on form resize jumps around the page hiding the owner container
  185. [Classic] Time widget has wrong error message
  186. [CLOSED] Ext.dom.Element.setVisible not working properly in modern toolkit
  187. [DUP] emptyText cropped on double quotes
  188. [FIXED] Separator. beforeRender - not needed params
  189. [FIXED] Window: Tools in ghost/drag proxy disappear
  190. [DUP] Column Renderer metaData parameter is null after update (Long standing bug in Ext 5)
  191. [OPEN] Missing locales for the modern toolkit? - Failed to resolve package ext-locale
  192. Grid's focus change while scrolling
  193. Fontawesome & TreePanel
  194. Pie Chart Label Display "none" is ignored
  195. [FIXED] Polar/Pie Chart reports incorrect item on click & shows incorrect tooltip
  196. [FIXED] Usability regression in nested Ext.menu.Menus
  197. Button.showMenu - document return value
  198. [INFOREQ] ViewModel store binding doesn't work when using Fit layout on the viewport
  199. [FIXED] Nightly builds for last 2 weeks have broken my app.
  200. [FIXED] initComponent gets called twice when using along with Routes and force token
  201. [FIXED] form load over ext.direct does not work with modern
  202. [FIXED] Typing error in Splitter.scss
  203. [FIXED] Missing localization for Ext.panel.Panel
  204. [CLOSED] Client generated ID is written for phantom records
  205. [CLOSED] Ext.ComponentQuery.query returns components that does not exists on the DOM
  206. [FIXED] span tag in the aria-label for the tab is behaving oddly
  207. [CLOSED] Store does not load on the first time when using a proxy in an inherited model
  208. Grid CellEditing clashes with Drag and Drop
  209. [FIXED] ajax: suggested patch
  210. [FIXED] Component.showAt - missing return statement
  211. [FIXED] Column number filter deactivation does not work for zero
  212. [FIXED] Stateful grid column sort is not remembered if store binding is used
  213. Ext.tree.Panel Layout run failed with specific container structure
  214. [CLOSED] Datefield's blur event fires on expand
  215. [FIXED] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined
  216. [OPEN] Grid can be broken under certain circumstances
  217. [OPEN] Carousel Control on IE11/Win81 Metro apps seems to have rendering issues
  218. [CLOSED] [MODERN] selectfield won't bind properly to numeric values
  219. [OPEN] Tag field styling is broken in toolbar for classic theme
  220. [OPEN] Clear trigger looks weird for multiline combos for classic and gray themes
  221. [DUP] Comboboxes with paging
  222. [FIXED] Date field fires redudant binded value changes
  223. [FIXED] Buffered Store - Fatal HasRange Call
  224. [OPEN] Grid filter clearFilters() checkbox bug
  225. [OPEN] TagField setValue not showing value for multiSelect [ExtJS 6.0.0]
  226. sprite path
  227. [INFOREQ] Chart doesn't show new data loaded with LoadData of the chart's store
  228. [CLOSED] sench app watch classic/modern not wroking
  229. Ext.list.Tree ignores cls of nodes
  230. [DUP] treepanel animation issue
  231. [OPEN] "max-width" style not honored inside plain Ext.Component on Android
  232. [FIXED] Load empty data crashes chart
  233. Plugins of Parent Components are overriden by Child Components
  234. [FIXED] Double click on itemselector on menu button doesn't work.
  235. [FIXED] 6.0.0 Charts tooltip are wrong with a 0 data
  236. [FIXED] Column header menu doesn't work in IE
  237. [OPEN] Updating a record in a store with a sorter fires add and remove events
  238. Ext.form.Labelable -> setFieldDefaults
  239. [OPEN] Ext.grid.RowEditor -> repositionTip
  240. [OPEN] Documentation or Code Bug: ShowBy is not showing the 'tip' to the reference component
  241. [FIXED] Modern - Ext.dataview.List assumes store is set in onContainerResize
  242. Componet.initEvents - incomplete doc
  243. [FIXED] Admin Dashboard - Toolstrip shift
  244. [FIXED] Ext.Ajax.parseStatus is not a function
  245. Form with buttons: Tab index problem
  246. Function isLoaded() doesn't work in Ext.data.BufferedStore
  247. [CLOSED] View controllers hierarchy
  248. [FIXED] Grouped header columns do not use flex attribute
  249. Row editor errors may be displayed off screen
  250. [FIXED] validateOnBlur coded in Ext.util.Focusable