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  1. A TreePanel with a locked column should work with a store set through a binding
  2. [FIXED] Combobox remains open after dragging window
  3. [OPEN] Sorted, grouped store/state grid misbehaving
  4. [FIXED] Grid column reordering doesn't work in RTL
  5. Crash after update from Ext 6.0.1 to Ext 6.0.2
  6. [OPEN] TagField - Editable config to false throw an error
  7. [DUP] getModelData() of Checkbox form field no more working correctly with 6.0.2
  8. gridpagingtoolbar does not work if binded store is used
  9. [FIXED] Ext.grid.property.Grid logs warning
  10. [OPEN] Format '0,0.00#############' introduces floating point errors?
  11. [FIXED] Mixin inheritableStatics is boken on
  12. ExtJs 6 stores config on Ext.app.Controller not working
  13. HTTP response 204 different in FF vs Chrome
  14. [DUP] Form submit filefield error and fire event change always - modern toolkit
  15. [OPEN] Window is mispositioned in 6.0.2
  16. [OPEN] Chart download as pdf ignore configurations (orientation, for example)
  17. [OPEN] Combo (Widget Column) values are changing automatically while collapse the grid group
  18. treelist vs treepanel apply css by data
  19. Ajax-rest -Xmlreader not parsing properly in firefox,ie,safari.
  20. [OPEN] Long text in modern messagebox
  21. [OPEN] Clicking on menu item icon does not invoke handler (Firefox)
  22. TagField - width and maxWidth ignored
  23. Mask of modal child window is gone when parent window is moved.
  24. [OPEN] RTL TreeList Problen
  25. [FIXED] Grid summary feature showing duplicate rows on a tree when expand last tree node
  26. [INFOREQ] Form Fieldsets in Modern toolkit on IE 11 not showing content
  27. getAlignmentInfo innacurate if any parent element has padding or a scroll offset
  28. [DUP] Boolean not updated in RowEditor
  29. ComboBox with forceSelection and displayTpl deselects selected item on tabbing out
  30. new Ext.grid.column.Check()
  31. [FIXED] API documentation fiddles don't work
  32. MultiSelectField Windows 8 / Windows 10 Touch Device Issue
  33. [OPEN] Unexpected Behaviour Double Click Cell Edit (Invisible Text Selection)
  34. FontAwesome icons disappearing on IE8
  35. TextField converts 1st Japanese character unexpectedly on Windows Firefox
  36. datefield only updates datecolumn record when using the picker
  37. Shows white spaces/margin beside locked column on a stateful grid
  38. Error in require package created
  39. Binding to multiselect combobox.selection has a bug?
  40. [FIXED] Error in a ManyToOne association
  41. [OPEN] Splitters Cause Dashboard Row Width Inconsistencies
  42. Ext.ux.colorpick.Field unable to enter manual color values
  43. [OPEN] Firefox / Combobox in window - selection list and scrollbar not in agreement
  44. [OPEN] TreePanel load mask visible when no data is loaded from TreeStore.
  45. [FIXED] Clear icon does not clear value in NumberField
  46. [DUP] Ext.form.Basic -> getValues can break for checkboxes
  47. Broken selection binding
  48. [OPEN] Dynamic Breadcrumb Load
  49. Datefield has two error popups
  50. [INFOREQ] TreeStore reload on a filtered tree causes exception
  51. Tooltip anchor icon misplaced
  52. [FIXED] Date picker does not show available date
  53. [FIXED] 6.0.2 locale-it-debug.js Italian translation
  54. [6.0.2] Ext.util.XTemplateCompiler leaks global in minified version
  55. Docs - Missing methods
  56. DomScroller bug
  57. [FIXED] Contents of the combo (remotely filled, with templates, forceSelection) disappears
  58. [OPEN] Triton theme: field error icon is not glyph icon and error icon in tooltip misaligned
  59. [FIXED] Error in ext-modern-all
  60. [CLOSED] Google Chrome crashes when drawing Pie chart
  61. [FIXED] Weird behavior of cacheConfigs
  62. [OPEN] Cookie Masking
  63. [FIXED] minor typo in Ext.util.Collection#extraKeys
  64. [FIXED] Small bug with Ext.Class#platformConfig
  65. GridView - RowEditor - syncButtonPosition - Different Code found
  66. [FIXED] (ExtJs6 Modern) store.remove/removeAt doesn't trigger remove the dataview item
  67. [OPEN] Duplicate reference warning on lookup method use
  68. [OPEN] 6.0.2: RTL locked grid column issue
  69. [OPEN] Ext 6: Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop does not work well with Ext.grid.feature.Grouping.
  70. [OPEN] extjs 6..0.2 draw set width will not work if initial width is not set
  71. [OPEN] Gauge chart's value is not copied by cloneConfig
  72. [FIXED] Header sync issue in locked rtl grid
  73. Ext.Ajax.defaultHeaders not respected
  74. [OPEN] Chart series labels disappear with resize
  75. [DUP] store.sync() not picking up change in boolean field
  76. scrollable not working in modern app
  77. [FIXED] Rtl IE9 scrolling issue
  78. 6.0.2: Ext.data.Store: records are in removed after loading with append flag
  79. [OPEN] Tabpanel items not visible in modern app.
  80. Show / Hide of tabpanel tab with viewmodel formula issue
  81. [DUP] 6.0.2 BasicForm/CheckBox breaking change
  82. Ext.util.Filter -> disable() with remote filtering sends back all items to the server
  83. Panel auto resizing using Ext.resizer.Resizer with HeightIncrement and WidthIncrement
  84. [INFOREQ] Ext.selection.Model.select() doesn't work for empty record set
  85. [INFOREQ] Ext.selection.Model.select() doesn't work after store refresh
  86. [FIXED] Parent View's controller fails to observe Ext.list.Tree child-component
  87. [CLOSED] ViewModel isn't updated by the time combobox.change event fires
  88. Buffered grid not loading on Scroll
  89. bug with combobox
  90. [OPEN] Ext.util.Filter -> setOperator() gets ignored for remote filtering
  91. [FIXED] Probably typo in TreeStore#findNode
  92. Docs missing info about newValues/originalValues of RowEditing
  93. [OPEN] grid - actioncolumn - text and menuText
  94. [INFOREQ] Grid Summary not working on touch devices
  95. [OPEN] editor: 'checkboxfield' update data not working
  96. [OPEN] Using ViewModel links record during load is set to null
  97. [CLOSED] Modern CheckBox and RadioButton do not support TabIndex
  98. [CLOSED] Modern CheckBox and RadioButton do not support Space to change value
  99. Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing throw error if some column vlaue are special symbols
  100. [CLOSED] Modern Ext.Button does not support TabIndex and Space Character as Tap/Click
  101. Bound store does not restore state properly
  102. [FIXED] Typo in Ext.promise.Promise#log()
  103. Slider fieldLabel click changes value to minValue
  104. [CLOSED] Calling load method on association memory store clears data
  105. (ExtJs 6 Modern)field.getValue() return the old value after reset()
  106. Itemselector: selected items gets deselected when we click on scrollbar
  107. [CLOSED] Scrollable charts not working in 6.0 on Chrome
  108. Can't add border to docked bottom toolbar
  109. [INFOREQ] TreeStore 'update' event doesn't always provide an array.
  110. Extjs 6.0.1 Deselecting is realy slow
  111. Combo box hiding the last letter from selected field option
  112. [FIXED] Unable to set highlighted item in pie charts
  113. [OPEN] Issue syncing nested data
  114. right position tab
  115. Padding is behaving like Margin
  116. [OPEN] rejectChanges is not considering nested data
  117. [OPEN] Event handlers on form fields do not run when toolbar overflowed
  118. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.Basic.findField doesn't find ComboBox
  119. [OPEN] Documentation: Labelable is missing setHideLabel() and setHideEmptyLabel()
  120. [DUP] Grid with spreadsheet model checkbox behaviour when clicking and dragging
  121. [FIXED] Polar chart tooltip problem when store has single value of 100
  122. [FIXED] Keyboard mixin - typo in error message
  123. Ext.MessageBox
  124. scrollerAutoRefresh: false of pullrefresh causes infinite list not scrolling right
  125. [CLOSED] deferEmptyText does not seem to work
  126. Viewmodel Formula not getting called under certain circumstances with grid selection
  127. [OPEN] Ext.menu.DatePicker duplicate reference
  128. [OPEN] Bufferedgrid/store + grouping + states
  129. [INFOREQ] Store.setProxy should change value of asynchronousLoad
  130. [OPEN] argument of onSelectionStoreClear is wrong in Ext.mixin.Selectable
  131. Ext.menu.DatePicker shortcut key to select Current date by using space bar
  132. [FIXED] ExtJs 6.01 Classic Toolkit Documentation is broken
  133. [OPEN] New documentation: NavigationModel classes not found by "search" field
  134. [NOREPRO] MessageBox has incorrect style
  135. [FIXED] PageMap - redundant destroy method
  136. Making a grid stateful causes problems getting column model
  137. [OPEN] Tablet action column not firing a row selection event
  138. [OPEN] In combined bar/line chart the rightmost bar color is replaced by line color
  139. Child view bind on object property (array only) is called when other property changes
  140. [OPEN] Component - incorrect doDestroy method documentation
  141. [INFOREQ] Strange combobox behavior on IE 11
  142. grid - containermouseover event isn't dispatched when mouse over row.
  143. [CLOSED] Pagingtoolbar breaks if it is configured to bind hidden value
  144. datefield backspace problem in Edge
  145. transform: translate3d causing blurred text in Chrome
  146. [FIXED] Field depends on undefined field, because the field is deleted.
  147. fieldset border:false in Triton
  148. [FIXED] [DOCS]Ext.data.BufferedStore -> beforeload & load events
  149. [OPEN] [DOCS]Ext.data.BufferedStore -> beforeprefetch & prefetch events
  150. getXType returns different value for production vs testing build
  151. [INFOREQ] Simmanager: default simlet (to simulate failed ajax request) not working
  152. [CLOSED] numbercolumn does not respect custom renderer on update
  153. [OPEN] Docs + Fiddle: Charts examples don't work
  154. Tooltip realign issue
  155. [OPEN] [Modern] Grid rows broken layout on store.loadData()
  156. Date field validation tooltip bug
  157. DateField validating minValue/maxValue using ViewModel
  158. [OPEN] progress bar error
  159. [FIXED] Moving a grid showing lots of records that is scrolled blanks out when moved back
  160. [OPEN] Bug with collapsing a hidden panel
  161. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor.focus() does not work
  162. Toolbar buttons when overflowed to menu cannot be hidden (6.0.2 & 6.2.0)
  163. [CLOSED] Horizontal bar issue using columns (config) in Ext.tree.Panel
  164. [OPEN] Container.visit method documentation
  165. htmleditor's iframe removes before the page is unloaded.
  166. ExtJS 6.2.0 RTL border layout - the tree list is on the wrong side
  167. [CLOSED] segmentedButton vertical: true not working
  168. [OPEN] XTemplate infinite loop when {[ is not closed properly
  169. [DUP] Checkbox getModelData returning submitValue
  170. GridPanel + RowExpander + Checkbox selmodel: selmodel's injectCheckbox ignored
  171. [OPEN] Binding to 'ui' causes error
  172. Dragging and dropping tree node to another tree node is not working
  173. [OPEN] Toast almost never align correctly whatever the options I choose!
  174. Missing link in documentation for Ext Direct Specification
  175. [FIXED] Error on click in container within toolbar
  176. [INFOREQ] modern toolkit: selectfield bug
  177. [OPEN] Ext JS resizer sets height when resizing east/west
  178. [FIXED] ExtJS 6.0.2 classic toolkit documentation error
  179. [OPEN] Grid group header disappears in very specific situation
  180. [FIXED] Toolbar checkbox toggle issue on overflow menu
  181. [FIXED] Ext.ComponentQuery.query() throws "all.getArray is not a function".
  182. [OPEN] Full refresh after tree view drag drop, once for every dropped node
  183. Crash in cacheStyleSheet try/catch
  184. Sencha Pie Chart Legend & Series labels issues
  185. [OPEN] The setUI method does not work for TextFields and TextAreas
  186. Event beforeitemupdate is not documented in ext js in 6.0.x and 6.2.x
  187. [INFOREQ] Textfield change event
  188. [OPEN] Triton Classic styling issue - growable textareas
  189. [OPEN] Ext.grid.column.Action example doesn't show the icons
  190. field.serialize should have some documentation and example
  191. Container.remove - component param can be a number
  192. [CLOSED] Bug in Ext.data.Store.findRecord
  193. Filefield Error: Permission denied to access property "nodeType"
  194. [FIXED] Removing record from grid store triggers edit sometimes.
  195. Combobox value lost during store load
  196. [INFOREQ] Issues with file upload using Firefox 50
  197. [CLOSED] IE 11 Ctrl + F not finding the text in HTML Editor
  198. [CLOSED] Ext.data.TreeStore each don't support filtered option?
  199. tagfield as editor hides grid view
  200. Chrome/IE tpl rendering inconsistency
  201. [FIXED] Ext.grid.column.Check not checking presence of config variable
  202. Aborting Ext.Ajax.request keeps timeout
  203. [OPEN] icorect tooltip align when using anchor bottom
  204. [OPEN] Spreadsheet drag selection cannot expand both vertically and horizontally during same
  205. [CLOSED] Documentation broken?
  206. Floating Collapsible Panel problem in touch enabled notebook
  207. [OPEN] Issue with applying opacity to BarChart through renderer
  208. SEVERE Bug with Grid in Ext JS 6.0.2 (and I assume before) and SelectionModel
  209. [FIXED] validateedit receive the old value instead of latest
  210. [OPEN] Spreadsheet selector box bottom right pointer stay on screen when focus gone
  211. [OPEN] ExtJS doc said recommended API return value is not to be used
  212. [OPEN] Modern Tooltip align config sample ('t25-b80') not works
  213. Header is out of sync with view in RTL mode
  214. [FIXED] Ext 6.2 warning on build in Cmd - missing png
  215. [FIXED] Tree List - getting error as me.getFloated is not a function in AbstractTreeItem.js
  216. [FIXED] Upgrading from 6.0.2 to 6.2.0 has made all our grids right-align
  217. Doc about Ext.data.Validation has broken link
  218. [FIXED] Documentation changes on Reference
  219. [OPEN] Class names changed in modern toolkit in Ext 6.2.0
  220. [OPEN] [6.2] Locked grid hides normal grid header
  221. [FIXED] Layout run failed on a treelist
  222. [DUP] [6.2] Breaking change: GridView#getHeight contract changed
  223. [OPEN] Form Panel .reset - resetRecord is optional
  224. [OPEN] Setting the width of the locked grid doesn't have any effect
  225. ExtJS 6.2 build errors when compiling SASS
  226. [CLOSED] 6.2: topGrid.normalGrid.getView().refreshView() kills slider widget in locked grid
  227. [FIXED] GridColumn#setText crashes
  228. [FIXED] Grid refreshNode causes widget to be removed from the DOM
  229. [CLOSED] [6.2] Locked child GridView#scrollBy doesn't perform vertical scroll
  230. Can't drag Ext.resizer.Spliter inside Ext.form.FieldContainer
  231. [OPEN] Locked TreePanel#ensureVisible doesn't scroll to node
  232. [DUP] [6.2] - Show white space in grid lock in RTL version
  233. [OPEN] [6.2.0] RowWidget grid plugin error
  234. [OPEN] [6.2] Locking grid not rendering in RTL
  235. [FIXED] Combobox example mentions code that doesn't exist
  236. [OPEN] [6.2.0 Modern] Removing items from Carousel throws error on second remove
  237. [FIXED] [6.2.0 Modern] hiddenfield implementation broken
  238. [FIXED] [6.2] Crash when unloading page
  239. TagField creates two tags when using anyMatch and createNewOnEnter
  240. [FIXED] Doc: showing html at http://docs.sencha.com/extjs/6.2.0/classic/Ext.app.ViewModel.htm
  241. Duplicate class definition warnings when loading Ext JS on demand
  242. Doc: incorrect description of callParent in override of Ext.class
  243. [OPEN] Ext.grid.Panel ignores flex when using column items in header
  244. store.setFilters has no documentation and it's adding instead of replacing
  245. [DUP] 6.2 Moderne Material - tries to add clear-trigger to hiddenfield form input
  246. [OPEN] Infinite loop in grid key nav when a column is non focusable
  247. [FIXED] [6.2] Crash when clicking grid view area outside cells
  248. [OPEN] Ext 6.2.0 don't listen mouse events when touch or pointer events are supported
  249. [FIXED] Ext.tip.Tooltip#showBy is not chainable
  250. [OPEN] 6.2: Grid with only locked column doesn't render correctly