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  1. Drag menu item from hover area
  2. Issue drag menu item from hover area
  3. Regression: Model idProperty is not updated on save
  4. [Modern] Neither animate nor updateLayout works as expected
  5. Modern 6.7 PullRefresh does not work for phone in infinite List
  6. app.js contains Dynamic Code Evaluation and Weak Encryption
  7. RTL: Tooltips misaligned in RTL
  8. Modern 6.7 Ext.field.Toggle TabIndex and Space do not work
  9. Coworkee grouping rows in Phone profile appears in front of the left menu
  10. [6.7 Modern] Chips of readOnly/disabled multiSelect selectfields can still be closed
  11. Error in doEnsureBufferZone
  12. Tag Field store.loadData does not refilter the list
  13. [6.7 Classic] grid.setHideHeaders(true) dows not hide header border
  14. [6.7 Modern] BoxLabels in modern theme should be disabled
  15. Modern 6.7 Grid error in plugin gridfilters
  16. Modern 6.7 Disable prevents TabIndex from being set
  17. [Extjs 6.x] remain grid header focus in IE
  18. togglefield readOnly mode is not working properly
  19. Undefined error in Ext.draw.Animator:step()
  20. Renderer method is not called for bound value for displayfield in modern 6.7.0
  21. [6.7 Modern] Comboboxes picker problems in Microsoft Edge
  22. List/grid drag is buggy with placeholder proxy
  23. ExtJs-6.6.0- Ext.grid.filters.filter.Date - not working properly for 'null' value
  24. 6.6 Modern Grid - hideHeaders still not working
  25. Ext.6.7 Classic toolkit Ext.view.Table.focusRow brings containing window to front
  26. [6.7.0 Modern] - Ext.field.Panel hides the mask even when one was not created by it f
  27. 6.6.0 / 6.7.0 Classic : Drag&Drop conflict with HTML Editor
  28. [6.7.0 Modern] onItemDisclosure of Ext.dataview.List is not bindable
  29. Extjs 6.7.0 Modern Material Theme Labels render incorrectly when panel collapsed.
  30. Window Position bug on Componen resize
  31. Grid with editable cells selects wrong row on selection change
  32. Dependency error happens by Ext.grid.Tree in ExtJS 6.7.0 Community Edition
  33. sparklinepie highlight is off
  34. Task name is changed when editor is moved beyond the buffered zone
  35. Saving a model to a bad URL results in success= true ?
  36. Nested (with associations) model doesn't updated by response data after save
  37. Error install ext-gen - Ext JS 6.7.0
  38. [6.7.0 modern] Invalid resize split rendering on collapsed panel
  39. Chart not rendered on last Version of Chrome
  40. sencha app watch throwing error right after starting
  41. Error 404 creating ext-get demo app [6.7.0 CE]
  42. grid.reconfigure() behavior changed between and
  43. [ Modern / 7.0 EA] Ext.tab.Panel onItemRemove may fail when being destroyed
  44. Incorrect spacing between radiogroups
  45. [DUP] Extjs Japanese locale issue when ploting month names
  46. A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment
  47. [classic] recordIndex in Ext.grid.RowContext (Ext.grid.column.Widget) is not updated
  48. Ext.data.AbstractStore#isFiltered() return true when filters are disabled
  49. ComponentQuery filterByXType
  50. Can't see products in support.sencha.com
  51. Card Layout - Restore previous card bug
  52. Chart: range of the y axis is incorrectly calculated after disabling a serie
  53. Problem with Ext.grid.Panel when dragging columns that are off screen
  54. Grid RowWidget + Sort bug
  55. [classic][6.x, 7.x] Ext.container.Container#resetItemMargins() bug
  56. ExtJS [6.x, 7.x] Writer.Xml bug with special xml symbols
  57. [modern][ExtJS 6.6] Date picker not working alone
  58. [modern][ExtJS 6.6] 'iteminfo' not working in bar chart when renderer defined
  59. How to not allow tagfield to change its width according to its content?
  60. Chained Store filtered from source store
  61. HBox Layout and Scrollbars when browser shrink in size
  62. Tree Grid columns in Chrome 76
  63. Overflowing toolbar with filler crashes
  64. Date Picker just stopped working
  65. Pivot Grid; Multiple Values with `aggregator: groupSumPercentage` returns same result
  66. getConfig('viewModel', true) on destroyed Component throws error