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  1. Installing Sencha Ext JS in phpstorm 8.0.3 fails
  2. It would be nice to have a "Create Package" option
  3. Updates
  4. How to configure IntelliJ IDE Plugin
  5. Eclipse plugin?
  6. JetBrains plugin - sdk
  7. Install of Jetbrains plugin for Sencha ExtJS into WebStorm 10.0.1 fails on OSX
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  10. IntelliJ Plugin with Packages
  11. Support for ReSharper
  12. [FIXED] code completion not working
  13. [DUP] "Manage requires array" loops if requires element exists as a string (not array)
  14. [FIXED] Plugin in WebStorm produces errors
  15. Project not generated by cmd and no ext-lib
  16. [FIXED] IDE plugin for Webstorm (on Windows) freezing at startup
  17. store in the grid is being flaged as error - cannot resolve symbol 'storename'
  18. "Manage requires array" doesn't add 'Ext.toolbar.Spacer' if shorthand is used
  19. [FIXED] Enhancement - requires below extend & xtype
  20. JetBrains Setup
  21. [FIXED] scope: 'controller' causes method warning
  22. Default storeId not found with JetBrain Plugin
  23. [FIXED] ptype is not detected for requires block management
  24. [FIXED] Enhancement request: Requires block management should consider parent classes
  25. [FIXED] ViewModel Stores marked as invalid
  26. Webstorm **ONLY XTYPE* Property
  27. [FIXED] Webstorm plugin does not recognize views
  28. Webstorm plugin creates file in wrong encoding
  29. Webstorm plugin produces redudant requires missing errors
  30. [FIXED] Requires for Ext.chart.*
  31. [FIXED] Webstorm plugin does not produce require missing error for defaultType of dataview
  32. [FIXED] Webstorm Plugin doesn't recognize Store
  33. [OPEN] JetBrains Plugin & Architect
  34. 'add references ... automativally' option will add references to sdk files
  35. [FIXED] JetBrains Plugin does not detect defaultType and defaults with xtype config
  36. And the plugin for eclipse when?
  37. ExtJS Class Template
  38. [FIXED] Customize new view file template?
  39. JSDuck Comprehension
  40. Should there be a Plugin for Sublime?
  41. [WebStrom plugin] Customize namespace for directory
  42. [FIXED] Plugin doesn't understand Ext.widget()
  43. [FIXED] [WebStorm plugin] Reports unused class in requires, but class is actually used
  44. [FIXED] Webstorm plugin Auto-Requires adding way too much stuff
  45. [WebStorm plugin] Reports missing in requires for global symbols from 3rd party libs
  46. [DUP] [WebStorm plugin] Ext.widget('somextype') does not generate requires array missing
  47. is intellij community edition supported?
  48. [OPEN] Plugin does not seem to pick up on libs that are declared in the config
  49. [FIXED] Intellij idea New Item error
  50. Access is allowed from event dispatch thread only
  51. Missing in requires or uses array
  52. [WebStorm plugin] Ext.log.Logger missing
  53. WebStorm plugin early access build expires on 7 june 2015
  54. [FIXED] [webstorm plugin code inspection] Unknown controller
  55. Jetbrains WebStorm / PHPStorm IDE plugin
  56. JetBrains plugin commercial distribution
  57. Transpiled Language Support?
  58. Plugin needs Activation Code ...
  59. IDE Plugin generates error in RubyMine
  60. now that 6 shipped, what is the latest version of the plugin
  61. Invalid Authorizaton Code (401)
  62. IntelliJ plugin not found in Browse Repositories dialogue
  63. [OPEN] Plugin does not recognize association methods
  64. Live editing in debug mode does not work (WebStorm)
  65. New View Package
  66. cannot install sencha jetbrains plugin
  67. "early access period ended.."
  68. JetBrains plugin still in Evaluation mode
  69. SDK for the JetBrains plugin
  70. Please use Sencha Complete license activation code with JetBrains plugin
  71. [OPEN] Editing Architect Project with Plugin
  72. Webstorm "New Project from Existing Files..."
  73. WebStorm plugin - class namespace not picked up correctly
  74. 30 day trial plugin is only aware of Ext JS <5
  75. [DUP] Adds Array instead of Ext.Array to Requires
  76. [OPEN] WebStorm Plugin - Completion suggests method, yet IDE has "unresolved function".
  77. WebStorm plugin [] does not detect class usage for requires
  78. Sencha IntelliJ plugin configuration
  79. [OPEN] WebStorm Plugin - Handling of {Mixed} data type
  80. [OPEN] WebStorm - No auto requires for classes defined with function and alternateClassName
  81. Does not code hint in Application under Workspace
  82. [OPEN] How good is code hinting : re: renderer for grid column
  83. Converting from Architect to WebStorm.
  84. [FIXED] How do I create the event handler from my view?
  85. [FIXED] Store type not in requires
  86. Sencha JetBrains IDE Plugin 6.0.4 Now Available!
  87. Using Plugin with Webstorm 10.0.4 failed
  88. Slightly off topic questions: disable built in web server and auto expand Structure
  89. [FIXED] reference lookup fails when defaultListenersScope is used.
  90. Which is best IDE for sencha touch development.
  91. Plugin autoupdate
  92. [FIXED] Possible bug? App creation task failing.
  93. Jetbrains plugin error Class XXXX not found.
  94. [FIXED] Model Validators not recognized for requires
  95. [OPEN] Created wrong name for Event in Controller
  96. [FIXED] I get this error often: "No enum constant"
  97. Problems with code in packages
  98. [OPEN] sencha app build production
  99. [OPEN] Feature request - configurable quotes
  100. Recommended IntelliJ code inspections and linter settings?
  101. [DUP] Status on transpiled language support?
  102. ctrl-click on universal views
  103. Can Eclipse Plugin be used with ExtJS 6.0
  104. Getting VBox error
  105. [FIXED] Required mixin class is marked as unused
  106. [OPEN] Array Store items show "Unknown Store" warning in Webstorm
  107. [OPEN] JetBrains plugin - "preferences" is "Settings"!!!!
  108. Unresolved function or method ...
  109. JetBrains plugin - what goes in .gitignore?
  110. [OPEN] Creating a new app with the plugin - where are the theme choices?
  111. [FIXED] Problem with the resolving scope of the requires in a multi app workspace
  112. Webstorm - creating project hanging
  113. Support for Ext.app.Controller models/stores/views
  114. Widget names and class names suggestions not working
  115. The create method in controller fix problem
  116. Should classic views be visible to MainController?
  117. ExtJS Live edit not working properly
  118. Autoresolve shows Core requirements
  119. [FIXED] BUG: PsiManagerImpl.findDirectory must not be null
  120. Invalid Authorization Code when activate plugin
  121. Eclipse Plugin Beta?
  122. Performance issues with JavaScript inspection "Unused JavaScript local symbol"
  123. CoffeeScript / TypeScript support
  124. Issues with IntelliJ 15, WebStorm 11, PhpStorm 10
  125. PHPStorm 10 Supported?
  126. Indexing problem with multiple Ext JS projects open in different IDEA windows
  127. Plugin versions 6.0.5 and 6.0.6 now available
  128. Ext.grid.Panel did not exist for universal app
  129. Please do not upgrade to IntelliJ 15.0.2, WebStorm 11.0.2, etc...
  130. auto require my personnel function file
  131. Plugin avoided making of the index
  132. Sencha JetBrains IDE Plugin 6.0.7 Now Available!
  133. 6.0.7 won't install in IDEA 16 EAP
  134. [FIXED] Endless loop when indexing after installing 6.0.7 in Intellij 15.0.2
  135. Sencha JetBrains IDE Plugin 6.0.8 is Now Available
  136. Plugin 6.0.8 and Webstorms 11.0.3 won't generate Universal Triton App
  137. [FIXED] Bug: When using handler auto method generation is not complete
  138. [FIXED] Plugin 6.0.8 selModel/type=spreadsheet requires Ext.grid.selection.SpreadsheetModel
  139. NoClassDefFoundError: In IDEA 16
  140. Getter is reported as unknown function
  141. Error using Sencha Ext plugin (JS on Webstorm 11.0.3
  142. Plugin doesn't recognize models through relative entity names
  143. JetBrains 2016.1 Releases
  144. Sencha JetBrains IDE Plugin 6.0.9 is Now Available
  145. Ext JS detection with sandboxed code
  146. No longer automatically adding requires etc in PHPStorm 2016.1
  147. "Save files on frame deactivation" in PHPStorm is dangerous
  148. Sencha ExtJS plugin for webstorm causes the IDE to freeze up when opening large files
  149. [FIXED] JetBrains xtype listeners issues
  150. Is there a fix for Bug in Jetbrains - Getting Plugin Fatal Error
  151. [OPEN] Not adding to require when creating a widget.
  152. Anyone have the plugin working for WebStorm 2016.2? Not working for me
  153. Sencha JetBrains IDE Plugin 6.0.10 is Now Available
  154. 6.0.10 plugin - What's new
  155. Pycharm 2016.2 plugin error.
  156. 2016.2.1 Breaks Code Completion
  157. [OPEN] alternateClassName supported?
  158. Sencha JetBrains IDE Plugin 6.0.11 is Now Available
  159. Newbie question: how to create a new file in Web Storm?
  160. Plugin doesn't always add needed files to the requires array
  161. Requires is not added for dynamically used models.
  162. KitchenSink.view.Sliders auto required when using formpanel xtype
  163. Does it work with 2016.2.3 yet?
  164. Is PhpStorm 2016.3.1 supported?
  165. Some requires require manual adding
  166. [OPEN] Plugin does strange highlighting to JSX
  167. Wrong namespace when adding classes
  168. How to enable Fashion from App Running from Intellij for Themer
  169. How to work offline ?
  170. Support for actions (Ext.Action)
  171. IntelliJ IDEA delete "requires" section automatically
  172. Sencha JetBrains Plugin auto insert code, is it correct?
  173. Plugin constantly crashes
  174. IDE plugin keeps on losing license information
  175. Plugin does not understand ES6 syntax
  176. JetBRains plugin not recognising EXT in local package
  177. IDE Plugin + PHPStorm 2017.3?
  178. [OPEN] Get the Error java.lang.Object cannot be cast to com.sencha.idea.ui.NewAppModel
  179. Sencha Ext Js plugin errors in IntelliJ IDEA
  180. Anyone else getting fatal IDE Errors in PhpStorm ver 2018 when using Sencha Plugin?
  181. Will the plug-in get support for projects based on open tooling?
  182. Bug: 'add to requires' creates additional comma after requires array
  183. Endless loop of "Updating indices" caused by Sencha plugin
  184. IDEA 2019.2 EAP support?
  185. PHPStorm 2019.2 released - is the plugin working?!?
  186. JetBrains IDE Plugin Activation: Error "Invalid Sencha Forum ID or password"
  187. Is this ever going to be fixed?
  188. JetBrains Plugin removes required classes
  189. create method to controller adds extra comma
  190. Installed new plugin, first exception within 2 hours
  191. ExtJS plugin download
  192. Inetllij 2020.2 not supported
  193. Run/Debug Configuration
  194. Yet another problem - Licenses