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  1. [FIXED] Grid's horizontal scroll will never go away in Classic theme
  2. Welcome to Ext JS 5 Beta
  3. How To Report A Bug
  4. [FIXED] Workspaces with Sencha Cmd 5
  5. [FIXED] API doc oddity - everything below defaultAlign in italics
  6. Warning when running sencha app build
  7. [FIXED] widgetcolumn in grid not sortable by default but docs say it is
  8. [FIXED] 5.x Global leaks
  9. [FIXED] Cannot subclass a Model properly
  10. [CLOSED] ExtJS Last opened menu item stays selected after reopening menu
  11. [CLOSED] Dates not handled properly
  12. [FIXED] Warnings in console from basic app generated by cmd
  13. [FIXED] Dasboard - customize columns
  14. [CLOSED] Color picker appears on the top of the screen
  15. [FIXED] Ext.resizer.Resizer broken
  16. [FIXED] Grid reconfigure not working
  17. [CLOSED] Tree-Reorder iPad 4
  18. Simple Tasks - flickering on iPad 4
  19. [FIXED] trying out viewModel
  20. [FIXED] CMD5 app build broken with new and existing apps
  21. [OPEN] Feature request: Grid with multiple column grouping and switch on grouping at runtime
  22. [FIXED] Grid loadMask seems not working
  23. [FIXED] Ext.grid.locking.View: Listener leak
  24. [CLOSED] Model fields not behaving sanely
  25. [CLOSED] #destroy on models doing nothing
  26. [FIXED] Ext.ux.IFrame: Uncaught TypeError
  27. [FIXED] dashboard just crashes on ipad when you change orientation
  28. [OPEN] Sencha Cmd v5.0.0.116 not able to generate app behind proxy
  29. [FIXED] Model 'modified' undefined if no changes exist
  30. [CLOSED] Excessive grid refreshes
  31. [CLOSED] Store "isSyncing" true inside a 'write' listener
  32. [FIXED] Tree - contradictory inline code documentation
  33. [FIXED] ComboBox - hideTrigger not working when set in initComponent
  34. [CLOSED] ComboBox (possibly deeper, Field?) - controller not working as expected
  35. [CLOSED] Example pages busted
  36. [CLOSED] Error / Warn on missing listeners
  37. [CLOSED] Store.sync() - no changes made calls neither 'success' or 'callback'
  38. [INFOREQ] modelValidation doesn't seem to be honored on form component
  39. [CLOSED] No Ext.Date.patterns?
  40. [FIXED] Repost: Locking grid not respecting certain cfg's
  41. [FIXED] Three thumbed sliders got stuck on one side
  42. [FIXED] Why not include full build number as in 4.x?
  43. [CLOSED] Form Layout
  44. Unable to upgrade to Sencha Cmd
  45. [CLOSED] Loading from the wrong relative URL
  46. [FIXED] SlideIn/slideOut jump Bug
  47. [FIXED] Widget combobox does not have drop down selection menu in Grid
  48. [CLOSED] [iPhone] Kitchen sink sample is not usable on iPhone
  49. [FIXED] Associating grid selection with form via View Model
  50. [CLOSED] LoadMask autoShow
  51. Sencha Cmd(v5.0.0.116) build warnings/errors, not working theme after build on mobile
  52. [FIXED] sparkline.Base - mixed case event name
  53. [OPEN] deprecated Observable.addEvents
  54. Is it too early for Documentation bug reports? Missing "New since ExtJS 5.0.0"
  55. [OPEN] Sencha Cmd doesn't respect markup on aspx pages
  56. [NOREPRO] Inconsistency between API docs and examples on charts.
  57. Ext.draw.Text rendering issue
  58. [OPEN] Sencha Command v5.0.0.116 fails to work when following the 'getting started' guide
  59. [OPEN] please use Glyphs in tools inside panel and in other places
  60. [CLOSED] Create model with rest proxy, problem dealing with id.
  61. [FIXED] Border layout resize issue (if touchscreen is present)
  62. [OPEN] Ext JS 5: CheckBox Issue: (IE11) Label click & Space bar not working
  63. [CLOSED] Applicaiton.js name : '' versus app.js name :''
  64. [FIXED] Something wrong in Getting Strated of docs,lost a }~
  65. [NOREPRO] When Ext.FocusManager enabled, selecting checkbox/radiobutton in Chrome doesn't work.
  66. [FIXED] Tree panel: clicking on expander icon also selects the node
  67. Tree panel: inconsistent tree node width
  68. [CLOSED] Saving a record obtained from a BufferedStore fails: missing method 'contains'
  69. templatecolumn makes the app unable to build
  70. [FIXED] Broken link in documentation
  71. Grid with forceFit layout issue
  72. [CLOSED] Triggering events in observable objects fails (Observable mixin)
  73. [CLOSED] Activation of edit in grid column.
  74. [FIXED] AjaxProxy with paramsAsJson
  75. [DUP] Not possible to set listeners on the defined view class.
  76. [CLOSED] Store "update" event fires twice
  77. [FIXED] ExtJS 5 Multiple resize handles bug
  78. [CLOSED] Generated comments spelling and phrasing
  79. [FIXED] missing 'operation' parameter in Ext.data.proxy.Memory#destroy function declaration
  80. [NOREPRO] IE: Button over class not applied
  81. [CLOSED] panel/Panel.js ghost direction (rtl)
  82. Charts don't display in IE8
  83. Feature Request: Add Ext.Crypto to library
  84. [FIXED] Grid reconfigure doesn't seem to work with widget column
  85. [CLOSED] proxy buildUrl method doesn't get overridden
  86. Collapse Icon Problem Theme Crisp
  87. [CLOSED] Ext.fly strict mode incompatiblity
  88. [FIXED] Ext.app.BaseController not documented
  89. Labelable 'labelStyle' is ignored
  90. [OPEN] Question on Grid Multi Column Sort feature
  91. [FIXED] sencha app upgrade -ext - problems accesing old version of ext?
  92. When a app.ViewController is destroy events in app.Controller stop behing trapped
  93. [CLOSED] The router doesn't work when the controler is set in the route
  94. [CLOSED] Mixed Case Event Names
  95. [OPEN] Grid - Cell Editing - Visual Bug
  96. [NOREPRO] remoteSort doesn't work with BufferedStore
  97. [FIXED] Draggable components are not resizable
  98. [FIXED] Two way bind grid selection
  99. [INFOREQ] combobox wrong value
  100. [CLOSED] Container - alternate class name
  101. [FIXED] Container - unused local variable
  102. Cannot bind value to grid selection if multiSelect is true
  103. [FIXED] FocusManager - duplicate requires
  104. [FIXED] Grid using BufferedRenderer and remoteSort=true does not update sorters
  105. [CLOSED] TreePanel rootVisible: false does strange things
  106. [NOREPRO] Grid dislocation
  107. Cmd app build failed at second run
  108. [FIXED] Possible bug with BufferedStore and ext direct proxy
  109. Grid reconfigure - column alignment broken
  110. [OPEN] BUG 5.0.0 grid forceFit not works properly
  111. [FIXED] Ext.data.Model documentation
  112. [NOREPRO] Ext.mixin.Observable. clearManagedListeners - minor incompatibility with 4.*
  113. [CLOSED] Component - Base.destroy() is not called
  114. [FIXED] Accordion layout doesn't expand/collapse when clicked on tool or title
  115. [OPEN] Dynamic TreeStore Data
  116. [INFOREQ] Rtl error of bordered panel
  117. [CLOSED] Grid record not updated with the modified value, when session is configured
  118. [FIXED] TreeStore.setRoot problem?
  119. [OPEN] Feature Request: Ext.selection.CellModelView mode:MULTI
  120. [INFOREQ] Window is not brought to front when activated
  121. [CLOSED] - Missing Ext.chart.*
  122. [CLOSED] "for" attribute is missing for labels in Ext JS 5
  123. Grid columns viewing error in RTL mode.
  124. [INFOREQ] enableOverflow and ButtonGroups Error
  125. [FIXED] viewModel binding and fieldLabel, causing wrong message aligment
  126. [CLOSED] Uncaught Error: [Ext.create] Unrecognized class name / alias: widget.cartesian
  127. [OPEN] exception in thread "AWT-EventQueue-0"
  128. [FIXED] Error when opening combo child class with a configured ViewController
  129. [FIXED] Cannot create an unrendered chart
  130. [CLOSED] Form Layout with Field Container Misalignment
  131. [CLOSED] Model.stores undefined
  132. [FIXED] package: sencha-charts! Sprites aren't rendered
  133. [OPEN] Package: ext-charts, draggable=true for Ext.draw.Sprite not working
  134. Panel height is not updated on orientation change
  135. Reader onMetaChange now always resets the _model.$className 4.2 to 5.0
  136. [CLOSED] beforeremove event not fired on TreeStore when removing child nodes
  137. [FIXED] emptyText breaks the new Ext.form.field.Tag component
  138. MenuItems without Text
  139. [OPEN] HTMLEditor Font Size Always is 12px Unless user Changes it
  140. [INFOREQ] Source Edit mode for HTMLEditor Broken
  141. [INFOREQ] Ext.Msg.prompt Window Size
  142. [DUP] emptyText Causes Wrong Tag Text Color -- TagField
  143. [FIXED] Binding: setting bound objects = null, bindings to obj props not (always) cleared
  144. [FIXED] Pie chart rendering problem
  145. [OPEN] Tree panel root node and expand collepse problem after setRootNode
  146. [FIXED] Grid loading mask is missing
  147. [CLOSED] TreeStore's rootchange event
  148. [FIXED] lost param start in Ext.data.proxy.Server.getParams method
  149. [CLOSED] Configure CellEditing plugin using declarative syntax
  150. [FIXED] Ext.panel.Header - inline comment typo
  151. [FIXED] Can't access to Ext.panel.Table documentation
  152. [NOREPRO] Bug on Ext.window.MessageBox
  153. [FIXED] Documentation for tree Panel is not working
  154. [OPEN] forceFit and Ext.grid.Panel
  155. [NOREPRO] Routing doesn't work on firefox
  156. [CLOSED] :contains pseduo selector not supported
  157. [CLOSED] proxy.extraParams not included in store.load request
  158. [CLOSED] click on checkbox selection cell behaves differently inside/outside check box
  159. [FIXED] Binding a ViewModel to a Model always causes an unnecessary server request
  160. [FIXED] Dont work two-way binding for store record.
  161. [CLOSED] Cookie not sent in extdirect request
  162. [FIXED] Ext.ux.IFrame use Ext.EventManager which is deprecated
  163. [FIXED] sencha cmd fails on second build
  164. [FIXED] response containig metaData does not trigger metachange event on store
  165. [FIXED] Accordion: Error when dynamically adding new panels
  166. [FIXED] With Crisp theme tab looks incorrectly in IE8
  167. [CLOSED] Add / Remove control not working propertly for individual tabs
  168. [FIXED] Ext.data.reader.Json.transform is not called
  169. [FIXED] Sencha Charts - Cannot Add Charts In Certain Scenarios
  170. Missing Ext.draw.Text in "sencha-charts"-package
  171. Sencha Cmd doesn't generate slices for buttons
  172. Cannot override Ext.String (Sencha cmd)
  173. [FIXED] Ext.util.Bindable => Ext.util.StoreHolder
  174. [NOREPRO] data-qtip in column renderer not working in Chrome
  175. [FIXED] Form Controls like Text Field Appears Taller than usual in IE8
  176. [FIXED] Error in ExtJS 5 doc.
  177. [DUP] When I go to this api doc I get message saying it was not found.
  178. Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature remoteFilter doesn't work
  179. Weird tab key behaviour
  180. [DUP] Issue in ExtJS 5 API documentation
  181. [CLOSED] Not able find lookupReference in ViewController
  182. Vertical gap in grid at srollbar position
  183. [OPEN] Drag and Recursively copy between Two-Trees
  184. sencha-charts - Ext.ComponentQuery.query('chart[name=myChart]') returns empty array
  185. [FIXED] Rowediting in grid containing actioncolumns throws error
  186. [CLOSED] Tree/Node expand recursively broken
  187. [OPEN] Why Ext.tree.View. isAnimating is a private method?
  188. [OPEN] Consider renaming "examples" root folder
  189. [FIXED] Visual error in TreeGrid for Chrome
  190. [NOREPRO] Quick tips don't show on hover anymore
  191. Should Ext.chart.Chart use inheritableStatics instead of statics?
  192. [FIXED] Does a Ext.data.reader.Json use an idProperty? If not, bug in docs
  193. [INFOREQ] GridView / GridPanel 'bufferedRenderer' always defined in latest nightly
  194. [FIXED] ViewController help
  195. Chart Theming
  196. [FIXED] Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer missing 'alias' in 5.0
  197. [5.0.0] GridPanels with Bound Chained Stores Have Views Drawn Twice
  198. [CLOSED] ViewController fireViewEvent missing?
  199. [CLOSED] Grouping grid breaks when grouping store post-render, collapsing groups
  200. Chart bug on tab panel, rendered in other than selected tab..
  201. show problem with combobox & triggers in RTL mode of Classic theme.
  202. [CLOSED] Ext.window.Window hidden:false does not work
  203. BufferedStore Grid bugs: Grouping + Sorting
  204. [DUP] How to use sql proxy
  205. [CLOSED] Ext.Factory.controller undefined in Bindable
  206. [FIXED] Browser + Cmd warnings on a clean app generated by Cmd
  207. [OPEN] Error upgrading from ExtJS 4.2.1 to ExtJS 5
  208. [FIXED] ProxyStore is invoking a method that does not exist
  209. [CLOSED] New Release Missing Complete JS Files
  210. [FIXED] Ext.util.Observable always push undefined into listeners
  211. [FIXED] Ext.util.Cookies.get isn't unescaped
  212. [FIXED] GridFilters with custom filters
  213. [FIXED] Models with "idProperty" makes "Uncaught Error: Cannot load phantom model " error
  214. [FIXED] Ext 5 release - Portal example broken
  215. [CLOSED] Drag - drop in Ext.Tree.Panel not working after store.reload()
  216. [OPEN] Grid Filtering messes up the cell alignment
  217. [CLOSED] binding does not work when using "data" multiple times inside a formula
  218. [FIXED] Binding Tab Title Works Only For Active Tabs
  219. [FIXED] Ext.ux.IFrame should updated to avoid usage of renderSelectors.
  220. [FIXED] Loading Tree classes on demand doesn't work
  221. [FIXED] Global variable leaks
  222. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Model.load() doesn't work due to recordCreator
  223. [FIXED] Triggers rendering problem in RTL mode.
  224. [CLOSED] Bindable is failing on Ext.Factory.controller not a function
  225. [FIXED] Saved models will show the "dirty mark" in grids when using chained stores
  226. [FIXED] Store listeners leaked in Ext.grid.locking.View
  227. [OPEN] NodeInterface.copy needs maintenance
  228. Ext.Ajax.defaultHeaders not sent in requests
  229. [FIXED] Ext.grid.feature.GroupStore store listener leaks
  230. [OPEN] Expanding row causes scroll issues on tablet
  231. [FIXED] TypeError: tab.getActualRotation is not a function
  232. [FIXED] Code block typo in documentation
  233. [FIXED] useDefaultXhrHeader on a proxy has no effect
  234. [FIXED] Crash when subclassing treestore
  235. [CLOSED] Model 'id field leaks into subclasses
  236. [OPEN] Table layout works incorrect
  237. [CLOSED] Model.copy broken
  238. [FIXED] Ext.layout.container.Box should require Ext.resizer.Splitter
  239. Slider returns wrong value
  240. [FIXED] firefox, multi-line label and field height
  241. [FIXED] Missing translations for GridFilters plugin
  242. [OPEN] TreePanel and setRootNode collapse/expand
  243. [FIXED] Grid - Summary feature not working with convert/calculate fields
  244. [FIXED] Ext.Ajax.cors lingers in IE <= 9
  245. [CLOSED] Grid columns autoDestroy not respected
  246. Changing hash before launch causes action to be called twice
  247. [OPEN] Trigger tooltip
  248. [FIXED] Built Versions of Sencha Charts
  249. [FIXED] GridPanel - render issue
  250. [FIXED] header style of window and drag and drop