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  1. [OPEN] Download Documentation ExtJS 5.0.1
  2. Ext.mixin.Observable.relayEvents cannot specify event as "String".
  3. [DUP] Tag field with editable set to false still allows keyboard input
  4. [FIXED] Radiogroup fires remove event when moving a radiofield
  5. [OPEN] DragDrop in a grid with selType cellmodel gives an error
  6. [FIXED] Keyboard navigation in Ext.tree.Panel broken as of 5.0.1
  7. [OPEN] Model validation does not react to local settings
  8. [FIXED] Ext.chart.axis.Numeric - linkedTo can't be 0 index
  9. [FIXED] Sencha Charts - Axes linkedTo broken in nightly
  10. [DUP] Locking grid with checkboxmodel selection duplicates checkbox
  11. Extjs Grid - View issue
  12. [OPEN] Sencha Charts - Series beforerender and render events
  13. [CLOSED] Unable to update bindings that point to properties on model fields that are objects
  14. [OPEN] Sencha Charts - series renderer is run twice
  15. [DUP] ComboBox Bug
  16. [CLOSED] Calling getViewModel().bind() before component is added breaks bind configs.
  17. Forcing a layout update on a component
  18. [FIXED] Global event domain seems broken in 5.0.2
  19. 5.0 VBox and HBox layout do not layout correctly if dimensions specified only in CSS
  20. [NOREPRO] File upload works in IE 11, but not Firefox or Chrome
  21. Combobox binding bug
  22. [DUP] setValue of Tag field is broken
  23. [FIXED] Bug with grouped grids on a buffered store
  24. [OPEN] [5.0.2] Can't change multiSelect dynamically on ComboBox/Tagfield anymore
  25. [OPEN] Sencha Charts - highlight interaction should not be added when series has a tooltip
  26. [FIXED] cannot add destroyed item to container
  27. [FIXED] Tab switching bug
  28. Ext.grid.Panel doesn't show values like '<Null>'
  29. Overriding toolbar text color in scss
  30. [OPEN] Tooltip not working in gauge 5.0.1
  31. [DUP] Unable to download/preview chart with a legend
  32. [FIXED] [5.0.1] collapsed header panel does not render correctly in box layout
  33. [OPEN] Chained Store.load() undefined
  34. [OPEN] Scrolling grid with collapsed locked part (exception in IE8, bug)
  35. [FIXED] Grouped Grid Messes up on reload with widget columns
  36. [FIXED] How to set Series highlight with a theme
  37. [CLOSED] Crash in handleFocusEnter
  38. [OPEN] Chart missing data points in line series
  39. [OPEN] Bug report: Tree panel folder rendering (+/-).
  40. [] cacheFlexes: Cannot read property '1' of null
  41. [FIXED] RTL vertical toolbars don't apply correct margins
  42. [FIXED] Ext.grid.filters.filter.List not respecting documentation
  43. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.DirectStore uses deprecated "root" config of Json reader
  44. [INFOREQ] This method has been deprecated since 5.0
  45. [OPEN] Ext.FocusManager doesn't work
  46. [OPEN] Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
  47. [OPEN] Timefield and allowBlank
  48. [FIXED] regression checkboxmodel not clickable with latest nightly build
  49. [CLOSED] If create tooltip with target: Ext.element, autoShow: false - ignored
  50. [CLOSED] IE HtmlEditor - Auto text replacements
  51. [FIXED] TreePanel view becomes empty when store is loaded while the panel is hidden.
  52. [FIXED] Grid Panel RowClass No longer updates
  53. Application hangs when returning to inactive browser tab
  54. [CLOSED] GridPanel inside Window Flex Bug
  55. [FIXED] Sencha Charts - series label not rendered when value is 0
  56. [OPEN] Combobox behavior/feature not same between browser, relative to removing choice
  57. [FIXED] Model id property is still serialized even though nightly readme says that it is fixe
  58. [OPEN] combobox matchFieldWidth causes horizontal scroll bar if vertical scrolling
  59. [FIXED] Problem with destroy and action columns
  60. [DUP] Treepanel and widgetcolumn bug
  61. [DUP] Unwanted horizontal scrollbar when hideHeaders = true in grid
  62. [OPEN] HtmlEditor - fixKeys not called
  63. Theme: Bug in toolbar item `more`
  64. [OPEN] Locked tree panel missing header
  65. [OPEN] Locked tree scroll works incorrect when locked columns are collapsed
  66. ExtJS 5.0.1 - CellEditor automatically moved to (0,0) when refreshing layout
  67. [INFOREQ] Widget column layout not right before resize column or scrolling
  68. [NOREPRO] Adding a row to a grid in a border layout not working
  69. [FIXED] Button Menu: First menu item does not expand sub menu
  70. [FIXED] Button Menu: Selection in submenu doesn't close primary menu
  71. [DUP] 5.0.1 HtmlEditor, cursor jumping
  72. No warning or error should be generated when overriding
  73. [NOREPRO] locked grid with bound store, selection model select not working
  74. [FIXED] Child View is badly malformed when shown from Parent View referencing a View Model
  75. [OPEN] Enabling a tab does not change its colour
  76. [FIXED] Filter value invalid, http request take filter options value(not value) in
  77. [OPEN] Multiselector selection bug
  78. [CLOSED] TreePanel + JSON data
  79. [CLOSED] Combobox selection javascript error
  80. [CLOSED] Maximum call stack exceeded when filtering associated store
  81. [CLOSED] [ExtJS >= 5.0.1] selType: 'rowmodel' also selects cell
  82. [CLOSED] [] Sencha Cmd is incompatible
  83. [FIXED] [5.0.1] List filter includes call to Array.indexOf which is not supported in IE8
  84. [OPEN] [] + Azure 2 - Cannot read property 'authenticationsuccess'
  85. [INFOREQ] 5.1 Nightly (Nov. 26th) ensureId in Ext.app.BaseController
  86. [FIXED] xtype: 'displayfield' in ext-5.0
  87. [INFOREQ] Adding cellediting plugin causes bootstrap to fail
  88. IE 11 combo box scrolling issue
  89. [OPEN] Disabled 'checkboxgroup' is not visible
  90. [NOREPRO] Ext5 event order - tap / blur
  91. [FIXED] Missing italian localization of negativeText of Ext.locale.it.form.field.Number
  92. [DUP] Line series renderer do not work correctly
  93. [CLOSED] Sencha Charts - scale/gird incorrectly rendered when minimum/maximum provided
  94. Strange data view load mask in collapsible panel
  95. [FIXED] Ext.DomHelper.createDom removes content of previous created nodes in IE9
  96. [FIXED] Sencha Charts - Series renderer incorrectly assigns lineDash attr
  97. [FIXED] Ext.Number.sign inconsistent w/ Math.sign
  98. [FIXED] [] East collapsible panel isnt visible
  99. [FIXED] Comment Bug in Ext.Array.toValueMap
  100. [INFOREQ] Extra space in each grid's row when in IE 11 compared to Chrome
  101. [FIXED] Window percentage width and monitorResize
  102. [OPEN] TreeGrid - Can't expand/collapse with keyboard (useArrows=true)
  103. [FIXED] [ExtJS 5.1] Tagfield rendering is messed up in a collapsed fieldset(with layout vbox)
  104. [INFOREQ] Latest nightly, Sencha own example doesn't work with select state
  105. [OPEN] Latest nightly, Sencha own example cb multi select has diff behavior between IE/Chrom
  106. [DUP] Latest nightly, Sencha own example collapsed panel doesn't open completly
  107. [OPEN] Latest nightly, Sencha own example doesn't handle in IE11 autocomplete correctly
  108. [INFOREQ] Sencha own example about tabbing doesn't behave correctly, jumping to wrong row
  109. [CLOSED] Sencha own example not right with selecting all in grid SpreadsheetModel, need db clk
  110. [FIXED] [] BufferedStore sorting problem
  111. [OPEN] Sencha own example not handing focus correctly in grouped grid when vertical scroller
  112. [FIXED] Latest nightly, Sencha own example date picker not working on IE 11
  113. Sencha own example behave better in IE 11 than Chrom about auto scroll to show field
  114. [ Beta] Grid filter date picker. OK closes picker
  115. Combobox editor in datagrid won't show in IE9
  116. [DUP] 5.1 Beta - First mouse click on on Tab doesn't activate tab
  117. [OPEN] Issues with scroller in 5.1 Executive Dashboard Demo
  118. [FIXED] Sencha own example about big data failing with column header filtering
  119. [DUP] pagingtoolbar not initialised
  120. [FIXED] Grid tab behavior wrong when reaching checkbox, read only cell, or action column
  121. [OPEN] Sencha Charts - bar chart - not enough room to display series label placed outside
  122. [DUP] [ beta] Big Data example throws error when press enter in filter field
  123. [FIXED] Ext.dom.Query Pseudo Classes don't work in ExtJS 5.0.1
  124. [CLOSED] unable to specify a different view controller
  125. [OPEN] Sencha Charts - series tooltip ignores showDelay and hideDelay configs
  126. [FIXED] Sencha example not working with latest nightly build when reorder column in treegrid
  127. Binding notify problem with array binding
  128. [DUP] form in window ,tab key can't switch field
  129. [DUP] [EXT-5.1] Tabs not working (classic/gray) themes with Safari 7.1 on Mac OS X 10.9.5
  130. [CLOSED] Model Mapping not working
  131. [FIXED] Tab on Modal Window.
  132. [OPEN] CSS bug
  133. [DUP] Store loads when grid filter plugin is added
  134. [FIXED] Display problem with buffered grid with locked column
  135. [DUP] IE 11 Combobox doDelegatedEvent double call setValue
  136. [OPEN] Sencha Chart: Column and Line Series mixed with only one value renders weird
  137. [5.0.1 - 5.1b] TreePanel scroll problem
  138. [DUP] Unable to tab between form fields
  139. [FIXED] LiveSearchGridPanel - Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'down' of null
  140. [DUP] Date field picker collapses in IE when clicking to get month picker 5.1.0. beta
  141. [FIXED] Grid with Locked Column Display Issue
  142. [OPEN] Ext.app.BaseController redirectTo force bug
  143. [FIXED] tagfield backspace/delete erase all selected items bug
  144. [CLOSED] Plugin is broken if mixing in Observable
  145. [INFOREQ] selModel not respected for normalGridConfig
  146. [INFOREQ] IE9 latest nightly vertical scroll-bar not to newly added row
  147. [OPEN] IE11 and IE9 with build, leave column focus marker when reorder column
  148. [OPEN] IE9 with build IE9 focus on combobox is too wide in grid
  149. IE9 with build strange vertical marker on first lock column horizontal scro
  150. Selecting combobox item with down arrow on keyboard
  151. [FIXED] IE chart mouse click generating JS error with latest nightly build
  152. [FIXED] Annoying change in combo select event
  153. [FIXED] Widget column class not added to cell correctly after reconfigure when using locking
  154. [CLOSED] Latest nightly build, widgetcolumn not showing in all rows
  155. [FIXED] Grid number column filtering not possible for value 0 and pattern 0.0...X
  156. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Calendar picker collapses when setting month/year
  157. [FIXED] Date FIeld picker collapses when month picker selected (IE11) - Build
  158. [FIXED] ComboBox displays emptyText when store is not empty
  159. [FIXED] Recent nightly build blocking entering space in cell edit grid
  160. [FIXED] Many API doc examples fail - TypeError: object is not a function
  161. [FIXED] Group store with widget breaks on store.load
  162. [FIXED] combobox setValue problem with remote stores
  163. [FIXED] Performance deficiency bug in store revert code should batch UI update
  164. [DUP] Combox bind update bug
  165. [INFOREQ] Combobox autocomplete TypeError: selected[0] is null
  166. [INFOREQ] Cells show blanks when activating row editor in
  167. window bug
  168. [FIXED] viewport size bug in Safari ios 8.1.1
  169. [CLOSED] Grid row focusing issue in IE
  170. [FIXED] paginate grid doesn't scroll top when we load page on nightly
  171. [DUP] Unable to rejectChanges involving deleted model in store
  172. [FIXED] Bug form hide and show ExtJS 5
  173. [FIXED] Ext JS 5.1 Beta - Scroller not appearing on an iPad
  174. 5.1 in tablet
  175. IE8 not working with Ext.dom.Element style[hook.name] where hook.name == "color"
  176. [FIXED] IE 8/9 check box in grid can't unselect
  177. [OPEN] [ BETA] Circular reference with nested models and session.getSaveBatch()
  178. Unmask is having issue after build
  179. IE8 JS error: 'firing' is null or not an object
  180. Lockable Grid with RowEditing RowExpander and RowNumberer gets unexpected overlay
  181. [DUP] Latest nightly build fail smoke test with Sencha Cmd
  182. [FIXED] Error creating Viewport -
  183. [DUP] This is a bug with column layout?
  184. [CLOSED] Tagfield bugs
  185. IE8 Grid reconfigure, so slow that it shows: Stop running this script?
  186. [OPEN] Sencha Charts - Axis linkedTo config not working
  187. [NOREPRO] [5.1 Beta] DataView: itemcontextmenu and focus events timing problem
  188. [FIXED] [5.1 Beta] Menu: focusing first menu item automatically should be made optional
  189. [DUP] TagField broken on latest 5.1.0 beta
  190. [FIXED] [] Spreadsheet selection does not work when you use mouse
  191. [FIXED] Spreadsheet selection model
  192. [INFOREQ] [] BufferedRenderer.onBeforeStoreLoad tries to call undefined method
  193. [FIXED] Ext.menu.Menu not auto hiding when clicking non-focusable components
  194. [DUP] draggable config of Ext.draw.Sprite does not work for ext-charts-debug.js
  195. Click the Button in dropdown Menu will throw error in toolbar view
  196. [FIXED] cannot edit page number in combo pagingtoolbar
  197. [CLOSED] Cannot close window when form field has config msgTarget:'under' and allowBlank:false
  198. [CLOSED] Duplicate rows after reload on client side filtered grid
  199. [CLOSED] Maximum call stack size exceeded when loading large number of records into a store
  200. [OPEN] IE8 & IE9 slow grid with official Sencha Ext JS 5.0.1 example 'Executive Dashboard'
  201. [FIXED] Ext.form.field.Date
  202. [NOREPRO] error reverting a deleted row in the grid
  203. [NOREPRO] error deleting and reverting last row in the grid
  204. [INFOREQ] why is datachanged event not called
  205. [CLOSED] Grid with buffered store and checkcolumn problem
  206. ( Grid GroupingSummary Feature Broken
  207. [OPEN] Ext.ux.DataView.Animated does not understand binded store
  208. [NOREPRO] Padding in form fields
  209. [OPEN] Chart - Horizontal Bar Series - animation left to right
  210. [OPEN] Add more TreePanel configs to TreePicker
  211. [FIXED] Cell Editor plugin - textfield not accepting spaces
  212. [FIXED] CheckboxModel selectionchange doesn't fire when unselect rows
  213. [FIXED] Warning when calling removeAll on container containing image xtype
  214. [FIXED] chained store has no isMoving method
  215. [FIXED] [5.1 beta] Date column filter calendar doesn't appear
  216. [FIXED] Polar Chart's 0% or 100% displays line.
  217. [CLOSED] Dirty flag in grid does not disappear after sync
  218. Grid Column Menu Bug
  219. [FIXED] Crash when adding new record to tree with locked cols
  220. Selection model broken in TreeGrid
  221. [FIXED] the store getRemovedRecords no empty after saving to server via session.getSaveBatch
  222. [FIXED] 5.1 Knightly: Picker collapses on ENTER key
  223. BufferedRenderer refreshSize fails when no items in store (yet)
  224. [OPEN] Undesired collapsing (border layout + tagfield)
  225. [FIXED] [] ComboBox - findRecordByValue will not return false if record not found
  226. [FIXED] [] - ComboBox - typo in a warning
  227. [FIXED] IE8 Grid, horizontal scroll bar wrong position when coming back from another tab
  228. New Tooltip in date picker
  229. [FIXED] Buffered Store: Redundant loading of datastore when filtering and remoteSort is true
  230. [FIXED] Grid checkbox not showing up
  231. [FIXED] Container childmove event - bad documentation
  232. [FIXED] Paged ComboBox binding problem.
  233. [NOREPRO] tagfield - Randomly deselect all items in Chrome (PC & OSX)
  234. [DUP] Reloading buffered store fails if range is larger then items in store
  235. [OPEN] Scroll event is fired twice in IE9
  236. [FIXED] [5.1.0] ComboBox completeEdit needs to callParent
  237. [OPEN] Fields should validate as true if read-only?
  238. [OPEN] Editor is misplaced for last column in grid (IE8)
  239. [INFOREQ] Bug in Extjs 5.1 TypeError: Ext.platformTags is not an object or null
  240. [FIXED] [ext-] Application - missing ";" in the constructor
  241. Ext JS 5.1 - Documentation issues
  242. Ext JS 5.1 - Post GA Patches
  243. [OPEN] Wrong model class for associated records
  244. [FIXED] [] Menu not hiding if a menu item is never focused, several menus visible
  245. [FIXED] Menu onFocusLeave event called when floating set to false
  246. [FIXED] [] setDisabled(true) on formpanel doesn't enable buttons
  247. "Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function" in BufferedRender.js with
  248. [CLOSED] Application launch method not called when using Sencha Architect 3.1 / Ext JS 5.1
  249. [DUP] Why not make plugin have Bindable mixin?
  250. [CLOSED] Ext JS 5.1 GPL unhanded exception in BufferedRenderer.js line 207