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  1. [FIXED] Cannot stick chart item highlight by mouse click.
  2. [CLOSED] ExtJS 5.0.1 doesn't load in IE 8
  3. [DUP] Grid row deselect bug?
  4. Scroll grid when editing row with roweditor
  5. [CLOSED] Bug in form submit
  6. [INFOREQ] BUGREPORT: grid.Panel filltering and sorting issues
  7. Problem with getValue() of combo with editable: true
  8. [OPEN] startEdit method doesn't work in IE
  9. [FIXED] Combobox is not refreshing selection when store's filters change
  10. CMD builder ignores Ext.loader paths
  11. [DUP] Ext.panel.Header -> setTitle
  12. [CLOSED] 5.0.1 Error loading xml model, Uncaught Error: Invalid record id returned for [email protected]
  13. [FIXED] Writer: transform & rootProperty doesn't work (RangeError: Maximum call stack size)
  14. [OPEN] Grouped Grid startCollapsed becomes expanded after reload.
  15. [CLOSED] Child model inherits unwanted 'id' property from base
  16. [OPEN] Textarea in grid cell hidden by grid header on first row
  17. [DUP] Mouse doesn't work in an editable grid cell
  18. [CLOSED] Closing and re-opening window causes - Cannot read property 'dom' of null error
  19. [FIXED] Typo in Ext.util.Filter.isInvalid
  20. [OPEN] Bug on collapse group
  21. [DUP] Bug 5.0.1 - htmlEditor: Icons align center and right are swapped
  22. [FIXED] combo listbox collapses after clicking next page btn, scrollbar etc.
  23. [CLOSED] Method down() of Ext.Elment failed
  24. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Menu handler broken
  25. [OPEN] HtmlEditor disable bug: (fiddle inside)
  26. [INFOREQ] ChainedStore in ViewModel with global store as source
  27. [FIXED] Tab key not working when the Ext.FocusManager is enabled.
  28. [CLOSED] Grid paging toolbar does not work if the viewmodel store uses a source
  29. Combobox: typeahead and cursor navigation not working anymore
  30. [DUP] In a modal window tabbing between form fields selects the address bar
  31. [FIXED] Documentation of Ext.container.ButtonGroup.titleAlign's default value is wrong
  32. [OPEN] Error when i synchronize an associated store (with a session)
  33. Cannot bind to grid selection with cell selection model
  34. [OPEN] Default scale causes wrong display of buttons in Toolbar and ButtonGroup
  35. [OPEN] Can't select textfield on the Column header when selecting fast enough.
  36. Tree loses selection after click out of the node (Ext 5.0.1)
  37. [FIXED] Typo in jsdoc of Ext.form.CheckboxGroup#getErrors
  38. [OPEN] Ext.tab.Panel -> setActiveTab
  39. [OPEN] Ext.data.Field.convert() not called for idField if only calculated
  40. [FIXED] Ext 5: "isNonData" console error when grid store don't have any records
  41. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Form errors make the fields lose focus
  42. [FIXED] Extjs 5.0.1 - Cannot expand combobox in cell editing grid panel in IE8/IE9 browser
  43. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.filters.Filters not working on a grid with associated store
  44. [OPEN] Rowediting rejecting changes made to a field that was not defined in its model class
  45. Problem with "selectAll" functionality on a GridPanel with BufferedStore
  46. [OPEN] Ext.Mixin chaining invalid or docs need updating
  47. [FIXED] [5.0.2 nightly]
  48. [FIXED] wrong version number in version.properties
  49. [FIXED] "dropped"-state of model is not reset on model.reject()
  50. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Stateful grid columns don't show filtered class on state restore
  51. [FIXED] Boolean column is not refreshing after data changed
  52. tooltip distracts the focus from textfield
  53. [FIXED] Ext.Img overriding style config when using glyph
  54. Group Summary screwed up on Store Reload
  55. [OPEN] validateOnChange: false - not working
  56. [OPEN] BufferedStore PageMap and CheckboxModel Problem
  57. [FIXED] Documentation of Ext.util.Sorter use not existing Ext.List in examples
  58. [FIXED] Documentation bug in Ext.data.Store.getData(): wrong return type
  59. IE8 border color not respected
  60. [OPEN] IE8 opacity animation not working
  61. [FIXED] Button with fix width in column layout causes "[E] Layout run failed"
  62. [FIXED] Ext.data.schema.ManyToOne missing from API documentation
  63. [OPEN] Cell Editing
  64. Window with maximizable=true crash sencha app build
  65. [DUP] Draggable and resizable component cannot be resized
  66. [OPEN] Missing translation for Ext.grid.RowEditor
  67. [FIXED] [5.0.0] The 'resize' and 'boxready' events are not fired for the form fields
  68. [CLOSED] [5.0.1] Drag&Drop is not working with sorter
  69. [FIXED] Breadcrumbs bug in documentation
  70. [FIXED] [5.0.2] last nightly
  71. [OPEN] TextFiled Height 40 body bacground color problem
  72. [CLOSED] BoundList empty text doesn't appear on first letter typed
  73. [INFOREQ] [EXT JS 5.0.0] : When I use scrollTo with the plugin bufferedrender I've a random err
  74. [OPEN] ID property of reference field being removed in store.remove()
  75. [FIXED] Remote sort and remote filter in store results in multiple http requests
  76. [OPEN] Grid will not fire containerkeydown
  77. [CLOSED] [] Component fail to render when containing binded children
  78. Column header alignment completly broken when changing column order under hori-scroll
  79. [FIXED] 5.0.1 IE8 treepanel broken after editing
  80. [FIXED] IE8 lacks native "indexOf" method
  81. Dashboard part vertical resize bug
  82. 5.0.1 Tree and Checkbox - strange Behaviour
  83. [FIXED] binding grid selection - what if I deselectAll() ?
  84. Missing Ext.selection.Model.setLastFocused method
  85. [FIXED] UpdateRecord causes checkbox values in model to be true/false instead of inputValues
  86. fileuploadfield to upload file issue
  87. [FIXED] Summary feature not updating on record.set in 5.0.1
  88. [FIXED] Docs: Ext.event.Event example not working
  89. [DUP] 5.0.1.: Field type file not working on touch devices
  90. [CLOSED] ArrayStore is not displaying data on combobox.
  91. [OPEN] data.Reader throwing exception when model contains "length" field.
  92. [FIXED] Major performance issues with model associations
  93. [FIXED] Memory leak with charts
  94. [FIXED] Wrong Theming document about location of namespace configuration
  95. [FIXED] Empty text doesn't clear store's databinded filters
  96. [CLOSED] RowEditor's tooltip shows only first error of each field
  97. jsonstore load - if data supplied is mapped then store creates duplicate data
  98. grid column align with columnLines broken in nightly build when has both scrollbars
  99. [CLOSED] Grid layout broken on sort
  100. [OPEN] ExtJS 5.x trouble with summary line in grid with GroupingSummary feature
  101. [FIXED] Shrinking Form Fields in Production Build
  102. [OPEN] Disabled Panel Tool Neptune style
  103. [OPEN] Grid Cell Focus Overlays Row Editor
  104. Grouping is broken in 09/24 Nightly
  105. Ext.data.Validation isValid always true.
  106. Problem to use setLoading() method in extjs Window
  107. [FIXED] Grid scrolling selects first item in grid in IE9-11.
  108. Tooltip width - Chromium browser
  109. [FIXED] [core ExtJS 5] Bug/misspelling in ComboBox.js
  110. [DUP] Store load fires twice on Group By if store has remoteSort enabled and sorters config
  111. [FIXED] grid filters type:list - store not taken into account
  112. [OPEN] Bar Chart with Time axis doesn't show up
  113. [Ext 5.0.1] Grid cellediting bug (editor moved out of cell)
  114. [DUP] Form error validation with comboBoxes on Multi tab form
  115. [DUP] ComboBox 'Uncaught ReferenceError: value is not defined'
  116. [EXT JS 5.0.0] : When I use scrollTo with the plugin bufferedrender I've a random err
  117. [OPEN] Wrong constructor call for inherited Grid with locked column
  118. [OPEN] Legend customization in ExtJs 5.0
  119. IE Message Box Wrapping Text IE11
  120. [OPEN] Combo with emptyText breaks during selection
  121. [FIXED] Ext.Img.setGlyph has wrong optimization logic
  122. [FIXED] ComboBox.setValue broken
  123. [FIXED] ComboBox value binding change
  124. [FIXED] TagField triggerOnClick no longer working
  125. [FIXED] Tag field no longer updates picker if updated via setValue
  126. [CLOSED] Context menu events are broken in latest nightly
  127. Grid Column Alignment
  128. [FIXED] Put store from nested model to grouped grid
  129. [OPEN] Chart time axis minor step problem
  130. [DUP] selectionchange and select event fired twice - nightlybuild Ext JS
  131. Multiple explicit formula deep binds failing.
  132. [FIXED] Binded selection prevents from entering edit mode
  133. [OPEN] Grid Sorting disable not Working
  134. [CLOSED] [5.0.1] Grid Filters plugin causing store to load twice
  135. [CLOSED] Combo in DD grid reverts to value on blur
  136. [CLOSED] Error: Cannot add destroyed item
  137. ComboBox Paging Handling (Bug/Feature?)
  138. [CLOSED] Models with 'auto' property is not loaded correctly in Ext.JS 5
  139. [CLOSED] Javascript error when using Ext.data.Types in Ext 5
  140. Floating grid throws "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isNonData' of null"
  141. Tagfield loses selection on drag&drop
  142. SelectionModel.selectAll() broken in (and partially in 5.0.0)
  143. [OPEN] ( TreePanel Animation Broken with Fixed Height
  144. [INFOREQ] Error when cloning a phantom record (only in debug version)
  145. [FIXED] Itemselector is broken
  146. Combo with paging toolbar (remote store) closed on toolbar button click
  147. [OPEN] EventManager is now deprecated; what replaces it?
  148. [CLOSED] Select Field on Window Show not working
  149. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.0.1 - Ext.form.field.File - Blur Event Does Not Fire
  150. [OPEN] ExtJS 5.0.1 - Ext.form.field.File Cell Editor w/ Ext.grid.Panel - File field editor d
  151. [OPEN] Constrained windows positioning bug
  152. RowExpander uses incorrect colspan
  153. [FIXED] Grid empty text is not shown
  154. [OPEN] Dashboard part unnecessary right margin increase on re-order
  155. [FIXED] Toast steals focus
  156. [OPEN] Ext.util.KeyNav#addBindings does not allow keybindings by numerical codes
  157. [FIXED] [5.0.1] Remote filters in combo with gridfilter plugin ignores autoLoad false
  158. [FIXED] Cannot remove a Sorter object from a Sorter collection
  159. [OPEN] Sorted grid with buffered rendering enabled breaks row editor
  160. MVVM formulas parsing commented out lines
  161. [FIXED] 5.0.1 use viewcontroller scope in listener instead of component like the api doc
  162. [OPEN] grid selection model - allowDeselect:false - not working
  163. [FIXED] setValue on combo now fires select event in nightly builds
  164. [INFOREQ] Disable fields are getting validated in form
  165. [OPEN] Grid sorting is not disabling
  166. [FIXED] Combo auto-reset while typing with query and forceSelection
  167. [FIXED] IE 9 Object doesn't support property or method 'setLineDash'
  168. Panel Collapsed Problem
  169. [FIXED] Missing ViewModel definitions in Sencha Docs example for binding association
  170. [OPEN] grid cell "key" events *after* selection change ?!?!
  171. [OPEN] .x-item-disabled - missing on disabled menu items
  172. [CLOSED] menu.lookupReference('menuItemRef') returns null
  173. [FIXED] Panel#setTitle crashes when used in beforeRender hook
  174. [CLOSED] store insert behavior changed
  175. getViewModel().getStores('name') works but getStores() returns null
  176. [CLOSED] Naming conflict of store and object
  177. [OPEN] [5.0.1] Multiselector-search removes entries on opening
  178. [OPEN] Collapsed panel floating goes behind chart markers
  179. Cannot bind to not loaded tree store
  180. [FIXED] callSuper works in develoment but not in production
  181. [FIXED] Global variable leaks: Ext.data.field.Field
  182. [CLOSED] Bind integerValue
  183. [OPEN] Broken column menu for tree panel with filters plugin
  184. Random CSS Value As Result of EXTJS 5 build breaking Application
  185. [DUP] ExtJS 5 xtype datefield is not working when selecting month or year
  186. [FIXED] scrolling issue on android/chrome
  187. [FIXED] ComboBox closes when hovering over tooltip
  188. [DUP] ExtJS 5 Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu doesn't work correctly
  189. Combo Box with separate display value and paging in droplist nearly unusable
  190. [FIXED] Can't get draw Container's surface to work
  191. [FIXED] setRootNode renders nodes incorrectly
  192. Row Selection does not work when grouping a Buffered Store
  193. [FIXED] Autoload=false and stateful grid store always loads
  194. [DUP] Wrong data api called after record edit in tree panel
  195. [CLOSED] ExtJs 5 grid height Width issue. Bug in IE?
  196. Form markInvalid Not Working?
  197. [CLOSED] Hide event on menu being triggered before controller gets a chance to act?
  198. Combo box in window closes when hovering over item tooltip
  199. [INFOREQ] Erase model with writeAllFields in writer
  200. [OPEN] MultiSelector broken in 5.0.2 (latest nightly)... working in 5.0.1
  201. [FIXED] Tab Panel with disabled tabs broken in latest Nighly
  202. [FIXED] Combo innerTpl dissapears if combo value is bound to viewmodel
  203. Ext JS 5 , Grid column misplaced on zoom
  204. [OPEN] DragSelector UX broken after view refresh
  205. [FIXED] [5.0.2] missed scroll fix for active tab when title change
  206. [OPEN] Missing "itemId" on "Cancel" button of RowEditor
  207. [FIXED] ( fields in field container: field labels are invisible
  208. [FIXED] window header lacks cursor indication "move"
  209. [OPEN] z-index of Ext.getBody().mask("...") too small
  210. [FIXED] Databinding and dataview (Ext.view.View)
  211. [5.0.1] Tree/Grid Panel view empty when store refreshed while hidden.
  212. tagfield lastValue property not cleared on reset 5.0.1
  213. [OPEN] Overriding window title does not work
  214. [OPEN] Problem calling Model.load() after store load call.
  215. [OPEN] Chart tooltips don't function correctly in some circumstances
  216. [OPEN] Filter - fake warning - A Filter requires either a property or a filterFn to be set
  217. Method userSpaceScaleFactor in class NSView is deprecated on 10.7 and later
  218. [INFOREQ] Store insert/add to not fire "add" event if idProperty is set in the model in ExtJS5
  219. [OPEN] Checkbox rendering fails with RTL support
  220. [FIXED] Grid Columns and Headers are Misaligned
  221. [FIXED] ( ViewController: selectionchange handler not called anymore
  222. [INFOREQ] Grid column references incorrectly get attached to parent view
  223. [CLOSED] setValue of Ext.util.Filter is not changing the actual value.
  224. [FIXED] FilterCollection find method is not working
  225. [OPEN] Collapse panel to left or right
  226. [CLOSED] when setting extraParams, it sets all instance of store.
  227. [OPEN] Collapsed panel floating with a combobox, closing when choosing value from combobox
  228. [CLOSED] Browser crash when updating grid records repeatedly via setInterval
  229. [OPEN] Big in Ext.form.field.Tag: cannot bind to a new store
  230. Bug in Ext.form.field.Tag when typing
  231. [OPEN] Timefield selection bug
  232. [FIXED] api doc bug: on Ext.app.bind.Binding
  233. viewModel.bind only called one time
  234. Selecting a grid row programmically
  235. [DUP] validate() method of radiogroup does not show error
  236. [FIXED] [5.0.2.NIGHTLY] Expanding Tree Node throws error
  237. [FIXED] [5.0.2.NIGHTLY] Executive Dashboard demo broken
  238. [5.0.2.NIGHTLY] Metadata handling no longer works
  239. [OPEN] Updating a record in a store with a sorter fires add and remove events
  240. [CLOSED] [5.0.1] memory leak of widgetcolumn
  241. [5.x] Ext.form.field.Date: 1 of february month-arrows Chrome bug
  242. [NOREPRO] Chart and load store
  243. [FIXED] IE11 scrollbar issues in Tag fields
  244. ExJS multiselect combobox can't deselect selected item in IE 8
  245. [FIXED] Tree panel. Nodes do not expand after binding store second time.
  246. [OPEN] Collapsed panel floating shrinks its height after interacting with child components
  247. [OPEN] Moving items from one tree panel to another is very slow
  248. [5.0.1] Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function ext-all-rtl-debug.js
  249. [OPEN] ComboBox problems (typeAhead, selection model)
  250. [NOREPRO] [5.0.1] displayfield's renderer function cannot accept boolean values