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  1. [OPEN] Grid Panel Scrollable Config X/Y Settings Issue
  2. [OPEN] GridPanel cellediting checkbox with keyboard
  3. [OPEN] DateField - format without year loses year
  4. [OPEN] Misalignment of grid column menu when scrolled
  5. Firefox: nested columns reposition text of non-nested columns
  6. setSubStyle of series does not change series in runtime
  7. Cellediting in treepanel
  8. [CLOSED] Grouped grid scroll jump on cell edit
  9. [OPEN] Model.replaceFields does not update fieldsMap of prototype correctly
  10. [OPEN] beforeDestroy docs should indicate callParent() is required
  11. [5.1.0] TriFilter does not cope with falsey filter values
  12. [FIXED] Filter Range Not Working
  13. [FIXED] Ext.supports.Geolocation returns undefined
  14. [OPEN] textareafield box incomplete in IE10
  15. [FIXED] [ExtJS 5.1.1] Ext.Date.align requires third undocumented parameter.
  16. [FIXED] Grid: filter of type list with remoteFilter=true generate http request in loop
  17. [FIXED] Chrome: Changing chart data makes the y-axis have extra label
  18. [OPEN] Number field allows to paste any character
  19. Tooltip no longer shows on disabled button (as of 5.1.2)
  20. Cannot restrict comma in textfield
  21. [DUP] Glitch in tagfield when using emptyText config
  22. DataView: viewready fired before elements available
  23. FileField style doesn't set
  24. [FIXED] RowExpander Selection Bug
  25. Field in Firefox Height Grows with Label Height
  26. [NOREPRO] button with menu on Android 4.1 native browser
  27. Locked Tree grid freezing
  28. [OPEN] Grid - horizontal scroll issue on column resize for Touch supported device
  29. [OPEN] ViewModel parsing bug.
  30. [OPEN] dropdown focus issue
  31. [OPEN] Problems with markers on graphs
  32. Problem with checkboxmodel and layout border.
  33. [OPEN] incorrect DragTracker API doc and Resizer event issue
  34. [OPEN] Store load event called before metachange event (5.1.2)
  35. [OPEN] Mask retains on screen
  36. XTemplate in non visibible tab does not render when using binding on Component.data
  37. [OPEN] Ext.scroll.TouchScroller resets scroll position when it shouldn't
  38. [FNR] TypeError: clientRecords[i] is undefined
  39. [FNR] Arrow keys do not function as expected in textfield if used in widget column
  40. [INFOREQ] Grid row/cell editing with scroll jumps up to wrong cell
  41. [OPEN] Checkboxgroup with labelAlign top is not calculating appropriate height
  42. [INFOREQ] Bug when filtering with number at 0 (EXTJS
  43. [NOREPRO] Controllers and defaultListenerScope
  44. [NOREPRO] Summary + EmptyCellText: empty text shows in summary rows
  45. [OPEN] Tree Panel Key Navigation Selection Bug
  46. [OPEN] File upload field causes parent container to scroll to top
  47. [OPEN] Calling TreeStore's sort() does not sort store (with defined sorter).
  48. [FNR] Tooltip arrow changes position on mouse over button
  49. [FNR] Ext.data.proxy.Server.encodeFilters bug
  50. [OPEN] RowExpander & CheckboxModel Drag and Drop Issue
  51. Empty ComboBox closes Picker/BoundList on Enter
  52. [FIXED] [5.1.2] Ext.view.Table#onResize not passing oldWidth/oldHeight
  53. [FIXED] Container click will not stop editing
  54. websocket with textfield
  55. [FIXED] [5.1.2] Error on toast focus
  56. IE11 in touch sometimes position combo picker outside view
  57. ExtJS 5.1 Message box doesn't appear completely
  58. [OPEN] 5.1.2 "stretchInputElFixed" not used anywhere in the sources
  59. ProxyStore.sync always cleans all removed records
  60. [FIXED] Custom picker field does not allow any interaction inside Property Grid
  61. treepanel store reload failed when bufferrender working
  62. [Ext 5.1.1] dynamically created viewcontrollers with routes don't get called
  63. HTMLEditor Hyperlink Button Does Not Add Hyperlink
  64. Scrollbars Display on top of Date Picker on Mac OS X
  65. [CLOSED] Date Format bug
  66. [] Tab navigation in gridpanel broken
  67. ExtJS 5.1.2 Keyboard navigation breaking when enabling buttons in a toolbar
  68. summaryType is missing from the API documentation
  69. [OPEN] Rownumberer calculation mistake
  70. locked grid vertical scroll bar issue
  71. [FIXED] Textarea preventScrollbars disables grow
  72. [FIXED] getSelectionModel is undefined
  73. [5.1.2] Grids with no height set are not updated on store.removeAll()
  74. Two overrides, order changes depending on build.
  75. [FIXED] Bug: Why emptyText is not displayed in grid?
  76. The chart is broken when it's hidden and displayed after 30 seconds
  77. On migrating Ext 5.1.0 to Ext 5.1.1 fileuploadfield button text goes blank
  78. [INFOREQ] Bug in TimeField when underlying value is not a pre-listed interval
  79. [INFOREQ] Grouped Column Header stateful issue
  80. [INFOREQ] Grid with large no. of columns issue in IE.
  81. Intermittent bootstrap issues with Firefox
  82. [OPEN] Pagination is not working while using filter with Proxy type Memory.
  83. Extjs 5.1 - Issue with tabPanel tabPosition left
  84. Grid filters and buffered store
  85. [FIXED] Scrolling on desktop-touch hybrid
  86. [OPEN] TreePicker: expanding a node doesn't adapt the height of the picker
  87. Panel in fit center region: scroll to top when refresh is called
  88. [OPEN] Component.setXY() not chainable?
  89. [FIXED] Grid with buffered store and grouping feature
  90. [OPEN] Grid groupFeature and column reorder.
  91. Cell Editing Breaks Grouping
  92. [FIXED] Can't collapse a group column header if its value contains HTML encoding
  93. [INFOREQ] Locking grid - Focus Row issue
  94. [INFOREQ] Error in the view model of the component, inherited from a grid panel
  95. [INFOREQ] Recursive model
  96. Chained Stores aren't usable with a combobox with paging and boundlist
  97. [FIXED] treepanel + widgetcolumn + numberfield + treeviewdragdrop
  98. [INFOREQ] TreeView onRemove calls fireEvent with wrong function arguments signature
  99. Grid Controller - updater method unavailable for locked column on refreshNode
  100. [INFOREQ] Form fields TAB key is not working when Form is inside Window with model set to true
  101. [INFOREQ] ExtJS5.0.1 Pie Chart legends container issue
  102. [FIXED] Disabling form doesn't disable enclosed FieldContainer - with workaround override
  103. [OPEN] Gauge flicker if use donut (when update any value in owner component)
  104. Toolbar Buttons borders and background colour issue
  105. treepanel + widgetcolumn + combobox
  106. [OPEN] Ext 5.1 Validation message does not have enough space for small fields - with Fiddle
  107. view.refresh while on buffered portion of grid does not refresh properly
  108. Form fields TAB key is not working when Form is inside Window with model set to true
  109. ExtJS5.0.1 Pie Chart legends container issue
  110. [FIXED] JSON.decode error when JSON includes Line Separator character.
  111. [FIXED] ItemSelector with direct Store throws exception
  112. [OPEN] 5.1.2 Tree panel duplicating items on expand of parent
  113. [OPEN] Cartesian Chart limits issues with Firefox
  114. 5.1.2 idField and labelField ignored in List Filter
  115. Tab reordering issues with tab width
  116. Ext 5.1.1 Clicks on menu items trigger unwanted redirect in Chrome on some devices
  117. [OPEN] Ext.util.TSV.decode not decoding properly
  118. [OPEN] Resizable MessageBox
  119. [FIXED] ExtJS 5.1.3 - viewConfig enableTextSelection doesn't work
  120. [OPEN] Ext 5.1.2 Grid filters menu show throws error after grid is reconfigured
  121. wrong panels layout when using responsiveConfig
  122. Nested Grid with checkbox(selmodel) is not working
  123. Nested Grid with checkbox(selmodel) is not working
  124. Invalid markers of reused widgetcolumn fields not reset
  125. [OPEN] Area Chart show tooltip only at marker
  126. Message Target display error?
  127. Spreadsheet getSelectionModel().selected not returning correct results
  128. 5.1.2/Nightly Grid grouping displaying odd behaviour after sync
  129. [INFOREQ] Tabbed grids rendering issue
  130. [FIXED] Error on click in toolbar
  131. [INFOREQ] Model.save after failed Model.erase tries to delete again
  132. Upgrade guide for ExtJS 5 is missing
  133. [OPEN] BufferedRenderer: White space at the top of the screen and Invalid row count rendered
  134. Chart Memory Leak with Chrome browser
  135. ext 5 kitchensink not available
  136. Cant change picker icon to date icon for pickerfield
  137. [INFOREQ] Exception in component.getConfig('itemId') if itemId does not exist.
  138. PropertyGrid sorting on property display name
  139. [OPEN] HTML Editor after move getValue not working
  140. NumberField + WidgetColumn + DragDrop spin issue
  141. Pie Chart legend click issue
  142. [INFOREQ] Cell Editor src doesn't match docs - Ext 5.1.3
  143. Can't find Display.js file
  144. [OPEN] contextMenu on disabled components
  145. Ext.chart.AbstractChart Not Found in JSDuck
  146. [INFOREQ] NodeInterface: isBranchLoaded not processing childs
  147. NodeInterface: callback too early for recursive expandChildren
  148. Panel with headerPosition left/right: height becomes fixed after expand
  149. Key Event gets passed down and written as textfield's value
  150. [FIXED] Missing API documentation?
  151. In datefield, the months and years disappear.
  152. [OPEN] Grid header and view scroller out of sync when resizing
  153. [FIXED] CellEditing plugin: validateedit value lost
  154. TypeError: c is not a constructor
  155. Pickerfield: collapse prevented by picker beforehide() returning false not recognized
  156. Tag field type ahead text remain even after selection
  157. [OPEN] Moving Composite Sprite w/ Ext.Draw (fiddle included)
  158. RenderData for Labelable doesn't work
  159. [INFOREQ] Grid header menu does not expand any longer
  160. CellEditing.startEdit() Leaves Cell Editor Open
  161. css order not work in build
  162. Dirty combo on load
  163. How can I fix TreePanel's width calculation?
  164. Hide Column Moves Dropdown Menu
  165. RowExpander doesn't expand some rows if they are many rows in a grid
  166. [OPEN] Re-rendering Docked Components to a Grid Break Scrolling
  167. Combobox firing blur event upon scrollbar click
  168. Grid with buffered store, ext js breaks library
  169. [OPEN] Extjs Grid Cut/Copy Paste with leading & trailingbuffer Performance Issue
  170. Tag field tab out
  171. Clicking a menu separator leads to a JS error
  172. [OPEN] Line chart - lineDash bug
  173. Calendar- Unable to display events for daylight saving times on Month and week view.
  174. [CLOSED] fieldset colllpse method not work
  175. Dashboard layout broken with active browser zoom
  176. [OPEN] bug with bufferedRenderer ExtJS 5.x, 6-x, 6.2
  177. [OPEN] QuickTip showDelay bug
  178. Tree Panel Drag and Drop is slow if there are 1000 items in the tree
  179. [OPEN] Moving grid columns destroys bindings
  180. [OPEN] Grid Column Headers Sort Arrow can overlap text
  181. [INFOREQ] TinyMce Textarea height is not proper on slow network connection.
  182. Bug in adding the rowExpander
  183. Axis Labeling Problem
  184. [INFOREQ] State PRovidere restore failed layout
  185. ReferenceHolder not set with ViewController
  186. Copy paste butteins from word to htmleditor in IE11 is not working
  187. The submenu doesn't hide
  188. [DUP] ExtJS 5 Label in Toolbar not updated when overflow
  189. Google Chromebook Mouse Events
  190. Memory leak in ExtJS 5.0.1 on IE11
  191. polar chart in EXT js 5.1.1
  192. [INFOREQ] typeahead in combobox clicking on screen after selecting value throws error
  193. BufferedRenderer throws error when a renderer function causes another grid to update
  194. Resolving Google Feeds API Load Failure
  195. Tree disappears when a node is collapsed
  196. Cant scroll upwards in Grid with BufferedRenderer and variableRowHeight (Chrome)
  197. [FIXED] Chart reload Error sprite.getMarker
  198. [FIXED] deferEmptyText: false ignored since ExtJS 5.1.2/6.0.2
  199. [INFOREQ] ExtJS 5.1.2 ComboBox scrollbar not displayed in Google Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87
  200. [INFOREQ] Duplicate Records generated after delete operation on filtered Records
  201. Unable to check child records on click of parent checkbox
  202. Uncaught Error: [Ext.createByAlias] Unrecognized alias: grid.filter.listgroup
  203. Endless loading of filtered tree node with unsuccessful server response
  204. ExtJS 5 is broken in Firefox 52 when laptop has a touchscreen
  205. [OPEN] mismatch summary width
  206. Right click fires click event but not contextmenu
  207. [OPEN] TreeView BufferedRenderer Layout bug: doAdd: record is undefined
  208. Scrollable RadioGroup in VBox Container
  209. [OPEN] DisplayField documentation is incorrect regarding submitValue config (5.1.1)
  210. [OPEN] Unable select next record after filter grid
  211. Ext.Assert not work
  212. TreeStore many loads get many nodes.
  213. [INFOREQ] Hide/show container impact grid display
  214. Buffered Renderer on grid with locked column requests too many pages
  215. REST proxy: Record specific url for batch edit sync of multiple records
  216. [OPEN] Chrome Update 59 Breaks All Charting in 5.1.X
  217. Fields layout on resize
  218. Invalid ids are allowed in minified code
  219. [INFOREQ] ExtJS 5 setSize sometimes doesn't set height
  220. Scroll position inconsistent on laptop with touch enabled
  221. Cellediting tab navigation not working after edit completed with a different key
  222. Time axis step funtion for month is not working
  223. Ext.selection.CellModel#getPosition method return null in deselect event
  224. [DUP] Window is rendering beyond bottom of View
  225. [ExtJS 5.1.4] Ext.window.Window is rendering beyound View
  226. Grid Row Expander Blocks page (can't click) with x-scroll-scroller Div
  227. Ext JS 5.1 scroll do not preserve its position on store load
  228. Ext JS 5.1 scroll do not preserve its position on store load
  229. Where to download extjs5.1.4
  230. Grid Scroll moves to left most position when grid stores load on touch screen devices
  231. Numberfield showing only initial number when it is in specific currency format
  232. Panel tool QTip at bottom edge of browser screen - weird behaviour
  233. Filtering after Grouping ExtJS column throws “Maximum call stack size exceeded” error
  234. Datefield Picker lost on month/year click on mobile devices
  235. Form is scrolled when field container is present
  236. Ext.form.field.Tag 5.1.0 Loses selection when you use the scrollbar
  237. Documentation bug
  238. Problem with filters
  239. Tag config-filterPickList under extjs5 not working