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  1. Tagfield not selecting loaded values in dropdown
  2. [CLOSED] Datefield browser zoom out to 90% messes up Month/Year picker.
  3. [DUP] Ext.data.operation.Operation.doProcess doesn't update associations
  4. [OPEN] Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu not working in FireFox 38.0.5
  5. Ext.util.Format.fileSize provides wrong binary prefix
  6. [INFOREQ] treeStore (with session) should use the session to create records
  7. [OPEN] Datepicker not rendering to a HTML <DIV> tag placed inside a <TD>
  8. [FIXED] Ext.selection.CellModel getPosition() method returns null in 5.1.1
  9. 5.1.1 VBox and scrollable (or overflow) cause "Layout run failed" errors
  10. [INFOREQ] Proxy updateModel() bug when using setFields on a store
  11. Mobile device scrolling issue when in IFrame
  12. [OPEN] Foreign key deleted when reading nested data
  13. [FIXED] Bug in Tag component
  14. [INFOREQ] store.sync() does not trigger view refresh and getRowClass() call
  15. [FIXED] Firefox click and contextmenu events
  16. [CLOSED] Creating a new model automatically adds it to associated store if using a session.
  17. [OPEN] Styling issue lead to missing arrow in scrollbar
  18. [INFOREQ] Potential bug in Schema#addLegacyHasMany
  19. [OPEN] Scroll Bar moving back to top position on reload. Need it to preserve its position
  20. [CLOSED] Showing columns (hidden by default) via grid.applyState isn't working
  21. [OPEN] passing node array to NodeInterface.insertBefore()
  22. Ext 5.1: Group Feature Can not handle nulls
  23. ExtJS5.1 - bug of "floatCollapsedPanel"
  24. docs: treepanel's selectPath() and ensureVisible() allows path to be record entity
  25. [OPEN] multiSortLimit config seems not working
  26. 5.1.1: Ext.data.Model.unjoin deprecated in Compatibility Layer broken
  27. GridPanel emptyText not deferring for bound store
  28. [INFOREQ] Ext.form.field.Base raw value bug
  29. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.writer.Json: Empty request payload with transformed batched data
  30. [FIXED] record.getAssociatedData does not work if association set with parent session record
  31. Issues after applying filter programmatically on grid
  32. [FIXED] Ext.data.Store.sort typo in the documentation
  33. HtmlEditor: Keyboard input 'Enter' is valued as empty div tag
  34. Polar Chart's Legend's "itemclick" Event Not Firing
  35. [INFOREQ] ExtJS Default Grid Statefulness Functionality Not Restoring sorting of columns
  36. Shifted locked grid in firefox, when locked column has width
  37. [OPEN] Delete key doesn´t work in textfields with maskRe
  38. [FIXED] groupHeader issue when the grid enableLocking:true and ftype:'groupingsummary'
  39. Problem with empty field and grouping grid on EXT JS 5.1
  40. [CLOSED] Tooltips cropped in Crisp theme
  41. [CLOSED] MessageBox html not showing and events not firing
  42. [FIXED] Grid : BufferedRenderer + Locking + GroupingSummary = bug on destroy if store updated
  43. [DUP] Unable to do a form.submit with standardSubmit = true when the js are compressed
  44. [] Combobox no longer displays selected value
  45. [OPEN] Htmleditor collapses on font change
  46. [INFOREQ] Treestore reload not showing all nodes
  47. [INFOREQ] Grid navigation - when using key down scrolls 7-8 rows instead of 1 row
  48. [FIXED] [ExtJS 5.1.1] Groups dissapearing in grid after refresh
  49. [FIXED] Grid panel with buffered store and lockable columns
  50. [FIXED] doQuery output in Combobox
  51. Fieldset top line miss
  52. Disappear borders of buttons in toolbar
  53. [ExtJS 5.1.1] Reloading treestore bug
  54. GridView - Runtime error when Scrollbars and Column locking are enabled.
  55. [CLOSED] Grid column header text cut off for descender letters
  56. [CLOSED] Time Picker getValue() does not return correct date value
  57. [OPEN] Toolbar overflow menu
  58. [FIXED] enableLocking grid fires 'select' twice
  59. TextField maskRe [0-9] allows comma and other charas in IE 11
  60. [DUP] Removing multiple records from a store throws an expection
  61. Treepanel not loading
  62. [FIXED] Mouse scroll is not handled properly in firefox
  63. [FIXED] Ext.form.field.Picker#setEditable not handling onTriggerClick of inputEl
  64. [OPEN] RowEditor fails to update on TreeGrid
  65. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.column.RowNumberer's text set 'No',not display.
  66. [INFOREQ] Grid: Ignores prototype values like trailingBufferZone or leadingBufferZone
  67. [OPEN] Dataview item click not working in ext- nightly
  68. checkOnly config of checkbox selection model not working with editing plugin
  69. Browser Zoom Issue
  70. Locked and buffered grid cannot delete last rows without error
  71. [FIXED] TimeField issue when default Value does not match increment
  72. Bug in Firefox with checkboxes in grid
  73. [OPEN] Asymetric hasMany relationships
  74. [OPEN] No ellipsis in long title of tabs
  75. What in ExtJS 5.1.1 fixed the bug that BufferedStore loads the first page twice?
  76. [OPEN] Dashboard Column Alignment Issue
  77. target.lookupController(false) returns true in chrome 44.0.2403.125 m
  78. [INFOREQ] Grid filtering bug: "Cannot read property 'down' of null"
  79. Editor Sticks to bottom of grid upon scrolling
  80. Extjs 5.1.1 - ComboBox - getValue()
  81. [FIXED] Locked grid : Problem row height with multi-line cells
  82. Documentation bug in Ext.ux.colorpick.*
  83. Collapsing TreePanel with WidgetColumn throws TypeError
  84. [OPEN] Grig drag and drop breaks deleted record synchronization
  85. Click on link in grid column -> focus grid row not working IE11
  86. [OPEN] Multi Slider field problem with both thumbs at 100%
  87. [FIXED] Grid Scroll Bar jumps to top on selecting a record.
  88. View dragdrop plugin scrolling issue
  89. [CLOSED] Vertical Button getHeight method fails
  90. Grid editor bugs
  91. [CLOSED] EXT 5.1.0 Window Bug
  92. [FIXED] Tool tip shadow bug (IE 9)
  93. Grid Scroll Bug in Firefox 17.0.5
  94. Non-identified circular reference causes onReady to never be called.
  95. [CLOSED] On store load, combobox does not reflect loaded store
  96. [CLOSED] Config System behaviour with array values
  97. CartesianChart which leads to 'TypeError: n.toPrecision...' in Ext JS 5.1.1
  98. Grouping by complex value field ExtJS 5.1.1
  99. [OPEN] ARIA - Removed tab is activated on removal if other tabs are disabled.
  100. ExtJS 5.1.1 - IE8 - Paging toolbar causes Layou run failed
  101. [DUP] Browserdifferences in focus event firing behaviour on application switch
  102. File upload fields have the wrong width
  103. [FIXED] Renderers in ViewControllers are not called when dependent fields are updated
  104. [FIXED] Subtable plugin formatting issue on firefox
  105. [DUP] Treeview Drag Drop plugin does not work on Chrome with Lenovo Yoga 2 pro
  106. [CLOSED] stopEvent doesn't work in groupclick
  107. [CLOSED] Grid clear filter not clearing the filter values.
  108. Ext.window.Window header and body do not resize when the browser window resizes
  109. Drag and drop outside the browser display area breaks extjs-all.js (line19)
  110. Grid scrollbar stay visible when collapsed in a border layout
  111. [FIXED] Sorting, Filters and selModel spreadsheet
  112. [NOREPRO] FileField text disappears on FF 40.0.2
  113. Select all doesn't work when groups are collapsed
  114. [OPEN] Saving model (via direct) with callback ends with exception: Callback argument is...
  115. Pie Chart Series Label does not apply font config
  116. [FIXED] [5.1.0] Validation of ComboBox doesn't occur if query is vetoed
  117. [OPEN] Iteminfo not working in CartesianChart
  118. [FIXED] ForceSelection ComboBox rawValue bind not updating with typed value
  119. Form fields: initDraggable not called
  120. Ext.menu.Menu infinite loop
  121. [FIXED] Grid not able to sort on first click in column header.
  122. Empty space in grid after filtering with gridfilters plugin
  123. [FIXED] showHeaderCheckbox issue in extjs > 5.*
  124. Grouping Grid fails when record is filled with null, undefined, empty strings
  125. Race condition with ViewModel formulas and Model loads
  126. Ext.form.field.File text disappears in Firefox 40
  127. TaskRunner fires event on start by default
  128. [OPEN] [Ext JS 5.1.1] pagingtoolbar: wrong total number of pages
  129. Crash of Chrome
  130. Buffered grid view does not show records on subsequent adds when records are replaced
  131. Locked grid crash if scrolling while refresh is called
  132. [FIXED] emptyText causes problem with initial display in Tagfield
  133. [FIXED] [Docs] Ext.data.Model.hasMany links to itself
  134. [CLOSED] Ext.menu.Menu's and associated body element's scrollTo methods do not work
  135. [FIXED] Clicking on a checkbox scrolls the form!
  136. [DUP] Cannot type into a tagfield when it is empty and has emptyText
  137. [DUP] Error when restoring grid state after a subcolumn has been moved
  138. combobox with queryMode: 'remote', default value no selected.
  139. multiselect field validation focus not working - border not highlight in red color
  140. EXTJS 5.1.1 Lock Grid Error
  141. Bug in Ext.coerce() ?
  142. [FIXED] Anchoring a hidden component is invalid on show
  143. [DUP] Summary Feature Creates Error in Lock Grid
  144. [OPEN] Response object in an AJAX call is not showing status codes other than 200
  145. [INFOREQ] No global MyApp
  146. [INFOREQ] addListener and addManagedListener not defined on ViewController subclass
  147. [OPEN] Custom data field validator not passing in record, just the value
  148. [OPEN] ComboBox autoComplete bug?
  149. [OPEN] Ext 5.1 - Combobox Options are Collapsing when there is a matching Record.
  150. Gridwidgets not rendered when grid not visible
  151. Scrolling is not working in Microsoft Edge
  152. [OPEN] Ext.draw.plugin.SpriteEvents passes the wrong sprite parameter to listeners
  153. checkbox group bug on Ext 5.1
  154. [OPEN] multiColumnSort: events, state and setSorters issues
  155. [INFOREQ] Ext 5.1 - Occasionally dom is null in CellEditor after sorting the grid
  156. Observable listener priority does not work
  157. [OPEN] Collapsed by default panel doesn't render
  158. Ext.draw.plugin.SpriteEvents fires events on destroyed sprites
  159. Spriteclick event bug
  160. [DUP] Grid summary with cellediting plugin - update error
  161. [OPEN] Ext - Tagfield does not respect readOnly settings
  162. [FIXED] Ext - Grid checkcolumn doesn't return record in checkchange event
  163. Ext - Grid checkcolumn checked by click on it with right mouse button
  164. ComboBox forceSelection clears input
  165. [FIXED] Checkboxgroup on the bottom first select will scroll to the top
  166. [FIXED] treeviewdragdrop IE10 - getAttribute function undefined
  167. Ext.util.ClickRepeater.disable triggers an infinite click event
  168. [OPEN] Model.reject() results invalid fields in extjs form
  169. [FIXED] spreadsheet model with cell editing - tab throws error??
  170. No localization of default message in Ext.LoadMask
  171. Extjs Combobox list and Date picker issue in HP Revolve Chrome
  172. panel.collapse don't work on hidden panel
  173. [CLOSED] model.set {dirty: true} fail when field value dont have changes
  174. [OPEN] sencha chart problem
  175. [OPEN] Panel Dran'n'Drop bug
  176. Locking Column Issue after Loading Data
  177. [OPEN] Textarea gets chopped off in IE10
  178. [OPEN] getHeaderContainer not a function for Table with locked columns
  179. JSON writer does not reverse map nested associations
  180. [FIXED] locking grid, scroll the scroll bar will be the wrong line
  181. Extjs 5 - Combobox picker issue
  182. [CLOSED] Application hungs in FireFox version >= 39
  183. [OPEN] inputting spaces into grid will cause the cell focus shows incorrectly
  184. ComboBox selection with local filtering
  185. [OPEN] [Locale] The thousand separator for numbers is &thinsp; and not "." in German
  186. [FIXED] ExtJS bug with combobox and splitter in one container
  187. [OPEN] Not truly works method selectHighlighted for Ext.view.BoundListKeyNav
  188. [OPEN] Chromebooks do not register clicks
  189. IE8: Images and box labels of disabled checkbox/radiobutton look like enabled
  190. Scrolling issue with Cartesian Charts
  191. [OPEN] onDrag highlight is not working on the other grid when the grid is lockable.
  192. [CLOSED] Grid title width config not honoured
  193. Button tooltip issues
  194. selectOnFocus : true doesn't work
  195. [OPEN] Child components for floating panels return incorrect isVisible value
  196. Ext.ux.TreePicker picker scroll top on item expand
  197. [FIXED] List filter destroy can't handle stores that were defined via string identifiers
  198. [OPEN] Grid with locked widget column and row misalignment
  199. [OPEN] DatePicker sets selectedCls to default ignoring the config object.
  200. [FIXED] Checkboxgroup on the bottom first select will scroll to the top
  201. ExtJS 4.2 to 5.1.1 upgrade
  202. [OPEN] Parent associated store not updated with childSession.save()
  203. [FIXED] Read-only combobox still editable in FF
  204. [OPEN] IE 11 Add / Edit new record in a grid with Combobox does not get loaded with the stor
  205. [OPEN] Floatable Panel Not on Top and Closes Unexpectedly
  206. [OPEN] Ext.grid.filters.Filters filter: 'list', Can not choose null values
  207. [OPEN] fieldDefaults applied too late, leading to data loss
  208. Ext - TreeStore w/trackRemoved:false throws on null removedNodes property
  209. ExtJS 4.2 to 5.1.1 upgrade
  210. [OPEN] Line chart area fill issue.
  211. Row Editing plugin adds record to a store without allowing opportunity to Edit
  212. [FIXED] Vbox scrollable panel not working on touch devices with non-scrollable sub-panels
  213. ExtJS 4.2 to ExtJS 5.1.1 upgrade grid retrieve issue
  214. [FIXED] checkbox group bug : the scroll bar will atuo move to the top of the screen
  215. Ext.data.TreeStore.load: variable operation is used before initialization
  216. alignTo document doesn't work
  217. [OPEN] Initialize store without root folder
  218. [DUP] Column header layout bug in latest firefox
  219. [FIXED] TreeStore: loadRawData not processing linear data (using parentId)
  220. [FIXED] How to make axis labels look better on Gauge control?
  221. When documenting new features, add line "this is not implemented yet" until finished
  222. [OPEN] Message box alert without title shows previous title
  223. [FIXED] Remote proxy does not send store filters whose value is falsy
  224. [OPEN] Uncaught TypeError: d.toggleSortState is not a function
  225. [OPEN] Number Format
  226. [OPEN] CheckboxGroup's added items are not validating properly
  227. [DUP] Disable and Binding
  228. [CLOSED] Duplicated groups in GridPanel
  229. view.lookupReference is not a function error in Button ViewController
  230. ExtJS 5.1.1 blur and onclick issue
  231. [FIXED] [5.1.2 AND 5.1.1 ] Exception in button handler causes handler to be called on hover!
  232. [CLOSED] Store's query result filled with undefined
  233. Dropdown functionality lost in ExtJS 5.1.1
  234. [DUP] Ext Decode issues with JSON Data having leading zeroes
  235. [OPEN] Ext JS 5+ column renderer is not called if a formatter is specified as well
  236. [FIXED] TreeStore (and others): Ext.raise instead of Ext.Error.raise
  237. [OPEN] Rowediting autoCancel: false and errorSummary:false
  238. [FIXED] Locked grid header gaining height
  239. [FIXED] TextArea grow bug with
  240. HTML Editor shortcut keys not working in firefox
  241. [FIXED] Possible undefined parentNode in Ext.event.publisher.Focus.processFocusIn
  242. [FIXED] StateProvider: Width of locked column not applied
  243. Ext.tree.NavigationModel onKeyEnter bug
  244. [OPEN] [ExtJS 5.1.2] Ext.ux.colorpick.Selector: Handles cut off
  245. Chart not rendering properly, if htmlEncoded data is used.
  246. Combobox data for Display value is not decoded before rendering.
  247. Top scrollup button hides behind grid after 4.2 to 5 upgrade
  248. [CLOSED] Ext.panel.Tool click event arguments
  249. The date format with date filter and state provider is not always respected
  250. ExtJS 4.2 to 5.1.1 upgrade filefield style issue