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  1. [OPEN] Application Unresponsive
  2. [CLOSED] processBilder: function() - missing config argument
  3. [INFOREQ] Inline Class: Uncaught Error: NotFoundError: DOM Exception 8
  4. [FIXED] Preview Project Setting
  5. [DUP] Showstopper bug for me in Grid "ProcessConfig" function
  6. [INFOREQ] Desktop Window Focus with Version: 3.0.0 Build: 1221
  7. [OPEN] SA3-beta (extensions don't import, can't change storage location)
  8. Architect SA3-beta freezes then goes blank after clicking any menu item.
  9. [CLOSED] Method removeAll not destroy buttons within the FormPanel
  10. "The application is unresponsive"
  11. [INFOREQ] Applying a theme SA hangs
  12. [FIXED] Form Data Binding Error on Model Change
  13. [INFOREQ] Model and Store Names Mysteriously Renamed
  14. Safari 6 won't load projects created by architect 3 (extjs 4.2)
  15. build project command produces 'ext' dir with4650 files!
  16. [1221] Undo is unpredicable, Redo unpredictable
  17. [OPEN] [1221] can not add package to 'requires' attribute in application
  18. [INFOREQ] SA3 will not "Create New" in Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.5 running in VMware
  19. [INFOREQ] error when Save from Settings
  20. [OPEN] Setting the Button UI to "decline" will cause this error
  21. [NOREPRO] Custom Extended Proxy "Create Override"
  22. [OPEN] tag 'iframe' not accepted
  23. [OPEN] SA Touch dataview.lIst grouepd:true not possible
  24. sheet in Sencha Touch 2.3 has line over html box, also scrollable-html disappears.
  25. [FIXED] promote button to Class
  26. [OPEN] [1261] Upgrade from 1221 Crashes in XP
  27. [1261] New Build Settings Dialog does not close when save button is pressed
  28. [1261] Bug : Build Settings Save Confirmation + Inconsistant user feedback actions
  29. [FIXED] [ALL] Code editor loses focus and cursor position on save
  30. Mixed-Mode x-compile and microload markup is currently unsupported
  31. [3.0.0 1261] "New Component" Menu no worky - takes you to project inspector search
  32. [3.0.0 1261] ER : Application Hooks for 3rd party code generators/tools
  33. Delete model left a reference in Application causing app failure
  34. Minor problem creating new project
  35. [OPEN] Adding a comment to an External JS class causes a crash
  36. Added Classic Theme, changed button color, now Screen is white
  37. [3.0.0 1261] ER : Framework variations should be available under Resources > Library
  38. [INFOREQ] SA 3 Build 1261: Crash when click in the Create new project button
  39. [OPEN] [1261] Unable to set format on NumberColumn
  40. [OPEN] Can't assign JS resource to a dynamic file
  41. [OPEN] Teeny weeny bug. SA 3 no longer warns when duplicate variable
  42. style sheets not complete
  43. [CLOSED] Doesn't display a Tab when click on a method
  44. [FIXED] Shortcut "Replace" doesn't work on Mac
  45. Add a variable null to a controller
  46. [FIXED] Saving the project changes the current method
  47. [FIXED] Change tab change the method
  48. Cupertino iOS 7 theme not working on nativ
  49. SA 3 Build 1261 - New project from blank uses wrong path for themes
  50. The right border of the Number Field disappears at 80% of label width
  51. [INFOREQ] Build 1278 does not open project correctly
  52. [OPEN] SA3 1278: Class tranformation throws error
  53. [FIXED] [SA3 v3.0.0.1278] Build web app -> issue with the bootstrap
  54. [FIXED] app.json incorrectly modified when saving JS resources
  55. [3.0.0 1261] Sencha Architect should regenerate the app.json when it is corrupt
  56. [3.0.0 1278] ER Output pane should be movable
  57. [INFOREQ] [3.0.0 1278] Build publishing to /_Publist/testing directory in publish folder
  58. [3.0.0 1278] Error when compiling theme
  59. Build Not working... OSX Mavericks Ships With Ruby 2.x series
  60. [INFOREQ] beizar bug - disappring class on save
  61. Really Starting to Lose Faith, Here....
  62. [CLOSED] SA Build 1297 - After upgrade Configuration problemwith ext.loader
  63. [FIXED] Build Fails for Large Project
  64. Feature Request: Add support for JSDuck
  65. Requires Statements Inserted - Breaks Build
  66. Feature Request? Publish for Web Application.
  67. Css does not show
  68. Error when Upgrading App from CMD 4.0.0 to 4.0.1
  69. Guess I am NOT upgrading from SA2 to SA3 anytime soon.
  70. [FIXED] SA3 RC Bug - Pays no attention to Library Base Path
  71. [CLOSED] [3.0 RC1] autoCreateViewport config missing and SA injecting Ext.create for initial
  72. [3.0 RC1] Update to RC1 fails
  73. [3.0 All] If Cmd has error, mask is stuck in limbo
  74. [FIXED] Ignore .svn directories
  75. Can not get SA2 Ext 4.2.2 app to run with SA3 RC
  76. [FIXED] Trivial: click on "changelogs" send you to v2's docs instead of v3's docs
  77. Will you please let me know when I can test with Ext.Direct
  78. a communication error has occured(Sencha Architect 3)
  79. Textarea style settings not working
  80. [OPEN] Error with preview after changing class name
  81. app.js rewritten to include only a single class
  82. [INFOREQ] Update to build 1318 fails
  83. [INFOREQ] Convert to Action bug
  84. [OPEN] Grid > Column > dataIndex unable to "reset" to null (none) value
  85. [FIXED] with SA3RC1, on install said send "anonymous stats", help about shows unchecked
  86. [FIXED] trivial - typo in Documentation link on welcome page goes to non-existing page
  87. Cannot update app to CMD
  88. [CLOSED] [1330] - Toolbare disabled 20-40sec after every save
  89. Last Nights SA3 Update seems to have hurt my proxy
  90. SA3 1330 seems "Build" is really "Save and Build"
  91. Having Problem with SA 3 (Build 1330) and Starter Apps
  92. [INFOREQ] Delay On Save always stumps me
  93. [CLOSED] bootstrap.js excepts ext to be a subfolder
  94. [NOREPRO] v1330: changing button-ui border radius = CRASH or change in button padding (neptune)
  95. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getEl' of null
  96. [3.0 RC1] Unable to set target of event to Ext.panel.Header
  97. SA always overwrites bootstrap.css
  98. [All 3.0] Text not rendering in Architect Designer
  99. [CLOSED] no EDIT event binding when adding controller action
  100. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch Packager Sencha Architect 3.0
  101. [FIXED] app/DirectAPI.js content null
  102. [CLOSED] [Build 1330] duplicate declaration on app.json and bootstrap.json
  103. [OPEN] bug: still requires EXT folder in the application path
  104. Ext Js Custom Theme issue
  105. [OPEN] Architect Install Errors
  106. [FIXED] ctrl+z not has been working in architect
  107. Uncaught ReferenceError: clearTimeout is not defined
  108. [SA3 -1330-1337] "Pinned" bug is back i Windows 8.1
  109. [OPEN] App/Index .html issues
  110. [FIXED] Cordova references removed from app.json on save
  111. SA3 cannot add object as custom property in controller
  112. [CLOSED] Project Settings -> Framework -> Sencha Complete / Custom
  113. how to create a new folder inside V views
  114. unable to locate files for external reference
  115. [SA 1337] Crash when App Refresh
  116. [FIXED] Architect crash while transforming a text field to a date field
  117. [FIXED] defaultMargins ignored in compiled app
  118. [OPEN] Code editor: Tab character insertion bug
  119. [FIXED] Architect 3 saves "defaultMargins" property as string instead as object
  120. [FIXED] Better handling of missing ruby
  121. [FIXED] Better handling of bad publish/build path
  122. Theme not showing up when built
  123. [FIXED] Navigation template: Ext.History is missing from requires
  124. Debug log with sencha architect / sencha touch / phonegap not working
  125. [FIXED] Timefield min max broken
  126. [INFOREQ] Theme not compiled in Linux machine
  127. [FIXED] ajax proxy problems in Architect 3
  128. [NOREPRO] SA3 crash with Controller Before Filter
  129. [CLOSED] Overlay scroll panel
  130. gridcolumn items textfield not change focus o mouse pointer for start to write
  131. setTimeout error in console
  132. [OPEN] Exporting a tree component in Architect and then reusing as UserInstance causes error
  133. [OPEN] Architect - Problems while creating an Observable
  134. [INFOREQ] Transform a text field -> date field for fireworks
  135. [OPEN] Fails to create select event handler
  136. [FIXED] Report bug menu item takes you to SA 2 forum instead of SA 3
  137. Build dialog OK button is labeled Run
  138. [INFOREQ] Projects with same names couldn't be distincted
  139. [OPEN] [3.0 GA 1337] Loader Node on Application is autonumbered
  140. [3.0 GA 1337] extjs-dev used even if 'debug' ticked in Library
  141. [FIXED] [3.0 GA 1337] Adding paths To project throws error
  142. [FIXED] Theming Circular Reference
  143. [CLOSED] Could we maybe not play hide and seek with the xtypes?
  144. [INFOREQ] Error whilst simulating on android build
  145. Key bindings not working
  146. Architect Production build is NOT for production
  147. [INFOREQ] onbeforedrop arguments lost on upgrading from Architect 2 to Architect 3
  148. [OPEN] Help popups in the config panel are too sensitive
  149. [INFOREQ] problem with the option "show completion suggestions"
  150. [OPEN] How to set the "configuration" config in packager.json from SA3?
  151. [FIXED] TypeError: Cannot read property 'items' of undefined
  152. Only way to clear the export path is to manually edit the .xds file
  153. [FIXED] Prompt to log in upon running SA3 even after activation
  154. [INFOREQ] Error while simulate on Android Device
  155. [OPEN] Can't close the context sensitive help
  156. [FIXED] log suggests adding Ext.require('Ext.toolbar.Paging') above Ext.onReady
  157. [FIXED] \mention to exclude build directory content from team version control
  158. [OPEN] Can't write a component to the disk if it already exists
  159. [NOREPRO] table layout - tableAttrs treated as string not object
  160. [FIXED] Auto scrolling on item focus is broken
  161. Theme file naming conventions using Touch
  162. [3.0 GA] In ExtJS 4.2 the application loader node has incorrect app name
  163. store dropdown selection not wide enough
  164. [3.0 GA] When building, log panel should be navigatable
  165. [3.0 GA] Failed build toast should not automatically clear itself
  166. [3.0 GA] Application build failure logged as 'Info' not 'Error'
  167. [DUP] Architect runs slower and slower till editor is unusable, cannot save overrides
  168. x-bootstrap not applied in Ext JS project
  169. Sencha Architect syntax check doesn't know with() {}
  170. Theme customization leaves some background-images to the original color
  171. [3.0 GA] Application sometimes loses link to components
  172. [3.0 GA ExtJS 4.2] Header of panels is not configurable via config
  173. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'getEl' of null
  174. Sencha Architect 3 (Linux 32/64) "A communication error has occured"
  175. [FIXED] Ctrl-W closes whole app - without saving - loses unsaved work
  176. [3.0 GA] ER Add toolbar items to open command line or file manager
  177. [3.0 GA] ER - Add a Blank Neptune template to new templates list in Extjs 4.2 onward
  178. Cannot publish a model with the string 'metadata' in the userClassname property
  179. [DUP] "Help -> Report a Bug" goes to Sencha-Architect-2.x-Bugs forum
  180. [OPEN] SA Sencha Touch 2.3.x DataView issue
  181. [INFOREQ] design view broken often on
  182. [INFOREQ] include pictos-iconmask is not working in architect 3
  183. [FIXED] After upgrade, can NOT build an application
  184. Ant Dependency
  185. [INFOREQ] SA unable to build package: Requires JRE while JDK installed
  186. [OPEN] archive and reimport
  187. [FIXED] cannot see "find" items in code editor light theme
  188. [FIXED] SA301 Layout Change - Not Good.
  189. [FIXED] SA3 Save sets 'null' in ext-dev.js path in index.html
  190. False Positive - Duplicate id found
  191. Music Player Sample testing does not include sound file
  192. No way to find methods/functions in architect
  193. No way to navigate back to where you just were
  194. [CLOSED] There is no autocomplete
  195. [FIXED] VIewport config causes build to fail
  196. Wrong line endings
  197. [FIXED] "Build web app" ignores "defer" property on JS Resource.
  198. still need "ext" folder in application folder to build if custom theme
  199. changing path for ext on framework config will break application
  200. [FIXED] unchecking "overwrite index file" does not seem to work
  201. [DUP] [3.0.1 Touch 2.3] Missing Android Profiles from screen sizes
  202. build tools disabled - senchaarchitect version 3.0.1 build 1343
  203. [CLOSED] Architect Hangs on Save
  204. BB Theme with Navigation bar
  205. ext.dir changed on cmd init in workspace config
  206. [OPEN] HTML Editor Example problem
  207. Sencha cmd no framework found
  208. [FIXED] all UI and custom theming get stored in Component.scss
  209. [FIXED] UI name is not set properly for buttons (large, medium and small)
  210. [FIXED] After upgrading project from SA 2 to 3, tabs no longer work vertically in my project
  211. [CLOSED] In File/Save As ExtJS Proj, new directory makes a mess
  212. default includes with Architect, Best Practices?
  213. [OPEN] nasty bug regarding changing screen sizes
  214. [CLOSED] Need To Follow Best Practices in SA3 templates
  215. [FIXED] Custom theme css file is re-generated without including css from template SCSS files
  216. Proxy authentication box is too quick; I can't get into SA3
  217. Architect 3.0.1 for Ext 4.2.2 if theme Neptune puts in extraneous script tag
  218. [OPEN] One store multiple components. store:{type:'myStore'}
  219. css compile issue
  220. Architect 3: App not fullscreen in iOS7/iPhone 5
  221. [OPEN] Architect 2.0 [442 xds] -> Architect 3.0 upgrade error.
  222. [FIXED] Bug when dragging component within absolute layout container
  223. [CLOSED] Error on Sencha Architect 3
  224. No "Build" in SA3 latest release?
  225. Convert
  226. TouchGrid Editable plugin - "editable" column config removed if close/open/save
  227. [OPEN] help goes to broken link on checkbox
  228. [FIXED] New apps: Xcode 5 and iOS 7 SDK
  229. [INFOREQ] Breaking errors after upgrade to
  230. [FIXED] Update install error
  231. Build iOS app in Architect 3.0.x fails once PhoneGap added
  232. Controller actions became read-only
  233. [OPEN] Ext.Toolbar config menu misses the "left" and "right" options
  234. [OPEN] TreePanel grouped column header
  235. SA 3.0.2 reports: Uncaught Error: NotFoundError: DOM Exception 8
  236. Doc fixes in the First Mobile / Desktop App pages
  237. Canīt compile theme
  238. S.A. Cannot simulate on iOD because of phoneGap command not found
  239. [FIXED] Sencha Architect Java Dependency
  240. simulating on Android fails
  241. Can NOT right click on Grid Cell Editing Plugin to add Action
  242. Autocomplete suggestion window does not close.
  243. Windows 64 bit JAVA (JDK) Paths not working
  244. Linie Highlight in Code
  245. [FIXED] Certificate Alias not added to packager.json
  246. errors are taking way to long to load. example is just add a '' around a current val
  247. [CLOSED] SA 3.0.2 Bug: Cannot set Ext.data.proxy.Server.pageParam to boolean value
  248. First Project : Basic > MVC (Basic-Model/View/Controller architecture)
  249. Column Reorder not working on Grids
  250. [FIXED] Problem with unicode characters in user path